The Christ the King Novena, 2022

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The next novena begins next Friday! It’s the Christ the King Novena.

It is the perfect novena to pray as we end this liturgical year and begin the next one very soon.

This novena will give us an opportunity to re-order our lives, our hearts and our minds to our Lord.

It’s kind of like a novena for new (Liturgical) year’s resolutions!

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And you can share your prayer intentions with us all below.

We’re looking forward to praying with you and for you! 

God bless you!

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  1. Lord Jesus Mama Mary bless Neha with Bank job govt job, bless Nikita to be placed in the best Company of Engeering at Bangalore with high package, bless the interviewers with Holy Spirit gifts fruits charisms of Holy Spirit to select Nikita Neha for the jobs, protect them from all ailments of body and mind, bless them with suitable loving holy understanding rich catholic life partners, bless their finances lives intentions prayers studies future health, keep them in your bosom every moment of their lives, bless Vellu Judy to be with you always and with our children sons in law and grand children now and always.

  2. I am currently revising for an exam to be taken in the month of February 2023.
    My prayer request is that I pass this exam.
    I believe am doing my best and leave the rest to God.
    I have passed in Jesus name.
    Help me declare this and make it hape through prayers.

  3. I pray for direction regarding my marriage. Have found out my husband is cheating on me with people from church and all over if we separate and generally don’t feel he love me. I am afraid for my children but I am emotionally tired. May God give me direction.

    Also praying for a better paying job with a healthy environment and the development of my own side hustle.

  4. I pray for my daughter and get two children that they will get to know Jesus as their savior I pray for them to reflect on themselves to be more Christlike

  5. I pray for a financial miracle this week. I’ve got myself in a financial strain and I pray God helps me get back on track.
    It would greatly help if my niece or her mom would pay me the money my niece owes me. Please God have her pay me today or tomorrow.
    In Jesus Christ I pray. Amen

  6. Lord hear my prayer I pray that when they take the tumor out I feel better and less stress and that is the answer to my prayers. I also pray that I feel better and not stressed or anxious too much after the operation because my whole world revolves around stress and anxious. I also pray that when I call the housing line that they can put me on the waiting list for Housing.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  7. Lord hear my prayer I pray that the stress and anxiety is healed after my surgery and that I will be more positive and have more confidence in myself. I also pray that Carol calls me sometime today before I go to the hospital. I also pray that after my surgery I can drive two weeks after and that I can go back to work on January 2 and I pray that there is housing available next year so we can go on the waiting list.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  8. I have been praying Novenas for our Grandson Anniston for a while now. He has been on a journey to have an intestinal transplant. The transplant is complete and thanks to all of our prayer warriors he was able to eat his first Thanksgiving Meal.

  9. To cast all my worries to the Lord; To overcome being overly critical towards self; To overcome being overly sensitive and highly emotional; Not to despair no matter what the day brings and to cling on hope for better days; To protect my sense of worth and dignity;

  10. I wish to lay my self hatred for myself and my hatred for my physical appearance and humbly ask God to replace it with full love for myself always knowing and believing that God created me and all He creates is perfect and beautiful even with flaws.
    In Christ name Amen

  11. Lord hear my prayer I pray that I get better after the surgery and that I am not stress or anxi after the surgery. I pray that I can rest and after I have surgery and rest I look forward to going back to work. Please answer those prayers because I can’t stand being stressed and anxi all the time and that for little things I don’t panic.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  12. We need prayers for our daughter who is addicted to weed/drug and is not willing to meet anyone, also getting away from church. We need all your prayer and conversion for my daughter

  13. Thanking God for our lives, journey mercies,favours,good health and safety in the family and praying for same.
    Dear christ the king, I come before you to as for forgiveness,mercy and favours in the family.
    I bring my daughters before you to bless them with good spouses, my sons with good wives .
    Grant our heart desires especially my daughter E. Grant us journey mercies as we travel this period and beyond
    May my children continue to be together as siblings.
    Let our tenants pay their rents as at when due.
    Thank you Jesus for answered prayers and God’s blessing on John Paul and annie for praying for us Amen

  14. 1. I pray that God will hear my Prayers and enable Me & My Wife get better Jobs
    2. I pray that God will help My Daughter get the VISA to enable her go abroad for Studies
    3. I pray that God will bless my Lottery nos to emerge the winning number in the Draw

  15. 1.Praying for good health
    2.Praying for my brothers family to be strong after his demise
    3.Praying for enough rains inour country-Kenya

  16. We fervently need your prayers… Please pray for Nestor Aguirre.
    He awakens from coma due to heart attack, yet he had the difficulty to urinate. He undergone dialysis.
    Lord we pray for your good health for him.
    We ask this in Jesus name and Mama Mary’s intercession.
    Amen. Alleluia.

