The Pray More Healing Retreat, 2023

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The Pray More Healing Retreat starts in one week!

If you sign up for the retreat, you will receive:

+ 19 Video & Audio Presentations with Transcripts, and

+ 19 Reflective Study Guides – one for each talk

The talks are focused on pursuing healing and growing closer to the Lord through prayer.

You can sign up for the retreat here.

Here are some of the topics:

+ Praying through Suffering and Searching for Peace

+ Healing with Jesus

+ Praying with Scripture

+ How to Recognize the Lord’s Voice in Prayer

+ The Power of the Holy Spirit in Our Lives

+ Faith During Difficult Seasons

+ How to Respond to Suffering

+ Holding On To Hope

That’s not all! You can see the rest of the topics and sign up for the retreat here:

All of the materials will be released on Wednesday, August 16th.

You can sign up for the retreat here.

God bless you!

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  1. Pray with me to restore and renew my lost relationship 🙏 Protect my unborn child for healthy growth in the womb for 9months and deliver us safely when the time is right and receive Baptism in the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Amen

  2. Please pray for my young son Zach to be blessed as a cancer survivor and restored to full health.
    Please pray for God’s healing light to permeate his body and to rid it of all cancer, disease, infection and abnormal cells.
    Please pray for the cancer to go into full remission and that there’s absolutely no signs of any cancer or cancer growth in his next CT and PET scans in September.
    I love my son so much and pray for the day he is cured and restored to full health. I dream of him growing to marry, raise a family and to share the blessings we’ve received from Our Almighty.

  3. Please pray for my spiritual breakthrough.I have been struggling so hard to pray and be consistent in my faith and I would like to go back to Christ our savior.
    Also pray for my family in general and also for my healing from past traumas.
    Pray for all the sick people both at homes and even in hospitals and all departed souls.

  4. Oh st Monica pray for me in this novena so that I can get a job and have a husband
    Pray for my sister’s to finish up their studies and have better paying jobs
    Pray for our mother and all my friends that are going through difficult situations especially Juliet that u can fulfill her desires
    Oh st Monica pray for me so that I can get my desires and overcome the stress and anxiety that am coming through I pray all these in Jesus’s name Amen

  5. Prayer please for my son Robert who will be going to surgery Monday for a success surgery and recuperation! The recoup is expected to be difficult as he has certain health problems. Pleas pray it is so. Prayers are powerful! Thank you ! And for the Doctors snd medical people to be at their best and attend to him with love snd caring and all who come in contact with him too!
    Be safe in Hospital and rehab and be home and be well and free of pain he has lived with for so long! Thank you God bless all the pray warriors out there! And also for my husband to get well and safe and not fall! Me too, well to be a caregiver!

  6. Pray for the healing of the nerves in my feet. Pray for the alleviation of my anxiety. Please bring good people into my life. Please raise my deceased family members to eternally light.

  7. Pray for 3 of my children who have left the faith, and for all of my children that have anxiety issues that they may find peace

  8. St. Monica please guide and protect my children ,grandchildren and all the children of the world. For my husband to get closer to God and to improve our fanacial sitution

  9. Pray for me for deliverance and succession the place I am. Pray for my family tree for blessings and healing. For peace in the world . Amen.

  10. Dear St Monica, I call on you in this novena to intercede for my daughters for protection against evil and for spouses that will be their friends, brother and sister but above all one that will love her and bring her before the throne of grace of God. Amen

  11. Please pray for my son Kennedy to stop taking alcohol and also to get a Job.

    Pray for my children their marriage life is not good.

    Pray for my blood pressure to stable and joint pains.

    Pray for my business to grow.

    St. Monica pray for us during this novena.

  12. Please pray for my Wife and children back at home. The devil has tempted them. May they be protected from any bad things… Let the Lord send His angels to defend them.

  13. St Monica please pray for my daughter to have peace of mind, protection from visible and invisible enemies. Please my daughter has been looking for a job for the past 1 year with no luck. She requires visa sponsorship please help her and I to get her wish fulfillment. Please God meet her at the point of her need for a good job. Amen

  14. I’m praying God’s blessings, favors and good business contracts for my new consulting business. May the business flourish profitably beyond human imagination and be abundantly blessed by God’s. Amen..

