The Next Novena! (It was one of Padre Pio’s favorite prayers)

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We’re really excited to announce that the next novena we’re praying is the Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus!

The Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is celebrated 19 days after Pentecost, so we start praying this novena on Wednesday, June 10th — that’s one week away! 

For this novena, we will reflect on Jesus’ love for each and every one of us. We will pray for our hearts to be conformed to His Sacred Heart, for us to be more merciful, more loving, and more Christ-like.

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We’re looking forward to praying with you and for you! 

God bless you!

John-Paul & Annie –

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  1. Lord hear my prayer I pray that Herb does not have to go to the hospital or die anytime soon. I also pray that freezer doesn’t make anymore noise and that you give me the strength to lose weight.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  2. A home that is safe and happy for my bunnies. Maybe my mother can take some or N.E. or hope to find a place for the boys without kastration. Or whatever is best for them.

    Can you say again to make a mantra for my wedding feast? Transform that what went wrong after whatever happened btw Michael and me and you know what to something good and fortune for my wedding plans with T. I place it all in your hands and hope to never think about it or have a slip of tongue with this matter.

    Also I hope to fulfill the plans you have for me, having a husband to take care of me financially and answer your calls better and maybe have a profession in healing or whatever. Also I hope to be better at being neat and clean and pure. Hope to do bonfire with you and reconnect me with TLo as it was before yesterday. He is all my strength.

    I fear my fathers death and how to get through the drama around it. How to change my car. And ease my financial burdens. Get me through July without pain or sorrows with the help of TLo. Help me to want nothing, but be ever satisfied with all that you have given me.

  3. Lord hear my prayer I pray that Wilson does not cancel or reschedule today at 10 a.m. that I can meet with him at 10 a.m. I also pray that the fridge gets fixed today or tomorrow the latest. I also pray that when I get the job I can reschedule the mammogram with no problem in the afternoon. I also pray that I can work around my physical therapy with no problem.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  4. I am praying for a closer connection to God’s Will for me as I know of many things I should do, but I have difficulty carrying through. I pray that the Sacred Heart of Jesus will fill me with a sense of duty and desire to do what needs to be done. My father had a deep devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and I am offering intentions for my father who taught me that my family, my religion and my faith are my greatest possessions. Amen

  5. Lord hear my prayer I pray that I get the job at Miami Dade College and that after the interview Lixon talks to the people that interviewed me. I pray that I get a job next week or the week after so we can put money in savings and that we don’t run out. I also pray that we qualify for Medicaid part D and we get the extra help. Please answer those prayer.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  6. To get the new job am yearning..For the spirit ot infidelity in my husband to die..and our sibling rivalry to end

    In jesus name

  7. Please pray for my son Joseph’s healing from addiction and for him to have an open heart to Jesus.

  8. Lord hear my prayer I pray that Lixon calls me today and that I can speak to him after my therapy. I also pray for my mom and conoloscopy. I also pray that I we get the parts for the fridge sometime this week either today or tomorrow and I pray that I get a job by mid July either this next week or the week after and that if I have to I can reschedule my mammogram. I also pray that when I get a job I can only work day shift not evening or weekends or holidays I pray that it is between 8-2 or 9-2 or -9-3.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  9. I pray jesus to give me a new job am looking forward to..My husband infidelity..and peace in our family siblings rivarly.

    Lord jesus hear my prayer

  10. I pray that Jesus give me and family peace, prosperity, and spiritual protection. Also I ask the Lord help heal the swelling in my legs.
    And to help me to get a deferment plan for my mortgage.

  11. Please pray for continued sobriety for my son.
    Please pray that my youngest son meets a Christian woman to share his life with.
    Please pray that my family and extended families will be healthy spiritually mentally, physically, and emotionally .
    Please pray for America…that one day we will truly be One Nation under God with liberty and justice for all…and respect life in every form and way. Amen🙏

  12. Lord hear my prayer I pray that when I call Vanessa today she gives me something specific. I also pray that the fridge parts come before July 8 that they come sometime this week.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  13. For my niece Angie to have a successful surgery and be healed from her pain and hernias, to recover fully and find a job and a place to live. And for us to help her and support her in the right ways.

    For our son JoJo and Ellie to be able to be friends. For JoJo’s heart to heal. And for Ellie to be truly happy.

    Sacred Heart of Jesus, have Mercy on us !

  14. Praying for employment for myself and better job opportunity for my boyfriend so that we can start our lives together, get married , be able to have our own home and start a family.

  15. I pray ask the Lord to grace me with family and friends to fill up my home, for good health and abundance so I can always meet my financial obligations and to take a way all my worries I also ask for a good man to share my life with in Jesus name I pray. Amen

  16. Please pray for my son who has been in college since 2018 todate and has not completed his course work due to absenteeism and not attending classes as required. Pray that he changes his bad behavior and reform to be an obedient, God fearing and responsible man.

  17. Lord hear my prayer I pray that the fridge gets fixed sooner than July 8 or 3. I pray that it gets fixed sometime this week. I also pray that I get a job in July and if I do before my mammogram I have no problem rescheduling it. I also pray that Arnold calls me sometime this week about other position in Miami Dade and I pray that when I go to the interview Thursday that I don’t get the job on the spot.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  18. That I will be set free once and for all from the demonic cycle of depression, addiction, and mental torment that I may serve our living God without so many setbacks. I am so tired. Amen.

