Answered Prayers from the St. Monica Novena, 2023

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Thank you for joining us in praying the St. Monica Novena! If your prayers have been answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below.

We are continuing to pray for you!

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  1. Dear Lord, thank You for restoring the health of my daughter. For her discharge from hospital. Lord, while we await on You to answer You to answer us for my husband’s job promotion, I pray that You bless us with patience. We believe you for him to receive the job promotion, Lord. Please hear our prayer and answer at Your perfect time. Amen.

  2. Dear St Monica pls intercede to our Lord for my family. Pls end the addictions alcohol smoking, gambling and drugs. Pls help us St Monica to overcome these addictions. Also help my children find good partners and settledown in life and pls St Monica bring us all closer to God. And unite us as a family. Thank you. Amen

  3. Thank you for all the prayers, they were answered, my heart is fulfill with the biggest happiness and joy, thank you all who pray for me

  4. I pray for good health. For me, my daughter, my parents, future wife and future kids so that we can fulfill gods promises. Amen.

  5. Thanks be to God, our son and daughter-in-law’s first child was pronounced perfect at 20 weeks and the placenta previa has resolved itself. This is an answer to both this novena and the one for difficult pregnancies!

    How blessed are we to have great men and women of God as family and prayer warriors!

  6. God thank you for the provision through out this month.
    Please provide for me even in the remaining months🙏

  7. One of my daughters went to mass today! First time in years. I know she is praying for my other two daughters as well! Thank you St. Monica for your intercession. I’m still in shock. :) I know I shouldn’t be, but when I realized it was St. Monica’s feast day- day 9- I was overwhelmed! Thank you God and the intercession of The Blessed Mother and her Immaculate Heart. To Jesus through Mary! Thank you Holy Spirit for calling all my family! Please heal and convert my family and guide me in a very difficult situation. Amen and Thank you God! Endless thanks!!

  8. I thank you St. Monica for your intercession and to God for beginning to change my circumstances. During the Novena my husband asked me to identify a business we can do and I started feeling less bitter with those who offend me. Some peace is returning to my life. Also the financial pressure I was going through has calmed down. Thanks to Jesus/ God,St. Monica, John Paul and Anni and all those who prayed for me. May these blessings last for ever, Amen.

  9. I sincerely thank for granting my prayer request for the registration of our project
    For the first phase which is out .
    Praying that the Lord will complete the second phase for us. Amen.

    All other prayers answered
    I praise and thank God.

  10. I have been praying for my 2 kids for successful transfer of their documents from ukraine to another university in Georgia and to be granted visa .one student has volunteered to process the transfer on their behalf. I thank God for that I have hope that all will be well .let’s continue praying for each other these novenas are indeed helpful. My nephew who used to drink beer is now a changed person after going for confession .a lot is still God be the Glory !.amen

  11. I have been praying for my application to continue working remotely (from home) would be approved and after 6 long months of waiting it was approved in the middle of the novena to St Monica! This means my husband and I can continue to work our schedules to keep our toddler daughter home with us during the day and not have to enroll her in daycare. This is such a blessing to be together as a family! Praise God!

  12. I have deep HOPE that my petitions will be answered soon! Thank You St Monica in advance for laying my petitions upon the Sweet Feet of JESUS❣️

  13. My brother in law went from being on a ventilator to breathing on his own and moved to a regular room

  14. Thank you Jesus for your faithfulness. I have been praying for my daughter’s conversion, healing and deliverance but God has been working in the entire family. I am learning to trust and surrender my burdens to God and I have noticed changes in my son. Thank you Jesus.

  15. With great joy and deep gratitude, we welcome our grandson,
    Augustine James, into our eagerly waiting family. He came
    several weeks early but he is strong and healthy which was
    my petition several weeks ago. God is indeed Good! Thanks
    to all the prayers offered at Pray More Novenas.

  16. My daughter who has fallen away from the Catholic Church came to mass yesterday for the 1st time and brought her newborn. I am so thankful and praying she will have a conversion and come back to the Church with her son and that they both become Saints💕✝️🙏

  17. Paul and Annie I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    I was happy to learn about this Novena because as a parent it gave me an encouragement and insights about not giving up on parenting. I will be able to encourage other parents to emulate St Monica.
    I really glorify God for these Novena as it brings about growth of our faith. May God continue using you as you evangelize to the masses. Hod bless.

  18. An answered prayer. One of our 5 children who has been away from the Church for many years and has had no desire to seek a relationship with God or talk about faith has expressed an interest in the Church. Thanks be to God. Prayers continue for all their generation who has fallen away and that he will continue to journey toward our heavenly father.