  17. Hi, kindly help me pray for reconciliation with my boyfriend his name (Sefiu Agoro). My partner has become very harsh to me and treats me like ordinary person.. cheating alot and meeting different women. He broke up with me with no reasons. Am so much inlove with him. I just want him back and to love me as before. Please pray for me/us for understanding each other, getting back together and to stop being rude/arrogant and cheating. I miss him so much, am not happy..I cry everyday. Please help me

  18. Please I pray desperately for my son. His marriage is in serious trouble. Him and his wife is talking about divorce. Lord I don’t even know if they truly love each other. I don’t want to give up on them I continue to pray they can rebuild their marriage and fall deep in love with each other. They have a beautiful daughter who needs them. I pray desperately God helps them save their marriage and build a strong loving relationship . In Jesus Christ I pray whom I love, need and worship. Amen

  19. Dear Jesus/Mary/All Saints: Please bless my marriage that it will grow in faith/love. I pray that my husband’s health will get better, and his faith will be restored. I pray that we are happy/successful in our jobs. Please bless our oldest son & S that they will be happy/successful in their jobs, I pray for marriage soon, that their health will be good, and faith will grow. Please bless our middle son & S that they will be happy/successful in their jobs, that their health will be good, and their faith will increase. Thank you for blessing our sons w/lady friends. Please bless our daughter that she will have a good pregnancy, delivery and baby will be healthy. That daugher & son in-law will be happy/successful in their jobs; their health will be good, and faith will increase. Thank you for blessing us w/grandchildren. We thank you for all that you have blessed us with. We wish all a Happy Thanksgiving. We love Jesus-Amen.

  20. Christ the King, please forgive my fathers soul and let him in into your palace, pls wrap him with your loving arm and find peace with You abba Father. Please heal and touch the heart of my husband Romeo and his mistress MSC to stop commiting adultery, please give me strength to forgive them. Please help my son to be prayerful and help him to his course. Please give us protection from sickness and in death, through Crist Jesus.Amen

  21. Christ My King, Please intercede for me the following. Please reign in heart, my mind, my soul, in my life and all that I need also my family and the whole world. Please heal
    son Marlon and employ too. Please help All my in-laws get their visa. Please heal me thoroughly and forgive our sins and cleanse us. In Jesus Name Amen. Thank you for these novenas. Thank you John-Paul and Annie for coming out these novenas.
    Come Lord Jesus stay with us.

  22. Christ my King intercede with all who prayed this novena including myself. Thanking God for each day he gives us. In your hands I place everything Amen.
    Praying for a beautiful week ahead peace and love always. PROTECTION over my home family and grandchildren Amen.

  23. Christ The King
    Please help me in my necessities that I have been praying about. I believe my God that you will answer me. Thank you for your love for us. You are the king. Pray for us. God bless. Amen.

  24. please pray for C.. God knows..
    He is married to a family member and shared that he was sexually abused as a child, he and brothers because their mother was on drugs. pray that God would enter into the inner most part of his heart and heal the wounds of the past through CHrist and therapy. He does not believe in God and we pray for his salvation.

  25. To find what was lost; Replace my worries with trust; Replace my unbelief with hope. Hoping for the best in God’s way and plan. Hoping for God’s goodness. Replace my doubts with promises. Fulfilment of a promise. Mother Mary, help me in my day to day life. Amen.

