Day 1 – St. Therese of Lisieux Novena 2019

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 1 of the St. Therese of Lisieux Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. St Therese please intercede my daughter AZ in your prayers.That she will.passed her board exam. that she confidently recall all what she learned and reviewed…give her a strong mind to answer correctly all her 3 days tests.May our Good and Loving Father use her mind her heart and her handds on what to during the test.Amen.Thank you St Therese.Thank you Lord for answering our prayers.

  2. Dear St. Therese my dear Patron,

    I Thank you God to give you been my dear Patron Saint,
    In this special time, I pray hard with you in the 9 days Novena to pray with You,
    Dear my Patron Saint Therese,
    Please shower a Rose from Heaven on your hands to my Father in Law and our family to heal my Dad got Cancer and for anyone to believes in Lord Jesus Christ.
    Also , my wedding day come in up, I would love anyone in my family will be attend.
    I ask that with the name of Jesus Lord and with your a humble heart to God, the love heart to God. Amen!
    I fully Thanksgiving to God and You.
    I love you, my Dear Patron.

    Maria Therese Phuong Ly

  3. My prayer intentions is to be led more and more by the Holy Spirit in my love for Him and each person I encounter, in my decisions, and in my durative and inspired actions. I contunie to pray for my 12 Graces (personal petitions). Amen.

  4. Dearest St. Theresa, I come before you today as a lady that is a wife and mother. I pray that it is God’s will that me and my husband commit to reconciliation and putting in the required work to work on saving our marriage. St. Theresa, please pray intercessory prayers that it is the will of God that our marriage is saved. That we are both open to opening our hurts for healing and working on making God the center of our lives and everything we do! I pray that our marriage is God’s will. I pray that I can work on forgiveness from he that has hurt, betrayed and disappointment me. St. Theresa, I pray that God heals my husband’s heart and show him the positive and loving or at least liking feelings that he has for me. I ask that if it is God’s will, that he, returns home soon. I want him home, but I want to make our marriage better. I pray to help make our marriage work. I understand that it takes work; I am willing to do that work. I pray that he is too.

  5. Than you St Therese for interceding for us
    sinners to our Father in Heaven
    I pray for my brother healing, mercies from
    I pray for peace, healing, love and harmony
    in our family. I pray for my son and daughter N to come back home with love,
    respect, loyalty and honesty in their hearts and soul.
    Thank you God for hear my prayers

  6. Dear St Therese,

    Thank you for continuously interceding for us sinners to our Father in heaven. During this novena, I beg you to intercede for my family and I. We pray for healing mercies especially for my grand ma. We pray for financial break through to enable us carry out our projects. We pray for peace love and harmony. I also pray that you would lead me in the way of true love, may I not only find it but feel it as well. Amen


  8. Dear St. Therese,
    I pray for health for my family and friends. Please keep them safe from harm. I give thanks and praise to our Lord and Savior for all the blessings He has bestowed upon me. I pray for peace and love for all. Amen

  9. Ste Therese,
    I ask you to please intercede for me and help me to get the job at ARC. May this be granted to me if it is according to the Lord’s plan.

  10. St Therese,
    Please intervene for all men who have a personality disorder that keeps them from being strong husbands and fathers…bless the women in their lives for their courage. Amen.

  11. Dear Saint Terese,
    You have been my constant prayer friend and each morning I have stayed faithful to you. Please intercede to Christ for my beautiful 11 year old great neice Olivia who suffers from migraines from Charia. God can perform miracles and I have the faith to honor His will.
    Thank you Saint Terese. ♡

  12. financial healing needed desperately to clear up debt and have some money. sometimes I have not one penny left. I think this is an addiction due to several years of sexual abuse by my grandfather, thinking I can control what I could not control for five years. ages 8-13 destroyed my life, always felt low self esteem so much more at age 68 now I want peace in my life. Peace to not have to worry about paying bills. On a fixed income never have enough money. To be close with my children and grandchildren.

