Day 4 – Our Lady, Undoer of Knots Novena 2018

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Believe in yourself and all that you are.Here’s Day 4 of The Our Lady, Undoer of Knots Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Dear Mother, please untie these harmful knots between myself, my brother and his wife and my sister. I also ask that you untie the knots between between my estranged friends and I.

    I have wronged many people and myself.

    Now I am in a situation where I leave my apartment with no where yet to move into. I’m scared and alone

    I accept that I have much fault in this and pray for forgiveness and the chance to begin a healthier chapter

  2. Dear Mother Mary, Undoer of knots,
    Please accept in your hands the following knots in my life: fear, difficulties in my marriage, infidelity, and lack of friends. Accept my humble prayer and ask your son Jesus to teach me how to listen to him, to purify my blood, to strengthen my body and make me whole again, in Jesus name. I thank you Virgin Mary for your beautiful work. Amen

  3. Blessed Mother Mary, please untie the knot of estrangement between my daughter and me. Please bring us reconciliation and healing and forgiveness and love…and restoration..And healthy minds and hearts. ❤️ Thank you.

  4. Pre-Calculus test tommorow and Friday! Dear mother Mary please help me with this small request. I also pray that I may be able to find my Mary medal that I lost.

  5. Mother Mary please pray for my unhappiness and emptiness at work. I ask your son Jesus to shine Mercy and Grace on me that fairness and justice be granted to me.

  6. Mother Mary the undoer of the knots pls intersede n release me from the number of knots I have …. I pray that my business goes unharmed n not crash down ;
    I pray for my brothers cancer illness,
    I pray for me and my family’s good health
    I pray for things to go in the right direction

    Praise n Thank in Jesus name !?

  7. Dear Mother Mary, I ask that you intercede and undo the knots in my marriage. Please remove the hurt, pain, verbal abuse and reconcile our marriage that will give GLORY to our risen Lord, Jesus Christ!

  8. Mother Mary the undoer of knots. Please interceed for me at my place of work so that it becomes right with All..I ask for forgiveness where I have been wrong

  9. Mary Mother of God, pray for forgiveness and reconciliation between my mother and grandmother. May my mother accept Christ and forgive my grandma for whatever she did to her.
    I also ask Mother Mary to pray for me to our God for a career growth, that God heals my father in law from cancer and to have peace, fidelity and faithfulness in our marriages. that my husband may view me as his friend, mother of his children and his wife.
    May i also be able to read hard and understand well the course that i have started,and pass exams well .

  10. Holy Mother Mary, please send out the acceptance from CAUSM today for my son. He has worked so hard and is waiting for this acceptance to start med school from fall, so please send out this acceptance, seat, admission letter today. We will always be devoted to you and will give our thanksgiving to you and here in a special way, in a sacrificial way. I promise to come back and make this known. Please Mother help and untie the knots in the applications for my son and bless with this acceptance today. Amen


  12. Please pray that I have the strength to beome healthy and strong and lose the weight I need to do so. I pray for the courage and strength to face my challeges physically and mentally.

    I especially pray for my 18 year old son with a learning disability. May he find a career path that will make him happy and content. I pray he can make a good living to support himself and a family someday. I pray he keeps a positive attitude and continues to give his all in whatever career he choose. I pray he is open to help and advice. Most of all I pray that all my children keep God as the center of their life and celebrate him every day.

  13. This is such an appropriate novena for everyone.
    My request for prayers is to have a healing for disease to leave me! I have sinus surgery tomorrow please pray for me to be well

  14. Sweetest Mary, untie he knots that have built up in my marriage…resentment, lack of loving attitude. Grant us a renewal in our marriage. I offer this poem I wrote to you and all who are praying
    Poem based on Novena to Unlock..

    Unlock in me all pessimism
    Unlock in me all doubt
    Unlock in me all negativity
    Unlock all hatred

    Create in me a loving heart
    Create in me a new spirit
    Create in me a vibrant faith
    Create unwavering trust

    Mary open my heart
    To see possibilities
    To see loving kindness
    To see your love

    Imprint your heart on mine
    Imprint trust in my mind
    Imprint faith without end
    Imprint your love

    Let us see your Son
    Through your example
    Through your dedication
    Through your eyes of love

  15. Dear Mary, please put your mother’s hands on Liz. Please heal her body from cancer, pain and illness. Please heal her family from the knots that have arisen over the years, so that they may have peace. Amen.

  16. Mary the undoer of knots intercede for my family at Tapion, that the knot that is preventing them from being together will be broKen from now and they will bind together as one body. In Jesus’s name I pray Amen.

  17. Blessed Mother I pray for my family! Untie the knots and guide me to know how to discuss the problems within our family in a way that is more helpful and more respectful. Show me how to listen and the right things to say in response to the ongoing problems within our family! I ask for your help Blessed Mother! Show me the way!

  18. Mary under of knotsb please undo the knots that is tieing up my finances. Please release my finances so I could meet my financial obligations .

  19. Mother Mary praying for my family’s health to improve…..Pray for friends intentions…..Praying for John Paul & Annie in their intentions……Pray for world peace…Thanking Our Lady that J’s medical report is good …..

  20. Most gracious Mary Mother of Jesus please pray that I can get my Assistance renewed without problematic issues. My wife and I are desperate for this assistance. Oh, Holy Mother our financial position at this point in time is dire and we need your help and prayers to get us through these troubled times.

    Help me to change my attitude within our family so that we all move forward. Please help my wife and I mend the mistrust in our family, we need especially at this time of aging to live as a united family.

    Thank You oh Precious Mother of Jesus.

  21. For my passing the 2017 Bar exams together with my friends and batchmates the result of which will be released tomorrow april 26 2018. Also for the healing of my entire family both spiritually and physically. Amen

  22. Holy Mother help me in trying to make my husband happier as he struggles with his memory loss. Help me to get through today with the church trip. In the name of the Father. Amen.

  23. I am praying for special prayer intentions:
    For dsprengel who has been having a lot of hip pain and had hip replacement surgery today.
    For mbarry715 and daughter, that all outcomes from doctor appointments are favorable.
    For teddie69 who has just found out that he has a tumor in his forearm that is eating at the bone.
    Holy Lady, Mother, undoer of knots, I offer my prayers and intentions for these people, that you may “undo the knots” of pain, uncertainty, fear, and illness in their lives.

  24. Please pray for me. I will be going in for a biopsy tomorrow morning, Wed April 25th. Praying for negative results and peace of mind for me and my family. Thank you.