The Next Novena! (It was one of Padre Pio’s favorite prayers)

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We’re really excited to announce that the next novena we’re praying is the Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus!

The Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is celebrated 19 days after Pentecost, so we start praying this novena on Wednesday, June 10th — that’s one week away! 

For this novena, we will reflect on Jesus’ love for each and every one of us. We will pray for our hearts to be conformed to His Sacred Heart, for us to be more merciful, more loving, and more Christ-like.

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We’re looking forward to praying with you and for you! 

God bless you!

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  1. Prayer for direction, guidance, salvation , peace and God will to be clear in my life and my families life.

  2. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, I implore you to forgive my beloved husband Michael James of all the sins he committed here so that he can be free and at peace Amen.

    Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, please hear the prayers of all asking your help today Amen.

  3. Dear JESUS please help my daughter change her life for the better and heal her of depression,low income and bless her with a godly kind loyal best girlfriend, and “ “” boyfriend and “ “ husband and a miracle home of her own to own close to all us near my son and ocean! Bless& protect my son in zmilitary; godly loyal real lifelong best friend(s), neighbors, mentors, godly loving earth angel St.Joseph’s, help him with a good careee path& protection! Bless me with a godly loyal boyfriend/ husband and a miracle home of my own to own( same for my daughter) near ocean in my sons state or close to him/ his state! Help& guide their dad to be a better kind loving father to him& her! Bless me with new tight great fitting dentures soon; paid for! Bless my sons reunion here with loving kind relatives& friends& support& him& all us safe travels! Bless all his reunions coming up in June& December and help us go& all be blessed! Help us ALL get along on these reunions; no arguments, quarrels, over drinking, please bless& protect us all! Being all reconciliation needed especially for my son( my daughter too)! I give YOU JESUS All our prayers, intentions! Hear& answer everyone’s prayers on this novena! Protect me& my loved ones from all unsafe people, animals& from all harm, danger, sickness& from all evil! JESUS I TRUST IN YOU! Help me& my
    loved ones be more generous and kind to others in need! Help all abused, tortured, starving, homeless children,animals& people! THANKYOU JESUS for all YOUr help to us!! XO

  4. For the intervention of the Holy Spirit in places of war
    For the Holy Spirit to guide my son and all my family

  5. I pray for the grace to make wealth with my husband.
    For my children to be bright academically and that they may succeed in every areas of their life.
    I and my family need to get a better and decent house.

  6. Praying for our marriage to be healed by God through his guiding hand may he show us the way out of our difficulty, may he help me find my calling in life, a job that provides stability for me and the parents that I support, may he give me the strength to deal with doubts and fears, I lift everything to you oh Lord, in Jesus name amen!

  7. – For God’s protection and guidance on myself and my family.
    – For the dreams that have been had about me. That the revelations may not come to manifestation and that I may be watchful of things I do and in my interactions with people.
    – For those closest to me who I have hurt that they find it in their hearts to forgive me.
    – For the wisdom, knowledge and understanding to carry out my work and life well. To enable me build my career better.
    – for the repose of the souls of my aunt and grandmother who passed recently

  8. Sacred Heart of Jesus
    I pray for Mphile to be healed from drug abuse. He is destroying the properties and violent. I pray that you have pity on him and restore him to normality. I pray for peace in my family and my sister’s family. I pray for Mpumi to find a suitable accommodation. Please help my children to find employment. Jesus I trust in You. Amen.

  9. My novena intention is to find my divine, true love and romantic partner and for help to cut any cords to the men that are not meant to be my divine partners.

    Dear God, please guide my steps so that I can finally find and attract the man that is meant for me. Please let this happen by the end of this month!
    Please guide every decision to ensure that any man that is not meant for me is removed from me. Please guide me to find the ways to call all my power and energy back from these men with bad intentions for me.

    I call on you now. My heart is open to receive your guidance. Thank you!

  10. I ask The Sacred Heart to help our son and his wife find their way back to the church. Then they may encourage their 2 sons to return also. All praise to the Our Lord , the Sacred Heart!

