Day 3 – The St. Peregrine Novena 2018

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Believe in yourself and all that you are.Here’s Day 3 of The St. Peregrine Novena for Cancer Patients!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. St. Peregrine please intercede as we pray for the healing of my cousin, Ivygail Mae Villanueva. She is now battling for her life against Non Hodgkin Lymphoma. She’s still in the ICU and have difficulty in breathing. May you help us pray to the Lord our GOD that he guide and protect IVY. Praying for the family’s streghth during this tough time. In Jesus name. Amen.

  2. St Pergrine, please pray for my success and all of my classmates and batchmates in passing the 2017 Philippine Bar Exam. Please pray for our examiners who are cheking our notebooks that they will take into consideration even our wrong answers. Please pray also for the healing of the relationship of mommy, daddy and nanay. Lastly, please pray for the safety of my whole family. AMEN

  3. I am praying for my father who was diagnosed with brain cancer. St. Peregrine please intercede an ask the father to cure him. In Jesus’ name.

  4. Please intercede for the healing of my good friend Howard. He is nearing the end of his 3 year battle with cancer. I ask God to heal him physically or if that not keeping with His will, please heal his mind and give him your blessed peace. I ask this in Jesus name..Amen!

  5. St. Peregrine intercede for me as I pray for physical healing for my friend Erma and my Aunt Yvonne. Also pray that there suffering and the suffering of others bring them closer to God.

  6. St Peregrine, holy serving of God, I believe in the healing you have received. I have experienced God’s healing touch through the past 13 years of being a survivor of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and am in remission. I ask that you continue to intercede for me to bring about a complete healing in my body.

    I ask in Jesus’ name. Amen

  7. St. Peregrine, holy servant of God, please intercede for me as my brother, Charles is suffering with lymphoma. My sister, Mary has been suffering for years with chronic eye pressure problems with pain and inflammation. Another surgery is pending and may a healing occur if it’s God’s will. Also, if surgery is necessary that the surgeon’s hand be guided through divine intervention to resolve this problem once and for all. My friend’s wife , Judy a devout nurse is suffering with cancer. Pray for all those in the family who are suffering with personal health problems that we may not be aware of.
    May God’s holy servant, St. Peregrine please intercede for all the above mention in Jesus’s Holy Name. Amen.

  8. St. Peregrine please pray for all those suffering from cancer especially for A and L I also ask that you pray for R, G and K who are suffering with chronic illnesses . Please pray for healing and comfort. Please help all those suffering from emotional pain especially for T & L Comfort them. Bring them closer to you that they may find their comfort and support in you. I pray that my children will have a conversion of heart and turn back to God and the church. I ask all this through Christ our Lord Amen ????. God our Father thank you for all the blessings you have given me .

  9. Please pray that my daughter Esmeralda, be healed of her severe cystic acne. We have tried everything with no results. I am concerned for her spiritual and mental health. This is taking a toll on her and she is beyond my reach. I don’t know what else to do for her. She is young and in despair please pray for healing.

  10. lord have mercy on me and my family – prayers for a white light of protection – prayers for my mother and father may they rest in peace –

  11. Dear St.Peregrine ,
    I have suffered a great deal from 2 strokes and annoying incontinent issues , which have left me demorlised , shaken and at my lowest ebb . I pray to you , St .Peregrine to intercede on my behalf to The Lord Jesus Christ to heal these disabilities swiftly please . It has been so long since 2nd.May 2013 when I suffered my second stroke , paralysing my left upper and lower left limbs , confining me to manual wheelchair and home at Bentleigh East , Victoria , Australia . I pray for mercy , forgiveness and wisdom to give me strength , hope and purpose in life .
    Help me realise this intention request ,
    John Fielder ,
    Bentleigh East , Victoria , Australia
    18th.January 2018
    Local Time : 10.50 p.m.

  12. Please help all cancer sufferers especially Stephanie. Lift my despair St Peregrine. Help our meeting about A&EandHRI a success as it affects cancer sufferers. In the name of the father. Amen.

  13. St. Peregrine
    I’m so grateful to receive continued good
    results on my cancer follow up that I have
    every 3 months.
    Thank You with All My Heart ????