Answered Prayers from the St. Joseph Novena, 2022

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Thank you so much for joining us in praying the St. Joseph Novena! If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout the novena, please share those with us all below!

To God be the glory!

We are continuing to pray for you and your intentions. Please do not lose hope if your prayers have been seemingly unanswered. God is with you — you’re not alone, and you have our prayers.

God bless you!

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  1. I prayed for a very special Blessing and received it on the 5th day. All praise honor and glory be given to God and St Joseph for his intercession.

  2. Oldest Grandson was struggling in his current occupation. During the praying of this Novena, a new job opportunity came his way! He accepted this new appointment within the same Company and is now blessed with a salaried position!

  3. My son Michael is feeling better after 2 years of Dr’s appointments to figure out what’s going on. He has also returned to work.
    The Lord said be patient and he will answer your prayers.
    Thank you Jesus.

  4. Our daughter is 19 weeks pregnant and there was a chance of Down syndrome She just received test results that baby is 99% sure of not having it. Thank you St. Joseph for answering our prayers! Thank you and Praise be to God❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

  5. Just a beautiful novena to pray during times of difficulty! I trust that St. Joseph is placing my prayers at the feet of his Dear Son, Jesus. I trust that my prayers will be answered by God in a way he knows best!

  6. For my adult son struggling with bi-polar disorder and its ramifications :-(
    And, for all people battling mental disorders.

  7. My daughter and her husband hit a rough patch. Wasn’t looking good. I feel a miracle brought them back together. Thank you St. Joseph for your intercession. I pray for a deeper love now, a realization how important marriage is. A new love. Amen

  8. Thank you for answered prayers. Our wedding was a great success and colourful. I got a great nanny who has become part of the family.
    I made peace with my sister. I am coping well at work and with my colleagues.
    Thank you St.Joseph 🙏🏽 for the intercession. Praise be to God.

  9. Trusting God for full recovery after complications with my hip replacement. That my son Willie is dilliverd from illnesses and change his life. And my previous marriage be restored. In jesus name says:

    God is in the midst of it all. Healing fir myself, son and previous marriage.

  10. Let all that is in me cry THANK YOU to Saint Joseph, and Jesus & Mary, the Holy Family! Just got the news today; Grandbaby #1 has been conceived. I’ve prayed daily (for years) for our married daughters & sons-in-law to be open to the GIFT of Life. Praise and Glory to God.
    J,M J, protect the unborn; protect the family. Amen.

  11. Thank you St. Joseph for answering my prayer. After being slammed with unfair dismissal, I was the only one called for a hearing while in the middle of this powerful novena to St. Joseph. I don’t know how the preceding will go but I’m optimistic that St. Joseph the patron Saint of workers will advocate for me to overcome all these challenges.

  12. The first part of my request was granted. It was that my son’s house would sell for over asking price& it did. Still asking that his family finds a house in their price range, that they don’t get out bid snd it is in an area where the Catholic Church has an elementary school that remains open.

  13. My brother will be part of a test group regarding basil cell carcinoma which has to be shrunk before surgery. This could be a better solution than the previous one under consideration.
    My husbands gal bladder surgery was successful.
    Praise God🙏🏻

  14. I prayed for my son to get a job, and he has! He will start Monday, March 21. Thank you St. Joseph and all others who pray for the retreat intentions.

  15. My son is trying to improve his employment prospects. He has applied for many jobs,often with no replies. He heard yesterday that he has an interview next week for a job with better opportunity to improve his skills. I have often prayed to St Joseph with this request,during this novena my prayers have been answered.Perhaps this will be his first step to a new career .Praise be to God.

  16. We were able to find a good rehab place for my mom who was hospitalized with pneumonia. She seems to be on the way to recovery. Thank you for prayers.

  17. I brought an urgent question to prayer, discerning a change in career; I was blessed with a direct, supportive email from a friend who had been out of touch for a year. The divinely inspired contact brought so much insight to my decision!

