Answered Prayers from the Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena, 2023

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Thank you for joining us in praying this novena!

If any of your prayers were answered, you can share those with us all below.

We’re praying for you!

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  1. My prayers were answered in abundance…thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus. We vow to pay these blessings forward.


  2. I pray to God give me a job enough money pay salary for all people who look after my mum in Viêt Nam , in the name of Jesus, I pray , Lord Jesus, I trust in you , Amen.

  3. Oh My Jesus you have heard my prayers for my son and are keeping him safe and protected….his health seems to be restored but we shall remain ever so close to you and your Mother, Our Mother and dearest St. Joseph whom you loved for continued protection and safe keeping.

    Oh my Jesus you have provided abundantly…so much so that my brother begins his new position today…a job that came from nowhere and materialized effortlessly as though the position had his name on it.

    Oh my Jesus thank you for your grace….tomorrow I begin a new job also which I must admit I’m nervous about…but with you as my guide, protector and strength I am confident in my ability to endure the long hours with a smile and gratitude in my heart, so aligned with yours.

    Thank you my precious Jesus…you are everything to me.


  4. During this novena I started praying for my husband’s MRI to be normal which Praise God it was. Then the doc ordered a biopsy which we just learned that it was also normal and benign. So grateful and relieved. Thank you Lord for how you continue to bless us!!

  5. Thank you Jesus for prayers answered. My son is improving. His health is becoming restored.

    Thank you for blessings in abundance.


  6. During this novena I prayed that I did not have cancer of the liver or any type of liver disease. I also prayed that a biopsy of my uterus does not show cancer. I haven’t had the biopsy yet, I had blood test done and an ultrasound of my liver. The results showed no abnormalities in my liver. Praise God. Thank you Jesus. And thank you to everyone who prayed with me and for me. I will continue to pray for good results for my biopsy. In Jesus Holy Name, Amen 🙏

  7. Thank you Jesus for answering my prayer for the restoration of my son’s health and well being in mind, body and spirit.

    My humble gratitude knows no bounds…..we shall pay your gracious blessings forward in service to you and your Blessed Mother, Mary and St. Joseph who adored and loved you beyond his last breath.

  8. Thanking God for His mercies, favours , guardiance and Chinenye IFAD / DATA PROTECTION in the family and praying for same. Thanking Him for answered prayers in our lives. Praying that God will guide us through the remaining part of the year and for my son to be more responsible with his finances and friends. May bad friends not come his way through Christ our Lord.
    I present those who are owing him to pay him soon Amen.
    Thank you Jesus and thank you our mother Mary for your intercessions and God’s blessings on Annie and Johnpaul for praying for us Amen

  9. Thank you Jesus for all prayers answered. With you in our hearts, miracles become the stuff of the ordinary. Because I walk with you beside me, in front and in back of me, guiding every step, confidence in right and amicable outcomes has been restored. Thank you my Jesus for blessings in abundance and most importantly, for the restoration of health and well being in my son’s mind, body and soul.

    I’m grateful beyond what words can express but, you know our hearts, therefore you know the extent of my gratitude. Our commitment to you is to spend each day paying forward in service as a way of thanks for your comfort and care in our lives which have been shattered but now are in the process of mending.


  10. please pray for my son he has adhd and is requesting is college scholarship continues for the next 2 years. He is emailing the college to ask for extension. please pray for him that they give him his scholarship back. He applied for DSS sophomore after mid-terms. He needed more time on his test. once he got more time his grade went up to a 3.4
    peace for the world

  11. Please, please I’m asking for prayers for my granddaughter and greatgrandchildren. They are in the process of moving to Texas, which is devastating for me. They have been there for me since my husband left. They are going with a person that is very controlling and demands that the kids do what he says without question. This man drinks everyday starting early in am till bedtime. This is not appropriate for the kids or my granddaughter. He demands that they move so that it is easier for him. I love my grandchildren and I am in desperate need of prayers. They have a very volatile relationship. We have all been praying for her to stay her, so today she is packing and getting ready to move. Please send help me flood God with prayers for them to remain here.

  12. I give glory to God, I got a job after completing the 9th day novena.
    Thank you Sacred heart of Jesus for intervening for me.