  26. Dear Christ the King,

    Please help me to succeed in my new job.
    Please keep me safe as I drive 4 hours to and from my new job each day.
    Please give me the strength to be able to commute 4 hours each day.
    Please release my financial debt and bless me with a financial miracle.
    Please heal my son from suicidal ideations, lack of motivation, severe depression, severe anxiety, negative self-talk, sleep apnea, autism, video game addiction, and anger.
    Please heal my joints, asthma, diabetes, anxiety.
    Please heal my daughter from kidney disease, autism, severe anxiety, Ehlers Danlos syndrome, and panic attacks.
    Please bless me and my family with success, happiness, joy, peace, laughter, unity and love.
    Please heal my mother and ex-husband.
    Please protect me and my family from COVID, Satan, and all evil.

  27. My husband and I have been struggling with my health and finances since I was diagnosed in 2021. It’s been really hard and we tried our best. My husband had a massive heart attack due to heart failure and we lost our home on the same day. We’ve been praying for healing and financial struggles to accommodate my treatment costs not covered by insurance and to keep our home and we will continue to do so. When I pray, I feel like it’s my private moment with God talking about my life and his will. If my prayers aren’t answered, the part that I have someone to talk to at anytime makes me feel blessed beyond measures.

  28. Praise God:
    Please pray for me to make it in life and become a better version my self.
    Pray for me that the lord brings me a wealthy partner and husband.
    Pray that more opportunities open up for me at my work place and also God’s favor and knowledge be with me while there.
    Also, that God protects my children and help me be a huge part of their lives and get to have them for good as the father takes full responsibility of them.

  29. Dear Christ the King Take good care of my daughter and myself( and my son) as she is moving out in January; Please intercede for her and I regarding all the obstacles,worries,off/on leases& recertifications for us both! Don’t let us get in bad housing where we are unhappy& miserable; come to our aid; bless us with new homes of our own to own in warm state, safe neighborhoods,close to each other and work it all out! Also work things out for my son in Military & come to his aid too! Work it all out cuz I miss him and want to live near both my adult kids; Jesus I trust in You! Hear& answer everyone’s prayers on this novena! Rescue all abused,tortured,starving& thirsty people, children,animals! XO

  30. My health is poor, it keeps getting worse, I have a bone issue that has taken too long to heal and other complications some untreated due to lack of finances. I’m in the darkest corner of my life, even praying is very difficult

  31. Praying that I may have the mental and physical stamina to be consistent , persistent in my study goals! Amen. In Jesus Christs’ name

  32. I ask for prayers for physical healing. I ask for family healing and release of anyone struggling with addiction.
    I ask for continued health and strength for my mother in law, Dorothy. That she may continue to be able to visit her daughter in a nursing home.
    For my sister in law who was born with Cerebral Palsy and is now in a nursing home at 73 years old.
    For Paige to be able to overcome her addictions and finish high school in order to make the world a better place with faith in Christ.
    I pray my son get a deer today or tomorrow in order to provide nourishment for the winter for his family.

  33. Christ The King
    I pray for my children to find employment. I pray for myself to find a business opportunity so that I can be able to buy myself a house. I pray for Mphile and Samkelisiwe to their unacceptable behavior and become good children. I pray for my brother Sam to come out of the alcohol addiction and become responsible. Thank you Jesus for being my rock and my salvation. Amen.

  34. Peace in our family.
    Children & grandchildren return to
    My shoulder surgery goes well and
    recovery quick so that I can care
    for the puppies myself .
    My hand is more usable after

  35. Peace in our family.
    Children & grandchildren return to
    My shoulder surgery goes well and
    recovery quick so that I can care
    for the puppies myself .
    My hand is more usable after

  36. Dear Christ the King,

    Thank you for helping me to find a job. Please help keep me safe as I travel 4 hours per day getting to and from the job. Please help me excel at this job.
    Please release my financial debt and bless me and my family with a financial miracle.
    Please heal my son from suicidal ideations, severe anxiety, severe depression, lack of motivation, autism, negative self-talk, anger, obesity, video game addiction, and sleep apnea.
    Please heal my joint pain, asthma, diabetes, heart palpitations, and anxiety.
    Please heal my daughter from panic attacks, depression, Ehlers Danlos syndrome, kidney disease, and autism.
    Please bless my family with success, financial stability, joy, laughter, happiness, unity, and love.
    Please keep me and my family safe from COVID, Satan, and all evil.
    Please heal my mother and ex-husband.

