The Next Novena: A Saint for Healing & Comfort this January

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So many of the prayer requests we receive are for those suffering with cancer. Whether it affects us directly or indirectly, it can cause great suffering in our lives and in the lives of those we love.

So the next novena we will pray is the St. Peregrine Novena starting on Tuesday, January 11th.

You can share your prayer intentions with us all below — we’re praying for you!

St. Peregrine is the patron saint of cancer patients. He had a cancerous ulcer on his leg which was miraculously cured when it was thought to be beyond saving. 

We will pray this novena for all cancer patients, for all those suffering from life-threatening and chronic illnesses, for their families & friends, as well as for physicians and scientists working to discover a cure and to bring relief.

We hope you will join us in praying this novena, and that you will share it with all of your friends & family. 

You can sign up to pray with us here:

St. Peregrine’s feast day is May 1st. But as with every novena, you can pray it any time of the year — and we will start this one on Tuesday, January 11th.

We’re looking forward to praying with you and for you! 

God bless you!

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  1. My family is safe and at peace. My children do well in school and make good choices, especially avoiding drunkenness, illegal drugs and other immoral acts.

  2. Dear St. Peregrine, please help me with my multiple myeloma. We pray, If it’s Gods will to keep it under control, and to please find a cure for this disease. Please give my family the strength to care for me. I hate what I’m putting them through. So many of my close friends are cancer patients and so many have passed away from cancer. Please help my friends, Lucinda, Ginny, Joanne, Kathleen, Tony, Nick, Paula, George, Betsy and keep there cancer in check. We pray in Jesus name.
    Thank you.

  3. LordJesus, please give wisdom to Doctors and Nurses and Family and Friends caring for and praying for cancer patients. Please heal Juanita, Mary, Rozanne and me according to Your Divine Will. We thank You and we love You.
    Jesus i trust in You!!

  4. For my niece and her entire family on the loss of their teenage daughter to unknown causes on Christmas morning. please pray for them and our whole family.

  5. I pray for Cindy, Chad, and Paul…that they will be healed of cancer and remain so. I pray that our world will know peace, and that every person will treat others with kindness and respect. I pray that parents will parent well their children, so that they will become kind and responsible citizens for the good of all. I pray that my parents recover soon from covid. I pray that J will have a good man come into her life soon to be her husband, and that she will no longer be lonely. I pray that As become healthy in body, mind, and spirit. I pray that my family and I will always be healthy and safe. I pray for those praying this novena with me. I pray in thanksgiving for God’s blessings. Amen.

  6. My husband and daughter G and B suffer from type one diabetes, causing nerve damage to my husband’s ears. My son E suffers from epilepsy a illness I was cured from after my mother visited Medjegiria .
    I will be praying with you all for your intentions and may God grant some peace and healing, if his will, for all those suffering from cancer or chronic illnesses.

  7. For Little 5 yr old Barbara Anderson and her family. Lord please hear our prayers for her as she struggles with chemo, that all this will bring about a cure of this horrible disease.

  8. Please pray for Kellie Russell, my best friend, while she sits at the bedside of her mum Carole who is dying of cancer. Lord may Carole’s passing be peaceful and may Kellie feel your love and comfort in the last precious moments with her mum. Amen 🙏

  9. Please pray for my 86 year old mother who is currently suffering from bladder cancer and has had breast cancer , 6 years ago.

  10. My 15 year old son, Aiden, has a rare liver cancer that has no known cure: Fibrolamellar Hepatocellular Carcinoma. It has spread to his lungs and lymph nodes and is inoperable at this time. I appreciate your ongoing prayers for a miraculous cure to be bestowed upon him. He is showing so much strength as he deals with the gravity of this illness and endures various treatments.

  11. Please pray for Mary who is facing back surgery, for Fr. John who has a wound that will not heal, for newborn Bridget who has several surgeries in her future, and for Judy who is recovering from eye surgery.

  12. My mom, JeanAnn Brophy who is on hospice for over a year due to cancer.
    Friend, Amy Terhaar and her dad both fighting cancer.

  13. Pray for Sharon Roh to regain her memory🙏🏼🙏🏼Tel Linke to heal from his accident. for my family to regain their spiritual lives and to live in Christ🙏🏼🙏🏼

  14. I’m praying this novena for my daughter. She’s 25 yes old and has chronic kidney disease. I pray that God will give her strength and healing.

