Day 1 – St. Anne Novena 2018

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Believe in yourself and all that you are.Here’s Day 1 of The St. Anne Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Please pray for me, that I may be healed from this illness long enough to raise my children. Please Lord Jesus. I will serve you on Earth.

  2. Pray I can distribute more Pieta Books, Brown Scapulars & Rosaries to help save more Souls. The Blessed Mother has said that people go to Hell like snowflakes.

  3. My family has been struggling with children not being able to get along to reconcile and talk openly about their hurts. I want us to be the close family we always were.thank you

  4. Blessed St Anne and St Joachim make me more thoughtful of my husband as l struggle with his attitude. Help him to gain the strength to be more sociable and forgive his mother. Bless all my family and friends. In the name of the father. Amen.

  5. St.Anne please pray for the healing of mommy and nanay who are now qboth in bed and sick. Please also pray for our healing that we may be able to accept and overcome this week’s struggles especially in dealing both of thier situation. Please also pray that God may continue to protect and forgive us especially in all our shorcomings and mistakes. May you forgive me for being lazy and sometimes forgetting my everyday prayers. Thank you for today’s blessings. Amen

  6. St. Anne, help me in my legal battle with my ex-wife, who strives to make me suffer, cares not for what is best for the children, and is driven by greed and anger. Help me to forgive her unreasonable, bitter and vindictive behaviour that is not deserved. Help me to keep this house for the children, and provide the stable life for them and me that I have been fighting two years for.

    St. Anne, help us figure out how to make my father comfortable, and slow down his physical deterioration.

    St. Anne, please help those who pray for your intercessions.


  7. Mama Anne,
    Please ask our heavenly Father to release my heart from BE if he is not the one and if he is the one to please restore us and lead us to marriage.
    If it is single life give me the grace to embrace and live that life.
    If it consecration to religioust life please find me the order to join and instill the desire in my heart. Please open the door for me and give me the grace to say yes as I do not have the desire but I will obey with your help and guidance. My heart is for BE but I will do your will please help me.
    Please pray for my visit with sister Kathy today to go well. Give her the wisdom to lead me to the path you have destined for me. Holy Spirit be all over our visit. Be all over my prayer intentions.
    Mama Anne please interceed for BE to fall in love with Mother Mary so she can lead him to Christ please.
    Please Mama Anne take my thoughts and hearts desires and make it match God’s thoughts and desires and desires for me 100%. Any of them that do not match 100% please remove them and ask God to please then bless me with those thoughts and desires he has for me.
    Please ask God to guide me to the right path. If I am on the wrong path or praying for the wrong things that are not his will to redirect me thoughts and desires. I relinquish my free will and ask God to move in and guide me to the right path.
    Mama Anne I’m drowning please hear and help me please Mama help me.
    I pray for everyone praying this Novena that God would grant us all our hearts desires that according to his will for us.
    I pray for John Paul and Annie’s special intentions.
    I pray all these in the Mighty name of Jesus. Thank you Father, thank you Son, thank you Holy Spirit. Amen!

  8. Dear St Anne please ask Jesus to heal me from lymes and porphyria. Guide all my doctors and may porphyria not react to next week’s injection. May all the pins and needles and neuralgia and all other symptoms be gone in the Holy Name of JESUS. Good St Anne intercede so I may return to my duties as wife and mother. To bring the Joy of the Gospel to my young family and beyond. Thank You Amen

  9. Hear my prayer St. Anne
    That there is peace in my life with my sons when we come together. Come Holy Spirit and fill us with Your Grace!

    Give me the words as you would speak of Love, Peace and Hope!

  10. Eu citizenship passport
    Better work
    To find a spouse
    This outstanding loan with the condo association.
    My friends J & T
    SC in Ireland
    Thanks for your blessings and prayers answered

  11. For Barb K., diagnosed with recurrent cancer, that she be healed spiritually, and if it be the will of God, that she receive physical healing.
    For Father Jeff, that he may increase in holiness and that miracles may continue to be granted through his intercession.
    For my parish community, that we may be joyful missionary disciples and so attract others to faith and to relationship with Jesus Christ.
    For the intentions of all who are praying this Novena.

