Answered Prayers from the St. Anne Novena 2020

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Thank you for joining us in praying the St. Anne Novena!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered during this novena, you can share those with us all below!

We will continue to pray for you & your intentions. God is with you!

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  1. Thanking God for my daughter’s successful surgery and believing God that all my other prayer requests and petitions will be answered through Christ our Lord Amen. Thank you Jesus and thank you St Ann and Joachim for prayers and interceding for us. Amen

  2. I have been praying to many Saints, Mother Mary, this Novena and to our dear Lord. Thank you for answered prayers. My daughters MRI of her brain came back normal.

  3. My answer to prayer is my new job!!! I prayed through Saint Anne’s intercession to bless me with a full-time job that will bring me purpose, fulfillment, and dignity. I was waiting to hear from my employer if I was chosen for this particular job – it felt like such a big dream on my heart, especially during this uncertain time. I received a call on Tuesday telling me another candidate had been selected for the position, and I was heart-broken. Then, two days later, I received another call saying the other candidate did not work out and they offered me the job!

    I’ve also been praying for my journey towards motherhood, and we received encouraging news on this front as well. Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Saint Anne!

  4. I read Day 9 of the St. Anne novena a few days late and asked for daughter to find out if she got a job that she interviewed for. I read the day 9 prayer on Thursday, 7/30. At 8am on 7/31, my daughter found out she got the job. She interviewed for it on Monday and was told it would be two days to hear back. She was sad when she didn’t hear the second day. I read the prayer on Thursday and on Friday morning they called. It is a small part-time job, but something she will really enjoy. Now she is waiting to find that professional job! She just graduated college in May.

  5. My husband and I prayed this novena while undergoing a second round of infertility treatment. Other members of our family were too. Had a pregnancy test done a couple days after novena ended and turned out we were pregnant. This novena reminded me to keep the faith and persevere even if the outcome wasn’t going to be in our favor. We are beyond thankful! Praise God for answered prayers. Thank you, St. Anne and Mama Mary, for your intercession.

  6. I have been praying for a few years that my sister-in-law Martha receive a donor kidney. On July 24th she was contacted by the hospital that they had a kidney match for her. She had her transplant and is recovering at home! God is good!

  7. Thanking God for successful dental procedure on my daughter today. Believing God that the the result of my son’s job interview will be successful soon.
    Our dear grandparents St Anne and Joachim, thank you for interceding for us Amen.
    Also thanking and believing God that our uncompleted project will soon be completed by management as they have promised.
    Thank you Jesus and thank you St Ann and Joachim for interceding for us Amen.

  8. I am not perfect but our God through Jesus christ shows me mercy every day! Through praying with you all and this novena I have been given a chance to connect with God bless through these prayers and I’m just Thankful that I know God hears my prayers and heals me ! Thank you father God for hearing my hearts prayers and for protecting me from Evil ! Thank you And God Bless you all !A special Thank you to St .Anne for being my intersessor!

  9. Thank you St Anne! My sister is pregnant! Praise be to god. Still waiting on our miracle, but so excited for her!! Prayers matter. Praying for patience, and perseverance in prayer. Jesus I trust in You.

  10. God you are so faithful. I thank my God and St. Ann for answering my prayers, I was redesignated. God my Lord I thank you.

  11. Thank you for answering my prayers Lord, and St Anne for interceding for me. All my prayers have been answered in a positive way. Prayer is powerful. Never give up! God is there for all those who need him.

  12. Prayers for President Trump to be re-elected & bring our country under God’s Grace also an end to COVID-19 find the right therapeutic & vaccine medication to cure COVID-19. An end to riots & regain employment for all.

  13. Thank you St. Anne, mother of the Virgin Mary, for helping me open up to taking action to do tasks I have felt too stuck to accomplish the past few months, and which I was able to finally do during this Novena to you. I really needed a spiritual Grandmother to help me muster the willingness to clean the house and to keep up my new walking routine! I will continue to pray for strength and guidance to do these and other important things ongoing for personal health and well being. Thank you for sharing your daughter with us, the Queen of Heaven, and for your intercession and prayers for us to stay safe during this pandemic!

  14. My husband and I were just informed we will be First time grandparents!!! Please continue prayers for a healthy baby.
    Thank you St. Anne for your prayers.

  15. The cancer has stopped growing after 2 treatments. 4 more treatments to go.

    A vaccine for Covid-19 is looking more hopeful.

  16. My mom is now in remission from cancer and both of my high risk parents have been safe from COVID-19 thus far. Thank you all for praying with me!

  17. I prayed this novena for my son’s teacher who has been looking for a new position for the past few months. Yesterday, she informed me that she has a new job starting in two weeks.

    Thank you for answering our prayers. Put your trust in the Lord for He is merciful and kind.

  18. Thank you Lord Jesus for answering my prayer.
    I prayed for my son to understand and respect me and my wife’s advice for him to be independent as he has already a job and 29 years old already. I also prayed that my wife will have the courage to explain the reason to my son, instead of treating him like a child.
    These have been answered by the Lord, although it is hard because we worry much about his safety, especially during this covid-19 pandemic.
    Thank you for your prayers.