  13. Lord I really need peace of mind love strength I’m so tired. I need help in my living stability situation please help me guide me Lord through this please holy spirit what do I do Lord I really need help with my son Danny and my husband I’m so tired and burned out. What do I do Lord please help me guide me through this please help me with my son Andrew as well to be a good mother please deliver me from the enemy playing games with my mind and body. Also my son Andrew health please help him Lord protect him and please protect my daughter’s Andrea and Alicia Danny and Andrew guide us to you Lord please help them on their journey of there own lives holy spirit please guide and help me at work also not to be so stressed out work and home and my family husband ect. Guide me Lord protect me from the enemy Lord please help me to learn new things that can help me In my own life. Put the right people around me Lord and my husband and children my family as well. Please keep my children so close to you and your heart and bring my family close together forever good memories together happy in your presence Lord. Keep my grandchildren safe Lord protect them from danger and protect them Lord in Jesus mighty name. Please wherever I live please grant me peace with my neighbors and owners of property. I need your strength help guidance in this Lord Jesus I truly love you trust in you Lord in all my fears amen

  14. A teenage boy who’s had two heart transplants was taken off of all his meds and sent home to live another 6 months possibly. Well, he found another doctor who thinks he may be eligible for another transplant and has given him and his family hope. We’re not giving up! God is great! PTL🙏🏻🙏🏻😘

  15. I want to give praise and thanks to the Sacred Heart of Jesus for getting me through a lengthy blackout that we experienced due to severe thunderstorms which wreaked havoc and knocked out power for almost 48 hours. The high temperatures with no A/C were difficult but because God always provides, as the public library was one of the few places that had electricity and was a welcomed refuge for cooling off and charging my phone for another long dark night. The Sacred Heart of Jesus is merciful because I had power back sooner than many and I will remember this for a very long time and not take my blessings for granted!! In addition I was able to get my car fixed just prior to the blackout so I had reliable transportation, which was a minor miracle in itself. 🙏♥️

  16. St. Jude saved my life 7 years ago by saving these daily novenas to him. St.Jude just did it again! I just returned from my hemotologist/oncologist and got the best news that I was praying for!!! St. Jude is and always will be my patron saint. My cup runneth over.

  17. I prayed at the beginning of the prayer and send a prayer request for me to have a full time job in my place of work.I was offered the full time permanent position.Thank you Jesus and Thank you for praying

  18. My son has been successful on his journey to sobriety.
    My granddaughter is healing from a worrisome illness.
    Thank you for praying!

  19. I had knee replacement surgery on the 13th. I am still in a lot to pain. My brother was with me the first week after surgery. He talked so much I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Now some friends are here. I don’t want my brother to return. He is a Jehovah’s Witness. I need to get well soon. My friends need to leave. I need a healing miracle. I also have degenerative disc disease. Please pray for my healing. Thank you.

  20. Dear all,

    I prayed for a fulfilling ministry in my priesthood especially to serve people better in our poor and hard situation herein Malawi. Through the sacred heart of our Lord, my ministry is a fulfilling task.

    God bless you all

    Fr Peter Muwanya

  21. God answered my prayers. We had 72 of our 73 family members gathered for the celebration of our 50th wedding anniversary. The only missing grandchild is in the Army in South Korea. Everyone enjoyed each other, and everyone had safe travels . Thank God.

  22. I was praying for my son to seek treatment for his illness. My prayers have been answered. He is now in a rehab facility. My prayers will continue. Praying the novenas is so special and helpful.

  23. Temporary solution of my financial problem, this money is very helpful to support my family and I in the few months ahead. Thank you Jesus and mother Mary 🙏

  24. God is great. I’m eternally grateful for prayers answered. Thanks to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena, St Jude, St Francis, and St Roch for helping me

  25. Oh Holy Spirit, Soul of my souls, for all you continue to do in my life I thank You, I adore You. I praise and thank You Father Lord.

  26. God saved me.I received a phone call for an interview for the job i prayed about.I am unemployed at present.

  27. After praying the novena asking for a job.i got an interview and was successfully offered a job from Africa in the U.K. God made it happen for me and He can do the same for you.
    I am forever grateful and thankful for His presence and touch in my life

  28. I thank God for his healing upon my elder sisters.
    (1) my elder brother has been sick but through this novena God has sustained him to this very moment and he is getting better by God’s grace.
    (2) my younger sister has been sick for 7 years now, sometimes she’s okay and sickness will come back again 😥 but I Almighty God for keeping her alive.
    (3) my mom was sick I pray this novena for her and now she’s okay.
    I thank God for everything 🙏

  29. I received a call yesterday to go and attend a Job interview in the coming week.
    I pray that all goes well and that I can get the job.In Jesus name I pray Amen

  30. I am truly grateful to God because on the nineth day of the Sacred heart of Jesus, I received a message asking for my Curriculum Vitae and since I was praying for a better Job am hopeful and believe God will surely grant me the job 🙏🙏

  31. God is real. He came through for us . My son’s study visa application was approved on the 8th day of novena. May his name be forever praised.