  11. Lord Jesus I’m a sinner and not worthy of ur favor nor grace, kindly look towards me with pity and grant me all my heart desires.
    I commit my marriage into your hands I don’t with whom or how it’s going to happen but I believe you have the best for me and I trust in you.
    I commit the house project into your hands you oh lord shall see to the completion this year
    I commit the transfer into your hands and believe it done.
    I commit my family into your hands Protect and guide us.
    All this and my private intentions I pray for. AMEN

  12. I pray for the health of Shoes and Danny Boy and for peace and comfort for all veterans suffering with their demons.

  13. Please pray for me that my son will have interest in studies. Also in the coming exam he move out of bottom ten for the glory of His name

  14. Lord jesus i place my financial needs into your hands.lord i pray for financial miracle today. Lord i need a new car please let your will be done. Please lord keep my children safe , protect them . Bless their going in and their coming out. Lord i place my court matter into your hands and i pray for justice.
    Lord i place all my enemies at the foot of the cross.

  15. For all my family members especially my mother be covid free and test negative today
    For my sil pam to be cured of her illness of breast masses found this week

  16. Dear Jesus,
    I pray you will wrap my daughter Susan in your merciful heart as she passes through the very difficult and heart wrenching journey ahead. Help her to open herself to you.

  17. Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus,

    I pray to pass my registry on the first attempt, so that I may graduate, get a job, and support my children.
    I pray to earn A’s in all of my classes.
    I pray to get a job that is good for me and my children.
    I pray for healing of my son from suicidal ideation, severe depression, severe anxiety, anger, autism, negative self-talk, self-hatred, video game addiction, obesity, stress eating, and sleep apnea.
    I pray for healing of myself.
    I pray for healing of my mother.
    I pray for healing of my daughter from severe depression, autism, severe anxiety, kidney problems, and ADHD.
    I pray to rise out of poverty.
    I pray for healing of my ex-husband.
    I pray for blessings of happiness, joy, laughter, success, unity over me and my family.
    I pray for protection over me and my family.
    I pray my daughter and son return to Jesus and HIS ways.

  18. Prayers for strength and patience for my friend who has become a caregiver for her husband with Alzheimer’s. Also, prayers for my sons for courage and strength to become the best version of themselves.

  19. O Sacred Heart of Jesus,
    I pray that my enemies will be defeated in the name of Jesus. That their vicious lies be converted into the real truth. That their hearts be filled with God’s truth and love, so they may only seek truth and honesty. For them to seek spiritual and emotional healing.
    For their lies and evil, hurtful decisions that are hurting me and my children to convert into fair and humble actions. So we may have a home, pay our bills timely, buy food and necessities, and have financial stability.
    I beg you Sacred Heart of Jesus, free me from all evil, personal character attacks, false statements, made up lies, and persecution. Amen!

  20. Please pray that my youngest daughter Jessica who is not talking or wanting anything to do with her family and has been taken over by Satan. I pray that she will call her Grandfather on Father’s day tomorrow and Satan be removed from her life.

  21. 1. I thank God for whatever He has done for me, for whatever He does for me and for all that he is yet to do for me.
    2. I pray for the big four petitions (homeland with a home on it (on 5acres+), farm land with a farm on it (100acres+), simplicity in my studies and roles & holy marriage (+making my wife a devoted catholic, a devotee of mother Mary and a good wife whose acts please God and help me to grow both spiritually and physically) +blessing me with twins.
    3. I pray to God to diversify His divine providence to me and my family, for His mercy, protection, overflowing blessings & favor in whatever I do!
    4. I pray to God to have Mercy on my late grandma’s, dad’s and all my deceased relatives’ souls and may He grant them eternal rest!
    5. I pray for my wife’s MSc research to move normally and God to remove all obstacles in her studies!
    6. I pray for UN jobs for my wife and I upon completion of our graduate studies!
    7. I pray to God to help me stick to Him so that I don’t lose His presence even after death!

