The Next Novena: A Saint for Healing & Comfort this January

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So many of the prayer requests we receive are for those suffering with cancer. Whether it affects us directly or indirectly, it can cause great suffering in our lives and in the lives of those we love.

So the next novena we will pray is the St. Peregrine Novena starting on Tuesday, January 11th.

You can share your prayer intentions with us all below — we’re praying for you!

St. Peregrine is the patron saint of cancer patients. He had a cancerous ulcer on his leg which was miraculously cured when it was thought to be beyond saving. 

We will pray this novena for all cancer patients, for all those suffering from life-threatening and chronic illnesses, for their families & friends, as well as for physicians and scientists working to discover a cure and to bring relief.

We hope you will join us in praying this novena, and that you will share it with all of your friends & family. 

You can sign up to pray with us here:

St. Peregrine’s feast day is May 1st. But as with every novena, you can pray it any time of the year — and we will start this one on Tuesday, January 11th.

We’re looking forward to praying with you and for you! 

God bless you!

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  1. For my friend and supervisor, Flora who is going thru tests to see if she has cancer and who is in pain and is afraid. Please pray for her peace of mind and heart and that tests will be negative.
    For my brother Carlitos who has been bed ridden for a while because he has so much pain in his legs, please pray that the VA will help him and that he is able to be given VA housing with nursing assistance.

  2. Healing prayers for all suffering sickness in my family and from the Academy my son attends for his education and all that care suffering any illnesses.

  3. I am asking for prayers for my goddaughter/niece 39 who is going through cancer last treatment for this type end of the month. Then surgery to remove her thyroid cancer n start treatment for that. Thank you!

  4. Please pray for peaceful transition to retirement. Son’s new job issues will be resolved. Health of daughters. Grandchildren will know Jesus. Strength and healing in mind body and spirit .

  5. Please, in your generosity, pray for me (multiple myeloma), Deborah R. (multiple myeloma), Janice G. (cancer in lungs and bones), Kelly H. (breast cancer), Emilie S. (breast cancer), and Michelle B. (breast cancer).
    All are moms, most of young children.
    Thank you.
    St. Peregrine, ora pro nobis 🙏🏻

  6. Pray for AG complete healing from osteosarcoma and it never returns to her body in any way and lives a long happy life on earth. Also for her bone marrow to keep working to make her blood counts good to receive chemo. God bless

  7. For Nick that his physicians will choose the right treatment and for Elmer who is having a malignant lesion removed today.

  8. Kimberly Lacrosse is dying from covid. Please pray for her and for all those suffering from this virus.

  9. My Godmother recently has been diagnosed with lung cancer and has been for tests after receiving radiation
    She is in her late 80,S and is expecting results on the 24 th of January
    I enjoy the Peace that comes from prayer and like praying these Novenas
    Thankyou for all that you do
    Also a few of my children who have their own families have tested positive to Covid
    Thankyou for your prayers

  10. For Ann Boland, Lisa Huffaker and mother Mary. For Garrett Lake. For Carsyn Lake. Mary Mills. For myself, Lisa Lake.

  11. 0lease pray for successful recovery of out pastor, Fr. Kevin Coyle. He is currently battling Covid and the flu

  12. For Brandon 5 weeks in ICU with severe health challenges from COVID-19. His organs have been attacked and his body needs a miracle for recovery. Prayers of strength his medical team and family.

  13. Prayers for sweet Hillary on her road to complete good health. Hold her close as she goes through her second cancer surgery Thursday, tomorrow 🙏 🤗

  14. I ask for healing prayers for Jessica Kocher. She has an aggressive tumor in her brain. Also, prayers for strength and comfort for her husband, Mike, and their 4 young children. Thank you.

  15. Please pray for the removal of Charlotte’s cancer. Appendix cancer. She undergoes tests today to help determine the effectiveness of her treatment. Please join me in praying there is no evidence of disease.

  16. For my lung cancer to respond to my current. treatment, that the severe side effects will go away so that I can continue with treatment , for the cancer to disappear and to still be blessed with a long life. Amen

  17. Please pray for our family move goes well, we find a new place and the the baby due this summer is healthy and happy.

  18. Please lift up my sister-in-law betty – her husband has been critically ill from Covid and a stroke since the end of August. She is at her wits end and needs our prayers. Of course please pray for her husband LOU as well. Also please lift up my friend Bob and his wife ELLEN. He just found out that he has liposarcoma. He will be having surgery in the next couple of weeks so please lift him up in prayer. Thank you So much for your prayers!!!

  19. Please pray for a friend who has a Brain bleed, please pray for his recovery to his wife and children. Let him be normal again. Amen

  20. Please pray for a friend who has a Brain bleed, please pray for his recovery to his wife and children. Let him be normal again. Amen

  21. I pray thanksgiving for Monica, miraculously cured of cancer. I pray for Paul who has cancer. I [pray for Bob who has bladder cancer. And I pray that the doctor finds no cancer in my bladder next Thursday, so that strong and healthy I may better serve God by serving others.

