Day 3 – Our Lady, Undoer of Knots Novena 2018

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Believe in yourself and all that you are.Here’s Day 3 of The Our Lady, Undoer of Knots Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Please pray for me and my children
    Our financial condition to improve. My son and his family to get a visa to stay back in uk and work. My grand son to get a good job. My grand daughter to study well and get good marks. Peace and health to my children and their family.
    Thank you lord

  2. 2015 – Praise The Lord for the miracle I had to resolve my burden on financial matters. Now that it was given to me and my prayers was answered which matters the most for her consistent prayers to Mother Mary and for special intention to St. Michael for protection. I truly honored for what the year was, unfortunately due to my poor way of managing my finance, now I am even more trouble and worried where I will be standing and affecting my family so much – happiness is all gone but burden and how to resolve is what matters most – I would like to have 9 days Novena for St. Jude. this prayers goes out to all others regardless of their situation – Amen

  3. I have given all my headaches,anxiety,troubles to my God. Everything is in his timing. These novenas have given me so much more understanding , I have so much love for everyone. My prayers are being answered all in God’s timing. Thank you.

  4. I pray to you, my mother, undoer of knots, that all my prayers and intentions will be answered. I wish to live in your love and the love of the Holy Spirit. I trust in your divine intervention now and always.

  5. Mary I ask that you untie the negative and dark knots in my life. The knots of my broken heart. My deprived soul. My dire financial situation. My living situation as from tomorrow I have no home to live in. Untie the knots of all my sins that have kept me from being a healthier man.
    Help me mother, help me God, as without you I am spiraling into thoughts of suicide. I feel like I have no one to help save me and I have not done well to save myself. I am hoping I am not too late because I want to live. I am not asking for anything more than forgiveness, healing, strengthening, love and support. Starting with a safe, quiet and peaceful space to lay my head at night

  6. Praying for the knots in my finances and career that they may be untied to reveal the Glory of God in my family’s life and my personal life. Hear my prayer, in the name of Jesus. Amen

  7. Holy Mother thank you for giving me the strength to go to Shipley today and for friends and company. Please give me strength for tomorrow. In the name of the father. Amen.

  8. O Mother Mary, I have always had faith in you right from a little girl and most of the time my prayers have been answered. Thank you. Now again I ask your help in untying the following knots for me (1) peace in my family. Make my husband a better person, more loving and caring towards me and his family. (2) Bless my son and his wife. Help them with their finances. Let my son get a substitute for the contract that is expiring next month and help his little business improve. (3) My niece has left her husband, daughter and home for someone else. Enlighten her and guide her.(4) heal my brothes, sisters in law, who are ill. (5) let my husband and me grow spiritually. My son too and help him lean more towards the word of God, go to church regularly and receive Holy Communion and confession.

  9. Mary undoer of the knots I pray that my children come back to church they need guidance n help I offer them to you.

    Pls have my Aunty out from the oxygen she is on it since 7 weeks pls untie her knot in Jesus name.

    I pray to you for my business to pick up.

    Pls hear my prayers Mother Mary undoer of the knots. Praise and thank you always!

  10. I pray that I may become financially independent, free from all debts and able to provide assistance to others as they have provided for me.
    I pray for a spouse, knowing that I am called to marriage and family, may I meet and know my husband.
    I pray for open doors to this vocation I feel deeply called to, for the resources and wisdom to move forward.
    I pray for friendships for myself and for my family that we may once again be reunited with a community and family.
    I pray for my brother who just purchased a house and for my family that they may not have to sell their house.

  11. Praying for my brother Ed who is suffering with cancer and is in a trial program now for help also for my son Michael who had heart surgery in October that his heart continues to get stronger and his health will improve with time and prayers. For all my family members that are suffering with health issues . Thank you. ?

  12. Mother Mary, Hear my prayer of undoer of Knots… My plea for your intersession do undo with Bob and his constant hold on me. Set him free, grant him Mercy & Peace in his days. I pray that he does the right thing. Help him seek a job and his attention on what brings him peace and love.

    Hear my prayer and undo the hold on my Federal Return to come into my bank account. IRS is looking for something that doesn’t exist and I look forward to my return without issues. Hear my prayers for today! I’m grateful for everything I have! Amen

  13. Our lady undoer of knots please help me with the intentions below:

    Our lady undoer of the knot, please remove the knot that is blocking my grand daughter Cianna in speaking and communicating. In her growth and brain development.

    Our lady undoer of the knot, please remove the knot surrounding my daughter and her family in concentrating in Catholic faith, as now they can not attend mass and give God much space together in their family.

    Our lady undoer of the knot, please remove the knot that block my spouse from his good health and happiness.

