The Next Novena, for Protection & Healing

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The next novena we will pray is to a saint that’s known as the Prince of Angels and defender of all of God’s people…

The next novena is the St. Michael the Archangel Novena!

We will start praying on Tuesday, February 2nd — just a couple days away!

St. Michael the Archangel is known for interceding for protection from evil and for healing.

We will pray this novena so that we may live more in accordance with Christ’s teachings, that we will be protected from the snares of the devil, that we will live for the glory of God, and that we may have the strength to defeat the disordered desires of this world.

We hope you will join us in praying this novena, and that you will share it with all of your friends & family. 

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And you can share your prayer intentions with us all below in the comments – we’re praying for you!

St. Michael the Archangel’s feast day is in September. But as with every novena, you can pray it any time of the year — and we will start this one on February 2nd. 

We’re looking forward to praying with you and for you! 

God bless you!

John-Paul & Annie –

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  1. Prayers for a special Jesus,MommaMary and St. Joesph lover. Who is loved by our community.His name is Dalten.
    He has been in ICU with covid. He is showing some improvement. But will be a lengthy stay in the hospital. We pray for healing.I also ask for peace and a strong faith to get through this time of uncertainty. St. Micheal I pray for your help. In the name of Jesus I pray. AMEN 🙏🏻

  2. In Jesus name I pray, please heal ALL those suffering in mind, body and/or Spirit. Bring them peace and complete healing that only comes from you. Please stop human trafficking in all forms and overturn Roe v Wade, please save and protect life from womb to tomb. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  3. Please pray for my daughter and sons that they are cured of their medical issues. Pray for my health problems as well. Bray for my niece in the hospital. Pray for the addicted and sick people in the world. Pray for World Peace and the conversion of the unfaithful. Pray that I find a great rental soon so that when my house sells I will have a place to live with my daughter. God Bless America and may we not get into a war. Thanks

  4. I want to thank God for the time I prayed with you my prayers have been answered.
    But for the few novenas I haven’t been faithful to finish I pray God to forgive me now to answer my request.
    Now I pray God bless and untie what is in our family that has made us not love each other with respect, not develop, failed to have wisdom of heart and those studying to perform, those your people who come to stay with mom to settle and achieve something for their future especially those young’s now Brenda who got pregnant at 15 years 😭😭😭and all others now.

    Pray that my niece Brenda God may help her Respect her dad and she do well in nursing.
    We pray for our clan all that has been put there that we inherite that evil to the chain to be broken and we be free

    For our village also to develop and people to love each other and wish each other well.

    For our Church or the Christians to love God and not be evil love humanity that worldly powers

  5. Thank you for all of your prayers. Just saw Dr today and said both my kidney and liver are fine !!!!!! Praise God.

  6. Thank you Heavenly Father for being the source of all that is good in this world. Please heal me from the severe depression I struggle with. Please help me habituate to my tinnitus and please dear God and St Michael, guard against it becoming worse. Also, please help me as I titrate off the only medication (clonazepam) I am using. It is not helping me and I know it won’t be easy coming off. Please give me strength. My deepest wish is to recover from my situation and to serve you and help others. Also, to enjoy the simple pleasures in life which are provided through your grace. I pray for everyone who suffers from mental illness and/or tinnitus. Amen

  7. My friend has debilitating nerve pain. The neurosurgeon wants to go into her neck to correct the problem. Her son is getting married in June. She can’t move her arm and the condition will progress without surgery. We are praying for total healing, successful surgery with speedy recovery.

  8. Prayers that my husband’s surgery will be successful this time and he will start paying attention to his health so he can get healthier. Prayers that my son will get healthier, and that he will get a good job soon.

  9. Please pray for a miracle in my finances, because this area has been greatly affected by devilish creatures.
    Please pray that I get deliverance and empowerment.
    I put the capacity of witchcraft of a group of people around me in the hands of the S.Michael and ask S.Michael to take full ownership over them in order to BURN intensively those wicked gifts.
    I ask St Michael to put my enemies away and oblige them to forgive them.
    I put Jose in the hands of St Michael and ask SM to awake him and to bring him to me.

