Answered Prayers from the St. Anne Novena, 2023

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Thank you for joining us in praying the St. Anne Novena! If you’ve had any of your prayers answered during this novena, you can share those with us all below. We’re praying for you!

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  1. Really GOD has answered my prayers glory be God now and forever Amen .
    I prayed for financial break through
    Thank Lord

  2. Praise God,
    I wish to thank the Lord for answering one of my petitions on the 9th day of the St Anne Novena. My daughter had applied for a Green Card and was told it takes like 2 years, however with the interception of this Novena, the lawyer called with good news that it is already processed.
    We thank God for his mercies.

  3. The Novenas have help me better communication with my wife and help me to Humble myself and to continue to pray.

  4. Thankful for the intercession of St. Anne during the novena. A court case that seemed like a mountain, is moving on faster than expected.

    Glory be the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be, Amen🙏🏽.

  5. Last year in 2022, I prayed this novena of our heavenly Grand Mother Saint Anne.
    Few days before, I met a Man through my friend. We became very close . I asked Saint Anne to intercede for me to see clear if he was the man that God has planned for me to spend my life with; because something inside me was telling me that he is the right one. Today The moment I am doing this novena again after 1year We are engaged, and we are getting married this September.
    Thank you Heavenly Grand mother for your intersection and for my answered prayers.

  6. We prayed st Annes novena for our mother’s healing and also for submission of all her treament to God.yesterday she went for surgery and is recovering well.We thank God for his mercy and love.We believe that with God nothing is impossible,we believe also in God healing power.we know God has heard our cry and will heal her.
    Thank you God.Praised be your name now and forever.Amen

  7. Thank you for your prayers. We got approved with our K1 petition today. To God be the glory thru St. Anne’s intercession…

  8. I just want to thank you for the prayers and novenas that I have been receiving. Yes, I believe that my answers have been answered in ways that I wasn’t aware. I have more confidence in myself and I am more thoughtful of my husband. I have become aware that I don’t knock myself down often and am aware that I thank the Lord often for everything that He has given me.

  9. This was not my main intention for the novena but while traveling with my brother, sister-in-law, and their sweet baby, he cried continuously for a long while and we couldn’t console him. Soon as I asked St Anne to comfort him he quieted within minutes and seemed consoled for the rest of the trip. It was such a gentle and simple sign that it gave me great hope that she’s interceding for my more significant, weighty request. Grateful to be praying with all of you!

  10. My husband’s prostate biopsy results were all negative. Praise God! Thank you Saint Anne for your intervention.

  11. Prayed for a special job in the midst of a long job search- started praying to St Anne with this novena. Was interviewed and hired less than a week ago at my dream job doing parish ministry. Thank you so much St Anne for watching over me.

  12. One of my intentions was for my son to find a good and holy woman. During this novena, he met someone and he is trusting in the Lord’s plan for his future. Thank You St Anne!

  13. Thank you St.Ann for answering my prayers!
    Praise to God n thank you St.Ann for approving the mortgage for this humble family. Please continue to pray for a smooth closing.
    Bless my family n everyone who prayed this Novena!

  14. I have been praying for a job since march. I thank God For this grace and favour and you pray more novenas family for your prayers. I had 2 intentions and one has been answered I continue trusting God for the other intention to be answered

  15. Thanks for all the prayers for us and Lord Gid keep be with us always. Continue pray for us:
    Pray Marian Mallari Santiago, Villamor Santiago, Kharlo Ian Conanan, Mark Conlo Conanan, and Paul Benedict Conanan soon in Canada, with approval of Canadian officers soon. In Jesus name.
    Pray our job and business , all settled the problems AROKAYA HEALING WELLNESS, DIVINE MED THERAPY , TRINITY SPINE HEALTH and INTRA HERBAL MEDICINE annd all business involve with friends and relatives.
    Pray total debt Free for all our families , friends and relatives and all over the wirld, no more inflation. Financial will progrssion blessings to every one.
    Pray for all the sick, unemployed and suffering all over the world.
    Pray our children to have more faith and personal relationship to God Marviniel, Vina Lauren Mallari and Lea Lacar Mallari.
    Pray all our plans will be bless by God, the houses and Condos investments will be bless more to settle and no scams from the all people involve.
    Thanks and God bless all, May God be hear granted all our prayers. Amen
    Love and prayers,


  16. My intention for this novena was for a dear friend whose had miscarriages in the past. Some even in second trimester. Her youngest is 7 years of age. Now, she is 13 weeks pregnant. So I prayed for her during this novena. I just received a text after I told her that I finished a novena to Dear Saint Anne today. She texted back. It reads as follows: “It is most definitely felt! I just left an ultrasound and she said the hemorrhage has healed!”
    How generous Our Lord is, to give us hope, faith, and love through the saints!
    Good Saint Anne, pray for us!