  22. I pray that I will be more humble and loving. I pray for my health, that God will give me the strength to get through my illness of sjogrens. This I ask in the name of Jesus 🙏

  23. Father, please help our country and the world, to turn back to you and follow your Word. Please help us fight the evils that are pervasive in our society and government, especially those that are harming our children everywhere. May we all be peacemakers and spread goodness. On a more personal level, please help my brother to be rid of his cancer and have strength. We pray, In Jesus’ name. Amen

  24. Praying for peace in my family, relationship, country and all over the world. That through the Intercession of our mother Mary and her son our Lord Jesus that God in his infinite mercy will grant peace to the troubled hearts. I pray o lord..


  26. Praying for God’s forgiveness and mercy in my life and the life of my family members. And for God’s grace to be able to forgive those who have wronged me.

  27. My intentions are for patience, tolerance, more compassion for my mother with dementia. This would include my husband and younger son. To be able to find a safe place for mom with caring people and staff.

  28. My son had his name blasted on social media by a family member. It is something that can destroy him and our family. I am so worried for him, it is not true, and the person who told the family member knows it. I beg for your prayers and pray that the family member will realize it is nothing but lies.
    Thank you

  29. I continue to be overwhelmed with gratitude to our awesome God for the gift of my son’s liver transplant in January 2021, and ask mighty prayers for his continued healing, for remaining health issues, and for his safety/protection in his nursing profession and travel to work sites. I ask prayers for myself for healing and for older son’s return to active faith with his family.

  30. I ask the Sacred Heart of Jesus to find employment for my nephew E. a job that he can make a career of with opportunities for advancement, benefits and salary comprobable to his education and experience, and most of all a healthy and encouraging work environment. Thank you.

  31. I’m praying that my pain will go away and that the therapy I’m doing will help alot! Also praying for my daughter who is mentally ill and hears voices constantly. I pray that she gets some peace and quiet in her head.

  32. Healing of our son
    healing of all substance abuse
    healing of communication and relationships in my family
    that each of us are being and doing all that God’s needs us and calls us to be and do
    That we are wasting neither time talent nor treasure
    that we have clarity about who we are, what are talents are, how and where to develop them and where to use them
    that we have gratitude
    i pray away the regret resentment anger and jealousy
    i pray away shyness and intimidation
    i pray away bad influences and bad decisions
    that L gets involved somewhere, motivated excited about something

  33. I know you can’t change someone but I pray that the changes I need my boyfriend to make will happen. Instead of talking about change, he actually does it. We can take our relationship to the next level. I pray we can talk things out. I pray I find the right words and not make the situation worse. I pray I hear from him soon. I pray that if the two of us can’t overcome this and our love doesn’t rekindled we will both be okay.

  34. Please pray for my father who has cancer.

    Also, a friend of my son was in a plane crash and is in critical condition.

    Thank you for your prayers.

  35. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus please bless our family.please touch the heart of joel that he will be respectful to us his parents,give him patience.

    Sacred Heart of Jesus please pray that he would look for a job for his future.

    And lastly please heal our world.this i ask in Jesus name.

  36. Lord hear my prayer I pray that I get the job in Miami Dade College and that I don’t have to work evening shifts or afternoons. I pray that I can work from 8-3 or 8-2 or 9-2. I pray that I don’t have to work weekends or holidays. I also pray that when I call Arnold on Tuesday it is a positive answer that I got the job.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  37. For my sister Bing Markon that she will have good circulation on both legs so that it will not be swollen and painful anymore.

    For my sister Lilian de Leon will breathe better

    For Rolando dela Cruz to enlighten him to go back to church, that he is a victim of scam , for his health and safety

    For full custody of Kadence and that the judge will allow Karina to stay in Las Vegas so she can continue to work in her present job

  38. 1. I pray to God Almighty to touch and speak to madam Dorcas and her son Daniel to pay me the money for land this month of June as they had promised. This will enable me pay my financial bills that have so far accrued and have robbed me my peace.

    2. I pray for love and blessings in our relationship with Boniface. May God bless and cement our union so we can be legally married as husband and wife. May God bless us with children of our own.