  10. That my 17 yo daughter graduates high school and gets accepted to college and feels better emotionally in Jesus’ name.
    That my 21 yo daughter has a healthy pregnancy and baby and happy life in Jesus’ name.
    That my husbands heart softens and I forgive him and forget all the bad in our marriage that we can have a better life in Jesus’ name amen.

  11. St. Michael the Archangel, we honor you as a powerful protector of the Church and guardian of our souls. Inspire us with your humility with your intercession , I ask for healing and protection from the enemy, my son needs healing from both his legs and feet, since his covid of back in the first part of january 2022. This may require a miracle. Thank for hearing my plea and request. In Jesus name. AMEN

  12. 1. My son, Judah Benhur P Ramesh has got into a live-in relationship with an idolator and Pagann worshipper. He says he doesn’t believe in God any more being a Baptised child. He is out of job from the past two months.
    Kindly pray to St. Michael to break this Pagan relationship and also intercedes for him to God to get a good Job so that he settles in his Career and Life.
    2. My Niece Steffi Semida John has also got a Pagan idolatry, whom d as he wants to marry against everyone’s will at home. She is leaving the house on 6th, this Saturday. Please pray for that she be protected from the snares of the devil.
    3. Her younger sister, Sebatini Sharon John, is suffering from acute Tuberculosis from the past four months. She is on medication but Pray that she be delivered from snares of sickness.

  13. Saint Micheal the Archangel,
    Please intervene in the lives of my two son Claude A W and Devante J L by protection, cleansing them of pride and leading them to Christ.

  14. St Michael, Please intercede for our business. The bills are mounting and I’m just barely able to pay them. Help my son who was arrested with a charge that he will overcome and it won’t hurt his reputation or his emotional state. He was wrong and he is so sorry that he put his family through so much. Help us dear Lord that we will prosper during these times. Thank you so much for what you have done in our lives. Amen

  15. so our children and grandchildren will all come back to the Church and that we’ll be together for eternity; for peace, healing, love, forgiveness and unity in our family; for all the sick, dying and Poor Souls in Purgatory; for end to virus; for those fighting cancer; for peace in our country and the world; for all my intentions I hold in my heart and intentions of all praying this Novena.

  16. Please pray for my family’s deliverance, conversion, reconciliation and healing and wholeness in Jesus name and through the intercession of St. Michael. Amen

  17. Please pray for my husband’s recovery from Parkinson’s disease, help us to receive divine help for the new focused ultra sound treatment
    Please pray also for my sister who is very depressed and battling with inlaws challenging her and are trying to take over her late husband s houses, leaving her homeless

  18. May the Archangel Michael protect my entire family 🙏
    May the Archangel heal my brother Raymond, help him to break free from whatever is pulling him down , 🙏
    May the Archangel bring me love in this month of love 💞🙏
    May the Archangel heal my mom and all aged from their joint pains 🙏
    AMEN 🙏

  19. Please pray and protect me and my family from my evil family who has alienated my husband, children and I. These people have tried to destroy our lives but we have risen and we have been rebuilding for 5 1/2 years. We are a strong family.
    Please pray that my children, husband and I heal from the pain they have caused. My father died suddenly and my brother stole all the money and sent it overseas. He turned everyone against us because I know the crimes he has committed. My brother is pure evil and there is no doubt he is going to burn in hell for eternity. Please pray for my family and I. My brother finds ways to hurt us and we need protection. Thank you.