  17. Our grandson was seeking employment, which was the main purpose of my saying this novena. Today, on the feast day, the day of our final prayer, I received word that he has been hired by a great company. Thanks be to the intervention of St. Anne and to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and to you John Paul and Annie for making these novenas available to us. Love and blessings to all who prayed for my cause as my prayer has been answered!

  18. We were praying for a safe delivery for our daughter carrying our first grandchild. On the last day of the novena, she had to be transferred to a hospital from the planned home birth, and the words of the novena prayer were particularly comforting as they said, when you answer our prayers but not in the way we expected. Early this morning, the feast of St. Ann and St. Joakim, she delivered by c-section a whopping 9 lb. 10 oz. baby boy.

  19. Thank you St. Anne for answering my prayers! I have been suffering for a long time and you brought me some relief from my suffering! It may be small but it’s huge for me! Please continue to pray for me and everyone praying this novena.

  20. Indeed of works in faith there is no day gone by without the Blessed answers from God through Jesus Christ in whom all my trials are given answers to increase Jesus in my dealings and decreases the world malicious vibes that had entered my circle of thinking and understanding and even to those called as helpers. I am grateful of the renewal of my gifts and talents in Christ that are coming day by day guiding me to the receiving of new heart, new commandment to honour God’s law from Moses’s law and entering the freedom to worship God as it was in the beginning, now and ever will be. With a token of good leadership in promise to satisfy God’s kingdom and and promoting order in the Gospel of truth and light upholding the in Christ’s adoration to the work and glory of God and principles safeguarding the present and new generation. To God be the glory ever more.Amen

  21. I bless the name of my LORD JESUS CHRIST.
    I was laid off in January this year and it’s a big struggle for me financially and also to find a new role. to the glory of GOD, I have an offer to start a new role next week Tuesday, August 1, 2023. Again I filled for my citizenship in February 2023 and just last week July 20th I have been scheduled for an interview. I am so excited about these ripple effect blessings and I pray God to bless everyone hoping in the LORD JESUS CHRIST for the same or different miracle(s). AMEN.

  22. I prayed for a job, which I desperately needed. On Monday, on July 24th, the 8th day of my 9th day novena, I received a call from a company I had been interviewing with and had gone through 3-4 levels of interview. They wanted to proceed with the necessary background check, etc. to propose an offer to me. Once that is completed, I will receive a written offer. I also prayed for a way to see my daughter and my grandkids. There is a family reunion coming up, but I didn’t have the funds to attend and today by an unexpected miracle I was able to secure a ticket to see them (no doubt, through the intercession of St. Ann, Mary and Jesus). I am so grateful and appreciative!!

  23. Praise the Lord and all who pray these novena with me.

    My eldest son and his wife are now 9 weeks pregnant. They have almost exhausted all fertility methods. I’m so blessed to have another grandchild on the way.
    My youngest son just started a new and more stable job. This is just what he needed after 3 years of no work due to an epilepsy diagnosis.
    Thank you Father.

  24. My prayers for reconciliation with my husband and for a peaceful, happy family and life have all been answered.
    I also prayed for a new job and received an interview invitation today the last day of the novena after waiting for a month without much interest being shown in my CV.
    May God perfect what he has started and give me the right job. To Him be all the glory, amen 🙏🏽

  25. My fiancé and I had been getting into minor spats and disagreements ever since we had our meeting with our parish priest to set our wedding date. We were giving each other the silent treatment and I had prayed to St. Anne to help our communication and relationship. Soon after my fiancé and I spoke and reflected on how the evil one always wants to separate and divide families. Now more than ever we are mindful of what we allow to bother us and are in deeper prayer.

  26. I have not seen with my eyes. But in faith I believe God is continuing the good work he has started in my family. Praise God. Thanks for praying for me as I continue to pray for you as I look forward to joining in the next novena. Amen

  27. My daughter’s admission response was keen on my request all through the prayer days. We received the long awaited email from the school on the feast day of St. Anne.
    Blessed be God forever.

  28. I am more grateful for God in my life and I put my whole trust and reliance in Him! Thank You Lord God for everything!