  19. Thank you for providing this space Please heal my health I havee cancer and im in treatment for it again Please let me regain my health and strength Please heal us all

  20. My prayers for healing between my son’s has been answered, as has a beginning of recovery from addiction. All to God’s glory

  21. Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus,
    Thank you for all the blessings you shower of me and my family. John-Paul and Annie
    thank you all for all the novena you all bring to us. May God bless you abundantly. I believe in Jesus. Dear Jesus please help my elder son Marlon heal from anxiety, depression and please help him find a job.
    Please help my in-laws get through with their visa. Please help my tenant move out from his apartment ASAP. I am begging you Jesus please help me with all these petitions
    in Jesus Name Amen. St Anthony st of miracles please help me with these petitions
    in Jesus Name Amen.
    St. Joesph and Blessed Mother please help us. Give us the grace from Almighty Father.

  22. I would like all to pray for the safety of my niece Gabrielle for a long healthy life as a wife, mother and a teacher. She is applying to schools to teach third grade and open to the Lords man of her life. She would like to be blessed for a job in teaching her own classroom and get married to have children.

    I would like to continue to pray! I continue to lose another thirty pounds!

    Thank you in the name of Jesus

  23. Lord hear my prayer I pray that I get one of those jobs that I applied for the UM or the Miami Dade New World School of Arts or the other Miami Dade College job and not the Warehouse job. I also pray that I get a job by July and that I can work around my physical therapy. I also pray that I please don’t have to work weekends or holidays or nights or evenings.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  24. Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus please bless my son who is on his way now from his state 12 hours away to visiting us for a reunion, he is in Military pray for him for safe travels, all us as well safe travels, safety& protection, good health and all needed healings and much love to come to him here and wherever he goes,support, godly new real brotherhood friends, mentors,neighbors, and same for my daughter and all us( K,A,J&J,R,R,M,M,am& all our animals& future kids/ grandkids)! Receconciliation,restoration,forgiveness kindness especially for him as well as my daughter regarding cold hearted , and mean spirited relatives who try to hurt them emotionally! These are grown men(& women) relatives who need conversion to YOU JESUS through Blessed Mother; and also their wives/ ex wives and adult kids! They have been belittling us for years, they worship material things and money more than caring about hurting our hearts! Please intercede for them that they will see their own spect in their own eye(s) and soften their very hard cold hearts JESUS& Blessed Mother! JESUS I trust in You! Please hear& answer all prayers on this novena! Bless my sons reunion and all
    Our reunions with Gods love& tenderness& kindness, we need YOUR help to do this JESUS! XO

  25. Am asking for prayers, for my family to be blessed and risen and to let my parents be in good terms with one another, and God to grant success to my boyfriend who has gone miles to work,

  26. Please I pray desperately for my son. Please God keep him safe and I pray he quits drinking alcohol and focus on God, his health and rebuilding his marriage. Please I pray in God’s name. Amen

  27. I’m asking for prayer for the health of my parents and right now, most specifically, my step father.
    His name is Harry and he is in the hospital this evening. They are observing his heart and other health issues.

  28. I pray for the non molestation and abuse charges bought against my son to be thrown out of court, and for him to win 50/50 custody of his daughter, I pray for his physical, mental and emotional health and to clear his mind from anything negative and give him confidence when he goes to court. I pray for my other son to successful in the course he plans on taking and get a job after, I pray for his physical, emotional and mental health. I pray for his 4 year old son to start verbally communicating in sentences and get a better understanding of language so that he can speak fluently. Protect and guide my family help lift the shadow that has been over our heads. I pray for the end of suffering in this world.

  29. Please pray for health in our family.
    Pray for our son to feel confident, know his direction, and finish college. Please clear his mind from anything negative and give him a big sense of confidence in his direction.
    Pray for peace.
    Thank you

  30. I ask for love and forgiveness, I have sinned and I am so sorry, I am working very hard to turn my life around, I have children, grandchildren that I love very much. I have gotten a very serious form of cancer, I am praying selfishly for a miracle cure, I love God, the Blessed Mother and I trust in Jesus so much. I pray for all who are suffering and I am glad Roe v Wade was overturned. God Bless you all and thankyou

  31. Lord i place all my financial needs into your hands. I pray for my financial on this feast day.,lord i place my family into your mighty hands please keep them safe. I place my industrial court matter into you mighty hands and i pray for justice.

  32. That my spouse and I will return to a common union with God together.
    That We, No longer verbally strike out at each other.
    That We are No longer mentally abusive, and return to being loving and caring for one another. Through the help of God and prayer, May I become a better spouse as well as not accept abuse. I humbly pray for peace and love in our marriage. In Jesus name I pray.

  33. Lord Jesus, through the intercession of your loving mother, the blessed and immaculate virgin Mary, finish what You started – your promises, prophesies, visions and dreams in my life.

  34. For my husband with ALS and for my daughter who is pregnant with breast cancer that she may have a full recovery and healthy baby.