  15. Almighty God, Creator of the Universe. We thank you and we worship You. Please Jesus help us in our daily existence and struggles in life. Please heal all sick with cancer and other diseases. Please take care of my mother and my sisters and brothers and our children and friends. Please make know you even more, in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

  16. For my brother Jeremiah that he may be completely healed of his lung cancer through radiation therapy. He is in need of shoulder surgery due to years of wheelchair pushing. He lost his legs in Vietnam and has suffered so much and is now in chronic pain. Lung cancer must be gone in order for him to have surgery to relieve his pain. Please pray for him.

  17. Yes Lord, we lift up to you to heal my relatives, friends: Julie, Denise, Fred, Levi, Nicki, Fema, Butch, Cindy, Rudy, Ignacio, Benny & my family and all the people that has a cancer and chronic illnesses. We ask these through the intercession of Blessed Virgin Mother Mary and Saint Peregrin. Amen

  18. Healing from an aggressive cancer which is widespread right now in my body. Chemotherapy to start Tuesday. Please pray for success of chemo with little side effects. Thank you!

  19. I’m a day late to this novena. My husband passed away in November due to stage 4 cancer. It’s a horrible journey for both the patient and the caregiver. I will continue to pray for all affected by cancer.

  20. Please pray for Joelle and Jim that they may be strong and able to cope and not lose hope. Please pray for me that i may not have a recurrence of cancer and i continue to stay healthy. Please pray that my anxiety goes away.

  21. Please heal my brother Ray of all the cancer in his body. Let this healing draw him to a deep devotion to our Catholic faith.

  22. Please I beseech thee pray for Joe’s healing mentally and physically and keep my family all safe mentally and physically

  23. Thank u lord jesus christ for another day. Please pray for all who are praying this novena help them heal from all illneses n disease.Pray for me that this cancer tumors b healed from my body with his precious blood. Saint peregrine pray for us ask our lord to help us in jesus mighty name i pray Amen 🙏🙏

  24. Our Holy Rosary group have been praying for over a year for Sean Dewitt a 17 year old boy who has cancer. He is now in Motts Hospital in Michigan with COVID! Please help pray for his recovery. God bless.

  25. Please pray for my sister Joanne who has pancreatic cancer & my cousin Bernadine who has cancer also. Prayer for my cousin Julie who just received a donor’s heart.
    Thank you.

  26. For my children to seek God’s will in their life and to turn away from any lies they are living and believing.

  27. Prayers for Maria that she keeps the strong faith God has gifted her with and doesn’t despair during her trial of wait n see for the next 18 months💕

  28. Pray for my son, Peter, that his mental illness of anxiety will subside so that he can move on with his life’s plans.

  29. Prayers for all my close friends and family fighting this fight and protection for my family and myself from cancer or any disease. Lord hear our prayers 🙏🏻

  30. For my sister in Christ Frances, who was diagnosed with cancer and all people with cancer, that they follow this Saint’s example and receive healing from God, through Christ Our Lord.

  31. Jon who has been battling cancer for so long

    Reed who’s cancer is in remission now

    and Mary kay who also is battling cancer

    Thank you! I pray for all of you!

  32. Holy St.Peregrine,
    I pray that my daughter Laura is healthy and free from any disease, illness and that she be safe from all harm. In pray this for all my children and grandchildren but especially now for Laura.
    I pray also that my children, their spouses and my grandchildren grow in love for the Lord. That they come to know Him and follow Him in this world and are happy with him in the next.
    I pray for my husband to be cured from his illness. May there be a cure found for all cancer.
    I pray for healing for all who suffer from addictions and mental illness.
    I pray for peace and healing ❤️‍🩹 in this world.
    Thank you St. Peregrine

  33. Pray for Colleen’s comfort and peace for her family. Please pray for my sons’ spiritual and emotional healing. I am praying with you all.

  34. Pray for my sister Liz, my friend Martha And my cousin Mary Lou, Theresa and Rose Ann. Each suffer from different health problems.

  35. Prayers for my grandfather, Dan who was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in the fall and is getting ready to have a bone marrow transplant in the next few weeks. And for my neighbor, Dana who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer just before Christmas. She is currently going through chemo.