  29. Glory be to God
    My daughter and her husband were nolonger communicating have started and they have managed to work together in taking care jointly for their 2 boys through this prayer I’m grateful

  30. Good morning my brothers and sisters, thank you all for keeping me in prayer and I must say that I did get some form of relief while saying this novena. My husband and I had a huge misunderstanding we have been having alot of it as of late, I have been praying to God ever since for guidance and patience to deal with this matter because we would not open up and say whats the real problem. This is my second novena and I must say we are actually communicating much better, we have opened up to each other, and believe it or not this is our first year since we got married, my husband works 4 to 6 months at a time traveling because that’s what his job entails so we communicate mostly via phone but it’s a sacrifice I was willing to make for betterment. I love my husband with all my heart after God and I want nothing more than for us to be happy. These prayers has been helping me so far, so one again from the bottom of my heart thank you.

  31. I am very grateful for St. Anne’s intercession for me. I have just been accepted to a job today, July 26, the feast day of Saints Anne and Joaquim. My prayer intention during the novena has been granted. I received a call for a job interview on the 9th day of the novena (whose intentions were for those who were unemployed) and today, during St. Anne’s feast day, I got the job! Thank you to all those who have prayed with me during this novena! Thank you very much St. Anne for your very powerful intercession to our God! Praise God for his many blessings! Jesus, King of Mercy, I put my whole trust in you.

  32. Thank you St. Anne, our precious God and the Pray More Novena Community! My husband’s trial went well, but most importantly he has peace going in and a sense of trust I have not seen in him before. The outcome seems positive. A decision will be made in 30 days. God ia good!

  33. I thank St Anne for answering my prayers! Today I received the news that my son had successfully passed his US-MLE exam and he can now start with his hospital rotations.
    Thank you Jesus, Virgin Mary and St Anne! I feel so grateful and blessed!

  34. From my son, sent on Sunday ❤️
    “I want you and dad to know that I’m going to mass tonight and am planning on making it a habit again, I know you guys worry so I thought I would tell you.”

    Thank you Saint Anne!

  35. Prayer has been partially answered so far. My daughter’s job has been extended, prayed it becomes permanent 🙏🙏 God is good.

  36. Please pray for peace in my home. Everyone is angry and upset. Please let us find peace and hope for the future. Thank you dear Lord for all our blessings

  37. Thank you, St Anne. The very first day of the novena my prayers were answered. My daughter’s family got leads on affordable housing. With continued prayer I believe one of these leads will become reality for my daughter’s family. Their stress has lightened. Thank you

  38. All praise,honor and glory to God the Father through the intercession of St Anne for answering my prayers
    My husband Eden died peacefully on Friday 21st,2023.
    Thanks be to God for all your prayers.

  39. Finally – our prayers have been answered. My daughter who lives in a group home is getting a new roommate! God is so good – it is someone she knows already, and they get along well. Both are in wheelchairs, but both are smart and are special young ladies. It has been 8 months since my daughter’s previous roommate moved to a more independent setting, and I have been praying all along! Please keep Liz and “Randy” in your prayers going forward!

  40. Shalom dear brothers and sisters. Thank you very much dear mama and to everyone who have prayed for me. I do believe god had touched my dear daughter’s Laura heart to accept me back into her life. Even not fully yet I do believe it’s god’s work and slowly HE ll touch her heart to come back to us wholeheartedly . It’s possible to happen without everyone’s prayer for me. Thank you very much again.

  41. I thank God for blessings with a healthy baby boy in June 2023
    I first saw this novena in 2020 and I promised myself to pray it when am ready to have a baby
    Last year 2022 July i took part praying to God to bless my womb with a baby and 3months later I found out I was expecting. I was overwhelmed at how first God had answered me and I promised to share my testimony this year to inspire all those trying hard for any wish to trust God he will bless you in ways you don’t expect. Our bundle of joy is now 1month
    Thank you Jesus thank you st Anne and Joakim
    Thank you mother Mary for your intercession

  42. Dear Jesus, Mary and St. Anne, please heal my acute cystitis and help my chronic kidney disease remain stable.

    Thank you God 🙏.

  43. I was marvelled by so many prayers answered through the interception of Sts Joakim and Anna and I cannot but thank God for all these miracles.
    My prayer was for my sister to be healed of her mental disorder and now she is recovering treatment which she rejected before and I am optimistic that she will be completely healed.
    Thank God for the gift of you people and for your prayers.

  44. Thank God for prayers answered through the intercession of st Joachim and st Anne my daughter has been granted scholarship for masters degree in law.we are so grateful to God

  45. Thanking God for the Approval of my AWS after 4 application denial. So grateful to God.

    Still believing God for my visa approval and success in my exam . St Anne, intercede for me

  46. Prayed not only St Anne novena but most novenas through praymorenovenas and the lengthy issue of my son’s career has been favourably resolved and now he found a permanent job. Thank you for your prayers and forever thanks to the Lord‘s endless love and blessings. Your novenas have always given me hope and reason to be forever thankful to the Almighty. Many many thanks to you 🙏🙏🙏

  47. Please St Anne, I pray that I will be able to have more healthy babies who grow into strong children, soon.

    I pray that May marriage may be very honest, open and loving.