  39. Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus, sometimes I feel as if I pray but I am not getting results, but I know that you are working behind the scenes. I pray for my brother who is Estranged from his Family, that he may return to us.
    I pray for a Dear friend who O am concerned about and my Flat Mate who has a brother and his family, who solely depend on her to do Everything for them although they are Financially sound.
    Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus be with us during this month as we honour you

  40. Please pray for healing of an internal bleeding that doctors can’t find. Pray for discernment si they can find the source of the bleeding.

  41. Pray for my husband’s lungs to heal from pneumonia and his need for oxygen to diminish until he needs it no more. Thank you and God bless you all!

  42. I pray that the people in my family that are ill return to great health.
    Thank you and Blessings that all prayers on this website be answered.

  43. Please pray for Jacob and Christa for a healthy baby. That the concerns about abnomalies may be obliterated and for miraculous good news that the baby is okay.
    I’d also like to pray for Erik and Jasmine, blessings to them for a beautiful wedding celebration. For a holy and happy life together.
    Lord Jesus draw us all in to your Most Saced Heart.❤️ We love you, help us to love you more.

  44. Please continue praying for repair of the division in our family. May the fire of the Sacred Heart of Jesus touch the heart of our Son-inLaw I and remove all oppressive behavior, jealousy, insecurities and lying spirit from I’m heart, soul and mind. Also continued prayers for protection of all my loved ones fron illness, injury and evil. In Jesus mighty name we pray, Amen!

  45. I pray for my partner Kizza Benard Jjemba that the almighty God makes him a caring,loving and God fearing husband he stops to lie and understand my value for him in our relationship he may understand me and grow together in the relationship with good communication. May the good Lord bless his works of hand, remove all obstacles that are in our lives business wise and relationship wise. Send away all the bad friends that are influential in his life . And also learn how to build a good home .Amen

  46. That my marriage become more Christlike that we are more patient and realize that God is in control of this world and be less worried about the moral fiber of our country. That right to life can remain strong in spite of all the threats. That we make good vacation plans

  47. Prayers for blessings of good health and safety for our grandson.
    Prayers for healing graces for family and friends experiencing health issues.
    Please help our daughter with her anxiety.
    Prayers for peace in this world.

  48. Thanksgiving. Forgiveness of sins. Increase in faith. Good health of mind and body. That God will heal Gabriel of all the sicknesses in his body. God continuous guidance and protection for all of us. Come to the aid of Timothy who lost his job and help him to succeed in his life. God’s will be done in our journey to Nigeria. For good health for my grandchildren. Peace in the world especially for Ukraine. For the suffering and the souls in purgatory. These and other intentions I pray for. God’s will be done.

  49. Please pray for health and healing if my son for a server auto immune disease that is effecting his liver esophagus and intestines Please pray for a blessed peaceful healing summer as he and his family are coming to spend the summer with us Let them feel loved and peace in our home Thank you for prayers God Bless each of you in all you do and need in Jesus Name

  50. Please pray for healing of the relationships within my family. Please pray that the Sacred Heart of Jesus who is so loving and merciful may heal our wounds and bring us back together in love and understanding and forgiveness and faith. Please pray for healing of my husband that his eyes and heart may be opened to the faith.

  51. Sacred Heart of Jesus Please grant my wife Nicky victory in the Appeal Court against the Ministry of Education. Grant her reinstatement to SFBC as the acting Senior SET and have the TSC promote her to Senior SET after taking her recently reclassified injury leave into consideration for her interview. Please restore her monthly salary.

  52. My sister in law and her health, my brother, my daughter and cough, my son and his ASD, my friend and her son, my friend and her marriage, my friend and her daughter, my neighbor and his mother, my healing/strength/health, perseverance.

  53. My sister in law and her health, my brother and his health, my daughter and her cough, my son and his ASD behavior, my friend and her daughter, my friend and her son, my friend and her family, my friend and her sons, to be healing/endure, strengthen my own life in God.

