The Next Novena: The St. Therese of Lisieux Novena, 2015

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rsz_believe_in_yourself_and_all_that_you_are_1We’re very excited to announce that the next novena is the St. Therese of Lisieux Novena!

There are so many Catholics who really have a strong devotion to St. Therese — I bet you know some of them :)

They are going to want in on this novena!

Your friends & family can sign up here:

We will start praying this novena on Tuesday, September 22nd.

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  1. For my husband’s target at work. That he would meet the right people that would enable him meet his target and be taken off the probation that he has been placed on at work.

    That he would make the best of decisions on his job and the work of his hands would be blessed abundantly.

    And for all praying this novena, that their hearts desires would be met.

  2. Please pray for me to receive gift of the Holy Spirit . Pray for me to receive global freedom. To cancel stagnation , limitation and embargo from my life in Jesus name.
    Also my children to be good ambassadors of Christ, to live godly life and divine breakthrough for them in all areas of their lives. Amen

  3. Please help me to have love in my heart for The Lord and be thankful for the blessings he has bestowed upon my family and I. Help me feel Gods presence and his guidance to steer me away from sin.

    Please pray for my brother who is I’m the hospital in a foreign country far from loved ones. I pray that he recovers and can return home

  4. as we start the Novena of St. therese, i pray for intervention in the following areas: –
    1. Forgiveness and reconciliation of my parents – they have been separated for almost 15 years. this separation has affected us, the kids, so much.
    2. Forgiveness in my extended family, so much bitterness, anger and animosity within my nuclear and extended family.
    3. a father for my 2 children, a husband
    4. i would like to get into business. clarity on what business to venture into.
    5. recovery of my brother who is an alcoholic.
    6. for the people of Syria – it really saddens me to see so many people suffer, especially women and children. God help the people of Syria

  5. Please pray for me. I’m in desperate need. I’m in debt, lonely, seeking a husband, friends, a better quality of life. Please pray my dreams become reality. That I’m married, financially sound, own a aerial arts studio, am a talented aerialist. That I’m able to give back to others in need

  6. During this novena I ask for prayers the my husband’s business negotiations will be favorable, that he will receive the investment needed and that it will be positive and that our business will grow.

    • That my Son who has been waiting for his legal
      papers these past years in UK from the immigration
      be Legalised as early as possible so he could travel
      to his native land to see family and friends.

  7. Dear Lord, I pray and lift up all to you all the people who mistreat me, my family and love ones. I grew up in a family which all of us can’t speak up and fight for ourselves whenever people harm us. To take revenge is never an option, I know the best way is to pray for them. I pray and lift up them all to you. You take care of them. I pray for guidance and protection for me, my family and love ones for the people who are going to harm us in the future. Enlighten me, my family and love ones mentally, physically, spiritually and our hearts. Always protect and guide us from all evil all the time. I pray to remove all our hatred, sadness, stress, anxities, depression and bad things from our lives. M mistreat me at work today again. I pray and lift up her to you, my Lord. She has done many cruelty to me in the past and I’ve been patient with her ever since. Made me look bad to managers, disrespect me, make fun of me, embarass me, and so on. It is too much, my Lord. She has done many cruelty to others at work too. I pray management at work will take action for this kind of behavior. For the sake of all workers she mistreat and discriminate. My Lord, I lift her up to you. It is the right thing to do. I pray to remove all my hatred, sadness, depression, stress, and bad feelings. Amen. Thank you so much Lord for all the love and blessings.

  8. My Lord, please help my father to find an easy and stable job. Protect my father from all the people who do bad things to him. My father should’ve a good job by now, yet B took it away from him. B lied to my father’s employer that he is not available, though my father is jobless. B is now working for that employer, when it should’ve been for my dad. B said bad things to my dad too. Now my father has no job again. My father, all he wanted is to have a job, to help us for living. I pray, soon he will find a better job and meet kind people/coworkers. I pray my mother will have an easy tasks at her work. She is getting old and feelings lots of pain physically. I pray, someday, my parents don’t have to work anymore and just enjoy life. If I only have a lot of money, so I can take care of all the expenses we have.. I am so thankful, because in all our trials in our lives, my Lord, you were and always there to love, bless, guide and protect us.
    I pray my three siblings and their partners will finish their studies someday. I pray my boyfriend and I will finish our studies too. My niece will grow up a beautiful, healthy, smart and god-fearing lady. I pray, we all have happy, healthy, and long lives. Protect and guide us from evil all the time. My Lord, please help me and lead me to find the best doctor for my scoliosis. I need to see a doctor, to find out what’s the result for my back after many years of no check up. I pray, I am healthy and doing good. I pray I can provide my employer the result of my xray so they don’t have to force me to carry heavy boxes/things at work. I pray my boyfriend can provide result about the condition of his eyes for his employer too, so they don’t have to force him to work at cold area rooms. We all get great doctors for our health, dental, eyes, and others. I pray, next sem, I can go back and continue and finish my studies. I pray, my boyfriend and I can cancel our gym membership, we want to cancel it because we no longer use it and don’t have to pay for it monthly. We are having difficult times canceling it and afraid we might not able to cancel and be charge forever. I pray they will let us cancel it after we send them the letter they asked for about cancellation, and they won’t give us difficult times canceling it. I pray everything will be great and no problems when my boyfriend and I will apply for stock at work, so atleast we have savings. Thank you so much Lord for all the blessings, guidance, protection, understanding, love and for everything. Amen.

  9. Dear the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, Mama Mary, St. Joseph, St. Philomena, St. Monica, St. Therese, all the angels
    I pray you forgive us always on our sins
    Thank you so much for your unconditional love to me, to my family and love ones
    Thank you so much for all the blessings you gave us
    I pray for guidance and protection for my family, love ones and myself from evil all the time
    I pray you provide us all a safe, stable, easy and friendly/good workplace
    I pray we always have money to pay our house, bills, foods and other expenses
    I pray we will forever have our house and not take it away from us
    (You know all our sacrifices and expenses just to buy this house for us to have a shelter)
    I pray you give us all long healthy lives, and a strong family bond
    I pray we will finish our studies
    I pray you make all our dreams come true
    I love you so much and thank you so much for everything :)
    Bless us all the time and forever