  12. St. Anne,please help me find a husband that will be a true life partner and best friend. I’ve had so much heartbreak that I was avoiding everything good in life. Please help me renew my faith and strenght in our Lord Jesus Christ. Also assist and intercede on my behalf to Jesus for a new exciting and fulfilling job and career, Jesus I am asking that you bless me fruitfully with faith, love, health, finances.

    I am declaring that 2018 I will be married to my life partner/best friend and husband.


  13. St Anne
    I pray that my daughter find a good husband. She is very lonely and would make a wonderful wife.
    Praying that my son find peace with his demanding job and to enjoy working again.
    Praying that my son and daughter-in-law be healed of their fertility problems and conceive a healthy baby.
    Thank you St Anne.

  14. Thank you Lord for answering my prayers through the powerful intercession of St. Anne. Thank you for showing me and my loved ones mercy and granting our petitions together with those of others on pray more novenas through St. Anne’s intercession, especially for a loving and lasting marriage and permanent godly source of living with wise financial planning and spending..etc. Above all, let your will be done, Through Christ Our Lord. Amen

  15. That my future husband will come, and that he will love You first & foremost, even before loving me.

    That I can continue to do your will no matter what vocation. That I can successfully be accepted into graduate school, achieve my M.A., and evangelize even through my secular work.

    That my friend F.R. will also have faith that our Father have plans for her & her future spouse.

    That my family strengthen their faith & trust in Him, & be eager to speak of the Catholic faith.

  16. Please, St. Anne, I humbly pray this Novena that I am blessed with a good and loving husband. My husband must be of your and God’s choosing. I have always wanted to be married and have experienced much heartbreak in the past when trying to choose for myself — two broken engagements & many unsuccessful relationships. Help me to trust and believe God knows what’s best for me and that you both are preparing someone special for me at this very moment. I ask this in your beautiful name, St. Anne, as you are my patron saint. 🙏✝️

  17. Please pray for my mama. She has been the best mother and grandmother to all of us. Please give her strength and let her get better.

  18. St. Anne,

    I ask that my will be aligned with the will of Jesus.

    I ask that my brother and his family and my family that left the Church become believers in Jesus Christ and return to the Church.

    I ask that I find a home where you want me to be so that I can do your will.

    In Jesus’ name I ask with thanksgiving.


  19. Most blessed St. Anne, please hear our prayers. Intercede for me to do always God’s will regardless the cost. Praying that my financial situation will improved day by day and a job will come
    about in the near future. Praying that my car will be fixed soon and I will be able to drive to my new job. This I pray in Jesus Holy Name . Amen.

  20. Dear St. Anne,
    Please intercede for us with your Blessed daughter and grandson. Please bring our home a new family that will love it as much as we did. Please bring new families to our small town who will spread the word of the Lord to our church and school community. Please help us have patience to wait for this family to buy our home. It’s been over a year and we are getting very weary. Please hear our prayers. Thank you so much for your prayers and intercession St. Anne.

  21. Prayer Requests : dearest St Anne, please
    Pray for healing spiritually / physically especially on my severely painful knee, Amen.
    I pray for success of the treatment I am starting from 20th July to 11th August 2018, Amen

  22. St.Anne,..hear our prayers.
    We pray for all the souls of the faithful departed.
    Pray for Beloved children.
    Pray for peace through out the world.
    Stop the bickering through the world, Amen
    Help brother Joey with his alcohol addiction.

  23. That the intensions that I am praying for especially, for my nieces and nephews, be granted in your name, Amen🙏🙏🙏

  24. St. Anne, Please help me find a husband that will be a true life partner and best friend. I’ve had so much heartbreak that I was avoiding everything good in life. Please bring some good my way. If will possible bring J E T Amen 🙏

  25. Dear St. Anne, I ask not for myself but for my friends, family & people around the world. I pray for that all my friends & other people going through immigration issues. In particular, I pray for B. C. F. & P.T. C., that you grant them their heart desires & permanent immigration status wherever they seek refuge to call home. I know through you to Christ our Lord Jesus Christ; all prayers are answered Amen.

  26. St. Anne, I’m ready. Please help me find a husband that will be a true life partner and best friend. I’ve had so much heartbreak that I was avoiding everything good in life. Please bring some good my way.