    I pray for clarity of mind.

    I pray for peace.

    I pray that I will do God’s will. Please help me.

  48. thanks be to God
    passing my clinical exam was one of my intentions in this novena and my results have been released and i passed. i pray God grants the intentions of everyone else praying this novena and may He grant my other intentions. Amen

  49. St Anne, Thank you very much for your intercession. My husband and I started communicating again after more than a month. We have started our journey to healing and working on our marriage. Thank you all for your prayers. Thank you Jesus! Praise you Jesus!

  50. Something had been bothering my daughter and she finally had the courage to speak to me and ask for help! So thankful 🙏🏽

  51. Iam currently working in organizations in Marketing department as Manager , but mostly when there are activities it’s either my name is skipped or not considered .
    This time around on 24th July there was a trip to attend meeting in another city , my name was mentioned in my absence and approval was made instantly not to drive but to fly by plane to that city for meeting .
    I have seen God’s hand working.

    May good Lord continue to show us mercy and grace in area where we feel left out . I thank God so much I have seen him working and fighting my battles .

    It is my prayer that this is a break through and open door liberty at last.


  52. Thank you St. Anne for your intercession. My sister had safe delivery of a baby boy and I received financial breakthrough.

  53. My daughter willingly volunteered to altar serve when she noticed they were short one server at Mass.
    My son said he is praying more and trying to listen to God’s plan for him.

  54. Thank you St. Anne and everyone praying this novena. I have read and heard of prayers being answered before the end of the nine days, but never experienced it until now. My daughter got the job we have been praying for on the second day of the novena. I’m certain that I will get a job soon. Thank you everyone. I’m praying for your intentions. 🙏🏼 Jesus I trust in you.🙏🏼 I pray we all remain hopeful and trust in God.

  55. So far, no brownouts for my invalid brother in Houston. Thank you St Anne. I pray it holds the next months.

  56. I am thanking God for his good works in my family . My son was given admission in the University and my
    daughter was called to bar last week .

  57. My prayers were not answered but I’m patiently awaiting an answer
    Please pray for me that I will be more acommodating to my step daughter. She has done me wrong in the past and I can’t seem to get over it.

  58. I asked Saint Anne to help my sister who was desperately mentally ill and in the hospital. Today I talked to my sister, and she was at rock bottom. However, my other sister talked to her about five hours later, and a miracle happened. My sick sister came back to sanity and was basically back to normal. I believe this was divine intervention with a huge assist from Saint Anne. All glory to God!!! Thank you, Saint Anne.

  59. One of my prayers was answered today, as my husband was offered a work project. It is a short term job but it will help us pay bills for a while and might lead to other work. Thank you, St.Anne and all who were praying with me.

  60. Please St Anne help me in all my financial and emotional distress also I have lots of debts please help me once again as I have made some bad and foolish mistakes before also look after my family wife and children

  61. My prayer for a safe and successful surgery was answered! Thank you all for your prayers as I have prayed for you.

  62. I love praying the novenas every morning. They give me hope and strengthen my faith. So far my prayers have been answered. Thank you God!! I will continue to pray, but at the same time, I will pray for help accepting Gods will.

  63. I believe God is helping me to be less despondent and more confident in myself which has been a life-long challenge.

    I am certain my other intentions will be honored by Our Lord as well.

    Seek…ask! And it will be given!

    Thank you and God bless you!

  64. Good appt with new doctor.
    Noticeable healing of infection clearing in arm and leg.
    Thank you Jesus !
    Praise you Jesus !
    Thank you for St Ann’s intercession with her divine Grandson, our Lord Jesus Christ who favors her in answering her many requests.
    Happy Names Day to all Ann’s ( and variations of this grace filled name) tomorrow, July 26, 2023 !

  65. I’m happy to share that our son, who has been out of work for nine months, got a job in his field and started this week! Thank you St Anne and all who prayed this novena. Prayers are answered; Jesus, I trust in you!

  66. Our prayers were answered for safe travels during our family vacation. All stayed healthy until the last day. Praise the Lord for the good time we had together!

