The Next Novena, for Protection & Healing

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The next novena we will pray is to a saint that’s known as the Prince of Angels and defender of all of God’s people…

The next novena is the St. Michael the Archangel Novena!

We will start praying on Tuesday, February 2nd — just a couple days away!

St. Michael the Archangel is known for interceding for protection from evil and for healing.

We will pray this novena so that we may live more in accordance with Christ’s teachings, that we will be protected from the snares of the devil, that we will live for the glory of God, and that we may have the strength to defeat the disordered desires of this world.

We hope you will join us in praying this novena, and that you will share it with all of your friends & family. 

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And you can share your prayer intentions with us all below in the comments – we’re praying for you!

St. Michael the Archangel’s feast day is in September. But as with every novena, you can pray it any time of the year — and we will start this one on February 2nd. 

We’re looking forward to praying with you and for you! 

God bless you!

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  1. I and my sister have thyroid so please pray for healing and also pray for everyone having thyroid problems for their cure.Let God have mercy on us all.

  2. I pray that Mike and I reconciled in the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony with children. Please relieve of all anxiety and ADHD and stress and relieve my financial burdens. Amen.

  3. Dear St.Micheal please help me& my 2 adult kids with the never ending situation of their dad continuously belittling me and emotionally abusing me! Pray for me to get strength,provision,earthly angels and the help I need to just walk away,move away and leave him forever and start a new life with Jesus as my guide and Lord and leader of my life! Help my adult kids see the truth about him and his evil heart! I pray for his conversion to Jesus, and for him to hit bottom lead him to get alcohol& drug addicted treatment! Help him get to a priest and get the evil out of him! Bless me& my daughter with godly husbands who will treat us nice! Help my daughter see the truth that I’m a loving godly woman and for her not to be brainwashed by him and his evil heart,same for my son! Bless my son in his career and protect him in his water career! Bless me with a financial miracle to buy a nice decent home in a very safe neighborhood near my son! Help my daughter also to move w/ me or near me! Help me and my daughter to have separate homes and get along better! Safe travels for us all to go visit my son in next two weeks,safe travels& blessings& good health! I give You all my
    Prayers,intention on my heart! Hear& answer everyone’s prayers on this novena! Protect my car so we all drive my car and each other’s cars safe! JESUS I TRUST IN YOU!! Set me free from all abusive& evil natured people, same for my 2 adult kids! XO

  4. I greet you St. Michael The Archangel!!
    I connect my self and my family in to this Novena, For Divine Mercy, Healing Success, and Divine turn around
    That through the Intersection of St. Michael the Archangel, may God will be done in Our Lives through Christ Our Lord Amen

  5. am praying for the forgiveness of my sins and healing upon my life and my family, if is by the will of God may I be heal of any Deseases in my body in Jesus Name expacialy HIV and Hepatitis

  6. Pls pray for continued healing of mind, body, spirit and soul for my children. Grandchildren, friends. Priest and nun and animal friends.
    Pls also pray for all departed loved ones.
    Pls pray for protection from covid, all diseases, accidents and dangers ones and.myself.
    Thank you and God bless u all!

  7. Praying for God’s strength to combat the evil in this world. St Michael is our protector….right now we are all under attack. Let’s work together to fight the enemy. Amen

  8. This time I will pray for myself, which I recently learned is ok!
    Please St Michael go to the throne of God and let him know that I am asking to be physically healed from what was done to me. No more surgeries and no complications with PT. Let me get strong please so I can do normal everyday things and be able to go on the trip with my daughter next yr

  9. Hallo Everyone.
    Kindly join me to pray for my marriage, unfaithful ness, disrespect, lack of unity, love, peace and trust. These things are breaking down our marriage. May st Michael protect and fight for us.
    In the middle of this, I have visas to apply, students loan to request for mine and my children
    And also application for my daughter back at home to get away to join us.
    And all to protect all of as from any calamity

  10. For the protection of innocent children against all harm and evil, especially at the hands of loved ones.
    For complete and total physical health for my siblings, specific people, and me.