    • Your intention is the first one I read and i love that it’s exactly what I just finished praying for. May all our prayers get answered through this beautiful Novena and St. Anne’s intercession. God Bless You!

  27. Asking for prayers for my two oldest daughters that they come back to the Church and for my other six to remain faithful. Saint Ann, pray for us.

  28. Dear St. Anne, please find a replacement coworker that will help us run our building harmoniously. Keep Kim in your prayers to be able to deal with life and cancer.

  29. My daughter and her husband are getting a separation. They have been married for 6 years , and have a son. Please pray that they reconcile and live as God intended. Amen Amen Amen
    Thank You Lord.
    Thanks for all your prayers.

  30. Last Monday, I was on my way to a Dr’s appointment. I was very flustered because I was running late. In my mind I was praying that every thing would go well. I had been having vertigo for about 6 days and I was very frustrated with my self at that point. In my mind I was wandering if I should have not instead canceled my appointment and rescheduled. I was approaching a very busy section of the high way and the cars were going very fast. I always have my radio on and I listen to Sirius Radio, most of the time on Escape. As I drove down the hiway, in my mind I asked the Lord if I had made the right decision. At that moment the song playing had ended and a new song came on, the title of that songs is well known, it is called “ Vaya Con Dios” (Go With God). I could not believe it, for a moment I felt that God had answered me. Then I knew he had! Tears ran down my cheek and I kept saying, He has answered me, He has answered me.
    Saint Anne pray for me that I will stay healthy in order to care for my ailing husband. Amen.

  31. Dear St. Anne,

    I ask for your intercession for my intentions.

    For your assistance, protection, and guidance in my life;

    Send people to help me rehab and move;

    For a quick and equitable sale of my building to my neighbor;

    For Amanda, Luke and Ronnie to walk in the Light of Christ;

    For good decisions in caring for me and my family;

    For my deceased husband, Henry’s, soul and those of his and my family;

    Jesus, I Trust in You ! Thank you, St. Anne

  32. My Intentions:
    For continual health for my mom, healing for the wounds in my heart, and that I may see myself as God sees me.

  33. Pls pray for Isabel to have the strength to leave her boyfriend and move back to San Diego and live a single life until she meets the right husband

  34. Please Saint Anne,
    Please help me with my problematic family and with my husband and his double-life.
    Thank you St Anne

  35. Dearest St Anne,
    Please keep in your prayers and intentions my father, who will be 90 years old in about a week. Help him to keep the little strength that he still has and help him, and my mother, with the little bit confusion he sometimes has.
    Give my parents strength to help each other and to be there for each other until they may be called to be with all the saints and theHoly Trinity in heaven forever.

  36. I’m praying for everyone that is praying along with me and with this novena. I am praying for a financial blessing, I am praying for a job with shelby county schools, with better pay. I am praying for great health for me and my children. I am praying for a decrease in violence that is happening all around the world. Amen

  37. For my daughter, that she would be blessed with a loving, faithful husband united in sacramental marriage in the Holy Roman Catholic Church , and that they would be blessed with healthy children.

    For my friend’s son & daughter in law, that they would healed of infertility and be able to conceive and bear a healthy child.

    I pray , in thanksgiving to our Lord and our Blessed Mother’s, for baby Hayley,named after the Hail Mary , who was born this year to my Godson and his wife after much prayer due to infertility issues. , and in thanksgiving to my other Godson, niece and nephew, also all born to my sister who struggled with infertility issues. !!!

  38. Please St.Anne that you intercede on my behalf,
    That my daughter breaks down the Barrier walls between her and Lord Jesus Christ, that she can come to know him personally in her heart and soul. I pray for her joy and happiness in finding the Lord.
    I also pray for my husband that God shows him wisdom and direction for his business.
    I also pray for my mom has peace and Health .
    And my sisters .

  39. St. Anne,

    Please pray for me for happiness and bless me with a strong man that i can call my husband one day. My mind is on one but my heart is with another.

    Please watch over my son to clear his mind of all negative thoughts. Make is mind strong and focused.

