Day 1 – St. Monica Novena 2019

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 1 of the St. Monica Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Dear St. Monica,
    Please pray that my son, Tony, will return to the Sacraments and the Church through his desire for reconversion. Also, please lift my intention that he stop drinking and that although he believes it is under control, that it would be clear that he uses it as a social lubricant.
    Thank you!

  2. St Monica please pray for my son to get a diversion from court and all charges to be dropped pray that he is given a second chance and gets a good job and a chance to lead a good honest life. Please pray for my son Amen

  3. St.Monica please pray for my son to be delivered from any addiction that he has and to know God and serve him.

    Pray for me to be delivered from sickness and rejection

  4. The conversion (return to the Church) my daughters Rachele & Julia; my sister Sharon; my Father Mike; my ex Graziano. Please reunite our family. Thank you St. Monica ❤️🙏🏻

  5. Dear St. Monica,

    Please help me to pray for both my sister’s and husbands that they may come back to the church. Just like you did for your son prayed for a long time i wanna see it in my young lifetime if possible!!

    Thank You!!

  6. Dear St. Monica, please intercede on my behalf to God. I have lost it, help to fan into flame my spiritual life to serve God in truth and also to reverence him all days of my life. Also grant my request of a life partner before the of this year.

  7. Dear St. Monica like you I pray daily for the conversion of my son’s to come back to Christ. I will not stop until a conversation happens.
    I pray for peace in the world and an end to hunger, homelessness and mortality.
    I ask for your intercession to Christ for these and that I may continue to do Gods work.
    In Jesus name I pray.
    Amen. ♡

  8. Dear St. Monica

    Pray for my son to stay away on all ungodly things, smoking, drinking etc.. May he change his mind to go back to school and look for a job. Please help the parents to take a good decision on his future and pray he move forward. Pray for his two brothers to find a good job and let them know that they have a family that they can always rely on. Bless this family to stay united and be one at every time. We also pray for healing mercies for their mother and grand mother. We give thanks to him in everything he does – In Jesus’s name Amen!!!!

  9. I ask god through st monica to help my son and his wife to work through there marriage problems pray for all my family thanks to you god for all the happiness I have received in my life we will have to pray more

  10. Dear St. Monica,
    Please help me and my husband find our way ‘home again’ back to our families. We’ve lost so many loved ones due to confusion and lost ways. If it is God’s will, please intercede and help us to reunite and ‘begin again’. If this is not possible, I’m am grateful because God know what’s Best!
    Thank you Monica!
    (ps – Please help ALL who are praying this novena)

  11. I pray for my son that he will find a job and he may return to the Catholic Church as we his parents do every weekend.

  12. Dear St.monica, how good it is to speak to you again…
    We need your help !!
    We have a brother pretty much has abandoned the family because of his
    anger and depression from many surgery’s.
    He is very young early 50’s.
    Total alcoholic….
    Please Counseling him.
    His wife is a her wits with him.
    She walks on egg shells around him.
    I pray that my little niece gets Baptisted this year too.
    She is 8 yrs old. (Long story)
    I pray that my beautiful grandson whom is 12 doesn’t fall into traps with the older kids at school a d he finds his way with our Lord.
    We pray for our children whom now start school tomorrow.
    Please protect them.
    St.monica, it’s Great to talk to you tonight.
    For me and my wife., we want to be closer than ever with the Lord.
    These are troubling times for all…
    We pray for peace around the world.
    End Hunger
    End alzheimer
    End Cancer
    End Dementia
    End the homeless and bring happiness to the poor finally.
    Bring our children back to the church once and for all…
    Protect our president Donald j Trump from harm.
    St.Monica ,..Hear the concerns of your people.

  13. Dear Saint Monica, please pray that my son stays away from ungodly music and all that is unGodly. Bless and provide him with a good Christian Jesus knowing accepting girl who from generational church going Prayerful family as his gf and future wife. Please help him to listen and read God’s word. Keep away from unGodly music which prevails in the college campus . Help him also to watch shows which are pleasing to God. Thank you for accepting my novena . Please provide this favor Jesus for my son. amen

  14. That my sons will return to our Holy Church and my grandsons will be baptized in the Catholic faith. I will also pray for peace in our homes, our country and our world. Mary, Queen of Peace, pray for us.

  15. Dear St Monica, Please pray for my daughter & husband, my son & fiancé to return to their faith and to appreciate the beauty of this faith. Pray that my grandchildren will be baptized.

    Intercede for me with the job search and interviews so the best possible one will rise to the top. Help me with losing weight and counter the loneliness. Help me the unravel the issues I face. I pray for total healing.

  16. Pray for reconciliation in our family. Pray for peace in my heart as I wait on the Lord. Pray for healing of all the angry hearts especially my husband and my son. Pray my son gets past his depression and starts working on a new life. Pray for Chelsea.