A Gift for You, and A Prayer to All Saints & for All Souls (2022)

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As we celebrate All Saints Day and pray for the faithful departed, the two of us wanted to do something special for you and your family. If you’ve been praying with us for a few years, you know that we like to do this every year :)

This is our gift for you: 

We are having a Mass offered for you on November 1st at St. John’s Catholic Chapel in Champaign, IL. This Mass will be offered for you & your intentions.

Then, we are having another Mass offered for your deceased loved ones on November 2nd, All Souls Day, in the same chapel.

And lastly, we are having a Mass offered for all the deceased members of Pray More Novenas — those who have prayed with us at any point in the past and have since passed away. This Mass will be on November 3rd, again in the same chapel.

If you would like to share the names of those you are praying for, you can post them below.

We’re praying for you, your loved ones and your intentions.

Frequently asked question:
“What does it mean to have a Mass “offered” for someone?”

Now please join us in praying these two prayers to celebrate All Saints Day and to remember all the poor souls in purgatory.

Prayer for All Saints Day
Dear God, thank you for the example of the Saints.
I desire to join in their company, worshiping you forever in Heaven.
Please help me follow their footsteps, and yours, Jesus Christ.
Please help me to conform myself to Your image, seeking Your will in all things, as the Saints did.
Please help me to devote myself, and all that I do, to Your glory, and to the service of my neighbors.

Optional: The Litany of the Saints

Prayer for All Souls Day — the Prayer of St. Gertrude
Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Most Precious Blood of Thy Divine Son, Jesus, in union with the masses said throughout the world today, for all the holy souls in purgatory, for sinners everywhere, for sinners in the universal church, those in my own home and within my family. Amen.

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  1. Dear John Paul and Mary,

    My emails have not been working and I have just seen your message offering your wonderful blessed gifts. Thankyou both so much for these and all you do for my family, myself and all.

    I did not as a result put any names down for your prayers but will send them anyway and will ask the Lord to include them in the prayers already said:
    Rose Louzado, Peter Louzado, Edward Louzado, my grandparents and my ancestors, Luiza de Souza, George de Souza, Anita de Souza, all my uncles, aunts, cousins all our friends and relations and those of my husband’s including his grandparents and ancestors and all those who have died in a state of grace.
    Thankyou for all you do John Paul and Annie

    God Bless

  2. Please my dearest beloved mummy late Agnes Kwamboka Sungura. We celebrate her birthday on Nov 25. Join us in Thanksgiving on Saturday November 26th and keep praying for her soul

  3. Thomas
    Mary Jane
    Harold and wife
    Lesley and wife
    Tom and wife
    Jesse and husband
    Fred and wife

    Mary and John
    Jim and Hazel
    Joseph and Norah
    Vincent and Kitty
    Robert and Maureen

    Nan and husband

    Mary and Wally
    Clifford and Lillian
    B Jim.

    Joan and Louis
    Thomas Burgess
    Naden famiy
    Riseley g/parents & family
    Francis Downey

    Ant’s Mum dad.
    Ant’s sister.
    All Tooley family

  4. Pray for:
    Vincent – my son addicted to alcohol,drug and looking for a job
    Louisa – daughter facing a big exams
    Alice – daughter disable
    Itaaka – addicted to alcohol and very impatient
    We need a land to build our home
    We are looking for a reliable supplier who will trust us to be their distributor.

  5. Ursula klein
    James klein
    Norma Lewis
    John Lewis
    Steven Lewis
    Bob Dulhunty
    Pat Ratcliffe
    Rita Klein
    Dot collins
    Jenny wrist
    Nicolas Watkins
    Peter Klein
    Barry Porter
    Aunty Chris ( mums side)

  6. I’m praying that when all votes are counted in this past election we will have a more conservative government. I pray God will be the Center of Our Country again.

  7. For the souls of the following:
    Mauricio and Modesta Balbuena, Fred Hoganes, Felipe Bumanglag, Roland Balbuena, Tomas and Vicenta Juganas, Mauro and Florentina Hoganas, Rosie Dacanay, Generoso “Johnny” Gamboa, Purification and Napoleon Espinosa, Pete and Sofia Bumanglag, Msgr John Pernia, John Alesi, Jimmy Brewster, Marguerite Savant, Kay Wheelock, Charlotte “Charlie”, Lorena Banayat. John Sr and Eng Caberto, Arthur Caberto And all their families.
    Thank you.