  54. For my parents to find joy in their lives, to let go of past hurts and allow the Holy Spirit into their lives so they can know the power of His love and be transformed. For peace to enter their lives as they are very elderly and not in a good place emotionally, physically or spiritually. Come please Holy Spirit Come into their lives. In Your precious name we pray Amen 🙏

  55. Dearest Sacred Heart of Jesus and Blessed Mother, please heal and protect my family, friends and I. Please Bless us Spiritually 🙏, mentally, physically and emotionally.

    Please heal us of fibromyalgia, hyperparathyroid, kidney and heart disease, arthritis, anxiety, depression, asthma, allergies, COPD, diverticulitis, abdominal aortic aneurysm, double heart bypass surgery, myocarditis, cancer, diabetes and colon problems.

    Please help my husband take better care of his diabetes.

    Please help our wonderful son and his friends continue to live God 🙏 loving lives.

    Please also help our son, nephews and nieces, and all who struggle with anxiety, to find peace in Your Holy Will.

    Please heal our fractured Nation, and help all people understand the evils of abortion and socialism.

    Please help all of the good people of Ukraine against Putin.

    Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus and Blessed Mary.

  56. Sacred heart of Jesus, please help my wife and I to Obtain Justice for the unfair, discriminatory, and false allegations of misconduct against us. Please God end the unreasonable suffering we have been enduring due to the conspiracy of our enemies against us in our place of work. I beg you Lord Jesus, Grant us Justice and a swift end to the pain and suffering we have been enduring for more than four years due to the unduly massive cut in our monthly income and the delay in the judicial system for denying us justice for over 4 years because of the allegations made against us.
    Dear Almighty God, through your son Jesus Christ, please help me start earning income from my new business to pay all my bills and take care of my family without dipping into my rapidly dwindling savings. Please help my wife and I to conceive a healthy baby who will have a long, healthy, spiritual, holy, respectable, wise, and prosperous life after being born. Sacred Heart of Jesus please Help us to Earn enough income so that I could pursue my passion in Management Consultancy, restart and complete my Doctoral Degree in Leadership and entrepreneurship and pay for these post graduate qualifications as my exit strategy from my current job.
    Thank you, lord, for understanding my plight and please grant me my petition.

  57. Please pray for good health for myself (I am diabetic) & my daughters.
    I had a recent BAD fall and injured my nose & knee.
    Please pray for us.

  58. Today I give thanks for love and life giving and receiving. To be humble in every way and every thin g I do. Sharing love and peace and humbleness in our community will make this world a better place. Grateful for blessings received.



  61. I pray that God will help me resolve the financial mistake I made at work. Touch the heart of all involved to be considerate and see reasons.
    Thank you God for answering my prayers. Our loving mother Mary, intercede for me.

  62. I pray for everything me and my husband are doing to be successful and me our unborn child bring us joy n abundance in Jesus mighty name 🙏may every sick person in our families set free in Jesus mighty name 🙏

  63. I pray for my marriage reconciliation.
    I pray for my child’s success in his WAEC exams.
    I pray for financial help.
    I pray for success in my child’s abroad studies.
    I pray for sound health and body
    AMEN .

  64. In this Novena, I’m praying for divine healing upon my father; I pray that God perfects His healing upon my dad. I’m also praying for a good job.

  65. We pray our sweet daughter Alexandra is completely healed from aml leukemia forever. That by the Sacred Heart of Jesus she is healed and filled with the Holy Spirit who has purified her and cleansed her from any cancer. We pray in your Holy and Healing Name Dear Heavenly Father, Amen 🙏🏻

  66. Please pray for me. I need to pay back all my debts. I just want to be debt free, so that I can focus. I’m always scared now.

  67. Hello family, peace be with you. As we pray the sacred heart of Jesus novena, plz join me to pray to our Lord that I can have a forgiving heart. I want to forgive people in my life who have wronged me. I want to have a forgiving heart to people who mock me even today and accuse me forcely, I just want to be like Hannah who didn’t mind about the mocking words from penina. Pray for me to have self control and to avoid anger.