  18. Dear Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph, thank you that my husband is starting to feel better from his COVID infection.🙏

    Please protect me from COVID.

    Thank you Jesus.

  19. Thank you St Joseph for interceeding on my behalf.Doors of opportunities for business are being opened for my husband. I pray and believe that more is coming. The heavens have opened up
    flood gates of heaven for this family.

    Thank you St Joseph, thank you Jesus,

  20. My nephew was offered the job he was wanting with the Power Company! I’m Praying for my family to return to the Church & Sacraments & for my nephew who has no upbring in Religion or knowledge of God. Today going into Mass I “ran into the Priest” & asked him if he could direct me to instructing JS. God is so good!

  21. I was praying for my sister in law who is in great pain waiting for a hip replacement. She got her call on day 5 of the novena. Praise to St Joseph and our dear God for prayers answered.

  22. I received such a good report from my cardiologist this Wednesday! Thank you St. Joseph!! And thank you for this novena plus the Lenten Retreat!!

  23. It has been six years ,🙏✝️🙏Prayers answered , my daughter and son n law are expecting in August. Now I pray for a healthy successful baby boy .

  24. I believe that it was though the intercession of St.Joseph that during this novena I was able to write letters to two siblings asking their forgiveness for hurting them.

  25. I was praying for favors for my 2 sons. I can see that prayers are starting to work for my oldest son and I can only believe that there will further answers coming in the future. Thank you for all of your prayers and thank you to St. Joseph. God Bless everyone.

  26. For my niece and the success of chemo. She is now able to have surgery to remove the tumor that shrunk sizably Thank you Lord and all those who prayed

  27. I prayed for a small financial miracle and I checked my bank this morning and found two deposits from over payment of taxes from a few years ago. Thank you St. Joseph Thank you Jesus!!

  28. As always thank you for your prayers and support in this journey
    of life. I thank Jesus, Mary and Joseph for guiding and protecting us from all Sickness and Disease body and soul. Blessings and prayers to ALL.

  29. My prayer for my son in law to allow my son in law to be part of this family was answered. I prayed for that. Thank you Jesus.

  30. I got a job the following day after we prayed to St. Joseph to intercede for the unemployed. I’ve been jobless for 5 years.
    Thank you St. Joseph for interceding for me. And thank you Lord Jesus Christ for answering my prayers.

  31. To God be the glory
    Glory be to Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.
    I thank John-Paul and Annie for this noble novenas initiative. I have participated in this novena of St Joseph March 2022 diligently. I have been praying for getting a better paying job and get a resident visa for myself. All have been granted to me by the grace of God. I am now working in my new job and having and new Resident Visa.
    I thank Almighty God for all he has done for me in all of my life.
    Thank him for answering all my Prayers.
    All my prayer are being answered ever since I started praying Novenas.
    I asked Almighty God so that I get a better paying job and I have it now. I ask God to guide when I am making discussions for my life, and I was guided, I am now in the right place at the right time.
    All in all my prayers were answered
    Thank you God.
    Thank you Jesus Christ,
    Thank you Mary the Holy Mother of Jesus
    Thank you St. Joseph the patron Saint of my family
    Thank you St. John The Baptist my life Patron
    Thank you all Saints of our Names
    Amen, Amen Amen, Amen.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
    God Bless all.

  32. My family has received many blessings this week, one specifically for which I prayed for through this novena. Glory be to God!

  33. Ty for protecting those you have in Ukraine. Please continue to help them. Help the countries where they have gone to be kind, caring, understanding, unselfish. Give them all strength & courage. Soften Putin’s heart & stop his evil ways! Keep China out of this.
    Please help all families torn apart by whatever it is to come together again, including my sister & her son & their families.
    Thank you for mentioning singles in the prayer today. It means so very much.
    St. Joseph thank you for interceding for all needs expressed during this novena. Bless brothers & sisters everywhere. Anen

  34. I have been praying the novena to St. Joseph to save my son’s marriage. Thank you for some positive signs yesterday. Please St. Joseph I ask you to keep interceeding for them to continue communciating with each other, and grant that they will return to a happy and loving relationship. In Jesus Name and through your powerful intercession St. Joseph and dear Mother Mary I ask for my petitions.
    Praying for Peace in Ukraine and the world.