  11. Please pray for our family to be healed from the damage of alcohol addiction. Our daughter needs prays for the strength to be able to turn her back on drinking. Please give her peace in her heard and heart and soul. Thank you. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

  12. Pray for my family to be in good health
    For God to come into my life and take absolute control and turn my life around
    I pray for my mom to get a job and for my dad to be promoted
    And for me to get a job too
    I pray for my country Nigeria
    And I pray for the souls in purgatory
    St Michael intercede for me

  13. St. Michael to protect my family friends from ill health more especially my children Dominic sakwa Angela Naliaka Augustine Nyando and Seraphine Nekesa and also protection from witchcraft

  14. I pray that St Michael will protect my baby against all the snares of the evil one and all kinds of illnesses as she grows.

  15. First of all ,I thank God for the life he has given to us and for provision, I pray that God blesses me with a womb of two kids ,aboy and a girl, secondly I pray for protection against spiritual demons in my life, peace ,more life, financial breakthrough, blessings for my family and friends and lastly my love with my boyfriend to end forever.
    Amen and may your Will be done.

  16. Dear God,
    You know all that going on in my life and the range of emotions that are constant. Please Holy Father hear my prayers and with the help and intersession of St. Michael grant me and my family your peace, forgiveness and love. For Dolores grant her healing and peace. For Daniel grant him peace and the ability to forgive I pray he will return to You for his own salvation.
    Help me to to do what you will for me, and our marriage.
    St Michael pray for all of us.

  17. St Michael pray for my husband to stop being rude, and he should have to care for me and his children
    Pray for me I get customers
    Pray for my small business to expand
    Pray for my husband that know God and he starts to go church.

  18. St. Michael – I ask your protection and guidance every instant of our lives.. especially for my sons. I also ask this special intention for your intercession and prayer for my son to get his college football scholarship and any additional scholarship for the coming school year.

  19. Prayers for blessings of good health and safety for our baby grandson and his parents. Please help him gain weight and remain strong.
    Prayers for healing graces for family and friends experiencing health issues.
    Prayers for all during this pandemic to remain safe.

  20. St.Michael our protector, praying for safe and uncomplicated surgery for D.M. May you watch over him and hasten his healing. In Jesus’s name we pray.

  21. St Michael The Archangel protect my children now and throughout their generations world without end Amen

    Infuse in them The Love of God throughout their generations world with out end Amen

  22. I pray St. Michael that you will protect all those in harms way. That the world can somehow be a little more peaceful. Help e an my family stay safe in this troubled world. Amen

  23. Dear St. Micheal,

    I pray for the end of abortions and for all those who are contemplating aborting their child.

    Please intercede that I can conceive soon and start a family.

    Your loving child.

  24. Please pray for a dear friend Rocky, who is dying of cancer. He has maybe a week left. His lungs are filled with cancer. I pray that he has a peaceful passing.

  25. 1.Protection
    2.Financial breakthrough
    3.Reconciliation with my husband William Gisege
    4. My elder son Keith Jones to secure his dream job.
    5.Protection for my kids;Keith, Lalise, Ayantu and Kaylan.
    6.I need a destiny helper
    7.Healing from my body joint pains, depression and anxiety.

  26. Please pray for the protection of my 3 daughters, keep the powers of evil away from them, let them shine each and every day

  27. My prayer is that my children and grandchildren will return to the Eucharist Alter and be in the State of Grace. I pray that the Supreme Court will overturn Roe V Wade. I pray that the current “Catholic ” EVIL leaders of America will be overcome and America will return to God, The Giver of ALL Life and LIBERTY. Amen

  28. I am catching up with the St. Michael novena today and would ask for prayers for our future son-in-law Patrick who is an atheist and not baptized yet by the grace of God will be attending the St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church Men’s Emmaus retreat beginning this evening at 5 pm until Sunday and Bob my husband will be serving this retreat. St. Michael, I know you have your hand in his decision to come, along with our Blessed Mother and St. Joseph, so please keep the snares of the devil away from him this weekend as he seeks Jesus, knocks on the door of salvation, for his heart to be opened to all the graces God our Father in heaven wants him to have from this weekend with him. Amen.

  29. My daughter and I are grieving over the recent death of my husband, her father. As well my mother died three years ago February 8th. We have been unable to sell my Mom’s home and we need to get the affairs settled asap. The stress is overwhelming, especially in tbe midst of trying to deal with my husband’s passing. In Jesus’ name we pray.

