Answered Prayers from the St. Joseph Novena, 2022

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Thank you so much for joining us in praying the St. Joseph Novena! If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout the novena, please share those with us all below!

To God be the glory!

We are continuing to pray for you and your intentions. Please do not lose hope if your prayers have been seemingly unanswered. God is with you — you’re not alone, and you have our prayers.

God bless you!

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  1. Thank you, St Joseph, for hearing my prayers and asking God to intercede on behalf of my friend Peter, who got his job back after two years. And thank you for continuing to hear all my prayers.

  2. My son has a trial shift this coming week for a job he applied for. I pray that he will be offered the job position. He has been without job for 2 years now.
    May God be with him to guide and protect him. Amen.

  3. I prayed for healing for my brother-in-law. His dialysis that was ineffective before, has begun to work sufficiently. All our thanks to St. Joseph for his gracious assistance.

  4. Thank you for your protection blessed St Joseph. I know that you continue to keep me in your protective gaze as you make intercession for me to the Heavenly Father and your son Jesus. You answered my prayers today. I made such progress as I asked of you to do through the Heavenly Father. I thank you. Continue to pray for me and carve my soul making it pleasing as an offering to God.

  5. My fathers surgery was a success! Thank you everyone who kept him in your prayers! May God bless everyone! And Thank you all again!

  6. I presented St Joseph;the patron of workers,with stagnation in the conclusion of a building project.Thank you St Joseph for removing the bottle necks that caused the delay.

  7. Thank you, for the prayers I like to share the my grandson it’s been takes out of the tubes Last week and this week he’s out of the oxígeno complete he’s breathing by he’s own he born with he’s lungs full of water an March 1 but now March 17, it’s been clear of lungs he’s still at hospital but not critical us he’s was went he was born.

    Thank you St Joseph for intercession of healing of my grandson Oliver James
    For this I praise and thank you 🙏🏻

  8. Yes indeed, my prayer has been answered ——
    At 9:01 AM today, my daughter gave birth a healthy, precious baby boy. My daughter had an uneventful delivery.
    Thank you St. Joseph for your powerful intercession. Grateful for your Protection 🙏

  9. Thank you, the last novena we prayer for my daughter Stacy she has cancer, now we are praying to St Joseph for her to have a peaceful death as she is in hospice care. Please pray for her husband and 5 kids and all who mourn her loss. May God bless you both and all who pray.

  10. I offered this novena for a good work situation for my son-in-law. On day two he was called for an interview. Today he was offered the job! Thank you St. Joseph, and all who prayed this novena!

  11. Dear St. Joseph,
    Thank you for showing me the way. Thank you for lettinge know that he is not the one. I hope and pray that you will guide me more in finding the right man. Help me in all ways to discern. All these I ask in Jesus name, Amen.

  12. My petition was for my son – that he finds a good, stable job. During the novena, I found out he started working part-time. It’s something! I’m so grateful. Thank you St. Joseph, for praying for my son James, and for all of the petitions during this novena.

  13. Got money to pay off most of my debts.
    Continued with construction of my project
    My daughter survived an accident
    Doing well at my work place and causing recognizable impact.

  14. I prayed for St. Joseph’s intercession for a resolution to a difficult employment situation, and those prayers were answered!

  15. St. Joseph has helped me in so many ways. My son is doing well in school. Many other prayers I hold close to my heart. I love you Saint Joseph. Thank You.

  16. We thank St. Joseph for his intercession for my husband’s health. We got a biopsy results that was negative. Praise God!

  17. I asked for St. Joseph to help my son find a job that will be good for him.
    Today he received an offer that is the answer to my prayers.

  18. Dear Heavenly Father THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR filling our dug outs for our cattle. Thank you for allowing us to have a proper funeral for our mom Doreen. Thank you for all my children to be able to be home for their grandma’s funeral. Thank you for our HEALTH.

  19. Thank you dear St. Joesph, I prayed that my son and daughter in love would conceive the child they are longing for. They surprise me today on my son’s 26 th birthday. They are having a baby! What a blessing. I have stage 4 colon cancer and have begged God to let me see grandchildren now my daughter is due in August and my daughter in love in October! I am so blessed!!! Thank you for these beautiful novenas!!

  20. Among my intentions was a special request to keep a book effort in St. Joseph’s protection, along w/the protection of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The publisher called today, verifying that the project is moving forward. Praise God, from whom all blessings flow!