  15. Praise Jesus God is always good am grateful to God.
    Kindly pray for us that people who owe our business to pay(Nickson,Muthee and Nyonyo are the people who have refused to pay us)
    Pray for me that God may pave a way for me to get a visa.
    Pray for Francis Tuti Title deed to come out,Mboi titles,karega inlaws to accept our mum’s dowry.
    Pray for relief of huge debts in our family
    Pray for Micheal and Zachary to get employment, family and leave alcoholic.
    Pray for Mary Mark n Martha in their studies.

  16. St Monica to pray me and my entire families for total healing of mind, body and spiritual. Pray that my brother Gerald will stop alcoholic and my husband will be converted to Christ. Healing for me and my son

  17. For my son employment
    For peace after my husbands death
    For his soul—LG
    For J/A/M/B peace and love
    For A healing and direction
    For G healing
    May God Almighty give us direction and be by our side.

  18. For the conversion of my husband
    Rene G
    And the healing of baby Charlie who is 3 years old. And can not walk or talk

  19. Please pray for Jherek’s physical and emotional healing after his stroke.
    For an open heart to forgiveness and reestablishing of my sisters relationship.
    For my son Matt, that he comes back to the Catholic faith and can find a faithful woman to love and build a family.

  20. I pray for my marriage that we may become closer and always turn to you Lord to ask for help and guidance. May the Lord strengthen our bond that we may be able to speak freely and openly without judgement and anger. May the Lord also help me to be a good mother to help my children trust in the Lord and make wise decisions. St.Monica I pray for your intercession to help my marriage and to help me be a good, loving and wise mother as you and Mary have modelled for all of us.

  21. Please pray for Paige that she is healed with her rash and crmo. That her innate and immune system stops overreacting and she grows in weight and height. Pray for John and Chris to have peace and be healed. Pray for my parents health. Pray for my husbands health and my health amen

  22. For Michael and Keith to come back to the faith. Emotional healing for Michael. For their eyes and hearts to open to Our Lord. For a holy woman of God to be in my son’s life.
    For James to hear God’s voice in his life.
    Thank you for all prayers.

  23. St. Monica please intercede that Danny and susan will forgive S and A., soften their hearts and help them see the error of their ways. Heal S. physically and spiritually as well as A., Melanie, Frank, Frank, Joe, Trini, S.Jr.
    In Jesus name I pray.
    Also soften Gov Abbotts heart and let him see that his immigration plan is killing innocent people. Thank you Jesus.

  24. I ask for my son Brendon
    For him to grow in faith, to have a partner who knows and loves God and freedom from all worldly vices

  25. Goodmorning God’s people let’s pray for
    My marriage my husband is always on and off, am praying for God to give us breakthrough
    My son who is preparing for end of courscourse exam
    A friends daughter who is possessed
    Financial breakthrough.

  26. Strong & sincere bond with my children T&K that is truthful & respectful.

    For my children T&K, grandchildren T&R & husband S to return to church.

    Peace, love & harmony within my family unit.

    To receive the Sacrament of Matrimony with my husband S.

    For my friend’s son S to receive his clerkship or something better.

  27. Please pray for my son who is away fm the church n prayers for many years now. May thru the intercession of St Monica n St Augustine, he may get back his faith in God

  28. Pray for me I have been experiencing stagnation in life for over 35 years, I am also experiencing financial hard ship which has lead me to alot of debts. Currently I leave horrible life my business is stagnant. Also pray for my parents they are sick my dad has high blood pressure and diabetes and my mum brucellosis and arthritis, I pray for the healing.
    Thank you

  29. Hi, I’m just wondering, I signed up and really enjoyed the Pray more Novenas retreat during lent this year. Do I still have access to those talks and how do I get to them, if so?

    Thanks so much for your all of your novenas and for your retreats too.

    God Bless! Liz