  20. Please pray for God to restore my family to Christ
    Pray for me and my family to have more love for God and grant us the grace pray more.
    Pray for God to restore my marriage
    Pray for God to forgive me of the times I pronounce courses on my husband do to anger and frustration and bitterness.
    Pray for God to help me win back my husbands love and affection.
    Pray for God to liberate my husband from the evil charms of the devil and it’s cohorts.
    Pray for love, peace and unity to reign again in my family. Pray for my children for God to fulfill His divine purpose in their lives and establish them.
    Pray for my younger daughter for God to take away every spirit of forgetfulness and distraction in her academics and carrier. That God should grant her wisdom, knowledge and understanding and the grace to be more focus in all her life endeavors. Prays for me to hear and listen when God is speaking to me so that I will recognize Gods purpose for me. Please God locate me and bless me in Jesus name, amen

  21. St Michael the Archangel, defend us in the battle we are waging against the wickedness of our enemies. Please put and end to the terror they have put upon us. I beg you please help Amen.
    I pray for healing, guidance and protection for Michael, Cassius, Veronica, Prisca myself and all my love ones Amen.

    Please hear the prayers of all asking your prayers today Amen.

  22. Please pray for my family especially my daughter, Maryann, who just left an abusive marriage and just had their baby a week ago. Please pray for wisdom for her. And courage.

    Please pray for my gay son.

    Please pray for my husband and I, Paul and Jane.

    St. Michael, I pray to you most days. Strike the evil in our lives and the lives of others.

  23. I pray for divine healing upon my eye problem, and God guidance and protection upon my family and breakthrough in our business.

  24. I humbly ask for the intercession of St Michael for the physical healing of Sebastian. For us and our families and communities, I ask for protection from sin and the salvation of our souls. If it be the will of God, protection from serious illness.
    I also ask for the protection of our priests, the church and its sacrements.
    Protection for all souls praying this novena.

  25. Please pray for deliverance for my Son from every evil or negative spell that is sent against him and his education.

  26. Please pray for the conversion of my grandson back to the Catholic Church and to bring his family too.
    Also I am having cervical spinal surgery next month.
    I have no choice in getting this surgery. It is that bad.
    I’m am so frightened.
    Please pray for me for a good surgery and for the doctors performing it.
    God bless you I am praying for all of you.

  27. Thanking God for our lives,journey mercies,favours,good health,guardiance and protection in the family and praying for same.
    Thanking God specifically for saving my daughter from the accident yesterday asking for more wisdom for her to handle issues.
    Thanking st Michael the Arch angel for his help in our various needs and petitions and asking for same Amen
    Dear st Michael the Arch angel, I present my daughter before you to intercede for her in her choice of spouse that God will bless her with a good husband soon Amen
    For my sons to marry good wives and have good children Amen
    May they be well focussed on their various fields and channel their resources to better use

    Remove any investment that will not be profitable to them.
    Guide them to buy house in a safe neighbourhood near a catholic church Amen
    Guide my daughter as she finishes her project.
    Guide my ward in her studies.

    Bless our tenants to pay their rent regularly.
    Bless our workers, relatives,friends, religious, sick and poor.
    May the blessing of God locate my daughter soon especially in the area of marriage.
    I trust and believe that you are preparing her for the best Amen.
    Thank you Jesus for answering our prayers and thank you St. Michael for your intercessions and God’s blessing on John Paul and annie for praying for us Amen

  28. Please pray that my youngest daughter succeeds on her upcoming exams. Pray that my husband will get the supervisor job he applied for. Please pray that my upcoming mammogram will be all good.

  29. Pray my new business to prosper
    Pray my sister who believe there is evil spirit ruining her children with weird attack

  30. Pray for my brother that had a tumor removed from his small intestines and awaiting pathology report. Praying for healing. Pray for my Mom’s sitter that has 2 lumps in her breast . Praying against cancer. Prayers for decisions that will need to be made concerning the care of my mom that has late stage Alzheimer’s dementia : Please Lord we ask for healing and direction concerning all these. In Christ name we pray. Amen

  31. Pray for my brother that had a tumor removed from his small intestines and awaiting pathology report. Praying for healing. Pray for my Mom’s sitter that has 2 lumps in her breast . Praying against cancer. Prayers for decisions that will need to be made concerning the care of my mom that has late stage Alzheimer’s dementia : Please Lord we ask for healing and direction concerning all these. In Christ name we pray. Amen

  32. Praying that Ircc would release i and my children’s study permit visa Approval .St Michael please intercede for Us.
    Praying for Gods grace and blessings and protection upon me and my family.
    St Michael please protect me and my family from evil,accidents,untimely death.
    Job promotion for my husband.