  30. St. Michael, The many difficulties I, ad my family has had this week is more than I have ever had. Help us to overcome these attacks of the enemy. We are down and we need your arms around us during this time. Help us with our family business, my son’s emotional state, our finances, now my car is down and needs to be towed. Raise us up Lord, St. Michael we need you in so many ways. Amen

  31. St. Micheal,Bless us with your strength that we will not give into Satan and his plots. Give us wisdom to know right from wrong and have peace in our heart and soul.Bless Danny and his family and give strength to him so that he will complete his contract and return home. Take away sadness from the hearts of those that are going through depression and food and shelter to those in need.Thanks for all blessings received this day,amen.

  32. St. Michael please protect S. T. M. Church and Fr. Scott. Praying for protections for all priest and religious. Praying for my family please help and protect us. Please protect our country and defenders of our country U.S.A. Please help and protect all persons in nursing homes and hospitals. Thank you for your protection and intercession.

  33. St Michael please pray for the conversion of my oldest son, for his mental health and healing from addiction to alcohol and anger management. Help him in his marriage, that he and his wife will turn to each other with respect and devotion.

    Pray for the spiritual mental and physical protection over each of my children- Eric Vivianne and Simon. Protect and guard them from any evil that may try to seep into their lives

    Remove any evil and pride that may reside in my heart, help me in my marriage and in my work

    St michael pray for us

  34. Please pray for my neighbors. Two gay fathers, one may be trans-gendering & one bi-sexual mother in one household. They and their innocent children need our prayers.
    Please pray for my 26 year old grandson who is incapable of telling the truth. I fear he will end up homeless as he is lazy and irresponsible. Alcohol and gambling is his priority. Pray for my daughter who enables his behavior and pray for her marriage as her husband is about to walk.

    Pray for my granddaughter who is full of love for the Lord but fell in love with a young man who claims he is only christian but has no church. His family has pulled her into their way of thinking and she has left the church and married the young in a public venue. Please pray they renew their vows in the Catholic Church and evangelize for the church rather than pull others away.

    Pray for my granddaughter that has moved in with her boyfriend. She is very naive and I fear he is just taking advantage of a sweet foolish young woman.

    Pray for my third granddaughter is also involved with a young man that has not committed to marriage.

    Pray for my youngest granddaughter 18 that is much like her 27 yr old brother and is headed down the wrong path. Very vindictive. Always the martyr. Entitled and ungrateful as she is given everything.

    Pray for my second grandson who I have prayed since he was born to become a priest. He is in college and I doubt he is attending church. He’s just a bit full of himself at present but has the potential to be a fantastic priest if God calls him and if he answers yes.

    Please pray for my daughter Denise who had gone back to college at the age of 47. She is very competitive so doing excellent in school but I also am concerned about her spiritual life.

    I love my daughters and all my grandchildren. I pray they will come to know the joy and comfort of the Lord throughout their lives.

    Thank you and God Bless all

  35. Please pray for healing in body (& spirit) of my beloved wife of 53 years, Rebecca, who has fought to be free of oral cancer for 6 years and the resulting ravages of this cancerous disease which shreds the very fiber of her being. That we may continue our Faith Journey together with our Lord for all the days He wills it for us.

  36. For an increase in my young son’s (Justin and Jason) Catholic faith. For healing for Bert’s eyes. For a good job for me – help to get my resume done and all the work I want to get done during this time of reflection. In grateful thanksgiving for my mom, my brother, and wonderful friends.

  37. Please pray for my family. .Especially my son and grandsons. And my daughters
    The devil is tormenting all of us

  38. St Micheal I pray for the conversion and protection of my children, their families, and friends, and my family and friends. I pray my daughter meets the right man to be her husband as she is now 34. She is also so stressed out about her job. Please help her find a better job.
    Please heal Dale, Jackie, Sister Shirley and Brian.
    Also, myself that my dizziness keeps improving and for my overall health.
    I pray for peace in our world.

  39. Dear St. Michael,

    I pray for all those who have gone away from God and for luke warm hearts.

    Please pray for my husband who has chosen to be an Atheist.

    Your loving child.

  40. Praying that St. Michael Archangel will intercede on my behalf. Praying for divine protection over my life, husband, and children. Asking for good health upon my life and family. Praying for divine job opportunities, I have had several interviews and no response. Praying that God almighty will locate me and bless me with a good job in the IT/Tech industry. Praying for divine provision as embark on my Data Science/Analytics program and let God take absolutely control.