  36. Please pray for MT who is suffering from cancer. Please pray for VR who is in chemo. Please pray for all who are suffering from this disease father god. Please pray for my family me and fR for an abundance of health, peace and prosperity. Amen

  37. Daughter concussion is causing learning difficulties… pray This trial is short and reaps benefits of turning to and understanding God’s faithfulness.

  38. Please pray for my brother-in-law Gene who is battling for his life after complications of open heart surgery last May. Please pray for his wife Karen who has devotedly cared and supported him.

  39. Praying for my son’s emotional and spiritual healing…Praying he will have good things begin to happen in his life .
    Thank you Dear Lord for watching over him…

  40. I pray for healing and complete restoration of Aliya who has leukemia and she’s 18 months old,I also pray for restoration of our family finances


  41. My prayer intention is healing of stomach for my dear friend. And healing of my autoimmune chronic ilness. 😌😊🙂 I pray for you all! Thank you

  42. From an antidote and deliverance for those who have mistakenly been vaxed
    For protection from and an antidote to Ebola
    For 16 year old girl with cancer

  43. Please remember my mom,Agnes, and all those at MSK NYC right now. And for their caregivers—that they will truly be the hands of Christ for those they minister to. St. Peregrine carry our humble prayers to the feet of our oh, so merciful Savior. Amen.

  44. Please remember my mom,Agnes, and all those at MSK NYC right now. And for their caregivers—that they will truly be the hands of Christ for those they minister to. St. Peregrine carry our humble prayers to the feet of our oh, so merciful Savior. Amen.

  45. First thank you lord for a very favorable ruling for my daughter in her custody hearing yesterday. I also ask for continuing prayers for my friend Colleen G who is in remission of ovarian cancer that she’ll defeat this disease and make a full recovery. And for my daughter Patricia who is having surgery next week to prevent getting cancer because of a defective gene I pray for a successful surgery and a quick and speedy recovery.

  46. Please keep My son keep him Healthy please he has illness that is not curable please keep him healthy and help him through life please please I will be forever thankful 🙏🙏help other that have a illness thank you .

  47. Praying for Darlene who is taking care of my sister who has cancer. Darlene also took care of my mom while she had cancer. God certainly has a special purpose for her.

  48. Please pray for Jade who has stage 4 cancer. She is a single mom. For her parents Ina & Wes who are caring for her and her children.
    For Chloe who has a very rare disease that there is not cure for and for her brother who has Crohn’s disease. For their parents Linda & Corey who take such good care of them.
    Please heal them Lord if it be your will.

  49. For Joann C and Anna B and Mary D that they know Gods love through their illness and if God wills to heal them physically let it be so, through the almighty physician . Amen

  50. Please pray for my husband, Mike, as per Pet Scan there is a
    nodule on his lung that looks cancerous. Please pray that it is not cancerous. Amen

  51. Healing of son in law with multiple health issues possibly including cancer. For physical, spiritual and emotional healing

  52. Please pray for my dear friend Maddie ..
    She just got word that her Cancer has returned and metastasized..
    God Bless

  53. Please pray for me as I have Shingles right now and in pain. Please help me get through this. I have to work and it’s so painful. Please pray for my brother who is caring for our sick father. And pray for my sisters husband who just had a long surgery. Pray he comes through this and gets well. In Jesus name I pray.

  54. I want to pray for friends and family of those who are sick, especially the ones I know and see at our Oncology. I want to also pray for the doctors and nurses and support staff at our Oncology and other establishments created to help and support these people. I also want to pray for the leadership in our Oncology and others that they can use Christ as an example of how to lead.

  55. For Tricia who is having a lung biopsy this morning.
    For Kathy who has MS and is currently in remission.
    For Rod who has ARVC
    For Barb and Tom who are recovering from cancer surgeries.

  56. I pray for those who do not or refuse to see the cancer in our society and complicit in the downfall of our nation.

  57. Please pray for me that I do not have cancer. I will have surgery on Jan 21 please pray all goes well and I’m cured no cancer. In Jesus name I pray!

  58. For my daughter, Daniela, who has been suffering from intractable epilepsy for 26 years and now suffers from anxiety and depression as well. 🙏