    Thank you St. Anne

  40. Return of my family to the Catholic Church, conversion of my daughters family & my sons future wife & family. That we will all be active participants in the holy sacraments & mass. Bless mine & my daughter marriage s; my son will find loving, faithful,christian lady to marry who will convert if not catholic. Repose of Susie’s soyul & comforts to those who cared for & loved her.
    Healing for jpwilson,clavender, Mfr, souls in purgatory, e whatley & others in our hearts . Thank you

  41. Blessed St. Anne …I bring before you my relationship..I pray that the man am dating my make a positive step in our relationship ..I still call upon Jesus to be amidst us and be our guide throughout till marriage..Amen

  42. St Anne Thank you!❤️
    Please pray that my son Kenny can
    get healed from is addiction of food
    and also get counseling for him.
    Also for my anger and resentment towards my daughter in law and
    step granddaughter. For My Heart aches for healing and reconciliation
    so our family can heal.
    For my other son,grandson, daughter,grand-baby and son
    in laws that they come to know you and your husband and Blessed Mother Mary you’re daughter and her son Jesus King and Loud
    of all. ❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

  43. Please Saint Anne,
    Please help me to find for a right partner in marriage. I hope and pray that one day god will send me some one who will love me and be my partner in life. For all I ask for during my daily rosary for my family and friends and for all in our world. That we will always do Gods will and have true peace in the world. That God will give us the ability and strength to forgive everyone who has hurt us and forgiveness of those we have hurt. Thank you St Anne

  44. St. Anne-I pray that I can find my life’s partner. I am seeing someone now who I think may be the one. Please help guide us, show us the way to bring Jesus to the center of our relationship. Help mold our relationship to be a lifelong partnership if that is the will of God. Help me discern if this man is the one that God has planned for me. Please watch over and guide my sister and brother-in-law that they may have a long and happy marriage.

  45. Good morning, please pray for me. I know I shouldn’t worry and I should believe and trust in God. But I need a favor, I need a full time job close to home. I’m currently working at a part time job but it’s very slow during the summer and I don’t make enough to pay my mortgage, food and monthly bills. It’s been a very long time since I’ve been low on income. I barely have enough to put gas in my gas tank. I feel so embarrassed to ask for help all I do is cry, but crying doesn’t get me anywhere. I’m a single parent please God hear me help me please.

    Thank you.

  46. I pray for Hannah, may she be healed St. Anne. May she be favoured by the the Lord.
    St Anne I pray for Adam, may he grow to love the Lord and be a loving, supportive, kind and loyal partner. May he find work that is better paying so he is able to take care of his family(us). St Anne may he find favour with the Lord & yourself. May he be a leader of men, be the head and not the tail in all situations in life.
    St Anne I pray for my brother Steven, may he please find work. May the numerous applications sent out prove to be fruitful. Please St. Anne
    St Anne I pray for my sister Joan, may she find work. May the many applications sent out come back with positive results.
    St Anne I pray for Doreen, please protect her and guide her in her work. May she not grow tired of the work that she does for us. May she love, protect my baby and treat her right. Do right by my baby as I do right by her.
    St Anne I pray that I get a permanent job that pays very well(above 4m). That is well paying so that I can comfortably contribute to our home and properly take care of my baby’s needs. St Anne I pray to you and thank you

  47. Blessed St Anne help my son find peace in his new job and that Steph will keep well. Bless all my family and friends and pray for a better world where riches are shared and people care for each other.

  48. Just recently I went through a terrible relationship. Learning that his love for me was never sincere, led me to depression and suicidal thoughts. I strongly believe that I had to ask God before I went into this relation. He frequently stressed me out and his attitude was not pleasing. Please St. Anne pray for me to give me someone worthy and sincere in his relationship.

  49. Please Saint Anne,
    Please help me to find for a right partner in marriage even though i am a bit too old to settle down and with God’s grace nothing is impossible.
    Thank you St Anne

  50. I pray for success in my exams. That God may grant me the job that I seek. I pray also that God may protect, guide and guard my family especially for safe trip for my brother in law and sons.

  51. My prayer intention is for my future husband. I recently got out of a serious relationship who I thought I would marry. I thought we were on the same page, but turned out we weren’t. I thought God was calling me to him, but he was then calling me to move on. Now I’m looking for my Mr. Right who God is calling me to be with forever.

