Day 2 – The St. Peregrine Novena 2018

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Believe in yourself and all that you are.Here’s Day 2 of The St. Peregrine Novena for Cancer Patients!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. I will be under going a bone marrow transplant. Please pray that everything goes right so I can heal and be free of cancer to serve my Lord and see my 8 year old daughter grow up.

  2. Dear St Peregrine, please help us pray for healing and restoration of good health for Jocelyn Atendido, Karla Milan, Marichu Mondigo, Maricar Cabriga.

  3. Please pray for Debra who was is in remission of colon cancer but she just found out that she has a tumor on her liver. Please pray also for my friend Terry who has a tumor at the end of her esophagus.

  4. St Pergrine, please pray for my success and all of my classmates and batchmates in passing the 2017 Philippine Bar Exam. Please pray for our examiners who are cheking our notebooks that they will take into consideration even our wrong answers. Please pray also for the healing of the relationship of mommy, daddy and nanay. Lastly, please pray for the safety of my whole family. AMEN

  5. That she has a clear report today from her procedure on Tuesday…. thank you Lord in advance for answering our prayers ❤️

  6. Please pray for my two sisters–Kim (currently a cancer survivor) and Sandra (battling breast cancer) and her caregiver DeOnn.

  7. I do not have cancer. I have had pain for the past 35 years, pain that only continues to become greater. I pray for deliverance from my pain, I have prayed that I maybe have just 5 or 10 minutes without pain. I pray many Novenas for relief from my pain.
    Most of all I have prayed for, and am praying for now, that I may persevere, that I will always have the strength that God has given me to continue to, no matter what, hold God in my heart. We don’t always get our prayers answered as we may want. More than relief from my pain I am praying to be holy. I am praying to be given the strength to persevere for my hope for true holiness. That at least let the pain that I suffer, let it be for the hope of everlasting holiness.
    St Peregrine, I have said this Novena in the past for relief from my pain. Now I am asking that you help me to holiness, with or without my pain teach me your holiness. Thank you, I am a sinner and I need your help, I need to learn the strength of your holiness. Teach me to be a Saint.

  8. St. Peregrine. Thank you for all you do. I am desperately in need of prayer for my husband. Keep him healthy in mind and spirit, don’t let him suffer of dementia. For my son that has been going thru a rough time with depression. Give him the strength to push thru everything and give him a positive outcome. Especially, in court due to a malicious act. Please have the judge have compassion for him. Thank you!

  9. Thank you Lord for all your many blessings. Please forgive me. Please st Peregrine intercede for my son and daughter who suffer depression, anxiety, chronic immune illnesses. Please ask Jesus to heal them, body, mind and spirit. Jesus I trust in you. I pray also for all those battling cancer and other chronic illnesses. Please Lord here our prayers. Amen

  10. I pray for all the people who are suffering with cancer now. I pray for all family and fiends who are going through the suffering of seeing those they love suffer. I pray for a cure for cancer to be found now or very soon. I pray for better treatments and technology to be discovered now or very soon so people can find, diognose and treat cancer quicker and easier, and that they don’t have to get sick and suffer from these treatments and possibly die anyway. Thank you for being there for mom, dad and me. Thank you for not letting what we went through be even worse than it was. Thank you for not letting us have to go through any horrible, sickening treatments. Please continue to protect us so this disease will never come back to us, and please continue to protect my family from this horrible disease. Please hear our prayers dear Saint Peregrine, and intercede to dear God for us. Please answer our prayers, and strengthen and comfort us. Thank you for all you have done for us.
    Thy will be done. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  11. St. Peregrine, please intercede and pray for Jo Ann who has been battling cancer for several years. She is close to the Lord and when I talk with her, she is full of praise for Him. I am sure there are times she feels discouraged but I never hear it from her. Please ask that she been healed and that the cancer will not reoccur. In Jesus name, I ask. Amen.

  12. LORD HAVE MERCY – lord Jesus you know all about me – have mercy on my family – thank you – your child – diane/nj/usa

  13. Thank you so much for your wonderful work on this blog and for these special Novenas! I’d like to pray for every patient suffering from cancer for healing and stay close & strong to your faith and that the pain specialist will provide me with positive news after a long struggle for 7 years with daily cervical spine pain & surgery. Please heal us all. Thank you Blessed Mother & Jesus. Amen

  14. Most Blessed St Peregrine, intercede for me that my brother, Charles will have a healing of Lymphoma. Also , my sister, Mary is healed from her chronic eye problems. Please heal Judy, a very devoted nurse of many years is now struggling with Cancer. I pray that your intercession will be God’s will.

  15. Please pray for my sister stephanie. Shes m had chronic back pain for a while now and its been very difficult to see her hurt.God willing may she be healed.

  16. Please pray for Morgan, Marsh, Jeanne, molly,pat, and myself mary in healing of cancer through successful medicines, pray for the doctors who care for us, pray that we give it to God and that we hold close our faith even during the most challenging times. Thank you.
    Is there an address for us to send donations via mail to you.

    As Ever, Mary

  17. Please help Keith with his frustration and finding things difficult. Help me find a way through this. In the name of the father. Amen.

  18. St. Peregrine
    I received good PSA test results on my cancer
    follow up that I have every 90 days.
    Thank You for hearing My Prayers ????