Final Prayer – The Novena for Marriage & Family

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s the Final Prayer of The Novena for Marriage & Family!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Greetings to u all Pls I need u all to pray for me partaining my marriage that God almighty should bring peace into my home my hubby has been behaving strange 1week Nd doesn’t talk to me he blocked me from calling him he sleeps outside Nd he has never done this before, we have a little girl.. hv been going through too much stress due to this matter.. this is the man I love and want to spend my whole life with… pls pray for me that every issues be resolved today amen thank u

  2. Greating to all

    Pray for me and patner to be blessed with holy matrimony I know this is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with mostly because he is soo God fearing, please pray us to get married and raise our daughter under the holy direction of the Father the Son and The Holy Spirit. There is nothing more beautiful than a Godly family.

    God bless you all

  3. Dear brothers and sisters

    Please continue to pray for my relationship with my future husband to get stronger and stronger we have a baby together and over a month ago our relationship almost broke off but through the grace of the Lord it did not break we are slowly re uniting and loving each other again, please pray for marriage for us I would love to be joined in holy matrimony will this man.
    God bless you all

  4. I prayed this Novena and the one before for success in my academic pursuits. I had fallen behind on my masters program and lost all hope to recover the failed exams. This would have negatively impacted my family, which is going through hard times now.
    I prayed this novena and others especially the one of Padre Pio. All went well according to God’s mercy and love and have passed all four exams I sat for. I have a renewed sense of belief and desire to continue studying. Amen

    God bless you all.

  5. Dear Jesus I come Xing Yu Jesus to help me find another part-time job I also asked you Jesus please help me to stay into my apartment I do not want to go back to my cousin’s house Jesus please help me and I ask you to help me find another part-time reasonable job and also Jesus heal my back the lower part of my back please heal my body in Jesus name amen

  6. I prayed The Family Novena for my teenage daughter . She had a minor surgery on her breast to remove a cyst. I prayed for The Lord to assist the doctors and nurses and that there would be no errors or infections . All went well and I prayed the final Novena during her surgery. She recovered quickly and all went according to Gods will ! I encourage all to continue praying the Novrnas and also to pray the rosery !

  7. Father I asked for prayer Heather you know what you need better than me so Jesus helper to be a better person and Jesus bless James to be a better man and a responsible man in Jesus name amen

  8. Most blessed Mother Mary thank you for all Your prayers and support always I would like a relationship with my youngest sister. Somehow, there’s lack of forgiveness on her part. I place BRENDA in your care as You are OUR MOTHER OF PERPETUAL HELP. Another time I’ve gone to You in the chapel & gave BRENDA to You Most Blessed Mother & in your arms I placed my baby sister. A few days later my sister called me as it seems that the scales fell off BRENDA’S eyes & my sister saw this troubled person in her life at the time. Brenda truly got to know this person as she trull was. I never expressed anything negative about this person b/c I prayed hard for the truth be revealed to Brenda on her own accord.

    I’m praying now for my sister to stop blaming the family for her problems. Stop holding resentments towards myself, my brothers & sisters. Also, the same for her husband’s family. My niece, Charlotte Mae is suffering from all this emotional problems, causing her daughter chrons disease. A miracle of Healing of the memoirs for BRENDA is desperately needed as the children are really suffering from the hurtful words my sister speaks about her family. Most Blessed Mother Mary, your powerful intercessions for BRENDA,Joe and these two girls need your powerful prayers in HEALING MY SISTER FROM MENTAL ILLNESS and Remove all the pettiness,division,diversion, Sicknesses from the family forever in Jesus Holy name. Amen ????

  9. At the beginning of the Novena for Marriage and Family I had submitted my intention, as we were going through a particularly trying time financially. Praise be to God, on the Feast Day of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, I got a call from my employer calling me back to work (I had been laid off in June!). The very next day, I was at morning Mass before work, and someone anonymously left me over $600 during Holy Communion (i.e., I returned to my pew after receiving the Blessed Sacrament to find the gift). Thank you to everyone for your prayers!

  10. Mother Mary-thank you for all the blessings in my life. I ask for your intercession in bringing me to my own marriage and family. My heart is lonely and longs for a truly holy matrimony. I pray too for all those praying here with me today. Please continue to bless us with your love, thank you

  11. hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with Thee:I love my blessed mother. I need your intercession on these two Orphans Jerry O.and Martins a point of contact to all applicants. Mother, surprise them with a wonderful job this month in Jesus name amen.

    I must leave to testify your goodness all the days of my life.
    Mother Mary, you are so good merry, merry,merry you are so good.

  12. my blessed virgin mother Mary, bless our land and all homes that there is no love let your love rain. amongst family marriage in the name of Jesus Christ.

  13. my blessed virgin mother Mary, bless our land and all homes that there is no love let your love rain. amongst family marriage in the name of Jesus Christ.