  32. Just wanted to share a miracle I received yesterday after praying the rosary daily and saying the novenas to St Anthony and the sacred Heart and of course having faith in GOD and knowing that his will will be done! After loosing a contract to supply materials to a customer and watching our sales go down by 60% I have been praying and talking to GOD I never asked for anything but I always said that he would bring us someone else to buy our materials . When 1 door closes he will open another one for you as long as we have faith in Him yesterday afternoon I received a call from another customer asking for prices for our materials and is Very much interested in doing business with us! All the Praise and Glory to GOD!!!!
    Thank you ST Anthony, our Sacred Heart , St Joseph and Our Lady!!!!
    I Love you all!!!!!!

  33. Throughout the novena I prayed for communication breakthrough and at least there is alot improvement in my family with my family we are doing well in communicating with love through the help of sacred heart of There’s alot of peace in my life and family.

  34. Praise and thanks to the Sacred Heart of Jesus for family healing and for drawing me closer to Your Most Sacred Heart. Amen

  35. Glory be to the Lord!!

    During this Novena, I had been praying to restore my Marriage.
    To bring back our love, trust and unity.
    And God has answered my prayer!!!

    Thanks a lot to everyone who has prayed for us.

  36. My family is still together holding on tight despite it all. Divorce, abuse, fight, accusations, stress, pain, betrayal, etc. still together. Thanks Be To God and to you all for this great service of this program.

  37. Roof on house and garage completed this week. Siding to come soon, I pray🙏. God, in Jesus name I thank you, and for all those who have prayed for my intentions.

  38. I have been praying for my husband to come to mass with me and my children. Tonight we bumped into a man from our church and he wished my husband a Happy Father’s Day and told him how amazing his family was. My husband was very touched by the whole experience and he said it made him want to come with us next time. It’s what I needed to keep encouraging him to come. I know God heard my prayer!

  39. Before the novena began I asked for prayers for my back and leg to be healed. I am improving ever day. Thank you Lord Jesus!!

  40. Sometimes we pray for something and we know God will answer but sometimes he takes care of an earlier prayer request. I was praying for a big miracle in my finances however today the last day of the Novena my grandson who has been in Juvy has been released and is home with family. I am so grateful so thankful. All the glory goes to God. I pray for guidance and protection with the blood of Jesus over my grandson and that he walks in God’s ways and I ask this community to pray with me. Dear Lord I thank you for everything.

  41. I have been praying for help with a financial issue and needed to sell some things and on the Feast of the Sacred Heart I received answered prayers. I am so grateful to God.

  42. Through many Novenas we have said in Pray More Novenas, the Lord answered my prayers and protect my family from disintergration. We are now one happy family.

  43. My prayers were answered this morning that my granddaughter
    will be able to continue with her Nursing degree. Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus, and to everyone that prayed with me.

  44. Two members of my family who would have nothing to do with each other. Have made peace thank you all for your prayers and praise and thanks to the Sacred Heart of Jesus ♥ also a friend of mine has had her prayers to The Sacred Heart of Jesus answered 🙏

  45. I have been granted the mercy of being alleviated of my Tummy troubles.

    We got some rain that helped the raging forest fire from consuming the town

  46. Today we received good news that my husband Glenn has been approved for Liver Transplant.

    Thank you and please keep him in your prayers.

    May the Blessings of the Sacred Heart of Jesus be upon you all.


  47. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has journeyed with me during this novena. I thank God and glorify his name for I prayed for a good tenant to occupy our rentals and on day five we got Christian tenants for the house. Thank you Jesus, blessed be your name for ever

  48. I’ve been praying for my friend to find a job, and she did! She’s an educator, and keeps getting laid off right before achieving tenure. She was so frustrated ! I prayed during this Novena that she would get hired by a local school district and she did. She knows I was praying for her.