  13. Please St Theresa I beg you to grant my petitions
    Please bring my son home to his family
    and also make peace between my 2 daughters
    Please bring peace in my house

  14. Dear Saint Therese, thank you for my beautiful family. Please keep the peace among us, give us health. Please ask the Lord to help my daughter get an internship and also to come back to church. Protect my son and keep him away from drugs, alcohol and other bad habits. Thank you St. Therese I’m looking forward to receive a rose from you as a sign that you are listening to my prayers. Amen

  15. 1. I pray that my Australian Citizenship F1290 to be granted ASAP without further delay normally turn-around time is 15-17 months in Jesus Name Father Almighty Our Savior, Amen.
    2. I pray that my mom and my one and only daughter will be healed completely by you my good Lord.
    3. I pray that my marriage will continue to be strengthen by you my Good Lord, Amen.

  16. 1. I pray that my brother Bob will return to the Christian/Catholic Faith and it will help him with his medical condition to have a belief in Jesus our Savior.
    2. I pray for a Godly man/husband for my daughter C.
    3. I pray that my marriage will continue to be strengthen by you my God.

  17. dear st Theresa, and all of god’s saints i beg you protect my children alex and daisy give them health , peace, understanding compassion for others bless my grandchildren with health peace and love give them the gift of faith please for my family provide them with faith peace health for me please forgive me guide me down the right path thT will lead to our lord please give me the power to lose weight and excites and drink lots of water please dear lord help me lose weigh i pray this in jesus name please guide jose open his heart and mind to god please dear st Theresa give him faith

  18. Dear SainT Therese
    please help united my family again, don’t let my children separate forever from each other as that is all they have from me. Allow them to have forgiveness and love in their heart and to take care of each other when i’m gone. THis is very sad since they have not spoken for three years now and I’m at lost in the middle since i love them both so much. Help us please as you have always been there for me, I trust you eternally.

  19. For conversion of my children and their families. For total healing – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. For improved finances. For stronger social networks. For dismissal of charges against C and for all those involved in the case – judge, jury, prosecutor, public defender. For forgiveness of F family, for mercy in their heart. For help with the new job and that things will continue to go well.

  20. St Theresa the Little Flower. Thank you for being so prominent in my life. Yet again, please interceded for the following intension. Help me sleep (restorative) and end my trail of chronic insomnia for the past 2.5 months. May peace be with me at night and anxieties fall by the wayside. Protect my family and myself as we wait so patiently to find answers to my downturn in health over the past 3-4 weeks. We ask this through the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart if Mary. Amen

  21. Safe travels for Raj and all travelers. For an end to all violence. For child-like humility and trust that St Therese has. For healing of my illnesses if it be God’s Will.
    That I may forgive others and for my own continuing conversion. Sacraments for my husband and family.
    For Raj’s interview.
    For Joe, Fran, Anna, Bob, MAryAnne, Don, Donna.
    For Mala and the whole Majumdar family.
    Safety for school children.
    Safety in public.
    Conversion of sinners. For the poor. For blessings from Heaven from our Therese.
    Entire PAce family.

  22. Saint Therese please ask Jesus to fully heal my sister of her Parkinsons. Also, ask Jesus to be with Gregory F. and his wife, Cindy, as Greg fights his battle with the affects of radiation therapy. One more thing, dear St. Therese, please ask Jesus and the Holy Spirit to place upon my husband’s heart to return to the church and to heal his diabetes. I look for roses from you or the smell of roses many times when I pray to you. If it be your will, surprise me with a rose. Thank you wonderful Saint of God.

  23. Prayers for our two children. One for a safe and successful surgery and recovery . And the other for cancer cure and good direction in leading us to the best doctors and treatment to beat the cancer and live a better longer life! For peace of mind.