  52. Dear Saint Anne,
    Please pray for the restoration of our relationship w our daughter; that we might be allowed to see our grandchild and that her and her child might be protected. Please also pray that our daughter and two sons may have a personal encounter w Jesus and return to the faith. Thank you for all your benefits and love.

  53. Please Saint Anne,

    I pray for my daughter to find a good husband. A man that love God and will love my daughter just the way she is. He’ll be a supporting husband and love his children and take care of them spiritually, physically, financially
    And always try to listen to the Holy Spirit for his family and himself. As you took care of the people in your time
    Take care of my daughter Cristina and all my family. Jesus you chose Saint Anne for your family Please take care of my family.

  54. St. Anne, please pray for my family to grow in the love of Jesus Christ and to continuously gain good mental/emotional and physical health and strength in their life.
    Please pray to the Lord to send my daughter and son spouses who are humble, loving and kind and love Jesus Christ.
    Please pray for M.S. to seek to improve her relationship with her daughthers.

  55. Please watch over and guide our daughters. Jenn who is ill and not has able to conceive a baby. May she sell that old house and see if that is the causes of her illnesses. Val who is considering marriage to a boy from a very dysfunctional family. May she choose wisely and not face the medical problems her sister has faced. Michael, stubborn man that he see a doctor and get some help for his health issues before they get the better of him. Thank you for all our blessings and love.

  56. Please pray for my brother and sister in law who are finally pregnant after over a year of trying, but are afraid they may be miscarrying. God, bless them with this baby if it be Your Will, but please keep her safe and healthy to being this baby into the world.

  57. For the signal graces to be a good mom and a good grandmom, like St. Anne! For help in getting us through some difficult financial times. And for my friend Barb; she has several health issues and must continue to work to help support her son’s growing family.

  58. I Pray for the wisdom and understanding to pass my usmle step 3. exams and match for residency. to find a faith filled loving husband and for my siblings to have fulfilling careers and family lives. for financial growth for all my family members and for the wisdom to live to my full potential.

  59. please guide my daughters to make right decisions in their lives and lead them to good men, who will share their catholic faith.

  60. St.Anne praying for my sister-Jen’s eye operation on this coming 27 July 2018…….Pray for my brother S & sister G in their health to stay strong……..Pray for my digestive system.
    Pray for Fr.Jerry’s operation
    Pray for John Paul & Annie in their health & work

  61. Dear St Anne,

    I am begging you to please help me with all my transactions. Let all the transactions of my team to be successful. I need these in order for me to get the custody of my children. Please St Anne I am begging you to grant me the peace of mind and may I have a place in my heart to forgive my family in destroying my life and my children.

  62. Dear St. Anne,
    Please protect my daughters and granddaughters and show them the way to have the best lives possible with your help.

  63. I praying for my 4 year old grandson who has autism. I pray for a miracle that he would learn talk and communicate with us. I also pray for his mother that she would do right by him in spending more time in helping him .

  64. Praying for my cousin Brenda and Tim both who have cancer and there is nothing more to do than pray for a miracle. They are both active, faithful and full of life and young! God grant them strength and healing

  65. prayers for my mother – ann – rest in peace – lord Jesus son of God have mercy on me a sinner – lord Jesus my mother should never have passed without holding a child of her daughters – we prayed and needed the healing of love – I speak from the heart – your child

    • I will pray for peace to return to your heart. Losing a parent is so traumatic and heartbreaking. Trust our lady to bring you comfort. Our Lord will get you through this in time. Your mother is watching and praying over you and your children.

  66. prayers for my mother – ann – rest in peace – lord Jesus son of God have mercy on me a sinner – lord Jesus my mother should never have passed without holding a child of her daughters – we prayed and needed the healing of love – I speak from my heart – your child

  67. I pray for a saint Ambrose to enter into the lives of my two daughters. I know that they will listen to someone else aside from me, their mother. Please enter into both of their lives. Show them the way to Jesus, Mary and all of our beloved saints. Thank you Jesus, for an answer to my prayer. Amen…

  68. I pray for both sons, keep them safe, I pray for success for rad that his deal may go through and it will be successful
    I pray that Joey will get full time work

  69. Lord I pray for money to finance my son throughout medical school. St Anne intercede for me.My son tuition fees are due now. I am praying for a financial breakthrough.