  33. Father in your hands i place my sons Ad and Dre to return to there Catholic faith🙏.
    Praying for everyone thats needs a Financial breakthrough.
    The sick the poor protection and healing.
    My children and gran kids may god alwats be upon us.
    In your hands im leaving my intentions Alisha has and interview on sunday lord let your holy will be done.
    My health and send forth a buyer lord..send Wisdom and understanding peace and love IN me and my family.

  34. St Michael please pray for healing and protection for my family. Also for healing of all the evil taking place is our country and for the protection of all its citizens from the evil ones.

  35. St. Michael please pray that I retain my job, improve my performance and get Promoters. I pray for my oldest daughter that she is healed from her ailment, won’t require a transplant and stop drinking. I pray for my younger daughter that she be healed from her mental illness. Please also pray for my sister-in-law that she be healed from cancer.

  36. My Dads cancer to be complete gone and never come back in any form 🙏🙏🙏
    Marnie’s healing and strength 🙏🙏🙏
    ST, JT, PT, FT, MT health, faith, prosperity, grace and love be shared through gods works!!🙏🙏♥️
    Kim and Mack 🙏🙏

  37. Dear, Lord

    My son hurt his shoulder October 2020. Last winter his pain wasn’t getting any better after of all treatment and physical therapy. Specially at night his pain was so bad. At that time we thought it was just injury from the tennis. He worked so hard working on physical therapy for a few months but his pain and strength wasn’t getting better he couldn’t even sleep at night because of pain.
    We didn’t know the why the pain coming from and thought cortisone shot could help him from the pain and I tried to convince him. But he said he could deal with pain and he rather feel pain if he can play tennis. He said he would wait to get shot until spring tennis season assessment in April. So in case if cortisone shot effect last just for a month he can at least play sometime for tennis season. He got cortisone shot in April it wasn’t help him at all. Watching him dealing with pain everyday, he tried and waited so long to get better to play tennis. He asked doctor every appointment can he play by spring. Spring was getting closer but no progression even got worse. It was so discouraged, disappointed and feel hopeless when will be able to do it.
    It has been almost a two year.

    I hope God blesses him with good news. I hope he remembers how desperate he wants to play. He gone through so much. Tennis was his confidence. I pray that He can get his confidence back and feels his efforts finally paid off.
    It’ll be miracle if he can play next spring season. I’m already afraid to think about watching him going through another season of not be able to play and watch his friends playing. I hope God give him miracle blessings he can be able to play by next spring season. So He finally feels he made it through from the long struggle and he feels God’s blessings that he made it through.

    We found out that his injury is caused by hypermobility in his joints. Connor suffers from hypermobility in his joints through out his body it causing joints pain, unstable. His all joints are loose and muscles not tight enough to hold the bone. That’s was reason his shoulders gotten loose, unstable and gives him pain even more because of tennis.
    It’s so hard to watch him that he can’t play sports that he loves. He has been play tennis since when he was little. That was his most favorite activity. Now he can’t play like before.

    The back of eye pain started in last year September and his headaches have been getting worse.  When he played tennis beginning of last December his energy level died down after 30min and he had shoulder, knee and sin pain that was another reason he couldn’t play much. Recently during some moments, Connor finds it hard to breath.

    I want to make sure this is not a degenerating of his connective tissue, relationship to his hypermobility. 

    If you ever think about Connor could you please pray for shoulder and joints gets tighter and stronger as time goes on. We really hope this is only condition during his growing stage. We pray that day by day his shoulder and all his joints get stronger, no headache and no chronic fatigue. Pray that one day he can be able to play tennis the way he wants. His spring tennis tryout is February 22, 3:30pm. He is been waiting and dealing with his body condition for 2 year now. Please bless him by help him to get into tennis team. So that he feels his blessings, grow his faith and trust and finally have fun with normal activity.