  21. I asked for light to shine through the darkness anxiety and depression. I asked for courage of St Joseph. Much darkness has dissolved. I am grateful for this Novena and it is the first time I have ever prayed to Saint Joseph. Thank you all, love, peace, joy

  22. I have been praying for my cousin in Ohio, Alexis. She got Covid and was admitted to the hospital put on a ventilator and had to have dialysis daily. She was in very bad shape. The doctors told her husband that it didn’t look like she would make it. I’m very thankful that she was released on Tuesday of this week. She’s in rehab and will be for a bit but she’s getting stronger daily. Praise God and thanking St. Joseph for everything.
    Also have been praying for my daughter and son-in-law to grow closer and stronger in their marriage. It appears that prayer has been answered also. Thank you again St. Joseph.

  23. I have been praying for my 2 sons in law, my son, and 2 grandsons, who are all fathers, to be more like St. Joseph to their families & come home to God-they have all left the Church. Yesterday 1 son-in-law, an atheist, called me. 1st time in 2 years! We had a great 1hour talk, I could tell he was maturing. He even mentioned going to church every Sunday, albeit a Universalist. Baby steps!
    And later he called so his 2 kids could talk to me-first time in a year! Thank you Jesus!🥰

  24. I want to request you to please pray for my son to be free of addiction and return to living a clean and holy life. St. Joseph pray for us, Amen

  25. I most humbly thank dear St. Joseph for his intercession and answering my prayers for two of my daughters
    One needed to find employment and the other a home
    Our third daughter is a work in progress which only God knows
    Please pray daily for us St Joseph as we need your support and strength and so does she

  26. I prayed for my brother this novena, asking St Joseph that he would find gainful employment. He received a job offer and will begin working soon with great pay and benefits. Thank you sweet St. Joseph for your powerful intercession

  27. Saint Joseph answered my prayers for my daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter. Currently they are in the process of selling their home to relocate. The stress and anxiety of the unsettling future, managing their jobs, and caring for a baby wore heavy in their lives. St Joseph answered the prayers . Their home was sold today🙏🏻

  28. My sisters grief to turn to joy. For her to find the soul mate for her to journey through life with and grow in holiness. For my nieces to have an adoring 🥰 new father as St Joseph was Jesus’s adopted father yet Loved and protected him as his own. In Jesus name I pray 🙏 amen.

  29. I have been trying to sell my home for almost a year and the closing was today on the final day of the novena. I retrieved my St. Joseph’s statue that I had buried in the yard! :-) Thank you, Jesus and thank you, St. Joseph!

  30. My grandaughter broke her back, had surgery, and is recovering as expected. There had been a strong possibility that she could have been paralyzed. Praise to God that she is not, and thanks to St. Joseph for his intercession.

  31. My pray for my grandson, who applied for a position at a college, got word this week that he got the position and will start in April.
    Thank you St.Joseph
    I am also still pray for our son , who is retiring from military as a colonel,
    To get a good job to support his large family.
    Thank you st. Joseph for everything you have blessed our family with.

  32. I was praying for a job, and I was contacted and asked to apply for a job today. May God’s will be done. Thanks, St. Joseph!

  33. The novena to St Joseph bought my family very close to each other. This feast day is the feast day of my husband and son. I thank God for giving us St.Joseph as our guardian and protector of our families. Thank you St Joseph for the favors received and for hearing our petitions.

  34. I want to thank St. Joseph for listening to my request and presenting my prayer to his adopted Son, my Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ. My prayer was answered and my ex-husband agreed to accept that he has diabetes and will take insulin to control this disease. This week, his diabetes dropped to almost normal and this is truly a miracle from God. Thank you Jesus for all You have done for my family. I Trust In You.

  35. Two of our sons were looking for better jobs. Both received and accepted job offers during the novena.

  36. My great grandson who was born prematurely and in NICU for a time has come home. He is still tiny and fragile, but able to be with his loving parents and expected to thrive. Thank you God for giving this beautiful child life.

  37. I have a praise report! Thank you St. Joseph for answering my prayers for my grandson Dominic. Custody of his son, Elliott, is not settled but moving along. I thank you that Dominic gets to have a supervised visitation with his son tomorrow. It is only four hours, but we are grateful. We have not seen Elliott since October 31, 2021, when his mother left our home with him. Thank you Jesus, Mary, and Joseph for your powerful intercession!!!!!!! Amen!

  38. St. Joseph has healed me from my food and smelling allergies. THanks be to God through St. Joseph.

  39. We prayed for a baby granddaughter if it be in God’s will for us and my daughter is having a little baby girl. thank you.


  41. Thank you St. Joseph for guiding my children to this particular daycare. The little child is now coming around to liking the surroundings after having previous bad experiences at the former daycare. Please guide my granddaughter in her life and I commit her to your care. I’m forever grateful.

  42. Thanking St Joseph for interceding on my behalf. I got into my first choice university. I’m encouraged that all other things will fall into place. This is a great sign.