  41. That my children will start to do better in school. That they’ll be well and at school and get things done.

  42. St. Michael, please intercede for us. I pray that God grant us his continuous protection from Covid-19: my husband, child, me, my mom, dad, brothers, sister-in-law, niece, and everyone else in each of our respective households. I pray that God would also help us find the right person to do the job that we require her to do.

  43. Please pray for my husband Andrew . Just diagnose with a skin cancer and it has gone to lump h nodes . Need radiation and IV therapy . Help have Gave Faith and Trusrt in God to take the wheel and lead him and guide him through this .please St Micheal intercede and hear my prayer. Amen

  44. Saint Michael, please pray for my husband’s lungs to clear and for him to find relief, full restored health and peace of mind. In Jesus’s name we pray.

  45. St. Michael, I pray for our country. Please defend her from her enemies, both foreign and domestic. I pray for just punishment for those who are trying to destroy her. Protect all of us from the evil that surrounds us. I ask this in Jesus’ Name, Amen

  46. For the healing of my toe

    For the continued blessed relationship I have with Lucy

    And continued improvement of my classroom teaching

  47. Dear Saint Michael, please pray for my family. My son is sick and so is my daughter. Please pray they come close to God. Pray for everyone who is suffering. For peace in our world, to protect all our boys and girls who are in the Military. To end all disease, abuse and addiction. Please pray for my friend Maria, Michalina, Rocco, and Joey. Thank you Saint Michael. God Bless everyone in our Novenas. Thank you John Paul and Anne.

  48. Thanking God for His mercies and grace. I pray for healing of thyroid nodule, clean bill of health in my physical, healing of my husband of sleep apnea and my father of prostate cancer. Good health of mind and body for my family and I. That I find a good location and be guided and provided with good logistics and needed resources to launch a retail pharmacy. Success of my husband’s consultancies. Excellent job performance and corresponding recognition and remuneration for my 3 older kids. Academic excellence for my youngest kid and his cousins. That we acquire additional plots of land in area of interest. For guidance and blessings on our investments. Journey mercies for my family and I. For unity in my family, that we discard our pride and respect one another and live in harmony. These I pray through Christ our Lord, Amen

  49. Please Saint Michael pray for my son, he drinks alcohol heavily on the weekends. Please pray God enlightens him to stop drinking and focus on himself, his family and most importantly his relationship with God. Please I pray desperately he quits drinking completely. In Jesus I pray 🙏

  50. Lord hear my prayer I pray that upshift is not doing dishes, or cooking. I pray that it’s either package handling or doing something that I like and that I don’t have to work past 3 or before 7. I pray that they can be flexible with me.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  51. Praying for a breakthrough in all arears off my life.
    Protection over my family.
    Lord in your hands i place my intentions.
    Its your will in a finianical breakthrough Amen

  52. St Michel the Archangel, I pray for the protection of my daughter, my husband, and all our extended family. Please protect all the faithful families, especially the children, from the wickedness and snares of the devil. In the name of Christ our Lord. Amen.

  53. 1. Pray for an international post
    2. Pray for Ben and I back healing
    3. Pray kiamumbi land sale transactions go well
    4. Pray that I would clear my debts
    5. Pray for consultancies

  54. Pray for my Son’s deliverance from every evil or negative spell sent against him and his education,pray that he makes prayer his daily life.

  55. 1. Money to settle debts and be free
    2.Agaisnt spirit of delay, disappointment, disgrace, near success syndrome, draw back spirit etc
    3. For success in marriage and academics
    4. To be a good philanthropist

  56. 1) Protection of me and every member of my family from the wickedness and plan of the evil ones.

    2) Healing from all infirmity.

    3) Perfect all that concerns us especially our jobs and investments.

    4) Manifestation of our twin sons: Nathan and Nolan.

    5) Guidance, direction and success in my new place of work.
    Thank you Jesus.

  57. Please pray for peace in the office today and all times between Rachel, Sharon and me and let us perform our duties well and get along well and take care of all our needs. Bless Trinidad and Tobago and the islands and protect us from hurricanes storm floods tsunami volcano and keep us safe. Bless my friend Cheryl Lopez and let there be peace between herself and Raphael and yesterday’s incident be sorted out amicably and successfully. Bless Raphael Charles and let things work out in a positive way for him and the owner of the vehicle that was damaged. Bless protect and safeguard each member of my family brothers sisters nieces nephews relatives and friends locally and abroad and me and take care of all our needs. These and all other intentions in Jesus’s name Amen.