  22. Please pray for healing for my dear Uncle Richard and my friend Heather as they both undergo treatments for cancer. Give them the strength, support, encouragement, and love they need at this time. Please also look after their families and caregivers. Thank you to this Novena community. God Bless all of you and your intentions!

  23. St. Peregrine, please intercede through our Lord Jesus Christ to remove all these chronic diseases from my life:- diabetes , High blood pressure, high cholesterol, diverticulosis, anxiety, and worries. I also pray for healing on all my family and friends suffering from cancer. I trust that you have answered my prayers in Jesus Mighty name
    🙏🙏🙏 Thank you.

  24. i pray for God’s grace upon my life that God will give me the grace to pray often more than i used to. and i equally pray for the sick those who are effected in one sickness or the other, most specially my mother with is affected with ursa and my sister who from birth had rashes all-over her body and to my dear friend Blessing Muoka who was diagnosed with breast cancer. pray for healing upon their lives and i pray for other who are sick asking for god’s mercy, may the almighty God grant them mercy and keep them for me. AMEN!

  25. I am praying for the successful healing of my forthcoming surgery on my jaw. Basal cell cancer is to be removed. Because of the location on my face, healing will be difficult because of chewing food and even talking. I hope I can do whatever it takes to help the healing occur successfully with the help of God. I also pray for those in similar circumstances.

  26. Please pray for my children’s health since they have medical issues. Pray for me for my heart problems and kidney disease. Pray for my niece who needs a liver transplant that she gets one soon. Pray for my cousin’s wife who has effects from her cancer surgeries and is in pain as well. Stop the pain and heal her effects. Amen

  27. My loved one has 3 health procedures coming up which could be cause of great concern if positive. Please pray that each are negative. Thank you.

  28. For Ashley, young mom of three daughters who was just diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. Pray for complete healing.

  29. Praying for good outcomes in a discipline hearing that for some reason has not gone well for me yet.
    Looking for help, feel forgotten
    Looking for Salvation

  30. For my MS to dissappear completely

    For the Zeposia medication to continue working while I still have MS

    For my left eye to be completely healed so surgeries are no longer needed

    For me to no longer need surgeries or procedures

  31. For those who are healing from any surgery, those who have cancer, Covid, or any other physical or mental illness. Let’s not forget those who need spiritual healing. Let’s pray that they may feel God’s loving presence and know they are never alone in their suffering. Healing for Bonnie, Sharon, Mike, Nick, Aubree, JP, Addi, and ourselves. Strength for caregivers.

  32. That we are not evicted 🙏🏼
    That we move into permanent safe home 🙏🏼
    That JorDan,Allison & myself get steady income 🙏🏼
    That Marlynn keeps her job🙏🏼
    That DaShawn & Devin are safe 🙏🏼
    That this house holds strong while we are here🙏🏼
    That kids have safe school year🙏🏼
    More people welcome the Lord into their lives🙏🏼

  33. Please pray for my dear friend Monica who is recovering from a stroke. And for the health and safety of all of my family especially my husband and daughters. Thank you so much.

  34. For Chris, who was just diagnosed with breast cancer, that her treatment will be swift and effective. And for Alexandra, a teenager, with a chronic illness that leaves her unable to eat. May God bring them both back to full health and also draw them to himself.

  35. I am praying for myself who has been fighting Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in my spine over the last year that is s now n remission; for my friend Carole who is fighting a very rare form of cancer; and for another friend who has recently had surgery for cancer. Please join these intentions with yours. Thank you.

  36. I ask that I can finally get better from a health problem I have had for 4 years. Finally diagnosed as MDS , a blood disorder which can be helped with one chemo pill.
    I ask that you especially take care of my son, Douglas, suffering from cancer.
    I ask that you watch over all my family & friends.
    I ask you especially bless my friend, Maryanne, who is blind I read the novenas to each morning.
    And for all others for their requests.

  37. For the health, safety, and happiness of my family.

    For HERs safe travels this weekend

    Bless our family

    For me to find work to support our family

    For KC to beat cancer

  38. I pray for all my brothers and sisters who suffering with cancer.
    Please Annie you and your husband pray for me so I can get a life partner in jesus name.

  39. Praying for my Cousin brother battling cancer of the prostate. May the healing hand of God Our loving Father lay on all those suffering in this Novena. St Peregrine pray for us.

  40. My very good friend Chris is going to have surgery today they will be removing her breast completely due to findings of cancer .
    She is the sweetest kindest woman I’ve met Please pray All goes well
    Thank you

  41. For my sister Linda who has cancer. Saint Peregrine please ask for God’s intercession and help in healing her.

  42. Bless, protect and safeguard each member of my family – brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, relatives and friends both locally and abroad and me Christine and take care of all our needs. Bring complete healing of cancer to Patricia, Lyne, Michael, Jonathan, Chandragupta Rajin, Thela, Isaac Jacob, Jeremy, Timothy, Umanath, Ellora, Analie, Mariama, Jomo, Michele, Larry, Peter, Cheryl and anyone else suffering with cancer. Bring complete healing to the Rolston family who have COVID and protect those who don’t have it and let them all take the vaccine at the right time. These and all other intentions in Jesus’ name, Amen.

