Day 6 – Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 6 of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Thank ayou Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus for blessing continually.blessing me and answering my prayers i thank you. And love you with all my heart and give you all gratitude

  2. Today I pray for all grandparents. I no longer have my grandparents but I know that grandparents can be great to be around. Asking that all grandparents be blessed at this time with the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Amen

  3. My prayer request is the healing for Donald Bedford and my prayer request is for Glenda and how far her Finance

  4. I want to thank You dear Sacred Heart of Jesus for hearing my prayers and allowing the saints to intercede for me. Please continue to hear my prayers, and to watch over my family and me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  5. I pray dear Sacred Heart of Jesus, for Your will to be done for Alan and me. I want us to be together, but only if it is meant to be, and if we can overcome and move past our obstacles and be happy. Please dear Jesus, let us know what Your will is for us, and give us the strength to accept it. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  6. Sacred heart of Jesus please pray for my sister whose life has been in turmoil with her spouse leaving her. Also pray for her dedication as a mother to her son who is diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar, depression and has been hospitalized on and off. Please help him and give him the strength to get well and take his meds too get well and that in turn with give my sister mental rest. It takes allot to deal with mental illness. Please don’t forget both her and her son. Give them faith and hope. Amen

  7. I ask the Lord Jesus for a good outcome of my personal intentions. Please pray for me as I pray for all in this Novena. God Bless you! Thank You Lord!

  8. Hello everyone, last year I started two novenas but did not finish either one. So I became discouraged, and as months went by, kept ignoring the reminders that keep showing up in my inbox… until today. The world is in such trouble, America needs religious revival, and I have so many personal intentions I need Our Lord’s help with.
    But as I began praying the Day 6 prayers, I was moved to go back and begin Day 1. So I’m in– just a little late. After all, the purpose of prayer is really to draw ourselves closer to Jesus, and to let God know we are on His side, and willing to listen to Him and follow His guidance, even in these confusing and troubled times.

    • My prayers are with you, Ann G., As they are with many many other with similar, or different, circumstances coming to the Lord. I have said nearly every Novena, and many times for intentions for myself. I have had prayers and desires answered with a glorious fervor and I have those which have yet to be.
      But it’s not just about our intentions, it’s about the honor of someday being in His presence as the ultimate goal.
      More than anything I want Him to take my pain away which I suffer from now. But if I can’t have that, at least I pray to someday be in Heaven with Him.
      Thank you for sharing how you got back on track with Novenas.
      God Bless

  9. I come to you in complete faith and obedience to your word, Lord Jesus. I believe that I am forgiven by You and you hear my prayers for my son. I continue to pray that he is blessed with good health and the appointment goes well with doctor on friday and that he is healed completely by your nail pierced hand touch. I believe that you have blessed him with excellent notable miracle grades in MCAT exams. I believe that he is blessed with a good med school to do medicine this year. I believe and declare with your blessings all the favors for my son and that you will bless me with an opportunity to give my testimony for your glorious miracle for my son this year, Amen


  11. Please pray for Joanna, recent college grad. applied for a job at Harper College and really hopeful for the position. Sean Michael for healing from heroin addiction. Kathy and Maxine for recent full mastectomies and healing from breast cancer. Frank for healing from cancer. Set the captive free Lord Jesus set them free..and me too…and Jessica..amen

  12. That I may find a person to give my house on rent.
    That person shd be good honest and trustworthy and the broker too shd be reliable and helpful.
    That my daughter may get a nice house with 3 bedrooms and a backyard too.

  13. Thank you for the Novenas.
    We are now praying for the gift of a loving gift of a loving little dog that we may love and provide a perfect home for
    Thank you for providing the daily Novenas .
    It has helped me so much

  14. I am praying for my Little grand daughter,3 yrs old .She needs healing of eating problems and speech problem, but most of all behavior issues. Hits and tries to hurt people,. Her mother is mental and caused some of these issues
    Please God in Jesus name ,heal her from head to toe. I want her to love everyone and love you. Thank you God.

  15. Dearest Lord Jesus,

    Please heal my knees from swelling and pain, and repair whatever has been torn in the back of my right leg. Please continue to drain the swelling and remove the bruising. Help me to keep up with the stretching and PT. Please heal the pain in both knees so that I can walk, bend, stretch and take care of my daily and ongoing responsibilities.

    Please help me to improve my health overall by eating well and allow me to walk and stretch for activity. Please heal my brain to prevent cognitive or emotional problems. Bring my mind into balance. I pray for total healing of body, mind and spirit so that I can serve you and pray for others. Please also bring some fun, relaxation and social activities into my life. Provide friends and acquaintances that I can trust.

