Answered Prayers from the St. Peregrine Novena, 2018

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Thank you for joining us in praying this novena to St. Peregrine! If you’ve had any prayers answered during this novena, please share those with us all below.

We are continuing to pray for you and your intentions. May God hold you ever nearer to His most loving heart.

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  1. Please pray for good results of my MRI Scan today, Aug. 3. Pray for my general well being to be pain free. Thank you.

  2. I was diagnosed with utrine cancer and underwent surgery. Results showed there was a possible genetic predisposition to bowel cancer. After extensive screening tests results indicate there is no predisposition to bowel cancer. Thank you St Peregrine for answering my prayers.

  3. Thank you to St. Peregrine for intercessions heard. Karen and Aidan both were told the tumors/masses in their brains are stable. This is wonderful news and answers to prayers. Waiting for answers for Arnie.

  4. We thank you St. Peregrine – my husband Tom has been battling bladder cancer & had to go in to have another tumor removed – when the pathology report came back it wasn’t cancer just inflammation. I prayed the novena & my prayers were answered. Thank you so much t. Peregrine for interceding on our behalf

  5. Thank you St. Perigrine and all those who joined me in this Novena. The cancer cells have begun to respond to my brother in law’s chemotherapy. Thank you Jesus!
    With lots of trust we continue to pray for a complete healing.

  6. Praise to our Almighty GOD ,through intercession of St.Peregrine my brother who has a lung cancer is getting better by just taking a herbal medication.He doesn’t want a chemotherapy but he’s strengh is back and gain a bit weight.

  7. My first cousin was diagnosed and have received treatment for ovarian cancer. I prayed to St Peregrine during our novena and she was told the tumors are shrinking. Thank you Lord Jesus and St Peregrine for your loving care and blessings.

  8. Had a small lesion in brain. Wasn’t sure if virus or a possible tumor. After months of monitoring with docs and MRIs, lesion has progressively reduced and is almost gone indicating a virus. Phew. Am praying St Perrigrine and St Jude frequently. Will continue for others. Thank you.

  9. I thank God for all your answered prayers. God also bless my family with a temporary accommodation by His divine favour. Praying He will complete the good work He started in our life.

  10. My Piano teacher has NO MATASTASIS!! She is having surgery to remove the cancer! Praise God and pray everything goes well! Dear Jesus, I ask you to guide the Doctor’s hands during surgery and I pray that there would be no complications. Thank you Jesus!

  11. I prayed that my son would have the wisdom to do what os right for his family and her recently got a job. So that her can support them. I thank God and keep praying he will do well in his training for the new job a d stay with it. Thank you Jesus. I give you praise always!

  12. The power of pray is real and God is good. Amen ! I started this novena to St Peregrine when there appeared to be little hope for our nephew who has stage 4 metastic melanoma. We thought he only had a few days. During that time this novena was started. And shortly after he started to slowly come back. He just started targeted treatment and we just learned today the tumors are starting to regress. Thank you to all who prayed.

  13. Dear All,

    I am in a desperate need of help.It has been close to 8 months since I am being unemployed.Each day I am getting more and more depressed.I am trying so hard to apply for a job daily however, I am just not getting any luck at all.Right now I’m constantly being pressured by my parents and I do not know what else can I do other than to pray.Please help me pray so that I can finally move forward in my life.

    Thank you for all your prayers.God bless!

  14. I wish to thank all those who prayed with me in the past Novenas. All the Novenas I have ever prayed were for healing of cancer& for job reinstatement. At long last! I have my job back Glory to God( After one year and two months) With God, nothing is impossible. St. Jude Thadeus, our Mother Mary, King Jesus, all is possible.

  15. In 2016, I prayed the immaculate conception novena for a regular job and I got a full time temporary job for 1 year, last year, I did the same novena for a permanent job this time and had been waiting since then. Last week, my boss called and told me that I have been offered another 6 months extra and are looking at making my position a permanent one. It just feels so good to wait on the Lord…Thank you mama Mary and our Lord Jesus.

  16. My prayer for employment for my son was answered through the intercession of St. Peregrine! I also thank all the other saints, especially St. Joseph and St. Therese, and of course our Blessed Mother, for their intercession as well. I have been praying these novenas for a long time with the same intention, and now the big break in a job for him as been answered in a glorious way. Patience and perseverance and prayer. God is good!

  17. I’m praying specially for my daughter in law, expecting their first child, tòday or tommorrow or any day, I hope everything will go well, & safe delivery & healthy baby thats all the matters. Glory to God. Amen.

  18. A childhood friend had breast cancer.
    I sent her a healing prayer card from St. Peregrine.
    She is healed. Amen
    Thanks be to God.

