The Next Novena: To the “Greatest Saint of Modern Times”

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We’re very excited to announce that the next novena is the St. Therese of Lisieux Novena!

There are so many Catholics who really have a strong devotion to St. Therese — I bet you know some of them :) 

They are going to want in on this novena! 

We will start praying this novena on Sunday, September 22nd.

You can sign up here to join us in prayer, and you can share your prayer intentions below.

We’re looking forward to praying with you and for you! 

God bless you!
Annie & John-Paul –

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  1. I am currently preparing to choose a college to attend and am at a complete loss. Please pray that I choose the college best for me and that I can understand God’s will for my future.

  2. Please pray for me
    I am having one of the worst holiday season
    I am under extreme financial pressure nothing to eat and no money to buy anything
    I usually would spend the holiday with my brother and family and would usually get a little money
    But I heard he has been invited out
    Please pray for me God touch his heart and mind today
    and I receive financial blessings in abundance from him
    I have lots of expenses and to invest in and also for us to spend loving joyful family time together

  3. Love I thank You for the life you have given me and the people around me and I beg You to continue protect and guiding those lives. Lord I thank u for the gift of victory of my recent graduation that I obtained last month, Lord may that victory, like others who have attained it help me get to the success I hope and wish to attain Lord please bless each application I forward for a job that at least one of the lands me to my dreams. So that I may be off great support to my family and those around me and my my family accept my success with me Amen.

  4. For spiritual and physical healing, for a successful medical procedure on the 5th of December, and for the return of my family and friends to GOD our Father, JESUS CHRIST and the HOLY SPIRIT thru the Catholic Church. And to all in need of prayers Amen .

  5. Please pray for T, today is the beginning of his end of term exams, pray that he be focused and attentive. Pray that he be blessed with understand and success in his exams, also pray that he be covered under the precious blood of Jesus to keep him free from all negative and evil forces sent against him.

  6. Please pray for our oldest son that he will be successful in his job, that his new friend will be his soul mate-thank you, and that his health will be well and his faith grow daily. Please pray for our middle son that he will be blessed with a good job, seek counseling, and be blessed with a nice Christian lady. Please reach deep into his heart, wrap your arms around him to make correct choices-decisions in his life. Please pray for our daughter that she will be happy-successful in her job. That this medicine will cure here, and that her upcoming wedding day with her fiancé will be filled with good weather, love and joy. Please pray for my husband this his health will improve, that our faith and love grow daily. We thank you and love you. Amen.

  7. Please pray that I see him again! I am so thankful I saw him the other day! Please pray that I see him again and we make plans to meet up this time. Saint Jude I am forever thankful! I am NOT giving up! I am praying he contacts me! Amen.

  8. Please pray for me for success and promotion at work before the end of the year.

    Kindly also pray for me to get a good, trustworthy companion for a stable relationship leading to marriage
    I also pray for peace and harmony of my family.

  9. Good Morning. Please I want you to help me pray for I and my sister’s Admission into the University.
    And I also want you to pray for the Souls in Purgatory the Motherless Orphans Fatherless Internally Displaced Persons the Less privileged, those looking for the fruit of the womb, the sick and all those who are struggling and have no place to go to. And also those who are depressed and are feeling less loved.
    And for the forgiveness of our sins(knowingly and Unknowingly).
    As we pray for this intentions we ask that the good Lord in his infinite goodness and mercy will hear and answer us Amen.
    Thanks and remain blessed.

  10. Dear Friend,
    I desperately need prayers for my 8year old daughter who is developing physically at an alarming rate. I humbly pray that you intercede on my behalf and to delay her menstruation for a couple of years. I’m very desperate and need your prayers

    I also need a good tenant for our property which has been empty for a number of months . We are paying mortgage and desperately need a good tenant.

    Thank you very much for everything. We are most grateful.
    Best Regards,
    Naa Odotei

  11. My country is to undergo general elections next Sunday November the 10th, and we the citizens are very worried about the outcome. Please your prayer not the extreme left to gain power. And also please your prayer for a friend of mine who is a candidate for a party which is far fron christian and I fear for his soul.
    Many thanks

  12. Praying for divine assistance in breaking the evil yoke around me.
    For Gods intervention in my financial issues and for increase in holiness.

  13. Please pray for the father of Fr. Jim Keiter & the family. His name is Jake Keiter. He has been in a terrible pick-up accident and is being life-flighted to Sioux Falls hospital.

  14. I want you my brethren to for God’s healing power my life, healing of HBP, healing of my heart and financial breakthrough for my husband in Jesus name Amen

  15. Please pray for our middle son that he will be blessed with a good job, that he will seek counseling for his depression, and that he will make the right decisions-choices in life. We miss him, he is lost, please bring him back to us. Pray for our oldest son that he is happy/successful in his job, thank you for blessing him with his lady friend. May she be his soul mate, and they are happy. That his faith will grow daily. Please pray for our daughter that this medicine will heal her. Pray that all will be happy/successful in her job, with her fiancé, and with the purchase of their first home.
    Please pray for my marriage that it will grow and faith daily. Pray that my husband’s health will improve. We thank the Lord Jesus Christ and all the Saints for all that we have been blessed with. Amen.

  16. My intention is to pray for my husband to get a job and request to settle in financially and to own a home . Irequest for good health,peace,joy love for my family.And to pray for people who are very needy world wide .

  17. Pray that my wife and I will love and serve the will of God every day and lead each other to Heaven and all those we meet

  18. Please help me to pray my Hon. Rannie Martinez maybe he will afraid to be with me because of the issue before. I pray him and I will be together again. I love Him so much father. I know it’s wrong but life is short I want to be happy and I will arrange everything for good. Jesus I know he understands me. Please pray me amd my hon. Amen.

  19. Our family is in desperate need for prayers. I ask God please don’t let us lose our granddaughter. Please help our son. He needs healing and mental strength. My husband needs peace and forgiveness in his heart . God I place my trust in you . Thank you for everything. I love you Lord.

  20. Hello a student and have been sick for a really long time and this has affected me emotionally, financially and has also affected my studies.i am a 5th year medical student and am remaining with one year to graduate as a doctor.pray for me that I may receive healing and that I may be healthy enough to take care of other patients.God bless you all. 🙏🙏

  21. Hi brothers and sisters. Please pray for me to pass my incoming licensure examination on November 9-10,2019. Also please do pray for my family to overcome all the circumstances that we are facing now. In Jesus name. Amen. 🙏 Godbless!