    We hope he can fully get heal before high school ends. So he can be confident with any activities and fully ready for away to the college.

  38. Please pray for my youngest son who’s 14 and dyslexic and is having anxiety attacks because he’s afraid he won’t make it to college. Please God let him pass his O levels and continue with his studies and make his anxiety and fears go away. Tks and God bless you all x

  39. Prayers for my physical, emotional, and spiritual healing: arthritic hips, depression/anxiety, total trust and surrender to Our Lord. Thanks and God bless!

  40. I pray for protection against manipulative prrson at my husband’s new job. J pray that his ci workers manipulative ways will be exposed by others. I pray for godly friendships for my daughter’s as they enter thier teen years and protection against evil and unholy friendships and bad influences Amen

  41. Pray for peace in the world pray for our sons and daughters in the military for protection . Cover my son who is now serving. Pray for ourhealth
    and safety . Open ways fir us as a family and from all evil amen

  42. Prayers requested for Liz, that she may get a doctor’s consult and procedure soon and that she will have the best outcome.

  43. The following are my prayerful intentions, thank you for your prayers; may God hear us all, bless us and His will be done. Amen!

    1. Prayers for healing and good health for son, daughter, self, sister, nephew, niece, brother-in-law, 3 of my sisters-in-law and a sister-in-law’s husband, and a dear friend.
    2. Prayers for the request for sabbatical leave to be granted, and for successful and timely completion of studies.
    3. Prayers for my son to be successful in his job seeking, interviews, and acquiring a job that will provide him with security, safety, and prosper, and service to God with love and joy.
    4. Prayers for my daughter’s success in getting admission to a good college to further her studies.
    6. Prayers for another daughter’s success in her job seeking and that all her diligent work and endeavors be blessed by God and be productive and successful.
    5. Prayers for all that are sick to receive God’s blessing, mercy, and healing comfort, that COVID may be away from our lives and the universe, that God may forgive and have mercy on the human race and take control.

  44. For John who has mesothelioma, I ask a miracle of healing. If that is not possible, a prolonged life with peace and as little suffering as possible. And for his family who love him dearly.

  45. I pray for the removal of all corrupt govern-ers;
    for an end to the pandemic;
    for an end to abortion;
    for those considering abortion, sex change or suicide, not to do so;
    for Pope Francis and all world and religious leaders to Glorify God publicly and privately and to follow His Commandments;
    for the holy souls, my soul, and those of my family and friends, living and deceased;
    for those who are addicted to turn their lives over to God for healing;
    for all of my special intentions;
    Jesus, I Trust in You Amen

  46. I ask for St. Michael to beseech God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit for health and well being for so many dear friends and family.
    – Marty in hospice care who has been strong so long, and his loving wife.
    – Tahira who is so giving, for full recovery from her neurological problem affecting her physically
    – My dear loving brother in law for full recovery from stroke
    – Anne’s cancer full recovery
    – Fran’s back full recovery
    – Terry’s cancer and heart surgery full recovery
    – Infant Declan’s and his mom’s covid recovery, and for grandma not to get covid
    – My sister to find a job that is safe so she stops using up her savings
    – Safety from covid during travels of Sharon & Keith and Peggy & Ron.
    – My loving husband and my loving sisters who are my rocks
    – For my own health issues and my continuous anxiety

  47. Praying that our stay in US will be extended and be granted permanent residency. Praying for excellent health and for protection for any kind of harm and sickness. Amen.


  49. Asking for your intercession St. Michael to empower my phone repairman with the grace needed to fix my phone to get all my precious photos off of it with the last photos of my now (deceased) mother.

  50. St Michael, please pray for my wife Debbie who has survived two bouts of breast cancer and one of kidney cancer. She has been cancer-free for the last 7 years but just found a lump in her armpit. We are going to the doctor today to check this out. Please pray that the cancer has not returned.