  35. I have been praying for a long time that my two daughters (who have been estranged for several years) would reconcile. Just found out that they are meeting for coffee on Sunday. They aren’t there yet, but it’s a start. Praise God and thank you St Joseph for your prayers added to mine!🙏❤️

  36. I thank God for answering my request of healing and even surprising me with more favours and luck tro this novena to St Joseph. Jesus thank you. I love you so much and I will never ever worship any other God/god. Jesus I submit my wholeself to you. Thank you Jesus.

  37. I was granted the ability to pass my real estate license test the first time taking it. Thank you so very much Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!

  38. I thank God tro the intercession of St Joseph for divine healing. Jesus thank you please keep doing more as I will always love u. I appreciate all the miracles u have worked for me. Thank you Jesus. Amen.

  39. I have very much enjoyed these novena. It seems whatever novena we pray, it has meaning for the situation going on in my life my families life at the time. For me thats the blessing and grace being received at that time and already a prayer answered. Sometimes we might not see our prayer answered in this life but will see in the hereafter. We just need to all continue to pray together and for each other. God bless John-Paul and Annie for doing the will of God with and through Jesus bringing all these novenas to us as we share our needs and prayers together. God bless us all, his children.

  40. Today is the last day of the Novena which I did for 2 people:
    For my son-In-law to pass a very difficult test to get promoted to a different job. He took it yesterday and was advised today that he passed!!!! Thank you St Joseph!!!

    For my nephew who was not able to find a job in the last two years. Last week he got a call from an agency and got a 6 month assignment and started yesterday. Thank you St Joseph!!! This job may turn permanent.

  41. Started the Novena asking God for a job for a job to be able to take care of my family. Got a call to cover in for someone for a month at work. I continue to pray for a permanent job with great benefits. Amen

  42. I thank God for everything that I have, all the blessings he has given and continues to provide. God is good all the time. All praise and glory to God. Thank you St. Joseph for your intercession on all my requests and know that he is continuing to intercede with Jesus on my petitions and the petitions of everyone praying this novena with me.

  43. Pray for healing for daughter 18 Natalie, she has eds and fnd and anxiety and physical pain. Pray for me I have had 3 heart stents placed 2 weeks ago after a heart attack. I’m not sure when I can work or if I can use disability. I worry about Natalie. Thank you

  44. Thank you St. Joseph that I finally heard from the job that I am applying for and that I was given the preliminary job offer. Still praying for the final offer but thank you for answering my prayers. Amen.

  45. In thanksgiving to our God and for allowing St. Joseph’s intervention in my prayer for my son’s family. And for a peaceful family gathering last Sunday. I am grateful and blessed by a loving God and St. Joseph.

  46. Saint Joseph I beg you to protect my child who is moving away because she feels she can live her life in the way opposed to our faith. Bring her back to the faith and back home through the intercession of saint Joseph, I ask in Jesus name.

  47. We found a new home to buy and our current home sold on the first day of the listing with 6 offers, but it turned out, the home inspection for the one we were purchasing revealed numerous concerns, so we were legally allowed to cancel. That was on Day 1, when my husband and I started this novena to St. Joseph, the protector of families and homes. We were definitely concerned about becoming homeless with all of our belongings in storage, and then we found our perfect home; we close and move April 25th. I truly believe it was through St. Joseph’s intercession on our behalf, that God answered our prayers!