  43. Thank you for praying for me. I did receive all Normal, cancer free results on my CT scan. Your prayers are powerful! Thank you!
    God bless you! Lori

  44. Please pray that my prodigal son Bryan contacts me soon. I have not heard from him since early November, and he will not accept my phone calls. I miss him and I miss my two grandchildren.

  45. I thank St. Joseph for interceding
    On my husband’s behalf, to our lord Jesus, for a job which. He just received this past Wednesday
    Thank you father God for all your Blessings

  46. In Thanksgiving for answered prayer for my son returning to the church after 40 years. One hugh step took place. He was really scared of an upcoming further colonoscopy to remove very large polyps. He has precancerous history. I asked him if he would like to come with me to the Adoration Chapel at my church and the shrine to St. Peregrine, patron saint for cancer, at my church yo pray. Chapel is accessible 24/7. He immediately made time for this. He has gone back often on his own. One little seed of faith is growing in him. Praise the Lord. Jesus, I trust on you!

  47. For Erika who will become a mom mid-May for the first time at age 40 and is currently separated from her husband. Pray that he will have the strength to over come his challenges and return to his marriage and new baby.

  48. I recently got converted from a contract staff to a full staff in the company where I work. Also I recently wrote a application test for an organization I would love to work, every other person who wrote thee test have gotten a regret mail but I didn’t get anything, I believe that I have passed the test. And I renewed my commitment to the choir. Generally it has been good news in this month of March.
    For all these and many more I give thanks to God and I pray that the good things God has planned for me, my family and everyone who said this novena will all be accomplished. In Jesus name. Amen!!!

  49. My uncle was unemployed and was severely depressed, I prayed to St Joseph and he got a job offer. Thank you Lord for all the blessings 🙏

  50. On the first day of this novena my son had a job interview! They were very impressed with him & we believe he will be hired. Thank you, Lord, for hearing St. Joseph’s prayers!

  51. Thank you Lord for the blessings and you heard and answered our prayers and my husband survived from his trauma. He is home today from the rehab. Feeling good and in stable conditions. My Lord please bless more husband for his new life with the pacemaker. Amen

  52. Dearest Patron of the Universal Church I prayed for the Consecration of Russia to your most Immaculate Spouse. I have been praying for this for 40 years. With tears in my eyes I read the news that Pope Francis plans to do this in union with the Bishops all over the world. This will be done on 3/25 the Feast of the Annunciation and the Day of remembrance of the Unborn Child. Thank you Dear Saint Joseph for hearing all our prayers!

  53. My daughter found out she became type 1 diabetic after she almost died out of the blue one morning
    She was very worried and depressed
    I prayed this novena and she just found out that it will be an easier task for her after all
    And is now more confident and secure again
    Thank you St Joseph

  54. I was praying for 2 couples near separation one in DRC and another in Kenya; now they are on the way of their réconciliation.
    Thanks bé to God and Saint Joseph our intercessor

  55. Glory to God,,I prayed for breakthrough of a permanent job,,I was invited for an interview yesterday and I really pray that through intercession of St .Joseph I am going to be granted the job.

  56. My breast biopsy came back negative. I was concerned because I’m a BC survivor. Thank you Jesus, Mary and Joseph for hearing our petitions.

  57. I had an episode of 2 days of bleeding in a sensitive area and that cleared up. My father is alive today to celebrate his 96th Birthday and is so much more aware of what’s going on and really enjoyed his day. Thank you St. Joseph a d all who pray these Novenas.🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤

  58. I prayed for my adult daughter to ageee to take classes in RCIA in preparation to receive the holy sacrament of Comfirmation and she has finally agreed and will begin in August of this year and receive confirmation at Easter next year

  59. Grateful to God that we will be shipping our petion for immigration package today after few months of documents compilation. God has started sth huge and I know its all coming to perfection. In Jesus name. Amen

  60. I had interviewed for an Operations Manager job in February up to the level of reference checks. The process then went quiet making me anxious especially that I hoped to get the job. I dedicated this novena towards my job search and asked that God provides a response(positive or negative) to my anxiously awaiting interview process.

    On 16th March night, I received a regret email from the organization which in as much as it was heart breaking, it provided a sigh of relief to my anxiety.

    I thank God for the response and pray that He grants me the job am looking for according to His holly will.

  61. About two days into the novena I had to explain to a non-Christian that statues and icons don’t pray and instead are reminders for people to pray, as well as the concept of free will, the fact that the Church-State separation is to stop the government from forcing you to follow their faith, what Papal Infallibility actually means, why I converted to Catholicism aged 17, why the Great Schism of 1054 happened, Scripture does not interpret itself, and that it takes a lot of blind faith to deny the Lord’s existence. This must be the Lord preparing me for when I move to Eastern Europe to become an evangelist.

