Day 8 – The St. Peregrine Novena 2018

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Believe in yourself and all that you are.Here’s Day 8 of The St. Peregrine Novena for Cancer Patients!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Lord, I pray for my husband’s friend, JN who has lost his battle to cancer this weekend. I don’t think i have ever met him but was really saddened by the news. St Peregrine pls intercede & pray to our Lord our God to comfort, give healing, strength & hope to his wife & 2 precious twin young boys. Pls welcome JN & open your arms to him & may he be at rest & pain free in your everlasting Kingdom. Lord, I also pray for my mom, mom-in-law, husband & I to have healing from our arthritis. Lord God pls help us to find the right doctors for treatment. I pray Dear Lord pls also heal my husband from his sinuses & migranes. Also for me, my cousin AT & everyone out there that suffers from mental illnesses, pls help us to peresevere in this sickness & to place our Trust In Jesus. Lord, have mercy on us all & pls hear our prayers. In Jesus name I pray Amen!

  2. Please St Peregrine keep Stephanie in remission and help Peter coping with work Sophie and Steph’s condition. Pray that l can help my husband and that he will not get any worse. In the name of the father.Amen.

  3. I a, praying for a dear friend (Nan Brown) and her husband.
    A pet scan has revealed a recurrence of her cancer in her lymph system.
    Dear brothers ans sisters all if you could only mention Nan’s name during the next prayers to St Peregrine, I know that the Lord will help her in this earthly battle. Thank You

    Peace and Good


  4. Please pray for my friends sister, Pam. She has cancer on her lung. Please pray also that this healing may bring my friend and his whole family closer to God. Thank you. God bless.

  5. St. Peregrine, please intercede for my brother, Charles who has Lymphoma Cancer, and Judy a devoted nurse suffering from bladder Cancer. Praying also for my sister, Mary who suffers with chronic eye pain & inflammation. Another surgery is pending, an ongoing problem of over 25 years be completely healed in Jesus Holy name. The right doctor be there to fix this problem once and for all. Holy servant of God intercede for my brother, G.M who has an awful addiction to cigarettes due to bad nerves. I ask this in Jesus Holy Name to completely heal my dear brother.
    My sister R.F is & my niece V.F need Divine Intervention, St. Peregrine heal my niece’s mental state. I place the precious Blood of Jesus upon my sister & her daughter have guidance in resolving a solution to my niece’s mental illness.
    Please Holy and Blessed St. Peregrine intercede for me so that my husband will be healed from his anxiety. I asked this if it’s God’s Holy Will.
    Praying for a healing & guidance for me to have more patience’s, more clarity, understanding in order to be more financial stable, I ask this in Jesus Holy Name.

  6. Dear Saint peregrine,
    I pray for healing of cancer for Amelia, her daughters so they are cancer free. For my dad, nephews, and YC/healing and conversion of her.

  7. St. Peregrine please pray for my success in passing the 2017 Philippine Bar exam. Please also pray that Mae will be able to graduate this year. Also may you continue to pray for the safety and healing of my whole family.Amen.

  8. I thank the Lord for always seeing me through the hard and good times. Today, through St. Peregrine, I pray to the Lord for a new and better job. Amen

  9. St.Peregrine pray for those suffering from cancer & chronic illnesses…..Praying for my brother’s health to improve…..Praying for J in her eye to improve…..Praying for her painful legs & corns…Pray for G on her health to improve…..Praying for my constipation problem to improve too…Praying for John Paul &Annie in their health & work……Pray for world peace…..Thank you

    • St. Peregrine, Pray that my application to get my house title in my name only is approved and that my nephew passes his bar exam. I ask these prayers, Amen.

  10. St Peregrine please help that my suffering bring me closer to Christ on the cross, help me to strengthen my hope for everlasting life, save me from sadness or despair and bring me joy, teach me to be selfless. Please, St Peregrine, let me embrace my suffering for God. Amen

  11. I Thank my Good Lord for his powers .i/we used to pray for my daughter who was sitting for her Exams .The results are great thank you for your novena prayers [ All the saints ]