  8. Please pray that Covid will leave my body soon and that I make the right decision about whether to take this new drug or not! Holy Spirit please guide me on this. Thank you God!

  9. My Lord thank you for all your blessings, I’m here today to ask for your Divine Mercy, please show young people The Way, touch their hearts to be loving, sincere and honest to one another please keep drugs and alcohol away from them and shield them from any harm. My personal request: Please help NRB and JVO to be calm and their wedding for JVO to be strong and say no to any substance that may tempt him that day or any day, may the Holy Spirit touch them and may their marriage last forever and I ask for NRB to one day have a healthy baby. In your Holy Name I ask. Amen

  10. I would like to offer prayers and intentions for all living and deceased members and relatives of my family, plus friends’ and acquaintances’ intentions.
    In The Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN.

  11. My grandparents. Flavors and mambo mogale. Jacob and Josephine mopeloa. My parents John and Agnes Mopeloa. My younger sister Philomena Mopeloa. My nieces petronella and Nona Mopeloa. My brother( aunt’s son) Daniel Mogale. My friends Mrs tsebe Mrs Tabona, miss Ethel senosi, miss tebogo koyabe, miss Connie Moncho

  12. I’m praying for my special needs daughter Jessica who is non verbal I hope one day she will be able to speak and will be cured of her epilepsy My parents Patrick and Eileen and myself for my very severe back problems Thank you 🙏🙏🙏

  13. Please pray for my dad – Michael. My daddy :( My Hero :(

    Prayer for All Souls Day — the Prayer of St. Gertrude
    Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Most Precious Blood of Thy Divine Son, Jesus, in union with the masses said throughout the world today, for all the holy souls in purgatory, for sinners everywhere, for sinners in the universal church, those in my own home and within my family. Amen.

  14. Please pray for my young, dear friend Venus. She has had multiple health issues and relatively recent surgery for cancer. I ask for your prayers that some of her symptoms and problems be resolved now and that she has a happy, thriving life. Thank you so much! God bless you all.

  15. Hi, I’m just came back from my compassionate leave and read your email.My request is to pray for my late Father Romualdo Pesehena who just passed away on the 31.Oct 2022.


  16. My parents H&G, brothers J&G and sister Rose as well as my dear cousin Jane who just passed away in October this year Thankyou

  17. Praying for my marriage and my dear family members that have gone to be with the Lord.
    Adela R. PEREZ, Patricio Petez and NY brother P.P. Jr. ..Judy England

  18. I want to give a testimony of what God did for my family through the intercession of St. Jude during this latest Novena. My sister on her way to Morning mass slumped and lost consciousness on our 4th day of St. Jud3 Niv3na and I continued the Novena. She was hospitalised and still no progress until I challenged God that St. Jude as the difficult and impossibility tackler saint should intercede. She has hemorrhage in the blood and was constantly in pains, shouting her head. Sometimes when will loose consciousness. But God did it on St. Jude’s feast day, she recovered without the doctor knowing how it happened. She was discharged 3 days after the feast of St. Jude and is healthy and I give God the glory. May His name be forever praised and also O remain grateful to St. Jude for taking up my sister’s case before the Throne of Heaven & interceeding on our behalf. Thank You Jesus! Amen.

  19. Thank you St.Jude for my miracle. Charles is well. Now I pray for my sister and family. Also all those people who need You the most and may not know You, dear Jesus.

  20. I’m sending this request late, yet hope you may offer prayers for my beloved husband, Patrick Lund, who passed on Sept. 21st. Thank you and God Bless.

  21. Hi, am sorry I sent the message late but I want to pray for my beloved family members who departe:
    Ssebale Alipio my farther, namusoke spesioza my mother, Paul ssenabulya my brother, David lubega my brother and all of our beloved on who departed this year 2022 may their souls rest in internal peace. Smen

  22. Shannon Allison 4/4/87- 12/5/2017
    Rachel Leopald &Denis Deschamps
    Gloria &Simon Allison
    Guy Kendall
    Robert Gagnon

  23. Greetings and best wishes to you.

    Thank you for my gift. May God bless you too.