  37. Pray for peace, love and unity for my country and it’s people during this election, pray for God fearing leaders with wisdom. Pray that my brother don’t take a glass of alcohol ever again. Pray that my Son be more prayerful, pray for knowledge, wisdom and understanding and pray that he excel in his CxC exams. Pray for healing of the infirmation and any infection in my cervix.

  38. I ask , dear Lord
    That Mike and Al remarry in the church
    Mike and Karen’s autistic kids become more aware of themselves and make their live easier and that of their parents
    Mike keep his job and let him become more financially able to care for his large family
    Bring peace to our trouble world
    Help those who cannot help themselves.
    Help me physically so I can help others

  39. My doctors have found a fatty tumor on my back and felt something in my stomach. I have to go for an ultrasound. Please pray that I am restored to Optimal Health and that there are no serious medical issues. Please pray that I am healed of all Cancer, Tumors, Growth, Abnormalities, Sickness, and Disease.

  40. Christ The king, i pray that the repair of my meniscus surgery will be successful. Please be the hands of the doctors that will do the surgery for me. 🙏

  41. Peace be with you.
    1.Pray for me that i get a better job.
    2.Pray for my brother Felix to change and turn to God.
    3. Pray for my sister-in-law Margaret to heal her wound fully after she was operated.
    4. Pray for my sister Emelda to reunite with his husband.

  42. Father today I ask you please intercede my brother Rol broke my trust in his words with’s really effected me and my kids. Give me your courage and peace to forgive him in whatever pain he has done to me and my kids.
    Praying for my kids to have a relationship with him.
    God’s protection be upo us. thank you Jesus for everything.

  43. I pray for Christ the King to reign in our hearts this holiday season and always; lead us to church on Christmas Eve; safe travels for all us and good health& healings; reconciliation& forgiveness to replace bitterness and lots of joy,sobriety,peace& love! Jesus I trust in You! XO

  44. Christ the King
    I pray for a new job employment, for the conversion of my eldest son, also praying for my son and his wife to bear children,i pray for continuous good health and a strong and enduring love in my marriage, for my daughter’s success in her new job and her complete faith and trust in God.

  45. I pray that the plans to build a mosque in our small town, does not get approval. Our relatively small country is in danger of losing our Christianty culture due to the influx of thousands of non-Christians. Please Lord, in your mercy hear our prayers and come to our aid. Amen.

  46. I would like prayer for my marriage, that we come to the ability to marry in the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony soon. I am experiencing turbulence thru the process of annulment. I want nothing more than to receive the Eucharist at Mass. I also pray for my son Fernando Fuentes and Charis Pompa for our Lord to grace and bless them and enkindle the fire of His Love in their hearts to enable them with love and adoration and service for our Lord Jesus and Blessed mother Mary… they are somewhat distanced from the church.

    God bless you and grant you His peace, grace, and blessings for all you do for all you assist and encourage, and inspire.

  47. Christ The King
    I pray for my children to find employment. I pray for myself to find a business opportunity so that I can be able to buy myself a house. I pray for my granddaughter Samkelisiwe to leave her unacceptable way of life. I pray for Mphile to stop the drug abuse. I pray for my brother Sam to come out of alcohol use. Thank you Jesus for being my rock and my salvation. Amen.

  48. Christ the King I surrender Matthew Ronel Lagas and Stephanie Chan and Cheryl Lagas please take care of everything. Amen

  49. Christ the King I surrender my son Matthew Lagas and my daughter Cheryl Lagas and my husband Roberto Lagas and Stephanie Chan please take care of everything.Amen

  50. Christ the King I surrender my son Matthew Lagas and my daughter Cheryl Lagas and my husband Roberto Lagas and Stephanie Chan please take care of everything.Amen

  51. Christ the King I surrender Matthew Ronel Lagas and Stephanie Chan and Cheryl Lagas please take care of everything. Amen

  52. Long live Christ the King!
    Help me! Rescue me! Find me a home or take me home!
    Convert my brother’s heart.
    Convert my sister-in-law’s heart.
    Convert my Godson’s heart.
    Convert my Niece-in-law’s heart.
    Convert my Nephews heart.
    Keep my heart safe from evil.
    Please Jesus, I don’t belong here. Please find me a place to live where I am with kind people, am closer to my acquaintances. Please Jesus I can’t stay here.
    I love you Jesus my Love, I repent of ever having offended thee, grant that I may love you always and then do with me what thou wilt.