  19. While praying the Saint Anne novena for my son, who is lost on many levels, he was invited to participate in an ACTS retreat. He said yes! The retreat is finishing today and I’m trusting that Saint Monica, through her intercession, will help return him to a better place-emotionally and spiritually. Praise God! These events were not coincidence- they were Divine Intervention.

  20. My husband has COPD and Emphysema and struggles with emotional health as well. He has become despondent and seeking the consolation of alcohol instead of the Lord.
    However yesterday he received a gift of a scooter so he is able to get outside and see and smell nature. He remarked yesterday over and over again how lucky he was to receive such a gift. He did not rely on alcohol so I pray this lasts. I reminded him it’s a gift from God.

  21. God is definitely helping me with Graciousness! We all need to be more Gracious. I know i do!! I pray that all those praying the Novena have been Blessed by their Prayers! Godspeed!!

  22. I have been praying for a loved one to take his Faith seriously and come closer to God. Today, the last day of the Novena, he unexpectedly chose to go to mass on his own. Thank you St. Monica for your intercession. Praise the Lord!

  23. After 5months of being laid off from work, my son finally got job in his field. All praise , glory band honor to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for bestowing this blessing on my son and answering my prayer. At. Monica, thank you for your intercession on my son’s behalf. Heavenly Mother Mary, thank you always for your tender love and guidance.
    Thank you so o the pray more novena community

  24. Thank you Saint Monica for petitioning my prayer for help with my 85 year old mother who fell and broke her arm. Her sister will visit soon and help her when I can’t.

  25. After months of searching and sending out over 100 resumes, my husband received a job offer!!!!! Praise be to God for His providence & thank you St. Monica for your prayerful persistence!

  26. Dearest Jesus, Mary and St. Monica, thank you for your continued Blessings 🙏 to so many people throughout the world.

    Thank you for clearing up my bladder infection and helping with mild chest discomfort.

    Please continue to help those in need of Your aid to never give up. God 🙏 answers all prayers, not always how we want them to be, but how God, in His infinite goodness, knows what is best for us.

  27. Thank you Jesus, for getting my daughter a job that will help with her family and to hive her the strength to move forward.

  28. Thankful for a new raise coming from work. Thank you to St. Monica for reminding me of heroic patience and I pray for continued help with debt relief and to ask for the Lord’s forgiveness for past financial indiscretions and to no longer live in the past and forgive myself to move on from the shame and sadness I am painfully living with. I pray for everyone’s personal intentions and financial struggles.

  29. I have been struggling with my health, and for the past few months have grown increasingly concerned about it. The Lord has answered my prayers and granted me patience. I’ve seen improvements in my health this week.

  30. I’ve been praying for my son to talk to me it’s been 2 months! Day 8 of this novena he talked to me and took me out to dinner! Blessed 🙏 thank you Lord!🙏

  31. I was praying for my daughter’s way to open for visa and ticket for her to go complete her studies in this her final year. We managed to get the visa and managed the ticket too. I thank those who made it happen, Alusia Oyugi and her family, the travel agency – Ms. Ramona who gave us a ticket on credit I pray for you both to blessed abundantly.

  32. I want to thank God for his healing. My intention during this novena is that God should heal the lump in my breast and armpit. I am here to testify that God actually answered my prayers and the lumps disappeared. May this healing remain permanent in Jesus name. Amen

  33. Thank you St Monica for your intercession. My prayers has been answered. St Monica is truly a good Saint and I know she will in future answer the prayers for my son who is going through a lot. I will continue praying to St Monica for her help. Thank you Lord.

  34. Thanks in Christ and so very much St Monique .
    I would love to thank and praise our Good God for the graces and gift of self awareness and acceptance and humility granted to my elder brother to appreciate help and has embraced treatment after many years struggling with alcoholism.
    Thank You Jesus Praise You Jesus. Amen.

  35. Thank you dear St Monica for your intercession.
    My singular intention for the Novena was about my son who suddenly felt ill a few days before the Novena began and was being treated for malaria.
    Sometime last year, he had suffered and miraculously recovered from a severe and satanic headache that lasted for months, for which we had recently made and sent in our testimony to an online prayer platform which my wife and I belong to, although not televised yet.
    But in the course of this recent and sudden ill health the severe headache came back, so I prayed to St Monica to kindly intervene on behalf of my son. That affliction shall not arise a second time in the life of our son.
    I’m grateful to God and happy to announce that he recovered fully from malaria and the severe headache before the end of the Novena.
    It’s my continuous prayer that affliction shall never arise again in his life, Amen.
    Glory to Jesus and honour to Mary.

