The Next Novena to the “Greatest Saint of Modern Times!”

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rsz_believe_in_yourself_and_all_that_you_are_1We’re very excited to announce that the next novena is the St. Therese of Lisieux Novena!

There are so many Catholics who really have a strong devotion to St. Therese — I bet you know some of them :)

They are going to want in on this novena! So please sign up to pray with us, and share this novena!

We will start praying this novena on Thursday, September 22nd.

You can sign up to join us in prayer here:

We’re looking forward to praying with you and for you!

God bless you!

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  1. I pray for my three children. I pray for my son his 12th birthday. I pray my oldest daughter returns to church. I pray can pay off my financial debt. I also pray to find my good holy faithful God loving husband that God has intended for me and my children. A husband where we challenge each other, bring out the best of each other, we grow together as a couple and as a family. In the Sacred Hearts of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph Amen

  2. for my granddaughter on her 9th birthday
    for dana and sera, mary, matt and bill: health, safety and wellbeing, mentally, spiritually and physically.
    to draw all my family back to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

  3. St Therese, I pray for your intercession to the following:
    – for bobby’s biopsy test to come out as negative and for him to be in good health
    – for me to meet my partner in life that God has intended for me and who has the qualities and values that I want and pray for
    – for safety of me and my family from sickness, misfortunes and harmful elements
    – for job and financial security of me and my fanily

  4. St. Therese, please don’t stop praying until prayer is granted. Please pray that I get pregnant naturally and have a healthy baby.
    Thank you.

  5. I pray for a spiritual healing for my son in law. For his conversion. For him to turn to you w all his issues.
    Also I pray for my husband’s health. Keep him stable. Thank you, St. Therese for your miracles.

  6. St. Therese, please pray for my Mom who has a great devotion to you. Help her in her move to senior housing and a quick sale of her home. Help me to have a closer relationship with Jesus, the Divine Master, and teach me to be selfless in your little way.

  7. St. Therese please help to guide my sons in their lives.
    I pray for them to see, hear, and feel God’s endless love and merciful graces. Help them to make good choices and know right from wrong. Guide them in their daily lives with school and work, friendships and love. Keep them healthy and safe from harm. Amen

  8. St Therese please help me with the following
    For my son to get a good job
    For my daughter to pass her board exam coming up in November
    For my bank to approve my line of credit
    For my health and stop the pain on my feet and resolve my BP issue
    For my children to meet and get married to the right person for them
    for my sister son with autism to get a gift of speech, he is 14 and still does not talk
    for my sisters papers to be regularized soon so she can start working
    for my brother in his job situation for clarity of thinking and action.

  9. St Therese please help two very good friends of mine with their drug and alcohol addictions. For the father is trying very hard and the son needs much help with his addiction and depression. Please pray for them. Also a very good girlfriend is very sick please God see her to a full recovery soon. I come to you Father in Heaven asking for help through St. Theresa and your son Jesus my Lord and Savior through whom all good things come. Amen

  10. St Therese please help me I am going thru so much, pray for my daughter Anisha she try to commit sucide once very depressed drop off school was being bully by kids and teachers, my other daughter Vandana to heal from headaches and cholesterol also for peace with her sister and her, my husband depakh non believers of christ very abrusive verbally with me and my big daughter he used to be physical also I haven’t write about this before I want to feel peace and love please hear my prayers my sweet Jesus who I love never gave up on him❤️

  11. St. Therese of Lisieiux, please pray and intercede for me in my present ailment and worries, about my physical condition of any heart and brain condition, like hypertension, and my chronic inflammatory demyleating polynuropathy, and gout and ostheoarthritis.

  12. Saint Therese, I pray for you to assist me with all my heart and soul. Please intercede with our dear Lord and Father for me to help me out with my children to find the right path in life. I have also been very sick for 7 months and with no relief I need your assistance to get better and also for my sister to get better since she is going thru a hard time herself.
    I love you dearly and you have always helped me out in my time of need. I pray that everyone that is ailing in any way and seeks you can be helped.

  13. St Therese, please intercede on my behalf to the Lord our God to bless me with a miracle pregnancy. Pray for me that I may conceive and give birth to a healthy baby. Amen

  14. St Therese, please intercede for me that the Lord will have mercy on me & grant the spouse He’s ordained for me come into my life soon & we be blessed with a happy holy marriage.

    Jesus I trust in You!

    Thank you.

  15. St.Theresa has answered many of my prayers. I receive a rose, for each prayer she answered! Out of the blue, for no reason a rose comes into my life. It is a miracle!! Praying to her has given me much comfort. She is the greatest Saint on modern times!

  16. I pray this novena for all young people that they may find the God chosen partner for them to start a family with. Especially my children and nephew.

    • I pray this novena so that God might send my daughter a loving, christian man Who will love her as she deserves, and that she recognize him as her gift from God.

  17. Am praying to God to touch the heart of our government to release our waec result, also to play the waec board.
    Am also being God to use the intention of st theresa to help me to pass my waec with ease through Christ AMEN