  53. Christ the King I pray for peace in my country especially during this election season, let your love and peace reign among the people of my country. Pray for my brother that he will get sober again. Pray for healing of my cervix infirmation and other infection. Pray for peace, love and unity for my siblings, nieces and nephews.

  54. Christ Our King
    I surrender this area of my life… old age ….and all those suffering with this same adjustment. I surrender all in our lives who humble us by their attitudes towards us.

    I surrender this area of my life…….concern about our young people, the family, and all the violence and divisions in our world where innocent people are being persecuted.

    Chirst Our King, see our weary hearts. Reign in our hearts this day and forever.

    For all the souls in purgatory, especially Dennis, his parents and all his relatives and people he knew on earth in purgatory. And for my parents and everyone in their earthly lives who are there too.

    Eternal rest grant upon them O Lord and let your perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and all the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace.

    Our Lady, Queen of Peace, pray for them and pray for us
    St. Joseph, protector of all families, pray for them and pray fo rus.

  55. Please show Mike and I the way to a new job for him.
    Please show me the way about whether or not to apply for the CFE position and if it is His plan for me.
    Please use this unemployment situation to show Madelyn what she has and Dan to value what he has and Kevin to consider what he is doing.
    Please help us all trust I Him and His plan for each of our lives.
    Thank You Lord Jesus for the many blessings that You shower upon us every day!

  56. Praying for my sons and daughter Ad Dre and Chevy may God blessings always be upon them in Christ there jobs homes and children 🙏praying for Peace love and happiness within myself my siblings. Protection over my home my health and my job. Thanking God for this week he has given me. Father in your hands I place all my intentions. May Prosperity come within my home and in Finance Amen.

  57. Praying for peace in my family. And success in my husband business. For a better father and son relationship between my husband and our first son.
    All Glory be to the King of Kings who listens , hears and answers all our prayers!🙏

  58. My prayer intention for this novena is truly let my unforgiveness and resentment towards family members fall at the feet of Jesus and allow fill the spaces in my heart with His Love.

  59. I like to pray for pastor Ron for healing from covid. I also pray for peace with my neighbors, strangers, and conflicting spirits. So I like to continue prayers for my mental health, prosperity, and physical/spiritual protection against my enemies.

  60. Thanking God Almighty for everything and praying for God’s mercy in my family and extended family, for the conversion of poor sinners within my family and the whole world. Praying for success in all our endeavours and may God continually reign supreme in our lives and in the was King of Kings and Lord of Lords AMENNNN

  61. In thanksgiving I pray for victory for peter obi as the incoming president of Nigeria, I beg our mother Mary and the his patron saint Peter, the Rock and all heavenly hosts to intercede for him, his good team and his family members. Shield them from all harm, frustrate all plans to rig the election against him . Lord rule and reign in our country Nigeria. Save us from war, anarchy and doom, from terror and from evil leaders, men and women, who have held this country Nigeria hostage

  62. Thanking God for everything. I pray that Christ will rule and reign in our hearts our homes and our families, Lord rule the hearts of my children to know you better, follow your ways, be obident to the word of God and the inspiration of the holy spirit. Keep Lord away from evil associations, break every chain and yoke that tempers with their destiny and future, free them Lord from all household enemies in Jesus name amen.

  63. Dear Christ the King,

    Please keep me safe as I travel long distance each day to get to and from work.
    Please help me to excel at my new job.
    Please release my debts and bless me with a financial miracle.
    Please heal my son, daughter, mother, me, and my ex-husband.
    Please bless my family with happiness, success, laughter, joy, peace, unity and love.
    Please protect me and my family from COVID, SATAN and all evil.

