Answered Prayers from the St. Monica Novena, 2023

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Thank you for joining us in praying the St. Monica Novena! If your prayers have been answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below.

We are continuing to pray for you!

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  1. Grateful for prayers answered through the intercession of saint Monica. My resident permit was extended for two years which is a normal process and my work contract too was extended. Thank you saint Monica for your intercession on our behalf. Thank you Lord

  2. St Monica, please pray for us. God almighty please hear our prayers. Both myself and my husband are looking for jobs. Please hear our prayers in Jesus name, Amen.

  3. Pray that Hod will send his Holy angels, and saints to my children and grandchildren to convert them and to fill their hearts with forgiveness to their mother.

  4. Prayers for my son in this Novena were answered and he is now in a rehab program after a year of addiction and being homeless! He is embracing recovery and healthy once again.

  5. I prayed my daughter would be freed from the clutches of alcohol and 2 days ago she said she had given up drinking..
    Thank you Father God
    Thank you dear Jesus
    Thank you Holy Spirit
    Thank you St Monica

  6. The day that I started this novena, my son-in-law took my grand daughter to church. Up to now they have not been a religious or churchgoing family at all. I believe the last time she went to church was when she was baptized. Glory to God.

  7. August, especially since I begin praying Saint Monica’s novena, has turned into a time full of blessings for my family. My children or I had not seen my ex husband in 20 years when he left and filed for a divorce, moved out of the country and remarried.

    This summer, he reconnected with our children, their children and me. I asked him directing for an honest answer and he said he was comfortable with me being part of his vacation too. There was no blaming or shaming, just a real appreciation for one another.

    Today, I can see and feel the peace in our children, grandchildren and in me having spent time as a family. For the last twenty years, this is what I have been praying for. God has answered my prayers.

    Next year, will bring opportunities for our family to gather again. We will be celebrating a First Holy Communion and a High School Graduation.
    I thank God for His love and mercy.

    “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good: His mercy endures forever”. Psalm 118:29

  8. A family member has been struggling with an addiction to alcohol. Over the course of this novena he has stopped and is two weeks without alcohol. Thank you for all your prayers- the start of the journey for him. Thank you!

  9. My brother in law Jim suffered a vertebral hermitage on Aug 10th and had survived. Has a recovery ahead t doing very well

  10. God is truly a good God. My sister and husband have finally solemnised their marriage in the Catholic Church. I have truly seen the goodness and faithfulness of God in the lives of all my loved ones. Thank you. Jesus bless you, Jesus.
    I also thank the praymorenvena community for their prayers for me. May Gid answer your individual prayers in Jesus’ nane. Amen

  11. My sister was diagnosed with lung cancer and heart cancer we found out 2 days ago that they made a misdiagnosis of her heart cancer she doesn’t have it my sister now is fighting I Thank you st Monica god and Jesus and all of you that have played with me

  12. Thank you for praying for my brother, he has cancer and his reports for his kidney is doing well even though he still is going through a lot I know Our Lord has him by His Holy Hand. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  13. I want to appreciate God for his healing mercy upon my Son Joshua from sickle cell aneamia through the intercession of my mother St. Monica, I want to appreciate God to lefting this burden on my shoulder. To God be the glory. Thank you all for your prayers.

  14. God is so good. My daughter and grandson are a little better. Im still patiently waiting for a miracle but I know God will grant it to me. Iv e seen how he has granted miracles to four ladies in church with their sons and daughters. Thank you Lord. I love you.

  15. My prayer was answered. Thank you Jesus and all the saints and angels for their intercession. Especially this novena to St. Monica that has been close to my heart helping me pray for my son Logan for years now. Love you all! 🙏❤️✝️😇

  16. God has been so good ,good has been so good he has healed my son,he has brought me closer to my husband we just celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary on a holiday ,my children excelled in their exams he is healing Dieter his out of hospital though still on treatment but l trust him he has protected me and my family,he gave me a job l can also do something he has loved and provided for me and my family he has give me life and peace thank you Lord hallelujah amen

  17. My sons are blessed and becoming responsible adults . I tested negative for a serious illness and finally I got the car of my dreams.
    I will always be thankful to the prayers and intercession by St Philomena and St Monica.
    In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  18. What a wonderful Novena to have prayed😁.

    My son is getting positive feedback from his job applications and we hope to hear good news soon .

    My little girl seemed to be more focused and attentive on her school work and she improved on her tests marks.

    I am grateful to St Monica and thank you John and Anne and to all who prayed this Novena 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  19. Prayed to St Monica for my grand daughter, who has left the church and not communicating with us. This week I received a text message with pics of her baby. This is a start. Please St Monica you know the pain of waiting for a loved one to be saved. I pray she will feel our prayers and that Your Intercession will bring her back to Jesus. Please pray for her son to be safe and not exposed to a life of sin and immorality. Ask God to bless them both and fill them with the same Holy Spirit she received at Confirmation. Amen

  20. I am so grateful for praying this Novena.
    My son got a job and he stopped smoking weed.
    I am happy and will continue praying and trusting in God .
    Thank you once again

  21. Hello

    I’d like to share and I can give testimony to have had an answer to all my prayers during this Novena. I prayed that my daughter would turn back to Jesus., recover from drug addiction and of her mental health. This week she has admitted to addiction and agreed to attend rehab program and she told me that she went to church with her group yesterday and enjoyed the sermon! God is sooo good. And St Monica is a blessed Saint!! I believe she intersected and all my prayers are answered! My daughter is I. The right care and I have faith that she will be cured soon!

  22. St.Monica, in this novena i asked for my daughter’s, my cousin’s and my own health.
    Also i ask for my daughter to be organized on her expenses
    Also asking for the people praying in this novena.
    My cousin is very sick but it’s wonderful the attitud she takes when i ask for her in our Novenas.

  23. God has remembered me😊. I’m expecting at 40yrs after the doctors started suggesting an IVF that we cannot afford at this time🙏 All things do work out for good in the end. Keep trusting God.

  24. Praise God my 22 year old son has returned to Mass and has gotten closer to Jesus through the series “The Chosen” – Thank you Monica and all the Angels and Saints and people that have been praying for this and I ask the Conversion of my other son and all loved ones and the world.

  25. During the St. Monica’s novena, I asked God to help my husband and daughter go to church on Sundays.

    It has been a struggle to get them both to the church.

    During the At Monica’s novena, I prayed that God help all my children especially my daughter to grow in their spiritual life. I prayed for my husband to grow spiritually as well.

    Praise God…this August 2023 my husband and daughter started going to Sunday mass again.

    Praise God!!

  26. I am grateful to God, my prayer request to start enterprise post retirement is successful despite previous obstacles I encountered

  27. Thank you Saint Monica for answered prayers. My son has been alcoholism is now getting better.
    Thank you Saint Monica for interceding.
    Saint Monica, pray for us!