Answered Prayers from the St. Anne Novena, 2023

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Thank you for joining us in praying the St. Anne Novena! If you’ve had any of your prayers answered during this novena, you can share those with us all below. We’re praying for you!

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  1. My sister, Krista, prayed the St. Anne Novena in July 2022 to conceive a child. She and her husband were experiencing infertility for 5 years. She conceived November 2022. I did not know she prayed the St. Anne Novena last year, but I saw Anne is the patron of women in labor and asked our family and friends to do the novena together for Krista. We all prayed the St. Anne Novena again this year in July 2023 for a safe labor & delivery. On St. Anne’s feast day, July 26th, Krista experienced her first Braxton Hicks. And on August 12, 10 days after her due date, Sonja Joy Smith was born after 27 hours in labor! What a HUGE gift to the world miss Sonja is. Krista and David are overjoyed for this gift from God.

  2. I have a testimony where after finishing St Anne Novena, my prayer to get a new job were answered instantly. I want to thank the thread sharers and attest that prayer in deed works. Blessings. Shalom.

  3. Saint Anne has been a very powerful intercessor for my humble petition. My son has been struggling to make a living wage in his field of employment. As I finished the Novena on his behalf to find gainful employment, he was invited to a job interview.

    He interviewed for the position today and was offered the job! Thank you, Saint Anne for your intercession!

  4. I thank God for answering my prayer. I prayed for a safe delivery of my son. The surgery was a success and both mum and son are healthy and doing well. My son is a gift from God. We sought the Lord over the years and He heard us. He answered our prayers. Magnify the Lord with me. Together, let us exalt His name forever. He is worthy to be praised. All glory and praise to Him, the Almighty God.

  5. Dear John-Paul & Anne,
    Peace be with you,

    Thank you for praying for me and my family.

    You have been sending Novena prayers to my email but was not able to open my inbox and pray the Novena with you because of unavoidable circumstances.

    Can I still pray the Novena already send twice in my inbox. Kindly advise me.

    Thank you.


  6. Thank you to St Anne for intercessions that helped me to have successful surgery & smooth recovery! Also, my sister’s surg was successful, & my brother’s healing after surgery has been very good. He still needs to undergo radiation, so will be offering more prayers! I hope that all who have prayed this novena have experienced answers & healing!

  7. Our intention for this novena was to conceive and make it to term after suffering a miscarriage. I just found out I am pregnant, but we still have a long way to go. Please keep us in your prayers for a healthy baby and pregnancy!

  8. I started up again saying the Novenas via this site. First the Holy Spirit and then St. Anne. Before the end of the St. Anne novena, I was given an offer of a new job. God is so good and I appreciate the assistance of the Saints to guide me and give me patience, along with the gifts from the Holy Spirit to trust more in God’s plan, no matter what way it goes.

    Thank you!

  9. Thank you, St Anne, my spiritual grandmother. Thank you for all the prayer answered and for interceeding forn me.

    1, The car was sold miraculously on day 5 of the novena
    2. I got more shifts in my job.
    3. More favours,

    Thank you, St Anne

  10. Thank you St. Ann for Charles’ successful eye operation.
    Sacred Heart of Jesus I place all my trust in Thee always. Please help all those who have prayed this Novena with me.

  11. Yes, I have been learning how to drive. My test was on Friday and I started this novena together with novena to our lady Undoer of knots last week Saturday. I passed with minor faults.
    I am so full of thanks and gratitude to God and Mother Mary and Grandmother St. Anne.
    I will continue saying my novenas for other prayer requests of mine.
    I just finished my novena today.
    Thank you all.

  12. I am here to testify that the Lord has given me divine conception.
    I miscarried in December 2022, today God has blessed us again. This is our 2years and 3 months in marriage.
    I prayed this novena with faith that my request will be granted and I testify today. Amen!

  13. Thank you Novena team, for such a splendid work.
    I had a specific request while doing this novena and by Mother Mary’s grace and St.Anne Novena that wish has come true. I would like to thank each and everyone who prayed this novena with me at the same time and wish everyone’s requests get fulfilled by Mother Marys Grace.

  14. I want to thank St. Anne my spiritual grandmother. She help me to pass an exam last year. I pray she will help me to pass an exam year.
    Please join me to thank her.

  15. My child was admitted in hospital with pnuemonia when i started praying to st Ann and now he is ok and back home
    I pray that all my requests get answered
    May we all get what we are praying for

  16. Praise and thanks to God ✝️Peace be with us all
    I am so thankful for my petition answered in prayer, right after I completed this Novena
    My son Duncan received a very good job opportunity to sustain him and his family
    Thank you St Anne for interceding
    Jesus I trust in You 💗

  17. Thank you St Anne for hearing my prayers. My son just passed the USMLE exam and was confirmed to do the rotations in FL.
    Thank you ! I feel so grateful and blessed. Thank you!

  18. The very first day of St Anne’s novena my daughter was having brain surgery for an aneurysm. The surgery went well and she is fine! Thank you St Anne.

  19. I have been struggling for many months with various health issues related to fatty liver disease. My liver enzymes have been high over the past several months. I’ve also had various other symptoms as a result of this. I started praying for better health when we started this novena on July 17th. I went for blood work on July 21st and got the results the next day. My liver enzymes are the lowest they have ever been, a few days later my other symptoms disappeared as well. Thank you, St. Anne for your intercession. Amen!

  20. My faithful grandmother, prayed with me on my behalf, to start my W/C settlement. Please, spiritual grandmother, be with me, by my side in this journey!
    Thank you

  21. Thank you lord ! During the st. Anne novena our prayer was answered. Our son found employment and is very happy! Praise Jesus!

  22. I asked God if I was His child and I heard “Yes!” Each time I ask I hear “Yes.”
    YES! I am a child of God🥰

  23. As soon as the Novena started, I asked that my son’s job applications be responded to. He got 2 call backs for his ideal job!!! Thank you St Anne.

  24. Prayers for financial freedom. My home insurance went up triple and I had to sell my home. My house sold in less then 24 hours. Cash sale, asking price, great couple to love this home. Praying God will see me through this move and give me peace in my new venture. Only God can work these miracles. The lady on the phone handling the closing told me I was lucky to sell my home. I told her this was God’s work. Prayed for my friends cancer which they can not find on the scan, and for my friend’s son who is able to walk again. God is truly good! Crying happy tears.