  36. I thank God for giving me a job that I have been praying for soo long ,God thank you . Pls continue praying for me

  37. I thank St Monica for her successful intercession. My son has finally left for Canada today, to pursue a course on IT this September. Glory and thanks be to God.

  38. I have being married for thirteen years without a child and last year I stubbled into this program and I joined since then I have being praying the novena and dropping my prayer point to the glory of God July 5th I had my boundle of Joy a baby boy. Praise God

  39. Thanks for your intercession St Monica
    I prayed for end of alcoholism and any addiction and I see three members of the family hardly drink. They were the ones I would see more addicted.
    I’ve witnessed more love in the marriages I’ve prayed for.
    I heard my daughter say she prayed so that’s a step to conversion. I thank you for this and I continue praying for our conversion.
    Thank you for bringing my brother and sister close to me and there is a light of resolution in the legal problems we’ve been through . Please continue interceding 🙏🏼

  40. Praying to get a govt job. So far i have done the amptitude test. Praying for favor and to be successful in interview and to get the job
    Also praying for a marriage enrouted with Christ

  41. Praying to get a govt job. So far i have done the amptitude test. Praying for favor and to be successful in interviews

  42. I thank God through the intercession of Mother Mary of Carmelite and Saint Monica of which Novenas I just completed. The night day Novena of Saint Monica after nine days fasting of 12pm to 6pm, as I was saying my petition asking Saint Monica to touch the heart of my wife to allow me come and see my daughter and to deliver her from the bondage of the evil ones who have been manipulating and trying to destroy our union, a message came into my phone as I was about to finish saying my petition and behold it was my wife. She willingly asked me that I am free to always come and see my child and make preparations of taking her for school run. I was filled with tears of joy at once and I bless God for answered prayers. I strongly have faith that God who started this good work, will bring it to divine fulfillment Amen.

  43. I have been praying hard for one of my oldest friends Bob who was fighting cancer and thanks to Father Bill for sending me these novenas over the past year. I am glad to say praise God our lord and savior for answering our prayers. His last scan showed no cancer, the power of prayer!

  44. I prayed that my daughter and family’s offering to purchase a home would be accepted by someone as they were being outbid on all their offers to get a home. Today their offer was finally accepted and they should soon have a home.

  45. I prayed this novena for healing for me and my daughter for a fractured relationship where unforgiveness, hatred and resentment have reigned for 15 years. She was now even keeping my grandchildren from me. Today on the 9th day of the Novena, Saint Monica and Saint Augustine brought me back my daughter and grandchildren. They came over out of the blue. I had not see them except in passing for at least 6 months. Before that it was only when she needed something. Hopefully now we can put the past behind us and start anew. Thank you for your continued prayers and wonderful novenas. I love them all! 🙏

  46. We are so thankful and grateful that our grandson’s MRI was normal.
    Thank you Saint Monica for always hearing our prayers.

  47. My teen daughter has changed for the better in the last few days even as I continued to pray for her. She has become more open to parental guidance, spent more time out with family and friends instead of on her social media sites. Now as she goes back to school, I continue praying for her to focus on her studies and to grow in her faith 🙏🏽

    I believe all my other prayer intentions will be answered according to God’s Holy will for me and my family 🙏🏽💞

  48. One of my intentions was that there would be family forgiveness and unity in my family. On Day 7 my daughter in law
    Messaged saying she and my son wanted to come for a visit.
    They visited today. It was wonderful.
    Thank you Jesus.
    Thank you St. Monica
    Thank you, Mama Mary.
    Thank you Ann, john-Paul, and all those who prayed this novena.
    God is Love.

  49. Hosanna in the highest!All glory to God.God answered my prayers on the 9th day of the St Monica Novena and granted me the job of my dreams.Thank you so much for the daily prayers.May God’s name be praised for He has remembered me His humble servant. Habakkuk 2:2-3

  50. I have been praying for my son & daughter-in-law’s marriage, that they might seek counseling. My prayer has been answered. Thank you St. Monica for your intercession.

  51. Thanking St Monica for her intercession. My daughter has heard good news regarding her documents. Thank you Jesus!!!!

  52. Our sons have not been speaking to each other on a regular basis. This last week of the novena they had a phone conversation. We are grateful for this.

  53. My 13 year old son, who has been fighting me on going to church and has been saying he “doesn’t believe in all that,” agreed this week to participate in Faith Formation at our parish in preparation for Confirmation. Thank you, Saint Monica, for being my example and helping me to never give up hope in my son!

  54. I finally heard from my grandson who was arrested last Friday . Thanks to all the prayers that I have received in his behalf. I now wait for justice to prevail and that God almighty continue to keep him from harm.