  51. With much thanksgiving for my son’s liver transplant on 1/25/2021 and his restored health thus far, I ask prayers for his continued healing and that prior liver disease doesn’t return, that remaining ulcerative colitis continues to maintain and not worsen, and that he’s protected from covid and other diseases as he returns to work as an ER nurse. I also continue to ask prayers that older son returns to active faith and enrolls his children in the sacraments.


  53. Prayers for St. Michael to intercede for J. to heal and have the strength to turn to both you, St. Michael and to God for strength to cancel the divorce. Prayers for protection from the devil for her cheating husband possessed with the devil with his young girlfriend 30 yrs. younger who is breaking up this 30 yr. marriage with teenagers. If J. puts off the divorce, that young 25 yrs. old girlfriend, possessed with the devil, will loose and not win him; they won’t get want they want; she is only after his money.

  54. I pray for a successful exam just taken that I would not only pass but in flying colours . I pray for the gift of a life partner for me and my sisters . I pray for Gods favour and direction in anything I set to do. Divine protection over my family . I pray for healing mercies for chinny obasi that the good lord would heal her completely. This I pray through Christ our lord. Amen

  55. Dear st Micheal , I pray and ask your followers to pray for my son Nicholaus to heal his mind and drive away all his racing thoughts , anxiety and stress and fear that comes to his mind . He talked to me about it so I know he is asking for help and support . Please intercede st Micheal and pray for him to drive away evil thoughts and heal him completely. In Jesus name I pray !

  56. 1. I pray for the big four petitions (homeland with a home in it(on 5acres+), farm land with a farm on it (50acres+), simplicity in my studies and roles & holy marriage (+making my wife a devoted catholic, a devotee of mother Mary and a good wife whose acts please God and help me to grow both spiritually and physically)
    2. I pray to God to diversify His Providence for me and my family, for His mercy, protection, overflowing blessings & favor in whatever I do!

  57. 1.I pray for the fertility of my couple which is victim of infertility for 12 years
    2. I pray for the healing of my brother who is suffering for an unknown disease
    3.I pray for my brother and his wife who are jobless.I wish they get jobs
    4.I pray for peace to my country and my whole family.
    5.I pray for my mother and my mother-in-low,for their protection.
    6.I pray for my sister who is pregnant to be protected and deliver well

  58. Please pray for complete healing for my son in law. Please pray that all my children come back to the Catholic Church and bring their spouses and raise their children in the church to know, and love, and want to serve our Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray that all the hurt, angry feelings between my children and in laws are washed away and they all come together again, loving and caring for one another. Please pray that my husbands anger and hatred are turned to love, peace and happiness. Please pray for our health.
    Thank you…Amen.

  59. Prayers for God’s will be done as my Deacon formation comes to an end and ordination nears. Prayers for gifts of the Holy Spirit -fortitude, wisdom, knowledge accordingly- Trust in the Lord that his will be done and not mine.

  60. Oh heavenly father l pray through the intercession of St. Michael the Archangel to protect, heal and defend the fruit of the womb that He has blessed us with. May you grant healing power to the baby and protect and defend the mother from or against the spirit of miscarriage. Never again should any woman expecting a baby had a miscarriage again, through the power of the holy spirit and the intercession of St. Michael the Archangel may every womb be fruitful and be healed.

  61. Prayers of protection,wisdom and healing for the G family, the S
    family and extended family.
    For peace and conversion and revival for our country,and a turning
    to God in sincerity ,spirit and truth.

  62. Please pray for our safety and protection from all harm and evil. 🙏🏻 please Lord help my brother Rodney fight his addiction and be healed.

  63. Praying for peace of mind, and for all my family to be grateful for alll their blessings so that more can easily come to them.

    For my son Stevie to be blessed with his soul partner. For my son Tony-Ray and daughter in law Melissa to be blessed with child and joy and peace and prosperity.

    For my marriage to grow and my husband to love God.