  48. Thank you, St. Joseph, for healing my hurt with my husband. I can’t neglect him even though he hurt me greatly. He is in a nursing home he needs to come out of . I am fighting to get him out of.Saint Joseph, you gave me the fight in me to fight this nasty nursing home that doesn’t care about people.. continue to help me dear Saint Joseph.🙏🙏🙏🕊🕊🕊☦️✝️☦️✝️

  49. Dear St. Joseph,

    Please hear all the prayers of all who have participated in your Novena and bless Annie and John-Paul for facilitating this wonderful forum.

    While my specific prayers have yet to be answered, I’m so blessed with answered prayers over the years.

    Thank you St. Joseph, Mother Mary and Jesus Christ.

    Your servant

  50. My husband has been tolerating his first round of chemo better than expected and we are so thankful. We continue to pray for complete healing and cure for his cancer.

  51. Tuesday I had heart surgery. Guided by St. Joseph’s loving care and intercession with God the Father, the procedure was successful and I was released from the hospital earlier than expected. Thank you dear St. Joseph.

  52. My son in law’s mother is in remission after treatments for stage 3 Ovarian cancer.
    Praise the Lord and all who pray with us.

  53. We have prayed and prayed and lifted it up in our intentions in all novenas that our daughter would be granted a miracle of having a Baby, along with so many prayers for our loved ones. A week ago, they shared via video the amazing news of their miracle now at 8 weeks. Due to years of continuing female issues, her doctors call it a “beautiful miracle”. We are now praying for continued growth and good health for our precious grand baby and for the Babe’s Momma’s health and for the Daddy. They be amazing parents.
    Thank you for this website. My daughter snd I pray every novena plus together. We are served by such a mighty God.

  54. I was just diagnosed with leukemia and I’m a very scared single mom with 3 boys. Please help me pray for a miracle.

  55. I thank God our Father in His Trinity and st. Joseph for listening to us and answering our prayer. And for the faith among us.
    I thank St. Joseph for the positve turn in our relationship with my Hubby.
    Thank you all for Praying and honoring St. Joseph.

  56. I prayed for my son Joseph who is having a very difficult time at work and with the military reserves as well as dealing with his wife’s cancer. I prayed for Holy Spirit to guide him in a decision and for a clean scan for his wife. Her scan has come back normal this week and Joe was given a good option with the reserves. Prayers were answered.

  57. Please pray for my mom dad and sisters and. Please pray for my healing from stomach pain and nausea and weakness and neurological pain and Crohn’s disease. I have been sick and homebound for nine months. I need to take care of my I’ll elderly parents and my sister. Please pray for the people of Ukraine. And please pray for all animals. Thank you.

  58. St. Joseph, thank you for your intercession in securing a home for my brother. My family’s offer to purchase a house for him was accepted. God is Great!

  59. I pray for my great nephew Isaiah and my nephew’s family (Brian and Kristina). I pray for Isaiah be able to heal from his past and find God’s love. Help him and his counselors to open his past so his anger as a child can dissipate so he can grow closer to his family with God guiding and protecting him going forward.

  60. Daughters first step of a clinical trial we think has been somewhat successful. A bit too soon to tell. We will continue to pray for continued improvement

  61. I prayed for a cancer free PET scan this week and that is exactly what my scan showed. No cancer! My doctors even celebrated. I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer a year ago after my first ever colonoscopy. My prayer is for an on going cancer free life. I care for my disabled daughter and my husband is a recovering alcoholic. He has not done well with me being sick. Life has been hard but I am so grateful for all the nuggets of joy.

  62. Thank you St. Joseph for answering my prayer for the city to grant the approval needed to complete the work on my flip home.

  63. 3 days after starting the novena, after months of no interest from employers, I got 2 phone interviews. No offers but I am more hopeful now. One of the interviews was with a custom cabinet shop. No joke. St. Joseph was listening to me. I hope to continue getting offers to interview and for the favor of a job offer – a good job for me.