  55. Dear Saint Monica,
    Thank you for all of your prayers and intercessions. Thank you for the powerful lessons of dedication and persistence and great faith that can be learned from you. You are a dear and glorious saint. Thank you for your love and support.
    Please watch over and pray for my son.
    Please pray for my sisters and family.
    Please pray for all in my healing prayer, Annie and John-Paul, and for all those praying this novena and their intentions.
    Thank you.

  56. My son has been traveling extensively for business. This was the first time he traveled alone. He suffers from anxiety and depression and was really having a difficult time. The more I prayed, the better he became and had successful outcomes. I couldn’t be prouder of him🙏🏼

  57. Thank you St. Monica for praying to Our Lord on my behalf. I know our prayers will be answered if not now in the future and in unexpected ways. Thank you Precious Lord for hearing our prayers.

  58. My son was seriously ill, his crohn.s flared up and his intestine were twisted because of inflammation he was in pain. He has not eaten for several days since he can’t digest it bec of blockage it goes back out. Due to that issue his blood has bacteria it’s called Sepsis, that was serious so I was in the 5th day of the St. Monica novena I asked her for her intercession bec like her she prayed for her son and I believe that as a mother she well help me. My faith with Jesus and Mother Mary healed my son .He is discharge now for being in the hospital for 6 days. He will continue to see his doctor for follow ups. Thanks to St.Monica’s intercession and above all Praise to God the Almighty.

  59. Draga sveta Monika. Zahvaljujem ti na ovoj devetnici. Molila sam da se započeto dovrši. Ne sumnjam u tvoju pomoć i zaštitu. Hvala tebi i tvom sinu na iskazanoj milosti.

  60. I prayed for renewed and improved bonding with my husband and I began to see a change in our relationship by day 3 and it is getting better daily. May Saint Monica, continue to intercede for us all🙏🏾

  61. I want to thank God for his mercies. During this novena I prayed that my husband repent to be a good husband to me and a good father to us.
    On the seventh day he called us for family prayer.
    All glory to God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit Amen.

  62. God bless you all, I am praying so hard for a reconciliation between me and my husband. Please help us remember the vows we made to each other and God and help us to live the rest of our lives in love and harmony in the glory of God the Father, thankyou all. Amen

  63. Thank you at Monica for interceding to Jesus for me,my husband and my marriage. It has been a wonderful experience going through this prayer and I want more goodnews to happen in our lives like job opportunities ,financial breakthrough,open doors and more . Amen !

  64. When I started this novena I was desperately looking for a job, it’s been 2yrs of rejection after rejection. On the 7th day of this Novena I was called for an interview although I have not yet received an offer I have been invited for my 2nd interview. Everything is looking up and up. Thank you St Monica. God is good all the time. Amen

  65. I prayed for the release of my nephew from jail and St Monica interceded for me and the Lord said yes. Yesterday 8/25/2023 my nephew was released from jail and will return to work on the September 4th. I pray for his conversion from a wreck less life of pleasure to a life of holiness. Thank you St Monica. Thank You dear Lord for answering my cry✝️🙏🏾👏🏽✝️

  66. The Celebration of my Nephew’s Christening celebration, was successful. Thank you LORD for the answered prayer and through St. Monica’s intercession.

  67. I thank God of St Monica for answering my prayers.
    When we started this prayer one of my request is that God will direct me on the best decision to take concerning my exams because I have two different exams in mind but I can’t afford one .So I prayed that if it is the will of God that I should take the expensive one that he should provide the money for me.
    Yesterday while discussing with a friend I mentioned about the exams and i told her that I cannot afford it.
    To my greatest surprise, she demanded for my acct number and she sent me the money for the exams immediately.
    I thank St Monica for her intercession as I pray for exams success through Christ our Lord Amen.

  68. By faith, I believe God will make the grandchildren of my family grow into godly, successful, healthy adults who will affect their generation so. That they will grow well into their 80s and 90s in great health!
    I also believe the matriarch and patriarch of this family would be healed in a mighty, incredible way!!!

  69. Thank God that my husband’s prostate cancer test (PSA) has not increased and appears minimal and stable!! Praise to God!

  70. Thanking God, for an answered prayer. My sister and her husband are now on talking terms. It was one of my prayer requests. Praise God..

  71. Been praying for my son to convert. Found out he quit his coaching job to take coaching job at catholic college prep school. He said, I don’t know why it just felt right. He had no idea that I am in RCIA, converting and praying like crazy for him. Thank you God, Mary, Monica and everyone else I have been praying too. 1st step

  72. Thank you Lord, through this Saint Monica’s Novena I’ve received good news for my prayers. Alleluia ! Amen 🙏🏽

  73. Dear St. Monica,

    Thanks so much for your intercession before God Almighty!