    Our lady undoer of the knot, please remove the knot that block many children of this world in their growth and the Dr claim that they are Autistic, help in praying to your Son Jesus Christ so that He fights the lies of evil and kick him out of the all the children said to be Autistic.

    Mary undoer of knots, pray for us and all who post their intentions in this webpage.

  14. Holy Mother, Please untie all the knots in my son’s applications to medical school and make it happen for acceptance in CAUSM and for him to start from fall and complete medical education on time. You help untieing the knots in this process. Take my prayers to Christ Jesus and make this happen today. Amen.

  15. Dear sweet Mary, please undo the knots of pain in my daughter , Sarah as she looks for healing and your precious light by using psychoactive drugs instead of her faith in prayer in your love for her.
    Please undo these knots in her of generational addiction and emotional pain and free her to find her life in Christ’s love for her.
    Keep her safe as she travels in Israel, please keep loving people of faith surrounding her, guiding her choices for right action.
    Please keep her safe from all harm and for all young people seeking peace through the use of drugs.

  16. Mother Mary thank you for all your past help! Please continue to intercede before your loving son Jesus for my daughter Dawn that her health will improve 100% and her 24/7 pain Jesus will take back so that here on earth she will be able to enjoy all of life’s blessings. Please let the injections in her right work to reduce or completely take back the pain she is enduring so that she will not need surgery. Please remove the knots that are blocking Dawn’s good health.
    I pray for your intercession Blessed Mother to please remove the knots that are blocking the flow of our finances. I pray for money to pay off all of our debt, as you know I have run out of money and it’s scary. Mother Mary undoer of knots please undo the knots that are held Dawn and me back in life – Amen

  17. Most gracious Mary Mother of Jesus please pray that I can get my Assistance renewed without problematic issues. My wife and I are desperate for this assistance. Oh Holy Mother our financial position at this point in time is dire and we need your help and prayers to get us through these troubled times.

    Help me to change my attitude within our family so that we all move forwards. Please help my wife and I mend the mistrust in our family, we need especially at this time of aging to live as a united family.

    Thank You oh Precious Mother of Jesus.

  18. Dearest Mother, Undoer of Knots, please pray for SRS that she will get custody of her 3 young children. She wants to raise them in the Catholic faith which her ex-husband is fighting even though he agreed when they married . He has turned into an evil, controlling, narcissistic man. Please defend her against the devil that is in their lives. Thank you!

  19. Please pray that my daughter will bring her family back to the Sacraments. Please pray that she will find gainful employment, her financial stress has been ongoing for a long time.

    Please pray that my son-in-law will receive complete healing for his eye and also that he will return to the faith.
    Please pray for a good outcome for a business issue we are having, and that we can rebuild our business.
    Thank you

  20. Mother Mary pray for my family’s health intentions…..Pray for friends intentions….Praying for world peace…..Pray that there will be less accidents round the world….Thank you


  22. Mary please reach down from heaven take hold of my hand – assure me that I am not alone – help me in my old age – risen lord Jesus your LOVE for me has left me alone and barren – your child

  23. Lord Jesus I pray for your intercession.i pray blessed mother please remove the knots that is blocking the flow of my finances. I pray for money to finance my son throughout medical school and to meet his other needs. I pray that my son and daughters would be successful with their studies.

    • Holy Mother, hear the prayers of AV. Bless with finance for son’s education and help with becoming doctor soon and let all the children be successful in education. Amen

  24. Dear Mother Mary,
    Take all my prayers today, and apply them where they can be of most help to others, to myself… please help bring clarity and direction into my life, through Christ our Lord… Amen
    God bless John Paul and Anne for all they do to help build our faith through prayer… Amen

  25. Our Lady, please heal the relationship between my daughters. Open their hearts to forgiveness and tear down the walls that have been built up between them.

  26. Our lady undoer of knots please help me with the intentions below:

    Please Our lady help me to turn my son around so he takes his work seriously and refrains from telling lies at all times.

    Our lady please undo the knot in my marriage and bring my spouse back home so we live like the holy family lived.

    Our lady undoer of the knot, please remove the knot surrounding my brother and his immigration issues.

    Our lady undoer of the knot, please help me to move onto other things in life which will give me more personal time but with a good financial foundation.

    Our lady please vindicate me at work and in my marriage.

    Our lady I gave a loan out which was to be paid back in three weeks, it’s now four months, our lady please help me to retrieve my funds.

    Thank you Our lady for always being there.

  27. For my success in passing the 2017 Philippine Bar exams, the result of which will be released this thursday April 26 2018 and also for the healing of my whole family both physically and spiritually. AMEN

    • Holy Mother, accept the prayers of Kay. When the results are out – let there be shouts of Joy with good results. Amen