Day 1 – St. Monica Novena 2023

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Here’s Day 1 of the St. Monica Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. My patron Saint Monica,

    Please join me in praying for conversion of my children and husband who have stopped practicing. Also for mental, spiritual and physical healing of body mind spirit and soul of my family. Pray my children are led their true vocational calling and that they are led to their true love in Christ. Lastly pray for us to find a home to buy and for all financial business surrounding that.

  2. Saint Monica, please continue to pray for my son. Release him from the bondages of idol worshippers. Ask Jesus to break all chains of H,I,M. Bless him Jesus with a Christian girl from Christian family as his girlfriend and spouse soon. Amen.

  3. Prayers
    To St Anne
    My oldest son, grew up in Catholic School, active in the Chirch. Crushed when we divorced. Now with a family of his own 3 children ands a loyal but lonely wife. He lives in a farm that looses money cultivating Hemp & Marijuana in Oregon. For the past 5 years. With dogs & sheep like a wild man, She lives in Fl with the kids supported financially by my ex- husband my son’s father. The move happened after Christmas where they split because of the negative environment for the children that had not gone to school & did not know the basics. Praise God first time in school ages 12, 8 & 3 (not in school) I am in a wheelchair age 73 and work thank God can work remotly. My younger son lives with me for the past 2 yrs. He used to love motorcycles, had a near fatal crash where he was in a coma & hospitalized for 9 months. Over 30 surgeries. R arm pulverized rebuilt with much difficulty he’s going to school at age 50, Praise God. He sees me & hears me that I pray constantly he hears tge prayers that I listen to but he is also away from God and he uses marijuana to control dull the pain. I forgot to state they are both Bipolar. The one that lives with me is Schizoaffective and very paranoid & explosive. He is in school Bless the Holy Spirit that lives in him & works miracles for he is alive & he helps me tremendously. However he lived with his brother in Oregon for a year and was chastised by his brother because he was not able to keep up with tge farm work. They don’t talk at all. The one that lives with me resents his brother and resents me, never forgets that he was hospitalized (because of psychosis & drugs) numerous times as a teenager & young adult. Return to God and family UNITY is what ask for

  4. Pray for Paul. Place the Holy Spirit in his mind body and soul. Help him find a job to be successful. And a beautiful Catholic wife. Thank you

  5. I pray for the cure for my nephew’s sight and the continued health and happiness of my family. I pray for the souls of my father and uncle. Finally, I humbly ask if it is God’s will, for the release from all the pain and sufferings that I endure due to my disabilities and that I may find a better job as well as my future wife and soulmate. I pray for Peace in the Ukraine, the end to gun violence and abortion. I ask this in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen 🙏 ✝️

  6. I pray God through the intercession of St Monica to continue to give us good health.
    I pray for my son’s mental illness that God will heal him. I pray for his addiction to drugs and gambling that these will cease instantly.
    I pray especially for the court case he has with his partner that the case be dropped completely.
    I pray that my daughter’s partner will get his annulment so he can get married with my daughter in the Catholic Church.
    I pray God to give me a good year in school. Father, teach me and I will teach the students very well. Let me get on well with people I work with and people work for.
    Bring peace in my husband’s family and in my family too.
    I pray that the auditors will accept what we offered them.
    I pray for all those I have promised to pray for.
    I pray for my friend who got a good promotion that God will assist her to carry out the responsibilities required of her.
    I thank St Monica for interceding for us.

  7. * I pray that my husband Patrick Nwosu repent from shouting in the house and repent to be a good husband.
    * I pray that my mother in-law Grace Nwosu repent and stop causing problem in the marriage of her children.
    These I pray in Jesus name Amen

  8. St monica hear my cry please remove SSA (Sam sex attraction) from my son and bring him back to the church 😢😢

  9. St. Monica, I come to you asking for your intercession for my son’s conversion. To return to the Sacraments of reconciliation and Eucharist. I ask for your intercession for the conversion of all who have left the Holy Catholic Church. For the protection of the Holy Catholic Church and protection and conversion of Pope Francis, Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Deacons and Religions. Protection from our enemies within in the Church ⛪️ and outside the Church ⛪️. Amen
    For the intentions of all praying this novena
    Thank you 🙏🏻 St. Monica.

  10. St.Monica.. please enable all my family to return to church and to teach the good news to our grandchildren. Pray for our marriage that we may be a great example to the family. Thanksgiving for all. Peace in troubled lands.

  11. Praying for the grace to serve GOD in truth and spirit, praying for the fruits of the womb in my marriage and the marriages of my love ones also financial blessings to pay our honest debt and deliverance from demonic attack both physical and spiritual. The grace of GOD to be prayerful. Thank you.

  12. St Monica pray for my family and especially for my daughter Terry and George who are getting married next month. That they will keep their marriage vows and continue loving, forgiving and listening to each other. To pray together always

  13. Holy Saint Monica, you can understand a mother’s heart. Here is my plea for my son. Pray that he breaks chains of relationships with Idol worshippers, Ungodly, I,H,M, especially with P and her parents. Bring my son back to church, Jesus, God’s word. Direct his path to a church where he can hear God’s word and share word of God and read bible. Keep him among Godly. Bless him with a Godly, Jesus knowing accepting Christian girl from a Christian church attending family as his girlfriend and spouse soon. Jesus heal him and change his attitude as you would want him to be as a Christ filled follower of Jesus. Change his attitude towards parents as Christly. Amen

  14. For peace within my family
    For my son to seek the kingdom of heaven
    For our business to get financial breakthrough.

  15. St. Monica pray for us, St. Monica pray for us, St. Monica pray for us for Lola, Kenny and Brandon that they will be bind together that one can’t fall without the other. Please pray for peace in my family and for all God’s children in Jesus name I pray Amen

  16. St. Monica pray my nephew and his family return to the Catholic Church, with full participation, baptizing their children and teaching them to know God, love God and serve Our Lord.
    Pray at least they teach their children to pray.
    Pray our trip to visit my nephew in September will be pleasant and without drama.
    Pray the next time we see Anthony it will be more perfect than the last.
    Pray for Cassie, Lorenzo, Anderson, Everett and Anthony.
    Pray for peace in our homes, nation and country.

  17. prayers for my mother ANN my father MICHAEL my brother NICHOLAS my stepfather Lawrence – Rest In Peace * prayers for protection against those who take advantage of me -LORD HELP ME * Lord I bring you all my hurt pain and sins of my anger- Psalm 147:3 – LORD HAVE MERCY * your child *