  58. Dear St. Michael the Archangel, please intercede through Jesus and Mary for us. Please ask God to bless 🙏 us and to heal us of senseless pride and pray for humility.

    Thank you Jesus, Mary and St. Michael.

  59. St Michael
    Pray for Margaret’s soul and all departed souls
    Pray for Andreas to know God and be thoughtful of the things that he does that hurt others.
    Pray for the sick to get well
    Pray for peace in my entire Family
    Pray for me to pass all my exams
    Pray for me to also get a good job as soon as I finish school.
    Give me financial freedom so that I can afford to support myself
    Thanks for providing us with our daily bread
    Pray for my Martin so that his teeth can get better.In Jesus name I pray.Amen

  60. Kindly pray with me and my family for the healing, deliverance, and protection of Nolah – my brother-in-law’s wife – who is suffering from paralysis and all medical examinations do not indicate any cause or infection.
    Also kindly pray for the deliverance of my family from unplanned expenses that often arise whenever we get money intended for a planned family cause.

    Thank you.

  61. I pray that through Arch angel Michael, that God will open my mind to understand my career well, that my family will stabilize in God, and may financial breakthrough will be our portion


    (1). We are praying God for the gift of life and also asking for mercy and forgiveness of our sins.
    (2). We are praying for God’s open doors and favour upon us.
    (3). Thanking you God for my job, praying and asking that may you continue to protect me in all adversities of life, help me not to be drop, nor loose my job or sacked in the Mighty name of Jesus.
    (4). Be with my parents in their old age and help we the children to be very supportive.
    (5). Oh Lord my God graciously grant us break financial through and bless us with our own house or house as it pleases you.
    (6). Help us to be a blessing unto our family and next generation, contribute to the growth and development of the church. And to those who will be in need of our help, the needy, less privilege, the orphans, widows and widowers.
    (7). Where ever our name, pictures, clothes and money have be taken to evil manipulations let the holy ghost fir consume them like thunder. Amen
    (8). Oh Lord where ever the foundation is faulty let it be corrected, where ever there are Yorks let them be broken, where ever there are curses, let it be taken away and where ever your anger is upon us Lord forgive and make us better in the Mighty name of Jesus. Amen
    (9) Father Lord King of glory, bless my wife with a job Amen. And take me to a greater height Amen. Thank you Jesus for hearing and answering our prayers for in Jesus mighty name we pray. Amen and Amen

  63. Freedom from addictions in all my immediate family members. Works peace and stability. Freedom from political tyranny.

  64. For son Tom chemo treatment for liver cancer he can tolerate the strong side effects .. so treatment can progress and cure him. A miracle plead to Jesus. Mary please intercede gif us’
    Also for my husband Jack, that he cure fast and recuperate fro5 broken rib and his lungs get better and no pneumonia set in.. and free from oxygen only if correct thing to do!
    For Mark/ exhausted from caring for grandkid keep well! Me exhausted as caregiver help me keep me healthy and alert and not fall!
    All family keep safe ( Scott -Right now driving.. snow c shoveling boys safe.. air travel alli) Tom cure his cold and no Covid got him and family and any other think of! Thank you Amen


    (1). The family of Mr and Mrs Martins Ule are asking God for mercy and forgiveness of our sins and that of or foreparents
    (2). We are also praying and thanking God for the gift of life through out our going out and coming in.
    (3). Praying and asking God continues blessings, protection, grace and mercies as He continue to fight our physical and spiritual battles for us.
    (4). Asking for increase in faith, body, truth and in spirit. Even as He blesses us, we shall not stop worshipping him.
    (5). Asking for God’s guidance and protection from arrow of death, sickness, accident, fire incidents stray bullets, kidnappers and armed robbery attack.
    (6). Holy Arch Angel Michael please intercede for us, fight our physical and spiritual battles for us, as you grant us peace and unity in the entire family of ULE, starting from we the children, uncles and aunties, my parents, my father and his brothers. Amen.