  70. Please pray for me please for my work to be successful and god give me the strength to carry on my life with my 5 kids I am single mom my husband walk out on me so please pray for me

    Hope and pray that one day god will send me some one who will love me and be my partner in life so we can grow old together

    God bless

  71. Dear St. Anne, I pray during this novena for my sister Ate joy healing and fast recovery, please help us.. help my ate, give us, our family, my ate strength mentally,physically to overcome this challenges.. please guide us.. please guide and heal my ate joy..Amen🙏🏻

  72. I pray for everyone’s intentions. Please guide them to full reconciliation. May their hearts be filled with peace today.
    I pray specifically for healing for Nicole. Please guide and direct the doctors to fine a cure.

    I pray for clarity in my relationship with S and for my annulments to finally be completed.

    Thank you for intercepting on our behalf.
    Pray for us St. Anne.

  73. Dear St Anne thank you for previously answered prayers
    I beg during this Novena you will grant me what I ask for and what I need to ask for that I forget to the glory honour and praise of your name amen

  74. Praying that my son will find a suitable young lady that he will one day make his wife. Also pray that his anger problems will be healed.

  75. For my daughter- Elizabeth to find a faith filled man when it is your time- bring her and my so michael back to the faith— & his wife Katrina, moving blessing on annie, Bennett and baby. Pleas guide me & my dear husband in to retirement- allow me to forgive Howard who has been a rude boss. And for all intentions of this novena

  76. St Anne, I am praying for the love of my life been with him for the past 25 years and I want him to make me a honest woman. So I could receive communion at church. We are both divorced. But my priest told me that we should get married. I am praying for him to ask me to married him. Amen!

  77. I pray that my father recover so he could come back home. Also for my child to be with me so we have documents together. Amen

  78. Blessed Saint Anne mother of our blessed mother Mary and grandmother to our loving Jesus, I ask that you pray along with me to not have my cancer return or spread. And to send a wonderful loving kind man into my life so I may have the joy of a family. Please pray for my mother who is in recovering from nammonia and aid her in her physical therapy Please Saint Anne help me to be a stronger Catholic and aid me in building my relationship with Jesus and the Blessed Virgin mother.
    Thank you

  79. Dear st like to pray for everyone who is praying this novena and for all their like to firstly thank God for all the graces and blessings I have in my life.thank God for my faith handed down from my now deceased parents.i want to specific pray for my partner of almost 18 years .I’m not married I’m living in sin which I don’t like.but our relationship is not good and I’ve no interest in this man anymore.ive dealt with anger aggression and moods over the years.please saint Anne if it’s God’s will help me make the right decision.i will pray for my partner his very little faith none really and I will leave him over to you st Anne during this Anne pray for me.amen

  80. For my dgt who is taking the pharmacy boards. Please give her the guidance and wisdom to pass the boards. Thank you

  81. I pray for children Genevieve,Teresa and Susan who constantly experience demonic attacks which are preventing them from attending school
    I pray for their total deliverance and that they resume school normally like any other children of God.


  82. St Anna

    i pray for my marriage that my husband and i commit to vows we have taken, i pray for wisdom and understanding that i pass my ACCA exams in September, i pray for my family especially my mother that she may be healed. Most important i also pray that i become a devoted catholic and practice my faith. Amen

    • St Anna…
      Am praying that you may heed to the cries and requests of all praying this novena. May you also grant me the fruits of my womb. Amen

  83. God’s forgiveness for my husband and I divorcing. If it be God’s will to reunite us so we can help each other get to heaven and teach other couples to pray together so they can fight the enemy to stay together. If this is not be God’s will for me then I ask God to help me be at peace with our decision and for me to surrender to God’s new and holy plan for my life. Forgiving my Ex completely.

  84. dear St..Anne ..please help me and blessed me to be the topnochers of nursing licensure examination on this coming November 17 and 18 with the average of 88%…Give me more knowledge wisdom and concentration focus while I’m reviewing….I begged you St.Anne .this is my last board exam i got..AMEN..