  64. Praise and thanks for prayers answered for income stream to support my family. I hadn’t even specified in my novena. It was an unspoken need. God is good always.

  65. The homeless woman we have been helping has a place to live but more importantly she has peace of mind and spirit

  66. Greetings and blessings to you all brethren. I thank John-Paul and Annie for this noble novenas initiative. I have participated in this novena of St Joseph March 2022 diligently. I have been praying for my daughter Angel Merici for a good job that will not make her forget God; also praying for her to get married to an educated, disciplined God fearing man with whom they can be joined in Holy matrimony. I thank St Joseph that on the fifth day of the novena she got a call from one of the places where she submitted her application. They have not taken her yet but we are very optimistic. We shall wait on the Lord His timing is the best. I know both my intentions will be answered and i will testify for the Lord. Thank you St Joseph for all you have done and yet to do for me, my family and families that trust in you, and Your Holy Family of Nazareth. Jesus, Mary and Joseph…Help Us!

  67. Thank you Saint Joseph for the successful cancer procedure for my son, Ty.
    And stopping a brain bleeding for Gordon Miller, a friend.
    We only need to ask for your intercession!

  68. Currently I am experiencing major life changes. Praying this Novena has kept me centered. Knowing that many others are also praying let’s me know that I am not alone. Praying for the intentions of others keeps me grounded and aware. My heart remains open to give & receive the Power Of Prayer.

  69. Answered prayers 1/4 children coming back to the church. And the house we are praying for we were able to be approved for. Now just waiting for a way to pay the down payment and moving costs ! God is Great! Thank you St Joseph for your intercession during this holy season of lent!

  70. My intention for this novena was for my daughter and her family to find a house. They live in a very small apartment. Day 1 we saw a rental sign on a beautiful rancher with backyard for our grandchildren to run and play. Day 6- they were chosen amidst 20 applicants and offered the home. They move in April 1. Praise God and St Joseph’s intervention. Both my daughter and son in law work in Catholic ministry positions!

  71. Dear St. Joseph,

    Thank you for interceding to God on my behalf; I am yet to write my exams, my kids are yet to write theirs, and my husband is yet to get that promotion. But I say thank you to God, and to you for your intercession, because I believe I have already passed , my kids have already passed and my husband already promoted.

    I am rejoicing and I’m glad because I know it is done.


  72. I want to thank St Joseph, Blessed Mother Mary, and Saint Maria Faustina for their powerful intercession to God on my and my husband’s behalf. My husband was shortlisted for a 4th job interview with the same company during this Novena. I pray it is God’s Will that he does great in the interview gets the job. St. Joseph pray for us.

    Thank you everyone for your prayers.

  73. Prayed for the bf of my daughter for a US visa and he was granted a 10 year visa. Thank you St Joseph. I know you are interceeding for all my other requests

  74. A deep peace has come over me. After honoring St. Joseph on Wednesday morning mass a received a text from my 12 yr old grandson who’s family has been estranged from me saying “I love you Grandma”. I had been praying hard to St. Joseph for some communication from them to let me know they are ok. He blessed me with more💝

  75. My son got the job we have all been praying for that brings him back home. Thank you all for praying with me.

  76. Thank you St Joseph that my friend granddaughter and my husband had successful operations and that my granddaughter was accepted in the school that was very hard to get in.

  77. I have to thank St. Joseph for my husband has been patient and understanding!! He has not been angry or said anything bad to me. I ask st. Joseph to help him have patience with Time, to learn to wait when things don’t turn out the way he wants. Amén! And to be generous!!That he learn to be more like St. Joseph!! To trust the Lord who came to save him and the whole world!! He still needs to go to confession…

  78. I have been praying that our son and his live in. that have a very beautiful little daughter, would feel the power of our St Joseph and our Lord. We pray that they would get married and have their daughter Baptized. There are singes that this could happen and ask our Lord to make them see the importance of changing the way they are living.