  64. Saint Michael please intercede on my behalf. Our world has become a mean & nasty one. Its obvious, Satan is all around. This political pandemic, no matter, the “side” has brought out so much anger & hate amongst God’s people. Please, Saint Michael ask God to calm the waters, for peace & kindness to become a good thing. For us to remember that He is number 1 & no one & nothing else. Just our ever loving GOD.
    Thank you, Saint Michael.
    In JESUS Most Holy Name!

  65. I pray that my daughter and son-in-law find work, I pray that my son will come back to the church. I pray that will children will get along better. and I pray for all people struggling with the Covid illness that may get well

  66. Belving God for me and my mum’s healings.
    Belving God for friut of the womb to my brother’s wife’s.
    Protection of God for the hand of the enemies in my working place.

  67. My intention is for my family and for the detectives that are investigating my nieces murder. That the culprit be found. whoever this murderer sets his sights on next, that they be protected by St. Michael and that no harm befall them.

  68. Please requesting prayers for my niece, Barbara, she is suffering from cancer. She is in a lot of pain right now, and in a place where treatment is limited. Please pray for God to heal her. Thank you.

  69. Please pray for my daughter AB That her CPS case court hearing goes in her favor next Thursday February 10th. That the lawyer and Judge can see that she truly didn’t do anything wrong and that she is still complying to get this dismissed.

  70. Please pray for healing for my son Armando ,
    May The Holy Spirit guide him to make the right choices and see things as they are and St. Michael protect him from all evil.. Mother Mary wrap him in your cloak and ask your son y to o heal him. also do ir my other son Gil may God open his heart and bring him back to the Catholic Church .

    In Jesus name Amen
    Jesus I trust in you 🙏

  71. St. Michael the Archangel,
    Please Intercede for one of our prayer Warrior Greg Werner, he is in ICU since last night with COVID and heath issues.

    Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of healer, cover Greg with your mantle of protection and give him healing and strength. Amen 🙏 

  72. Please pay for discernment for me whether or not to join the board of an organization, that I follow the will of God in everything.

  73. Please pray for my broken relationship with the love of my life, Yanni, and my broken heart. The Enemy/Devil has cast down his darkness and is attacking us. Please rebuke him in Jesus’s name and have God cast out all darkness, evil and obstacles in our way of reconciliation now. Please God shine Your light over Yanni and I, and heal us and our relationship with each other. Reunion, reconciliation and bring us back together casting out all evil and obstacles. St. Michael protect us and keep us in your loving arms. Amen and thank you.

  74. I pray for healing from codependency, addiction, my friendship with Ryan and protection over my thoughts

  75. Prayers my husband seeks help to stop drinking and help for his narcissistic disorder before it ends our marriage and breaks up our family.

  76. Please pray for and protect my children. Help them with all of their choices in life. Help them with school and work and relationships. Thank you.

  77. God, thank you for this novena. God protect my friend V. God help us students pass the Nclex and continue to study hard for it. God help me study and stay focused. Lord, could you please help me with the work I am doing to better improve and change certain behaviors please God. I pray for my relationship with my love I pray for his heart that he will get to know you and also be encouraged to participate in lent. God I pray we can continue to grow into a loving exclusive healthy relationship I pray that we both can continue to work on being respectful and loving towards one another. God I pray my nerves and my heart I pray for my mother who I adore I pray for time with you and that I can be the best nurse possible when I start working. God I am nervous God I pray for his daughter his mom Hana and her heart God her family. God thank you for helping me be more soft and lightheaded Lord. Amén.

  78. For a healing of relationship with daughters and spouse. Heal daughters spiritually to do right by our heavenly Father. Also, for a sister n law that promotes turmoil. Pray for nephews that are having difficulty in their lives. Heal brother spiritually. For me to follow in God’s light. Amen

  79. Pray for my husband and sons that God will bless them. MC to graduate in May and find a job. KW to find new work. Sara’s health. Tim a job. Dan reconciliation with his children. Those who have noone to pray for them. Thank you for all of the blessings you have bestowed on me and my family.