  19. My twin sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a mastectomy in the last month. Test showed everything was removed and no further treatment necessary. No chemo or radiation needed. I did the St Peregrine novena for her recuperation. Thank you St. Peregrine for your intersetion.

  20. Because of The intercession of St Peregrine, my cancer numbers keep improving. I have been able to live with cancer through the mercy of God. Thank you for these novenas of strength and peace.

  21. I finished a Novena for the very first time. I had dropped my prayer request. I was spotting, I wasn’t pregnant and did not commit abortion. I went to see the gyneacologist and he booked me for a pap smear for possible cervical cancer. I was so scared and coincidentally, it was the period of this Novena. So I cried to God through St. Peregrine. The test result came out today negative. Not only negative for cervical cancer but also for all other STDs and toilet infections.
    I wish to express my sincere thanks to everybody especially Ann and Paul.
    Thank you.

  22. Since we started the St. Peregrine Novena, my friend’s niece had been in coma, ICU, diagnosed with Spine TB, as at now, she has been conscious, though still in ICU but she has responded very well with the medicines. Waiting for her full recovery.

    To God be the Glory.

    • My friend was getting chemo for cancer the past 8 weeks and her mum passed away in that time. I did the St Peregrin Novena,and she wrote on facebook last week that she is given the all clear from the cancer cells.
      Thank you St Peregrin.
      Nanette Julienne

  23. I prayed st peregrine novena for a relative who had cancer of the oesophugus stage 4. She was so weak and would throw up anything she ate, she could not even start chemo sessions due to very low immunity. After the novena, through the intersession of St Peregrine she feeds very well hence has regained her strength. God is good all the time!!!

  24. Our daughter, Catherine, is completely free of cancer after a 7 hour
    surgery on February 6th. Thanks for the many prayers that worked
    numerous little miracles!

  25. My friend had throat cancer and had 8 weeks of treatment. I prayed that his pet scan would show no more cancer , so he wuldn’t need anymore treatments. He just got the results and he is completely clear of cancer.
    Thank you God and Saint Peregrine.

  26. Just got great news today that my best friend who I have been praying for the last 5 years was given a clean bill of health from her cancer issues. It’s been a long journey but this is surely a great miracle.
    I now continue to pray for her continued good health and the miracle cure of her reflux concerns.
    To God be all the glory and praise!

  27. My cousin’s wife Breda was undergoing treatment for cancer when she got the all clear after I prayed the novena to St Perigrene for her. Thank you St Perigrene.

  28. I mentioned here as we prayed the St. Peregrine Novena that I been undergoing some medical tests in the process of visa processing to join my husband who is working in a different country at the moment. I was cleared by Common wealth doctors last week but one Wednesday and they need no more action for my medicals. Am glad that now we are awaiting for Boarder Immigration Department of that specific country to decide on the granting of visas for me and the babies. I pray that this month it will be out. Trusting in God.

  29. I thank God and all the wonderful people who took part in this novena. Today my sister is getting discharged from hospital and all the trouble we had are getting solved. Thank you once again and be blessed.

  30. Please pray for my family. Lost our granddaughter thru suicide. Our son just celebrated 3 months sobriety and his young daughter wants nothing to do with him and our oldest son hasn’t spoken to us for eight yrs. Our lovely daughter in law has depression and unable to work for two now.Our family needs prayers! Thank you.

  31. I’m glorifying Jesus Christ for being the miracle of my everyday life. Health and healing, Signs and Wonders. New employment to come in a few days; according to my prayers answered.

  32. During this novena, my dermatologist told me he was certain I had skin cancer so he took a biopsy to determine the stage and development. Five days later we spoke by phone to discuss the results. He was surprised and embarrassed to tell me he was wrong, and there was no cancel present. Praise God, the Great Physician healed me through the mighty intercession of St. Peregrine. Thank you for leading us in the important work of intercessory novena prayers!

  33. I had been praying the St. Peregrine Novena for a 13 year old boy that I met at the Ronald McDonald House several months ago. I recently texted his mother to see how he was doing, and praise God! He has made remarkable steps in his recovery. St Peregrine, thank you for your intercession.

  34. Finally after 5 years of my husband searching for answers- the drs are treating him on symptoms alone and he is feeling good! Thank you Saint Peregrine for interceding. Please continue to pray for him so he gets stronger and healthier.

  35. Sometimes I feel as though the Lord needs to hit me on the head with a brick wall in order for me to know what He wants or how He answers my prayers. However last year when I prayed this novena I KNEW my prayers were answered as the year progressed…a sister, brother and cousin had all received new cancer diagnosis’ in the first couple months of 2017. Then this year when I prayed, I prayed for all of you and your needs, and to send off my THANKS to St. Peregrine and the Lord as all three in my family received good check-ups in their most recent follow-up visits after their surgeries, Chemo and radiation treatments. Praise Jesus!

