Day 7 – Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 7 of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. I was diagnosed with post partum cardiomyopathy following the birth of my daughter in September of 2006. I have battled heart problems since then; undergoing Cardiac device in-plant in 2014, and many other
    procedures. In 2015, I was placed on IV medication which I carried in a bag everywhere. An IV pump delivered the medicine continuously to my heart to keep it going. I was eventually placed on the list for heart transplant. On June 22 (Day 9) of praying the Sacred Heart Novena, I received a call that they had a heart for me. I had a heart transplant surgery on June 23 and is home recovering now. God is an amazing God and I’m beyond grateful to Him for giving me a new heart and a new spirit. There’s nothing our God cannot do if you trust Him.
    I have been having stomach problems following the surgery. I know and trust that GOD WILL HEAL ME OF THE STOMACH ISSUES SOON!
    Thank you JESUS!

  2. Thank you God for your infinite Mercy, thank you to the Sacred Heart of Jesus for the miracle of cancer free for my dear and sweet sister in law. Glory to God.

  3. Sacred Heart of Jesus, i also pray for all those who are in need of prayers, grant their heart desires. And also for those who partaking in this nivena. Bless them in what ever intentions they’re being praying for. Amen.

  4. I pray through the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, Lord help me or guide us to be able to purches a home. It been a year that we lost our home and have been renting. Please help us

  5. I pray through the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, Lord for us all, for blessings to all people who are homeless or feel homeless
    and for all people who feel that they are without love, without a friend, or without a real home
    and for all those who are without food or without someone who cares.
    I have been, or have felt to be, without in my past but I was not truly “without”. Today all you who are “without” are in my intentions especially, and I hope and pray that you may see that you are Not without.
    No matter what happens, no matter what we have done or have failed to do, anywhere we are, We Are Never Without, We Are Never Alone.
    Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior of all, is Always Always with us. He is Always with you. I know sometimes or maybe all the time it seems He is not there, but He is, I promise (and I never promise anything). But this I am sure of.
    God knows that I have many times, more than I even care to admit, felt I was all alone in my suffering or distress. But I know He is there. I know the Loves Us All so much and He truly wants to Help Us All. He only asks one thing of us: Believe
    And if we love one another, so as He loves us all.
    So my intentions today are for all of you people everywhere that are or seem to be without or alone. Please know that you are not. Please believe in the Mercy of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, He has a place just for you! ????????

  6. Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus, I pray that my husband continue to have good health. Pray that my children never stray from you who are so giving and compassionate. Help them to know that you are always there for them. Pray that all my family will always look for you in their hour of need. Please pray that my heart will always stay pure and not judge or talk bad of others. In Jesus name I ask thee. Please let there be an end to war and bring peace to all nations. Thank you for listening. Amen

  7. Thank You dear Sacred Heart of Jesus for hearing my prayers and for allowing Padre Pio to intercede for me. Please continue to hear and answer my prayers and to protect my family and me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  8. Please dear Sacred Heart of Jesus, let me know what Your will is for Alan and me. I want us to do what is right and have the strength to make the right choices. It’s so confusing and hurts so much. Please let me know Your will for us. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  9. O Most Sacred Heart of Jesus I pray that you bless me with a good job very soon that will allow me to use my skills and talents, bring me happiness, financial security as well as peace of mind and of heart.
    In Jesus’ name.

  10. O, Sacred Heart of Jesus, my beloved, I pray for healing of sins, grievances and hurts that I have in my heart. Let me be forgiving and to seek forgiveness. I pray for a healing of all of those who are suffering in my life and around me. I have been blinded by anxiety, fear and doubt for so long that I have turned inward and have lost sight of others but especially of you Oh Lord.Please remove all of these things from me and help me to place them in your hands. Forgive me for my lack of faith and for the times when I have allowed evil and dark thoughts make me question my love for you and your love of me. Thank you Oh Lord for surrounding me with great family and friends and I pray oh Sacred Heart of Jesus that you will pour out your blessings, love and healing on them.

  11. For intentions about starting my new job, that i won’t let making mistakes or the job in general overwhelm me or make me miserable, but be happy growing in confidence, and success. FOR all my relationship intentions, and the things I desire most with it. For all my family members that need prayers and my girlfriend. Amen

  12. Sacred Heart of Jesus, please accept my novena for my son. You know what I have been praying all through the years and You know our heart’s desire. Please fulfil them and bless us with the opportunity to come back here with my testimony. Especially be with my son on friday and also with the doctors. Be with the people and the computers which do the evaluation of his exam papers which he took last week and bless him with notable miracle of high grades. I promise to be back here to give my testimony, In Jesus Mighty name, I ask and wait knowing that you are all powerful, all knowing and our provider, Amen.