  24. I pray for my husband & 2 married children to return to the church with conversion of their spouses & families with the same request for my friends who have family who’ve left. Healing for joe, MFR, those closest to my heart, family needs, & intentions from our prayer group. Protection, guidance, increased faith, hope & trust in You especially for my grandson who is approaching teens. Protection of our country, guidance, faith, mercy on our president. Mercy for souls in purgatory especially forgotten souls who have no one to pray for them. Conversion of atheist & those who doubt you. Bless my family, friends, co-workers & those I care for.

  25. Please pray for my health and forgiveness Of sins . For wisdom to guide my grandchildren children in faith. For strength to help my family through this difficult time. For the healing of my daughter and children who are suffering through divorce. To come back to the church for all my fam.

  26. I pray for my son Kenneth may he be blessed with a miraculous cure, please let him avoid having joint replacements allow him to heal physically, emotionally spuritaually and to finally move on in his life from all his past treatment and trauma, find him the right partner who he can move grow with in life, show him his true purpose and path. Please bless all my children, grandchildren family and friends take care of all their needs, but most of all thank the lord for all he has given us i am truly grateful. Amen

  27. Sainte Therese, please pray for me that I continue to believe and trust in God, that He May continue to hold my hand and guide me. Please intervene on my behalf so that Ced finds a good job; that Gabe goes back to school and gets a diploma; that Paul finds his path; please pray that I find the money to pay for the mortgage, that I get a promotion and salary increase that will allow me to pay for the house on a regular basis. Please pray for my family that we stay united, helping and loving each other, all in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Thank you Lord for all of your graces. Amen!

  28. Please pray for my son Joey and his new job. Let him be successful and enjoy his new career. Also, pray for my other son Ben that he finds his way and has a safe, productive week!
    Lastly, thank you for my new relationship- I pray it continues to grow and flourish. Thank u for my jobs- I pray that I continue to be successful.

  29. St. Therese, I pray to be accepted into the MS in Biomedical Professions at LMU. I have come a long way from when I had fallen. Please grant me this next step for my potential career.

  30. Lord, bless me to love you more then I do already, keep me protected with your shield and guidance. Help me to love you as you love me. Please help my son with employment so that he may find love and peace in his new home. thank you father for blessing him with it. Lord bless my daughter and her union with her husband and the birth of their daughter, my first granddaughter. Thank you Jesus for all your blessings. I have a niece, Angella, heal and bless her. Lord, thank you so much God for all you do for me, my family and please bless our president so that he can take care of the American people and make correct decisions involving our world. thank you,

  31. Praying for a job in school organization. I was working in a school as an accountant assistant some personal reasons I resigned my earlier job. Now, after months they are calling me back to work there. But really I don’t want to go back to. I had replied many applications to another school, but no reply. It’s very stressed to go back to work there. I don’t know what I should do. St Therese of Lisieux please help me. Show me the right way that I can take the right decision. Please help me. I am helpless.

  32. St. Terese I ask for blessings in all travels that members of my family will take .For my daughter and her family as she moves to Arizona. Help them to transition smoothly and to find a great church community . My granddaughter Sophia that was born on her feast day is moving with them and at age 21 does not need but wants the blessing of her father to give her peace . Heal all family divisions . Bless Bens journey as he visits Andrew in Mexico . Bring him back safely! Thank you for you intercession.Bless my husband as he travels to Pittsburgh to visit a cousin and bring comfort to her who languishes with a rare disease .

  33. I am asking for my daughter to become pregnant this year and that the baby be healthy. I pray for protection for both Katey and Nathan now in a new apartment. I also pray for healing in our family. Thank you..<3

  34. St. Teresa pray with me and for me for the return of my sons in my life in love. May you pray for my mother and her conversion to the faith. Help me to be closer Jesus in showing my gratitude and appreciation for our Lord. Amen

  35. Dear St. Therese, please ask Jesus and Mary to heal and protect my family and I. Please Bless us 🙏 Spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

    Please heal us of fibromyalgia, TMJ, depression, anxiety, allergies, asthma, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, colon problems and throat ailments.

    Please help our son as he seeks to find employment with God loving people. Please help him find Christian and Catholic friends.

    Thank you St. Therese.