  36. All my follow ups have been clear of any cancer and internally it doesn’t even look as if I had radiation. Thank God and thank St. Peregrine and everyone who prayed this novena

  37. I was praying for someone at church that was battling cancer. I don’t know at what degree, it doesn’t matter. I was just praying that he’d be cancer free! He has to move away to another State to stay with people that will take care of him. Both him and his wife have been instrumental
    in Faith Formation in our church, we are sad to see them go! Then about 2 weeks ago, my girlfriend told me that her Mom had bone cancer. I was still saying the Novena for my church member. Do you think my girlfriend’s Mom was still included in those prayers?

  38. On Jan 5 during routine colonoscopy a mass was found in my colon. I prayed the St.Peregrine novena for healing. On Feb 1 They removed 12 inches of my colon where the mass was and today I received the blessed news that it was benign! Thank you St. Peregrine and thanks be to God!

  39. My friend Tom was unable to start chemo because of the blood infection. His blood infection has cleared up and he’s able to start chemo for his stomach cancer.

  40. My sister was diagnosed with liver cancer 7 years ago. She has been (liver) cancer free for the last 3 years. Lesions were found on her lungs about 4 months ago but her recent scan showed that she was cancer free.
    Thank you St Peregrine for your intercession and prayers.

  41. I was diagnosis with cancer in my liver and pancreas on March 2017. I started treatments on April 2017 of one injection per month and a CT Scan every 4 months. As of December 2017 CT Scan, my tumor in my liver and pancreas have not grown in size and have not spread to other areas in my body. Thank you St. Peregrine and everyone else for your prayers.

  42. My brother and the wife had separated since last year October and my brother got engaged to a certain lady. After praying novena of ST. PEREGRINE, my prayers were answered 3 days after finishing the 9th day of the novena. As we talk my brother and wife are together and i thank God for that.

  43. My husband went in for an unexpected heart procedure on the last day of the Novena, and it went perfectly! Thank you, St. Peregrine.

  44. A friend who was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and just finished her chemo treatments, has been told she is in remission. Thank you St Peregrine for your intercession and prayers. Glory to God in the most high!!!

  45. Thank you for the passed healings of cancer for my family. Especially my husband who lived with it from 30 to 55. He asked to see our children graduate high school. He lived 18 years beyond that. I thank you for praying for Jimmy’s unknown lung mass. He is afraid to take the Pet Scan. I want a miracle & that it is not cancer, but also I trust in The Lord and His All Knowing Will.
    Thank you for your prayers over Jimmy. He agreed to be tested as my Valentine’s gift. May The Lord pour His Glorious Mercy upon us and give us His Grace to appreciate His Plan.

  46. family member died very peacefully having received the most wonderful grace of baptism. — The perfect answer to all our prayers. D.G.

  47. My husband was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma in December. The tumor was removed and they have been doing Pet Scans and Biopsies. So far every test they do is good. Thank you St Peregrine for this continued good news

  48. On the 9th day of praying this novena I received notice that my surgery was successful -the endometrial cancer was removed. God is great and merciful! Thank you to everyone praying for me. God’s love is so powerful

  49. I started praying the novena for my friend’s mum who is battling breast cancer. When we started saying the novena, the family was financially burdened with the treatment; on day 7 my friend called to tell me that government funds that they had applied for had been released for her mum’s next chemotherapy session and in addition a friend offered to be supplying her with her medicine each month at no cost.
    Thank you St. Peregrine for your intercession. In deed God is faithful and his mercies never end

  50. Although he does not have cancer, my daughters boyfriend Pat is in the hospital and received the kidney he need after many years on dialysis. Thank you Jesus and continued prayers for a full recovery and for all the persons involved. Also prayers for the grieving family of the man the kidney came from.

  51. My prayers were answered that my husband’s recovery following prostrate cancer would go well. Thank you Saint Perigrine and everyone praying this Novena.

  52. Our 14 year old daughter was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma and had 2 rounds of chemo before surgery. We were told that based on her scans before surgery that the chemo didn’t work. She had her tumor removed on 1/19/18 on 1/26/18 the surgeon informed us that 95% of the tumor was dead and therefore the chemo worked beautifully! God is Good!!!

  53. I prayed for a good loving kind househelp, didnt get one yet but Im trusting God for one soon. I also prayed for a transfer from peads to psychiatry and Im getting ready to follow up on that. In you Oh Lord I trust. St Peregrine pray for me. Amen