  64. Good morning Lord, thank you so much for everything, I am writing you once again Lord please help me that my daughter Lyriamae will take her Civil Engineering Board Exam tomorrow November 19 and 20, 2022 that you will her side, that she can answer all the questioners in an exact answer, give her good health in order she will be a successful Civil Engineer someday, please Lord and St. Jude. Please help my daughter in law Jeanica and my daughter Rubelyn that she will get pregnant, Roldan and Jeanica got married last November 17, 2020 while Rubelyn and Vergel got married last June 8, 2022, but until now they did not get pregnant. but We trust you so much Lord that in your mercy and goodness they will get pregnant. I am trusting you Lord please help them to get pregnant now. Amen. We love you so much Lord, please forgive my family of what we are bad doing Lord. Sorry for everything. I am heartily that my prayers be granted all. Hoping Lord that you give my family always protection, good health, abundance of graces and loving family. in Jesus name AMEN. THANK AND WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH

  65. Thank you for your prayers for Nestor Aguirre. He has awaken and is now recovering fast.
    Thank you Lord. Thank you. Amen. Alleluia.

  66. Please pray for my family that my husband gets a job and comes back to God and becomes a husband and a father again to his 4 kids. Please pray that I am cured of stage4 metastatic renal cancer. Please pray for peace and love in my family. God bless you All!

  67. Dear Christ the King,

    Please help me to excel in my new job, I need this job to support my family.
    Please help my son to believe in you Lord, he has lost his way.
    Please help my son and daughter lead a Christian life.
    Please heal my son from suicidal thoughts, severe depression, severe anxiety, self-hatred, negative self-talk, autism, sleep apnea, video game addiction, obesity, and anger.
    Please heal me physically and emotionally.
    Please heal my daughter from panic attacks, severe anxiety, depression, kidney disease, Ehlers Danlos, autism and heart problems.
    Please heal my mother and ex-husband.
    Please bless my family with laughter, happiness, unity, love, peace, joy, success, and calmness.
    Please release my debts and bless me with a financial blessing.

  68. 1. Praying for New position at work
    2. Praying for financial breakthrough during this holiday
    3.Praying for a Car a Honda Fit shuttle in particular
    4.praying for Health and well being of my family

  69. Please pray for a healing of our son, Ashton Isaac-Cole Harris. He is 16 and just diagnosed with a myeloid sarcoma (tumor) in his chest. It is narrowing his trachea and can hardly breathe. We are desperately seeking prayers for our sweet boy, for a complete healing. Waiting on radiation and chemo to start working to shrink this tumor. God bless you all.

  70. Pray for my daughter Lilian to perform well in school

    Pray for my wife Dorcas .she has been complaining of stomach problems since 2017 week, she is going to book for endoscopy.we pray for negative results

    Pray for the institution I head that the number of trainees can increase for sustainability

  71. Dear Lord, please help my family and friends who are ill and suffering – cousin with severe glaucoma, neighbors one who is totally blind the other partially – 2 priests one on need of a kidney transplant, the other partially blind, my sister with early dementia, another sister with a number of heth problems, my lite 17 month old nephew whose little body is not taking in nutrients from food properly, my brother in law with prostrate cancer, another brother in law with heart & lung problems, dear friend with early stage scoleroderma. The poor people of Ukraine who are in need of food, warmth, electricity, and PEACE – our own country with so many who hate, are biased, who are unable to love – the politicians of our country and the world who care little about those whom they are supposed to govern & only about what they can gain for themselves – please help us all to tolerate, understand, and LOVE so that planet Earth can finally become one of peace, love and joy and above all, Dear Lord, please lead all of us back to you Amen

  72. For my wife and children and I to know God’s love for us, to love Him and serve Him all the rest of the days of our lives. Amen.

  73. Dear Christ Our King
    I have a personal request. Thank you for the love you have put in my heart for my grandchildren. I especially pray for my first born grandchild this day. Please calm his nerves to write an important exam that is causing him so much anxiety. Please, at the end of the day, let him be successful in passing this exam, all glory be to you, King of King and Lord of Lords.
    Thank you, My Lord and My God.

  74. I give our family finances over the our Lord Jesus and success and/or failure of my book. Lord, You are my King. I trust in You!

  75. Please pray for that Christ will give me the grace to discover my purpose and that he will pour down his favor upon my family and our business. Amen

  76. Help Mike get a new job.
    Help Madelyn learn from this and get a job using her degree and skills.
    Help Dan to value his job.
    Help Kevin to open his eyes to new possibilities.
    Help Katie to value her job.
    Show me your plan for me in my work.