  62. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayers and answering them in accordance with your will. Thank you good St. Joseph for your rayers ad intercessions on our behalf. I love you dear Lord. I love you St. Joseph.

  63. I was praying for several intentions. One was answered today!! I rarely ask for things like this. I usually ask for health and holiness for family and friends. I asked that my grandson be accepted to a Catholic school for next year that had a wait list. They were supposed to hear on this past Tuesday, but today, the last day of the novena, they heard that he was accepted!! Thank you, St. Joseph!!!

  64. I have been praying the novenas for an increase in my desire to pray more, to concentrate deeper as I pray. For the first time I feel my prayer is being answered. St Joseph will be more & more special to me. Thank you so much for this novena. God bless you both &all who work hard to bring these wonderful prayers to me. Also thank you for the wonderful retreat which has given me so many answers & so much to contemplate.

  65. My husband was involved in an accident yesterday 17th March but God saved his life through the intercession of St. Josh

  66. I am glad ive been able to join you in praying this novena. All through the nine days,ive been praying for peace between me and my husband. I feel ive achieved this because i now enjoy a healthy relationship with him. Thank you St. Joseph for moving with me. God bless you

  67. Thanking God for how he is using me to speak to my husband’s heart and thanking God for more favours ahead

  68. I have been praying that Putin will loose this war, he started in Ukraine, and now I see, today, that they have imported a statue of Mother Mary into Ukraine. I saw and heard, over EWTN news sources yesterday, that Pope Francis is going to consecrate Russia and Ukraine once again on March 25th, so that gives me hope too, for peace in that region. I have been praying that Putin doesn’t use gas on Ukraine, and so far, he hasn’t either!!! So far so good.

  69. Son was blessed with job offer from a great organization, decent salary and benefits. Thank you Jesus, Mary, Joseph. God is Good.

  70. 1.There is improved relationship between me, my son and his step father.

    2. My husband has returned home and there is mutual understanding.
    3, There is peace in the home.


  71. I was praying for admission at the University of the people and got accepted. I had quite number of prayer requests and still waiting patiently. I missed some days in the novena but am still very very very OPTIMISTIC.

  72. I prayed for a good neurologist appointment and was granted that prayer. I also prayed for my sister’s recovery from heart surgery. She is doing fantastic. Thank you for these wonderful novenas. God bless you all.

  73. Dear Saint Joseph,
    Thank you for your prayers.
    Please watch over and pray for my son.
    Please pray for my sisters/family. My brothers in law in treatment.
    Please pray for all in my healing prayer. Please pray for Annie and John- Paul and all praying this novena. Thank you dear saint for all of your blessings.

  74. Thank you St Joseph my constant companion. I am taking a weekly retreat “Boundless Compassion” during Lent and this past week the message is clear I need to have more self-compassion. I am caregiver for my husband and son. The burden of finding an agency for help has been a huge stumbling block. The door has been opened to me to ask and listen to the options available. Still asking for peace of mind for my husband and son!

  75. Thank you dear GOD for my answered prayers.
    Our Pastor who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer recently and who was very sick after his 1st dose of chemo is doing good and his reaction to his second dose is much better than the first one. He was able to celebrate the Holy Mass 3x in the last 5 days which is amazing because he said the greatest fear he has after learning his diagnosis is not being able to do his ministry. Thank you, Saint Joseph, for your powerful intercession.
    Another answered prayer is growth in our Fsith and Love for GOD. So hsppy and grateful to GOD for the obvious growth and transformation in our spiritual life this past week for me and my husband as seen in the way we treat each other and the way we respond to situations and opportunities that came. Thank you, St. Joseph, our spiritual father for your help.
    For the other petitions that have not been answered I ask St. Joseph to continue praying for us and I trust that in GOD’S time they will also be answered. Thank you to everyone who prayed the novena for your loving prayers. I hope your petitions were also answered.🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤

  76. My prayers for a health concern with one of my children was answered. I always include good health , safety and happiness for my children and grandchildren. Thankyou for sharing these beautiful prayers.

  77. My youngest son continues to struggle in his college classes, meeting deadlines and completing homework, tests in a timely manner. He is very smart, that’s not the problem. The problem is his “perfectionism”. I prayed that God would help him figure out how to handle a current situation over Spring Break. Immediately after I finished praying, I received a text from my son. He stated he came up with a solution to his problem and is going to get it handled over the weekend. The text at that moment reminded me that God is always there, always listening to us. I just didn’t expect such a quick answer to my prayer. Feeling very grateful!