  68. Please pray for my 38 yr old SIL who has brain cancer
    Even tho the solid mass has been removed, it is a type that Drs claim almost always comes back.
    However, I am claiming a miracle for him, (Thomas) that Jesus, the great healer, has touched him and cast out the demon that has attacked his brain.
    Please pray with me.❤️

  69. 1. Good health of mind and body for self, wife & children

    2. Total healing for my daughter, Jacinta Egbane from her illness of seizure of breadth which occurs intermittently. Then n pain during her mensuration period.

    3. God guidance and protection from all my enemies & those who hate me & also plan evil against me. God should always see me through.

    4. Sacred heart of Jesus Christ always protect Progress nursery primary pupils and secondary students. Also, protection for Proprietor and STAFF. The School will continue to excel well & overcome it’s challenges.

    5. Anointing and blessings in my home. Financial upliftment. God continue to bless work of my hands.

  70. Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus,
    I pray for:
    1. My father’s mental health to be restored.
    2. For my mother and her wanting to control parts of my life even though l am an adult
    3. For my daughter to have protection at school and to have good friends and influences around her.
    4. For a big financial debt to be dissolved, as it is causing great stress.
    5. To gain sponsorship and a visa for my fiance to be, so he can travel to see myself and our daughter.
    6. For financial stability and good paying job for my boyfriend
    7. My mental health, pray for healing in all areas of my life.
    8. also my daughter’s self image to know she’s beautiful and loved.
    Ask this is in Jesus name: AMEN

  71. Praise Jesus!
    Thank you for your prayers.
    May the Sacred Heart of Jesus bring healing and deliverance to Lorren.C.S
    LucyAnn. C.S,
    Sharleen C.S
    Priscilla Harriet
    Sam H.O
    Camylita F.A
    Belinda J.A.D.
    I consecrate each and every member of our family to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
    I pray for protection.

  72. My beloved Jesus. Please heal my leg, hip, back, and mind so that I can enjoy the good life again and do more for others. Help me to sleep in peace without worry. When you care for my children and their families, I am at peace. Keep my husband’s heart healthy and beating strong. He just survived two cardiac arrests through answered prayers. Thank you. All the glory to God 💓 I will always trust in your endless mercy and love.

  73. I pray for God’s journey mercies upon my husband. He shall reach safely and come back safely

    I pray for God to Bless my husband again so he can start doing something here in Nigeria.

    I pray for healing upon my two kids for the cough to go.
    I pray to get the NERC job and also be favored during my profiling in AEDC.
    I pray to get admission in the university in America and we all be granted VISA and be favored over there.
    I pray for Canada to call my elder brother and wife for their Visa next month.
    I pray my elder sister starts the school by September.
    I pray for God’s Favour to clear every debt I owe and to heal me from borrowing.

  74. Praying for myself that God must show me and guide me his ways in being his child in the catholic faith. Lord help me to help others and show them your ways. My sons may they know God’s way going forward with there partners in the catholic faith. Praying for my house to be sold.
    My breakthrough in finance at home.
    My health gods healing over me always. Sacred Heart of Jesus i Trust in you 🙏. Lord in your hands I place everyone’s prayer including mine Amen🙏

  75. Dear Jesus,
    Help us to love you as you love us. Help us to find your will for us and generously do it. Please bring us rain and relief from the war in Ukarain. Please help my sons to find their true vocations and my daughter to find her “St. Joseph” in this life so she can begin her “Holy Family”. Please heal my husband and David and Eric.

    Thank you, Jesus, for all you have done for our family.

  76. Lord, I pray that you will find me a humble, faithful, gentle and loving man. May You arrive in his life before me so that we may grow together in our love for you. Help us to move forward from the past to create a new relationship based on our faith and love. Amen.

  77. Here are my prayers intentions
    Prayer for Thanksgiving, thanking God for blessings
    Prayer for my friend Brenda Victoria to be able to pay her school fees before July as the school is approaching exams time
    Pray for my family,my life that there may be a breakthrough of finances and I may find a job through God will.
    Pray that I may be able to pay house rent as we had planned through God holy will
    Pray that God may provide for us as economy has gone so high in our country