  14. Happy birthday mother Mary. I’m very thankful that I found this novena prayers. I love praying novena ever since until now. In this final prayer dear mother please help and pray for me that all my intentions will be granted especially my legal case for victory. Please give it as your advanced gift to me mother on my birthday this coming October it’s more than 2 . I want it to solve and settled, so that I have a peace of mind and to move on. Pray my husband also to return back on his fulltime job and find a better job with benefits. Please pray us for all the trials that we’ve encountered right now like financial crisis, my husband terminated on his job. We can’t afford to pay our mortgages, debt, loans and bills. I always stress and got sick. Please help me mother to solve my problems. Amen

  15. Dear Blessed Mother, I have prayed for the health of Amber and now she is well. However her mother and I used to be best friends, now I don’t know, I love her dearly, yet when ever I call or text I get nothing in return, please let this pass and please if it’s your will let us be friends again.

  16. Dear Mary our Mother and all on this novena: Thank you for this chance to pray together! I am grateful we all have one another -and Mary- to pray as a big group of prayer partners. With Mary’s intercession, seeking God’s will, I hope and pray that God can bless all of our families with the graces we need. I hope that all good intentions will be answered quickly for all of us to begin immediately having more peace in our families and more faith in our Triune God. Thank you all, especially Mary, for hearing our prayers. Mither, implore God that our needs will be answered. Thank you!
    On this final day of the novena I have a few more prayers:
    -For my daughter, Fiona, age 20, to finally begin to have. A heart if gratitude.
    -For my son, Jean-Luc, to believe in God again and seek Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
    -For my daughter, Georgia, to have hope again and believe in herself.
    -For my husband, to support and encourage the kids in their faith
    -For me to persevere in seeking God and to be more trusting of Him.
    -For us all to recognize our sins, to repent, and to have a desire to please God and know Him.
    -For my friend, Isabella, that her migraines will stop forever. If they continue, please, God, give be her daily relief and hope. Also, give her a clear reason for the purpose in all of her pain.
    -For all parents to be patient and loving with our children and to guide them to God by prayer and example.
    -For Muslim conversion to Christianity. At least let all Muslims who love and revere our Mother Mary to be converted to Christ our Savior first and then that they may lead other Muslims to Christ our Savior.

  17. As always– Through Christ’s mercy and grace and through the help of Mary’s intersession I am now able to move forward in Gods plan for me and my family. Thank you.

  18. MOTHER MARY HAPPY BIRTHDAY CONTINUE TO INTERCEDE ON US. Bless my whole family. And may peace and love reigns to the whole world especially in Syria. Amen

  19. Most Blessed Mother Mary, the Holy Family all the Angels and saints please intercede for me as i pray this novena and ask that my prayers for restoration of my marriage and intimacy with my husband me restored. We r so young and havent been married long but my husband is very distant and not sexually driven or what i feel like is rejected. I want nothing more than our life and trust and intimacy and to be able to conceive a baby and get pregnant. He always worries and cant get over not having a good job or enough money and thinks everything can wait when it cant as i have issues with my health and getting pregnant but if i dont try i wont know. Please help me. I also ask that you keep evil people and negativity away from me and our marriage. Please pray forbme and all those who have prayed this most beautiful novena. Help their prayers get answered. Blessed Mother. Mary thank you for your intercessions to your son Jesus, Our Lord and Saviour

  20. Most Blessed Mother Mary, the Holy Family all the Angels and Saints I thank you for your intercessions on behalf of my sister, Brenda who has unresolved relationships with her own family & her husband’s family. Brenda’s daughter, Charlotte Mae who’s suffering from chrons disease for many years of her young life. Please Heal all relationships & illnesses.
    Amen ???? ????

  21. Thank you Blessed Mother and St. Monica! On the last day of the St. Monica novena someone close to me agreed to go into a residential addictions treatment program. Once in he had second thoughts. But on the last day of the Novena for Marriage and Family, he had decided to remaining in treatment! Praise God. Jesus I surrender myself to you. Take care of everything!

  22. Thank you Blessed Mother for your intercessions to your son Jesus, Our Lord and Saviour whose precious blood was shed on the Cross! Thank you Lord for all your many blessings for me and my family, for my son’s job my daughter’s job and my husband’s job. I thank you and praise your Holy name for all your work in our lives and I pray and ask for continued good health and peace and hope for all my family, my community and the World. All praise, glory and honour are yours almighty God and Father! Alleluia!

  23. I am so thankful for the Blessed Mother’s Intercession! After a Rosary novena, I began this one asking for help in obtaining a job that I had begun applying for. I’ve prayed several novenas over the years for a new and better job but had never even gotten an interview. Yesterday I started this new job and I love it! The Blessed Mother came through for me in a big way. I had a lot of hoops to jump through and the best thing is that I got a better and higher paying position than what I originally applied for (I had no idea the job I ended up getting was even available!).

  24. I thank you my almighty and everliving father our God for the blessed period for the Novena prayers. I pray for your help and blessing to our families, leaders and the less fortunate to have faith in you and always to glorify your name.In Jesus Christ our Savior i pray. Amen.

  25. I pray for my Mom and quadriplegic brother. Its been 30 years and now Mom is 82 and John 60 ! Things are getting more difficult as they get older and since Dad passed 4 years ago. I pray that God and Mary help them with their everyday challenges that no one could possibly understand not walking through this trial. Mary as the mother of Jesus and all he endored I know you understand. I pray that PEACE is with them both and that they get to enjoy, not struggle or worry for the rest of their days here on earth . I pray God has a miracle planned for when they do leave earth and live in his heavenly love. Please Lord and Mary bless them …Thank you God and Mother Mary