    This has been a blessed week, thank you so much!

  74. I’ve been praying for a young woman that had breast cancer. She had surgery over a week ago and the hospital did a scan yesterday after medications and rest since. The scan came back negative and all signs of cancer are gone. Praise God for his care of this woman. She is only 26 and has a long life ahead of her.

  75. I have prayed and God answers me prayers in a different way.This Novena had prayed for my sons to be calm in a tough sitiation and it happened and are ok so i thank God.Thanks John and Anne indeed Jesus is a mighty one forever grateful

  76. Over my 8 years of prayers with Pray More Novenas, so many prayers have been answered. The most appreciated have been my son and his wife having a beautiful baby boy after they suffered a miscarriage, and my daughter met her wonderful husband. I pray for health and safety for my husband, sister, children and grandchildren always, and I pray for all of you. Our family is not without challenges in this earthly existence, but I am thankful for the tender mercies with which God blesses us.💕

  77. Thank you so much I went on a great first date yesterday.

    I was praying for my ex to come back and defeat his addiction to porn and I still wish him well but I’m grateful to have hope restored.

    Please help me in my journey to getting married and starting a family.

  78. My sister, Karen, had a successful surgery to stop her internal bleeding. Thank you for your prayers for healing. Please continue to pray for her and husband, Steve’s, reconversion.

  79. God is gracious, I was elected Dean. During this Novena I received my appointment letter. May God keep shining in each of our livesSaint Monica pray for me,to be directed each day by christ Jesus in my new tasks,and fir others praying,for God to keep answers coming. It’s never in vain. Mine has been and is still a Journey. God bless you Paul,Ann and all the prayer worriors. Let’s keep praying.Amen.

  80. During this Novena period, I reconnected with a friend who I had not spoken with for many years. Was so excited to find her but sad that she had been sick for years. St Monica allowed me to find her during the time that she needed prayers. Asking the entire community of Novena prayer warriors to pray for her recovery. Thank you!

  81. My husband has drank alcohol for over 10 years heavily. It has always been rooted in an incident that happened 10 years ago. He received this week relief, clarity, and forgiveness for what happened 10 years ago.
    Thank you Jesus!
    I am so thankful for all the Saints for interceed on our behalf. God is good!

  82. St. Monica, today I’ll complete your 9 novena. I have seen improvement in my relationship with my kids and seperated wife. Like your son Saint Augustine, I too went astray and have sinned and turned to be an alcoholic. Now that I surrender and ask for your humble prayer just as you paryed for your husband and son, to pray that I too may walk in the part of the lord and be healed by my addictions and get back my wife and family in union and with tremendous love between us and live under one roof as a happy and contended family. This prayer I make through you to Jesus Christ our lord. Amen. I also ask for your blessings to retrieve our car and cash from our debtors. Amen.

  83. I’ve been praying for my Aunt with leukemia that God heals her. On day 7 of the novena, God’s number of completeness or perfection, she found out that her doctor found a clinical trial. We are overjoyed and have renewed hope for her.
    St. Monica, thank you for your intervention.🙏🏽🩷

  84. Thank you, Jesus. I can feel the prayers working. So excited to continue this healing journey and meet our sons’ spouses. God is Good! Amen

  85. Thank you for praying for job for Robert he got job and have an interview on Tuesday for a second one. Thank you be blessed

  86. I prayed for guidance for my husbands lungs. His lungs collapsed when he got Covid 2 years ago. Lady Sunday, he wasn’t feeling good we went to urgent care and he tested positive again with Covid. They took him immediately to ER and started treatments. I was praying and afraid because he only has a 1/2 lung left. They told us his lung took a pretty bad hit. I prayed for God to show us the way cuz this is his son. Next day they decided to put him on a new program called In Home Hospital Care. This way he didn’t have to stay in the hospital for another five days. After coming home and after a day his lungs started coming back up he went from 72 on oxygen level to 90. After four days he started maintaining between 93 and 95. This is the highest he’s ever been. His lung specialist said maybe this is all he needed was to get a little bit more oxygen going back into his body. Previously, he decided he didn’t want to do any more oxygen. I feel my novena was answered by showing him a little bit of oxygen in the morning and at night can keep this lung, strong until he gets his double lung transplant, or maybe doesn’t even need a lung transplant. I felt bad being so upset and angry that he got Covid again but now understand this was the path God had for him so he would see doing oxygen was the answer to helping build bag up his lung! Thank you Jesus!! Alleluia!!