  13. Sacred Heart of Jesus I pray for my daughter Adrienne to return to you and for her depression to be minimal. I pray that she finds holy friends and for a holy spouse for her. Thank you Jesus for all the blessings that you have given to our family and for those that I trust you will bestow on us in the future. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in you!

  14. Sacred Heart of Jesus please hear prayers for me and my husband. Guide us in our decision making in all things & may we always put you, Lord Jesus our Savior first before anything. ????
    Increase our faith on our journey here on Earth. We pray for Divine intervention for our financial situation to pay all our bills & improving our house to be suitable for that right person to purchase it.
    May we have Holy Wisdom & Discernment daily. Use us as your faithful servants and may we have goodness in our hearts in becoming Good Catholic Christian couple. Transform our lives to be perfect role models living a Catholic Christian life. Amen ???? ???? ????

  15. Please heal my marriage and my heart of unforgiveness and resentment. Please protect us with thorns to keep evil out. Jesus I trust in you. Amen!

  16. Lord jesus I place my life into your hands.lord jesus I pray for a financial miracle. Lord jesus I place my children into your hands. Lord give me favour with my employers I.

  17. Please pray that my son will be delivered from the use of drugs and the desire to want drugs,also pray for my healing of heart problems and high blood pressure. Thank you Jesus for a miracle healing!!

  18. I pray in Jesus name that my husband will hear back from the company that offered him the job. May he have hope and patience to stand still and wait on Jesus.

  19. Heavenly Father thank you for TODAY! Thank you for waking me up with a sound mind, body, and soul. I ask for your blessings on healing my family of alcohol addictions, drug addictions, and gambling addictions. Please give us the strength to overcome these terrible life destroying curses that have been bestowed upon us from our past generations. I ask for all generational curses to be destroyed, thrown in to the pits of hell never to return. I pray for all those who are struggling with addictions and don’t know what to do. I ask that they firmly call the name of JESUS! I ask of these things in the mighty mighty name of JESUS! Amen.

  20. Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus,

    Despite my unworthiness of Your Love and Sacrifice, grant me the blessing of passing my Physician’s Licensure Exam this September 9-10, 16-17, 2017 that I may pass it in my first take. Oh dear Jesus, I acknowledge that it is from you, Our Savior and God, that all wisdom comes from and I pray that you bestow upon me, Your most precious mercy, love and wisdom in my preparation for the board exam most especially while taking it. I ask this whole-heartedly in Your merciful name,

  21. O Sacred Heart of Jesus ,
    I pray that l MUST change my unruly ways , in other words l have let You down , my fellow mankind and most of all , l myself have failed to carry out Your Divine Intentions as one of Your children . I am very sorry for all my mistakes , bad thoughts and deeds and sins committed ever . I pray to be pure in mind and body , to transform my life for the better and reform my behaviour always . Bless me by pardoning my sins and invoking your Graces and Love upon me .
    Praise The Lord Most High ,
    John Fielder
    Melbourne , Australia
    20th.June 2017
    Local Time : 8.46 p.m.

    • My prayers are with you.
      May the Grace, the Power, and the Everlasting Mercy of Jesus Christ be with you and guide you forever.

  22. I pray that my family and myself will not be in any situation to judge anyone. Keep us safe and in good health

  23. Pray for me to pass my exams that I will sit for in July 2017. Pray to God to cover my mother, my brothers and myself with the blood of Jesus.

  24. Please pray for me to pass my exams I am sitting for in July 2017. Pray for my mother to get financial break through to be able to pay our tuition and shelter. I trust in Jesus for everything I request .Amen

  25. Sacred heart of Jesus, I place my financial needs into your hands. I pray for money to meet my financial needs to take my son to UK to Football Academy as he is very talented in football. Classes start on 17 July 2017 for 6 months and then God willing we may get a club to play for as professional to be able to uplift the whole family from poverty. Lord Jesus bless my husband and help him to see light and be prayerful as head of the house. Give my husband friend who are positive thinkers to help him with ideas. I ask you Lord Jesus to cover my sons Cardy, Nels and Stev with your blood and protect them from any harm that the evil has planted for them. Pray for Nels and Stev to get jobs when time comes. I ask this in Jesus Holy Name. Amen