    I am sorry to forward the names late. I have just read your email. I believe you will still pray for their souls. Here are the names of the faithful departed:

    Charles Lwanga (my late dad)
    Martha (my late mom)
    Mary Jane
    Grandmother Mary, Grandfather Philomino
    Aunt Ann Mary, Aunt Theresa, Aunt Regina, Uncle Mathias, Sserunkuuma, Jakie
    Fr David, Fr. Albert, Fr. Joseph, Fr. Alex, our departed Bishops, Priests and Religious Nuns
    Willi and Trudy
    aborted and miscarriages
    All souls in Purgatory and
    All souls with no people to pray for them in a special way.


  24. Please pray for my mum Maria and my dad Donato my mother in law Marietta and father in law Donato Trieste my cousins Remo and Antonio my untie Agnese and uncle Vito and for all the other deceased in the family I don’t remember. Amen!!!
    Thank you

  25. Please pray for my family, extended family & friends who are deceased.
    Especially Wilfred, Blaine, Robin, Henry, Eleanora, Benjamin, Catherine, Monica, Jerry, Gary B.
    J. Bernard, Mary, Ida H.
    Frank, Josephine, Albert, Adela, Edgar, Steve S.
    Freida, Oliva U.
    Elizabeth, Henry, Ted, Clara, Henry, Norena, Edmund, Lucille, Linus, Esther D.
    Edwina, Hubert, Lee, Jim L.
    Leo, Anna, Sylvester, Marie, Linus, Anna Mae, Cletus M.
    Lawrence, Jr., Mary Catherine P.
    Ralph A.

  26. Joe Rivera
    Jose Rivera
    Florence Salas
    Charles Andrade
    Lupe Andrade
    Nana Dolores Rivera
    Rosendo Andrade
    Raphate Rivera
    Frasier Rivera
    God Bless all!

  27. Please pray for the souls of my parents Solomon and Maria Maseko, siblings – Anna, Jerome and Rosalia Maseko
    Also pray for the souls of all my relatives who have passed on. May their souls and all souls of the faithfully departed rest in eternal peace.

  28. Joseph P. Peles Sr
    Nancy Fortunato
    Blose Children
    Stossel Family
    Yaros Family
    Burkley Family
    Peles Family
    Fortunato Family

  29. Please pray for the souls of Vincent Nghe Ng., Mary Dang Do, Vincent Dieu Do, Peter Ngan Ng., Anna Mai Dang, Mary Adria Mai, Vincent Ngung, Vincent Ngo. Specially pray for the suffering souls.
    Thank you for your prayers.

  30. Please pray for my uncle who just passed unexpectedly,
    John Walters and my husband who is having health issues,
    Randy Rink and my Aunt’s son with cancer
    Tommy Lee
    In Jesus’ name Amen.

    I know I am late but I didn’t see it in time and I know you will add them to your prayer list. Thank you so much for being here!
    With love,

  31. Thank you for the previlage to have our loved ones prayed for

  32. I pray for the soul of my mother Felister Gitiri.
    Rachel njeri
    Veronicah Wagio
    Esther Mukabi
    Francis watitu
    John karari
    Elizabeth ndite

    May their souls rest in eternal peace.

  33. Souls of Kenny, Tom, my paternal grandparents, their brothers and sisters, my maternal grandparents, JJ, my husbands grandfather and maternal grandparents.

  34. Harold Stainto
    Hanns Juergen Meike
    Sulpicio Bendanillo
    Adelaida Canedo
    Maria Leonora Bendanillo
    Maria Delia Bendanillo
    Milagros Bendanillo

  35. Pray for kangaho Edward that his soul may continue resting in peace. My grandmother, grandmother, aunties and uncles who passed on that the lord may continue having mercy on them . May they rest in peace amen

  36. Raul Rojas
    Carmen Garcia
    Ana Prentt
    Peter Prentt
    Esther Algarin
    Lucho Gracia
    Astolfo Garcia
    Ms Mckoy
    Arthur Randolph
    Rosalee Correa

  37. I pray for the soul of Ugwu Mather Nonye and the souls of all the faithful departed true the mercy of Hod rest in peace Amen.

  38. Please pray for the souls of Robert, Oscar, Alander, Andrea ,Eileen, Maddie, Tammy, Mitt, Ramona, Pete, Margaret, Bernadette, Natalie and Derek. Thank you.

  39. Please pray for my mom, my brother, my children, and grandchildren. We are all going through very tough times in all areas and aspects in our lives. Thank you. God Bless everyone praying.