  67. THANKYOU St.Anne for helping my daughter get her Medicaid! I continue asking You to help her keep her SSD,apartment,get her snap,and get to good doctors who will help her. Heal her depression as she left her addicted boyfriend in another state! Please heal her heart and heal her from being attracted to addicts/alcoholics,thugs,mentally ill men! Place a godly Catholic kind non addicted loyal,trustworthy headband in her path;same for me her mom.
    Take good care of my son and all his teams& leaders as they are on deployment far away! Take care of his wife& Gloria& family! Please bring my 2 adult kids and I godly kindhearted friends,neighbors,mentors,angels,wisdom filled therapists! Help me& my kids get all the help we need! Help ron get a car soon and stop threatening me with emotional abuse! Bring me a godly strong but kind boyfriend immediately to put him in his place! Help my daughter get over Ryan! Give me the strength & provision to keep Ron blocked and far away from me! I need a huge financial miracle of minimum $250,000 to buy a nice condo far away from him in a very safe neighborhood with kind neighbors, same for my daughter and son! Hear& answer everyone’s prayers on this novena! Bless me with new snug tight fitting dentures that I will love to wear! Heal my 2 adult kids and me from trauma bonds that their addicted& mean father put us through, as well as the rest of our foes who like to belittle us and mock us! Hear& answer me& my 2 adult kids prayers too! All my intentions& prayers I give to You St.Anne& the Holy Family- Jesus,Mother Mary,St.Joseph! 🙏

  68. I believe it was the third day when my prayers were answered. I applied for a new job, had a phone interview the next day and an in person interview the Monday after that. Thanks be to God via the intercession of St. Anne and all the saints, I was offered the job that Wednesday. I had been struggling to keep up with my bills at my current job. This new one pays way better, thanks be to God🙏🏽.

  69. Praise God! Thank you St. Anne for answering my prayer. I recently moved to Texas, and have being searching for a physician. I prayed to St. Anne, and the next day after starting the novena. I found an excellent CNP. I met her today. She was Heaven sent.
    Thank you Lord. I love you St. Anne.

  70. My husband and I have been looking to own a house for some years. By God’s Grace, we have been able to put in our first deposit. We are on our way to owning a house.

  71. I had asked St. Anne to return two of my children to the Church. One has already come back and is interested in going to Mass! Thank you!

  72. For the peace God has bestowed upon my family. Hurt and foolishness and pride have given away to PEACE through the Power of the Holy SPIRIT.

  73. my wish during this novena was for my wife to have a successful natural delivery, and to the glory of God, she was delivered of a beautiful baby girl on the 19th of july without any complications. My prayer was answered as i wanted it.
    Thanks to all participants in this novena for all your prayers and above all to St Ann for her intercessions to our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

  74. My permanent residence was approved today. This was my prayer intention throughout this novena and God answered my prayer today.

  75. My prayers for a successful surgery were answered. There was very little pain, and I think the recovery will be easier than I thought. Thank you St Anne

  76. I prayed that my future son-in-law would obtain a better paying job that he would like, so that he will be able to provide for their future wife and family and be able to obtain a mortgage. He went for the first opportunity and did not succeed. Then an even better company approached him for a job and they were sending him an offer today. Thank you so much St. Anne for interceding and our most gracious Lord for answering my prayers.

  77. I have had something happen with my back and have been unable tostand or walk more than 2 min at a time. The specialist appointment was not until 6 weeks later and I am on strong meds to help with my pain. I ask St Anne to help me with this and for an earlier appt. Today I received a call that 1 opening became available for tomorrow. I know trusting in the Lord and this novena played a key role in this appointment.

  78. I have vertigo for over 11 years lately I have been falling a lot & most of the time my face & head took the worst of it. Since praying st Ann’s novena I haven’ t fallen. I thank St Ann & my God for such wonderful

  79. Dear St Anne,
    Thank you for your prayers and intercessions.
    Please watch over and pray for my son.
    Please pray for my sisters and family.
    Please pray for all in my healing prayer.
    Please pray for Annie and John-Paul, for all intentions of this novena and those praying this novena.
    Thank you dear Saint, Mother of the Blessed Virgin, grandmother to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  80. Thank you St. Anne for bringing my grandson home:

    My grandson was estranged from the family over two years. I started the Novena Monday morning. My daughter reached out for the first time in awhile that afternoon! For the first time he answered her message immediately. He said he needed her that very day but was hesitant to call! They are working through their issues and it’s looking good for the future! Amen

  81. Had a visit from my son last Friday for the first time since losing his wife 2 months ago. It was a good visit.

    Also been praying for Phil recovering from 2 forms of leukemia for almost 2 years. He looks wonderful and I praise the Lord for healing him.!!!!!

  82. I can see so many positive changes occurring in my home as a result of praying for my marriage, my motherhood journey, and private discernment.