  35. Prayers for blessings of good health and safety for our grandson.
    Prayers for healing graces for family and friends experiencing health issues.
    Please help our daughter with her anxiety.
    Prayers for peace in this world.
    Thank you 🙏

  36. Lord hear my prayer I pray that the fridge gets fixed sooner that July 8 that it gets fixed sometime next week. I also pray that Arnold calls me sometime this morning please and gives me positive feed back so I won’t have to go to anymore interviews. I pray that he calls me today or this morning. Please answer those prayers.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  37. My prayerful intentions for my family , my parents, brothers, my wife and children and all members of my family and all fellow beings ….I Kindly request for special intentions for my children and especially for my youngest son for his good health and overall for peace and for the continued protection of the almighty

  38. Dearest sacred heart of Jesus I pray for yr intentions and all those praying here with me
    Please help my home to sell quickly so I can return to my sick daughter . Justin to get a good job . Zara to be well and string again
    In Jesus name we pray

  39. Please pray for my 3 kids and their healing process from their dad divorcing me after 23 years of marriage. It has been over 2 years. I have journeyed with God, now I ask Him to lead me to the right man He has for me. Please pray for the heart of Marc. I ask all this in Jesus name. Thank you and amen.

  40. Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus,

    I pray to pass my registry exam on Wednesday.
    I pray to graduate and get a job that is good for me and my children.
    I pray for healing of my son from suicidal ideations, severe depression, severe anxiety, video game addiction, anger, autism, sleep apnea, obesity, and lack of motivation.
    I pray for a financial miracle.
    I pray for healing of myself.
    I pray for healing of my mother.
    I pray for healing of my ex-husband.
    I pray for protection over me and my children.
    I pray for blessings of happiness, joy, laughter, smiles, and unity over me and my children.

  41. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus please watch over my beloved husband Michael who recently passed. Guide and protect him and may he walk forever in your light and peace Amen.

    Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, please hear the prayers of all asking your help today Amen.

  42. Dear Lord and Father,

    Thank you for the comfort of knowing there are individuals in this present world who seek to know your Will and your Truth and unabashedly proclaim it.

    I pray for the intentions here, and:

    * For Betty, who was unjustly terminated from her employment, that she may soon find work in a job that gives glory to You

    * For the repose of the soul of Baby Everett, and for his grieving family

    * For peaceful sleep this night

    * For Garry’s return to the Church

    In Jesus’ Name, we pray.

  43. I know is in Gods time, but I feel he forgot about me!
    I am struggling to get my board certifications as a Vet in Trinidad and Tobago..everything just seems to be going wrong. Please pray for the board to give me a chance after passing the exams and let me register. Pray for me so I dont feel like is no hope. Amen.

  44. Dear Sacred Heart of JESUS please hear& answer everyone’s prayers on this novena! Bring me& my loved ones(K,A,J&J,R) healings,good health, protection from all evil& unsafe people& animals! Financial breakthrough for my daughter and I for new homes to own before cold winter near ocean in my sons state, her dad go with us& help us! Help my son with his career(&Military decisions) which path/ direction to take! Bless him& wife with miracle fruit of womb sons& daughters, bless their marriage, business& all reunions with family! Bless my daughter with a kind loving non addicted husband, me too! Bless my kids with god fearing& loving best friends, mentors, helpers, me too! Please help us use our gifted musical talents from God for Gods glory here on earth, and use all our gifts& talents here on earth for Gods glory! Bless my son&(us) with safe travels for him visiting us here upcoming week& next! Bless him with Your graces, love, reconciliation where needed w/ family, friends! Bless us all so we get along! A special prayer for ron to not hurt us emotionally; prayer for his conversion and to treat his son (&us) better! I give You all my prayers ,worries, concerns on my heart! JESUS I TRUST IN YOU! Help all who are starving, hungry, abused, tortured, homeless, sick& have disease! Help all those who lack faith and are depressed! SHINE YOUR LOVE&LIGHT ON ALL! HEAL OUR WORLD JESUS!!

  45. Oh my Jesus, I place all my trust in you. I offer all of my suffering for the holy souls in purgatory, but I pray for relief from chemo induced nausea, vomiting, and sickness. Most of all I pray for the salvation of me and my family.

  46. Sacerd Heart of Jesus, I am praying for the ability to forgive myself and for my son to excel in the exam he wrote and for success for him.

  47. Sacred Heart of Jesus i place my sons Ad and Dre in your hand may your will be done in good jobs Ad has and offer may it be better than his current job Dre wants to open up a garden service in your hands I place them🙏have Branden in prayer going through a painful moment in his relationship of 4years give him courage to have strength in going forward. My daughter protection over her in her new job lord I place her marriage in your hands let there be honesty and trust and communication with her hubby and inlaws.
    Praying for myself for strength each day and provision at home..
    My house needs to be sold 🙏no buyer comes forth been 6years on the market. Show me your way lord. Bless l who has a need in this novena and myself Amen.

  48. For unity and peace with neighbors, family, our Parish, and especially others who we may disagree with otherwise. God bless all taking part in this beautiful Novena.