  43. Please pray for my daughter Siera. She is having surgery on Friday, January 21st to have precancerous cells removed from her uterus.
    Please pray that all is removed, and that nothing cancerous has spread. In Jesus’s name, please pray🙏🏻

  44. Please pray for my friends, Mary Solis, Barbie Cooke and John McGrane. who are battling cancer. Thank you & God bless you.

  45. Please pray for my son-in-law who has type 1 diabetes. He has been sick off and on since September 2021. Please pray that the doctors find the cause.

  46. Please pray for my daughter Sarah who has stage 4 inoperable ovarian cancer. It is stable right now but her long term prognosis is guarded. Please pray for my husband John whose cancers are currently in remission.

  47. Manuel has cancer in three organs, we are prayer that he can be cured and if its gods will grant him a miracle.

  48. Praying for total healing of my parents and those suffering from cancer that God will visit them during this novena

  49. I pray for a friend who has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma and will be starting chemotherapy and radiation. That she will feel God’s strength and hope in His love for her healing. That her family will be blessed with increased faith, support and love.

  50. St Perigine, pray for me and my household watch over and protect us
    Heal us from this long Covid that we have. Heal my boys kidneys love T

  51. Please pray that my sister Jennifer will be healed from lung and colon cancer and from the side effects of the chemo therapy treatment, healing for her colostomy stoma.
    Please pray that my friend Emma will be healed from Rectal Cancer. Thank You, St.Peregrine for Your intercession.

  52. For the pain that Ryan suffers daily from paraganglioma
    For the hope that their is a surgeon out there, with the help & guidance of God,
    That can perform a safe operation and offer Ryan a long & pain free life while here

  53. Prayers for Tenelle Cooper battling HER2 Breast cancer. May God guide her care team and my she never loose her faith and courage

  54. I’d like to Pray for All in this world who suffer from chronic diseases and Cancer that their pain may be carried by those of us who are Blessed with good health-In Jesus Mighty Name we ask for Your petition for us St. Peregrine Amen Amen Amen!

  55. Please pray for my son Avery who is 3 and suffers from chronic asthma. His mother has two benign brain tumors and also needs your prayers.

  56. Please pray for a full and speedy recovery for my dear husband, RD, who just had a bone marrow transplant. He had cancer as a child too.

  57. Please dear Jesus, I ask that you place your healing hands on Dana as she will undergo a lung biopsy. We ask this in Your most holy name.

  58. Holy Spirit, I pray for my sisters Linda and Lorna a long with there children and my husband Milton Keene who are suffering with illness. I pray that the Holy Spirit will lays hands on my husband and my sisters and also myself. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

  59. So many need my/our prayers
    – my friend recovering from long cancer treatment and cataract surgeries. Doing well but I prayer for her full recovery.
    – my brother in law recovering from stroke. Has positive attitude and is improving. I pray for his full recovery.
    – my friend in terrible back pain has surgery Friday and I pray for success. She so loves God but suffers so much for so long.
    – my friends recovering from Covid. One has bad heart and is weak and I pray for his full recovery. The other 2 seem to be doing well and I hope for full recovery.
    – my cousin who died after long covid battle. Such a good man and so praised by his community. May he Rest In Peace and his family get thru their sadness of his great loss.
    – my sisters : for them to stay healthy and happy as they care for loved ones who depend on them.
    – my sweet loving husband and my rock on earth. May he stay healthy and happy.
    – for all praying this novena and the world, that god will ease their suffering and they will feel His mercy and peace.

  60. Please bless Wally in his struggle with his pancreatic cancer and give his loved ones
    courage and comfort.
    Please bless Dennis who is suffering with COPD

  61. Praying especially for my family to be healed in all areas of our lives physical emotional and spiritually.

    Praying that the good Lord will intervene in my son’s situation. I am praying for s miracle knowing that are a God of miracles. I pray in the name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

  62. Pray for my brother Billy, faught cancer, now hospice has been called to relieve his suffering. His wonderful strong wife, Kathy has been his rock.

  63. Please dear Lord, give those who are struggling with cancer and COPD your comfort, strength, love and Grace. Please bless Wally in his struggle with his pancreatic cancer and give his loved ones
    courage and comfort.
    Please bless Dennis who is suffering with COPD

  64. 1) For a friend’s mom (Theresa) in her mid 90’s who has received diagnosis of breast and lung cancer.
    2) For prayers for my marriage and family that we will all come to walk with Jesus.
    3) For protection from the evil one whose lies are influencing a growing mass of people, including in the Church.
    4) For physical healing for myself that I may be the woman and servant that God created me to be.

  65. For Laura-please give her a miracle and let her cancer disappear. She’s one of a kind. For Zabrina’s healing too.

  66. Please pray for my daughter who is a wonderful wife and mother of two. Her physician prescribed an antidepressant. This drug should never have been approved for use! My daughter is slowly weaning herself off of this capsule and is going through horrible withdrawal symptoms.

  67. For my wife who deals with cancer. For my daughter who suffers from chronic illness and requires weekly infusions for the rest of her life. For my daughter who is sick with Covid. For my daughter who has suffered a divorce. For all of my family. For the world as we deal with sickness and strained international/domestic relationships.