  66. I pray to stop concurrent bladder infections. No surgeries, hospitals, that I can walk without too much pain. Salvation for my family, for daughter’s health. To be here for the warning. To have a better prayer life.
    Thank you Jesus, Mary & St Michael.

  67. Holy St Michael, please pray for my son’s healing from addiction, my physical healing and the protection and permanent Return of my grandson to our home. Thank you St Michael, for your prayers, protection and healing. Amen.

  68. Please pray for all my children ( Humphrey, Jude, Mary and Anthony) to become useful citizens and achieve the best in their academic struggles.
    Please for my children’s protection from illnesses and from any kind of evil.
    Please pray that I may find a job and also have a financial break through.
    Thank you and Amen.

  69. Please pray that my family will have peace, healing, success and faith in God. That my spouse will also change his ways and join me and our children to worship as one family in the catholic church. In Jesus name I ask Amen.

  70. Praying for perfect healing upon my son Victor.
    Praying for God’s protection upon my family.
    Asking God to give me Devine upliftment.

  71. Dear St. Michael, please intercede for us in asking the Lord for the following:
    For the healing of our son’s tinnitus. Please heal him.
    For helping our younger son to be more motivated to do better at school.’ For him to realize the value of a education.
    For the purity and protectio of our daughter who is away in college.
    For the healing of our marriage.
    Thank you St. Michael.
    All these we pray for if they are in accordance with God’s will.

  72. Please for Mike and I that he may forgive me and that we are reconciled into the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony with children. Rid us all anxiety and depression. Heal my thyroid issues and financial issues. Amen

  73. Please pray for my emotional, physical and spiritual healing. I have been diagnosed with two chronic conditions which cause me abdominal pain and please pray for me that I will not worry and experience fear. Thank you for your prayers and May God bless you all.

  74. I pray for the continued good health of my sweetheart. I pray I will be able to provide for her and her two children and we will be reunited soon. I pray she will continue to have hope. I pray the health of her brother will be restored.

  75. For Susan & Robert who have cancer. For Ronnie, Davy, Jill, Lisa, Timmy, Greg, Kevin, Stephen, Jessica, Josh, Audrey, Ann, Margie, Bridget. For everyone mourning the loss of a loved one. For all souls in purgatory. For my grandchildren.

  76. Dear St. Micheal protect me& my loved ones from all evil(K,A,J&J,R,R,M,,am& all
    our animals too! Heal us in all needed healings! Heal my jaw,temple,t j& muscle pain etc! Help my son in his water job/career! Keep him safe! Help my daughter win her upcoming hearing this April with easy full favor from judge! Please bless me( my daughter) with financial miracle soon to buy our own condos/ townhomes in very safe neighborhoods that we own near my son kn his state very soon,and her dad go with us& get his own nice home too! Bless our upcoming hopeful road trip to visit my son& wife with blessings all us& safe travels! Remove all darkness,curses and any& all evil that is trying to impose on us! Set us free from all demonic ties/ harassment& all evil! Bless us with better new year! A special
    Prayer for my 2 adult kids! Bless my daughter& myself with loyal non addicted godly husbands! Help me get great new snug fitting new dentures soon that I will love to wear& paid for! Come to the aid of everyone praying on this novena! Come to the aid of all abused,tortured,starving, homeless infants,children,animals& people! Come to all our rescue St.Micheal! Heal my kids& I from low income living& to own nice decent homes of our own in very safe neighborhoods near each other with godly loving mates! Fruit of womb for my son& wife; sons& daughters,healthy& loved! Same for my daughter but first she needs a loving kind godly non addicted husband! Hear all
    Our prayers JESUS! I trust in You! XO

  77. Please pray for a financial blessing for me. I literally do not know where my next meal is coming from.
    Please pray for my children and grandchildren that they may seek God first.
    Please pray also that I may be able to discern the will of God in my every day activities and decisions. Amen 🙏🏽

  78. Praying for our children’s protection in our world. Praying for conversion & healing for those who are attending the satanic conference in AZ Feb 11-13th.

  79. Please pray for my Son Matt, who suffers from epilepsy. Please pray that his new job goes well and that he will be happy. Please also pray for my family my husband and me. Please pray for the soul of my daughter Megan. Thank you

  80. Prayers for my children’s intentions. Good health, safety ,employment, and to find love and future spouses. Prayers my Parents health and Dad to be healed from prostate cancer. Protection for me and my family.