  19. My family has been brought together after many, many years of praying. Our Almighty God works in HIS own way at HIS own time. HE is working through my youngest grandson – who is having serious issues that the whole family has to get involved.
    Thank you Dear God.. Jesus I put all my Trust In You… Jesus We put all our Trust in You… Jesus Have Mercy On Us and The Whole World. Father, Son, Holy Spirit… Jesus, Mary and Joseph… Amen

  20. I prayed along with all of you during the St. Anne Novena with specific intentions for my husband and my fertility and for us to conceive a child if it be the Lord’s Will for us. Today, three days after the Novena finished, I found out we are expecting! To say we are in joyful (disbelief) of this undeserving and miraculous gift from Our Lord is an understatement. Thank you so much for sharing this Novena with us. Thank you, St. Anne & St. Joachim, for your powerful intercession! I know without a doubt they helped with this! God Bless all of you & I am continuing to offer your intentions up!

  21. I’m praying for financial blessings on the novena of St. Anne. I am blessed because she interceded. Thank you Lord!
    On the 4th day of the novena I received a surprised message from an old friend of mine and she offered me some financial help which is really a big help for me on this pandemic. I am super thankful! Thank you St. Anne and to the Lord God Almighty for making my friend as an instrument in my financial needs. To God Be The Glory!🙏❤️

  22. Thank you saint Anne, I prayed for the date for the formal visit to my bf to be set and he set them on the second day of this Novena.

    I continue to pray for financial breakthrough through our journey of marrriage so the introduction and wedding can happen seemlessy

  23. Last year, I thought this novena was for finding a spouse and I almost didn’t pray it! Then, on the last day when we prayed for those seeking employment, I cried. The prior five months I had waited to hear about a job that I really wanted, and had about given up on. The morning of the last day of the novena, the owner of the company called to see if I was still interested in the job! This year, I realized I really did want a partner, so I opened my heart to finding a man, according to God’s will, and prayed with that intention. Praying for God’s wonderful will for all of us ❤️

  24. Thank you. Lord for blessing my second daughter with a job. The next day of the feast of Sts. Joachim & Anne she was called for an interview and got selected.

    Thank you Sts. J & A for interfering.

  25. I prayed to meet a Catholic man, if it was God’s will. Last week, after resigning to the fact that it wasn’t the right timing to meet anyone, I did connect with a very nice, Catholic man. So far there is a friendship beginning. Thank you St. Anne!

  26. I was praying for communication and relationship with my children. My daughter niece phoned to say they were together.(i) We managed to brief his but it was something and was good to see (ii)my daughter in law though they are separated wi amountth my son. Praying that they come back together and praying against divorce.
    iii) this afternoon had a phone from potential tenants asking me to secure the house for October praying that they come up with the secure money to keep the house for them.

  27. I had prayed asking God to free me from my marriage and if it is still his will for me to stay give me a sign ,give me what his heart desires for me . On Sunday God said 1 yr give your marriage one more yr. So lord I thank you for giving me answers . I will be obedient.

  28. Dear St Anne, thank you for prayers answered. My niece was in an abusive relationship for 3 years. With your intercession, she finally has had the strength to leave and be in a safe environment. Please accept my adoration and gratitude in resolving this difficult situation.

  29. Please, I need to be financially free to support myself, my dog, my mom and sister. I want to be free of this marriage. Please help me, find peace or please change this man into a God loving, wife respecting, man

  30. Pat
    I received a text message from my granddaughter on Sunday evening. I have not been allow to talk or see them since September of 2014 by my son-in-law. He cut me off from seeing them after the death of my daughter in August of 2014.
    She is almost 19 for now it will be text messages until she is ready to see me. Please pray that she continues text me until we are able to see each other. Thank you god for answering my prayers.

  31. I want to thank God, I was praying for my babies and family’s well being and I believe God heard my prayers because another one was also answered. I am from Zimbabwe and with tough economic situation was praying for land to build a house which is affordable. I thank God for opening my eyes to consider peri urban developments and guiding my feet to a great and affordable deal. He had angels in my way who directed my foot all the way. I can finally see the light at the end of a tunnel and the unlimited possibilities of being a home owner one day. I am really excited thank you St Anne for the intercession.

  32. God has been gracious. I prayed for my debts to be repaid so that i could have money to register for exams. and on the 6th day i received a call which was asking for my account 🙏

  33. I thank God for being faithful, i prayed for an altar od marriage in my sibblings and i to find life sister her ex who they had baby with i ls pleading for their reunion on 25th relationship with the man i love dearly revived today.Thankyou St Anne foe your intercission.i have faith all my intentions will be meant

  34. Peace be with you.

    We were praying the Novena and we finished on Saturday. Today my husband got the job that he’s been praying for.

    I would just like to send a thank you prayer request. God has shown endless grace and mercy to my family and I

  35. Please thank God with me for answered prayers.

    I pray that God’s blessings and grace will remain with you and family.

  36. St. Anne is my patron saint & I prayed for my intention of being free from cancer (I have had breast cancer & recent blood work & a mammogram indicated high in breast cancer markers & an abnormality, respectively). During the novena, my biopsy results were normal/no cancer! So, the rest of the novena I thanked St. Anne for her powerful intercession for healing!