    Bless my son as he prepares to travel to his next medical rotation and all the people that he will help. Pour out the gifts of your Holy Spirit upon him. Bless my daughter with forgiveness and conversion. Bring them both back to the church as You Will. Please bless all those I pray for daily and those I promise to pray for. Bless Fr N as he travels and let us have a healing meeting. For all the holy souls in purgatory.

    Through the intercession of our Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, my special angels and saints and all the holy ones. I love you Father, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit with all of my heart.

  16. Holy Mary Mother of God, Pray for us!
    I pray as a mother myself to be humbled and peaceful with my son’s. That our relationship grows to love each other, and is accepting of my love and Your Grace of the Holy Spirit to shine in each and everyone of us. We are suffering a huge strain of communication to be a family. It pains me so much. I love my sons so much. Please Lord, Grant us peace in our day with each other.

    My sons are children of divorce and some of them suffer so deeply with 2 homes one family. Although its been 11 years already. The challenges are still very much present. I try to promote that you have two parents who love you very much, and should share time with both. Lord Jesus, You know the desires of my heart, hear my prayers. I want my family together and live in peace and love of the Lord. Holy Spirit shine through for us, give our family peace. Give my oldest son Daniel an understanding, help him to heal his suffering of our divorced family. Help him to seek Your guidance to find his way, to You, and to me. Hear my prayers Oh Lord! Help me to understand what I can do to help and not hurt. For this I pray!

  17. Lord jesus I knock and I seek your intervention with my finances. Jesus I need financial deliverance. Lord I pray that my mood and motivation would improve. Scared heart of jesus. Our lady of fatima I pray for you intervention in my life and in the life of my family and my children.

  18. I pray in Jesus name that my husband will hear from his new employer today to confirm his offer. In Jesus name I pray for my husband to have great confifence, faith, and wisdom.

  19. Sacred Heart of Jesus,

    Please keep all sick children and their families firmly in your comforting embrace. Place Your Peace upon them.


  20. Sacred Heart of Jesus, please hear my prayers to pass my exams I will sit for in July 2017. I trust in you Jesus.

  21. Please pray for my mother to get financial break through to be able to pay our tuition fee and pay for my football training in UK. Please for her to get loan from well wishers.
    Thank you will my Heart. Amen

  22. Sacred Heart of Jesus,

    Prayers for Carter that they find a medication to control his seizures.

    Also that my 100th year old Mother can forget about how she was treated as a child. Especially get over being jealous of her sister.

    Relax, relax find out what that feels like.

  23. Dear O Most Sacred Heart Of Jesus ,
    We live in a very complex , challenging world which is not a peaceful domain but quite the opposite . Almost every day , somewhere in the world are atrocities such as terrorist bombings recently in Manchester , England , stabbing violence fatalites in London , England and other isolated incidents . In short , we need peace more than ever within the broader community to thrawt this evil and balancing all our lives for the good of mankind . I pray for priests to honour their vocations so some stability can return to the world . The old adage is true , the world is a stage and we are the players . For myself , l pray for Divine Mercy , Courage to meet all challenges thrown up and Love for my fellow man . Please consider my desperate situation , stricken by my second stroke , paralysing my left upper and lower limbs ,confined to a manual wheelchair and
    home . I pray for a rapid cure of that as well as my incontinence which l have endured both since 2nd .May 2013 . I TRUST IN THE LORD AND HE WILL HEAL ME .
    Praise O Sacred Heart of Jesus and l do Believe and have Faith in The Lord ,
    John Fielder ,
    Melbourne , Australia
    19th.June 2017
    Local Time : 9.50 p.m.

  24. Sacred Heart of Jesus
    I pray that you can be with my sister she found a big black and white snake in her bedroom. i pray that this snake is not coming with bed oman and that it can be dissolved in Jesus Name. Amen

  25. Sacred Heart of Jesus I li ft all the priest in the world to you. Help them that they will do the right things.

  26. Sacred Heart of Jesus
    Please hear our prayers. Protect us and guide us. Praying with all our hearts the my niece’s cancer test results come out that they are easy to control. Praying for her health. Please Sacred Heard of Jesus hear our prayer.

  27. Help me with my housing decision and that my husband will be more sociable and amenable. In the name of the father.

  28. Sacred Heart of Jesus
    Please hear My Prayers for good test results for my upcoming prostate cancer biopsy that I will be having
    on Friday.
    Thank You with All Of My Heart ❤️????

  29. Thank you Heavenly Father for this Blessed day! In the name of JESUS I ask that all of our prayers are answered. Give us the faith and the courage that we need to continue praying these powerful novenas. I love you Lord with all my heart! Into your loving arms I place the lives and souls of my family. I pray for all that are in need of prayers on tonight. Let your will be done in ALL of our lives. In the mighty name of JESUS I say AMEN!