Answered Prayers from the Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena, 2023

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  1. Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus, you have taught me to persevere, to have patience. I was offered help for employment by my colleague & I pray that it will go smoothly. God has truly touch my heart to trust Him with all my heart. He is the God of providence, love, & mercy. Through Sacred Heart of Jesus I’ve been blessed, felt supported & love. I know now my highest purpose, to serve God & my community with all my heart & soul. Thank you Jesus that you have taken care of everything for me & for everyone else here who recited the novena. God be with us all always. Amen.

  2. Thank God for providing a job for my Son Steve who is in Turkey and protecting him every day..God bless Novena family

  3. I prayed for my exam and God may help me study seriously the things in the exam, and after my exams I was smiling. Hoping for the same blessings in my other modules that I am left to write🙏.

  4. I thank God for blessing my life with health, providing to my needs and enabling my sister contract being signed and put on payment sister, also my sister Aggie has been called for an interview next Wednesday. I know he is working more in my life and everyone who prayed this novena. Amen

  5. I asked prayers for Fr. Sean O’Mannion, National Director of Guard of Honor, a group dedicated/consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Besides this, Fr. has tremendous responsibilities including being diocesan parish priest and Hispanic ministry. He expresses many thanks for all the prayers which have given him encouragement. Invites people to Google Guard of Honor if one is looking for more daily devotion, practices to honor the Sacred Heart including prayers of reparation. He extends blessings to all.

  6. I entered this Novena asking for my son who lost his job as assistant principal and religion teacher at a Catholic Scholl to get a new job and my future son-in-law to also get a new job as he has been burning out where he was. On Day 9 of this Sacred Heart Novena, my son received a job offer to be a principal of a Catholic School and my future son-in-law accepted a job offer which came up during the Novena! Praise God – Thank you Jesus! (Thank you also St. Joseph, my spiritual father and Holy Mary!)

  7. I have prayed the Sacred Heart of Jesus novena continuously for quite some time. I pray specifically for my veteran husband’s “head, heart, and lungs” – 3 heart surgeries with open heart as the most recent and the resultant related medical issues persist, including PTSD. He just head another heart/lung scan which showed that the nodules in his lungs they were watching ARE NOT THERE ANY MORE!
    Such a wonderful blessing!

  8. The first day of this Novena was the day my sister operated. She had Heart Surgery. I want to thank Lord JESUS CHRIST and HIS Sacred Heart for guiding and protecting my sister during her 8hours Surgery and also for giving HIS healing touch to the Surgeons. HE is our great divine healer and surgeon. Now my sister is recoveribg from her surgery and is going home very soon. Thank YOU FATHER GOD, Papa JESUS and Thank You Mama Mary.🙏🙏🙏🙏

  9. Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus, please Bless all Catholics and Christians throughout our Country and the World, as those who continue to commit blasphemy against us are very vocal.

    Please Bless all good people of faith.🙏

    Thank you Jesus and Blessed Mother.

  10. This novena has brought awareness and helped me align my heart more fully with the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Thank you!!

  11. We have been in good terms with my husband, he really changed to a good father and husband.
    I signed my TOR consultant after one year without a job.
    I give back the glory to Jesus Christ our lord.

  12. The good Lord has blessed my son in finding a new job, and cleared an infection. I am grateful for this.
    Special thank you to our father. Blessings in Jesus name

  13. My daughter has been working towards getting into Medical school for 2 years. She was waitlisted at a school she wanted to get into. This week she was formally accepted into the school!
    Thank you Lord, praise Jesus!

  14. This is one of my favorite prayers. I try to pray this daily. For the past 3 years I have been praying for my 93 year old dad to find a couple who can watch over him, take care of his daily needs and rent a small home on his property. Yesterday an electrician and his wife who have been working at his home saw the rental property and asked about renting it. The young man said he and his wife would be available daily to help my dad with chores and look in on him daily! This will really help me since my dad is still very independent, lives alone, and refuses any in-home help…I live almost an hour away and I am unable to see him daily… Thank you Jesus for answering my prayer during this very special novena! Thanks to Paul and Annie and to all of you for your prayers. Sacred Heart of Jesus I place all my trust in you! 🙏🏻❤️😇

  15. Walking a little better. Prayed for cool summer. Thank you for hearing my prayers sacred heart

  16. Praise Jesus! This novena is powerful!
    Adam & Adde have worked out their marriage problems! Only Jesus could have healed this relationship.
    Ethan found a temporary place to live since his job transferred him and family to a new location .
    My anxiety level was over the top until I began to proclaim my trust in Jesus every second, every hour of everyday saying this novena . Praise be to God!!!
    Bless all who pray this novena and those whose trust in Jesus needs to be strengthen. Amen!

  17. My son have found a job and has started an apprenticeship. I want to thank the lord for hearing my novena’s to our Lady Undor of Knots, Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Holy Spirit. I’m eternally grateful.

  18. I wholly thank the Lord for saving my sister from the accident she incurred when going to Church today to celebrate the feast of the Sacred Heart of JESUS . Please keep her in Prayers for a quick recovery.

  19. Peace be with you brethren,I bless the lord almighty for answering my prayers,I have been praying for a breakthrough in my finances,I have a rental house which was unoccupied since December,I was going through a tough time since that is my only source of income,I was stressed seeing my children suffer but God who is a husband to the Widow through the sacred heart of Jesus answered my prayer,am grateful🙏🙏🙏

  20. My husband had an emergency Cardiac Catheter last WED which we all had hoped would require merely a stent or 2 however it was discovered he had 100% blocked main coronary artery, one 90% and the other two 80%.
    Therefore he required an emergency OPEN heart surgical repair to save his life on Fri. He survived and the surgery was successful. Our priest friend who anointed him reminded us that all this started on the Novena to the SCARED HEART of JESUS. I prayed this novena as well as hundreds of contacts (friends/family) also joined to our great joy. We are praising GOD for having heard the cry/plea of our human hearts to heal his heart. Jesus I trust in you.

  21. Thank you sweet Jesus for making a way for my daughter to see her estranged sister at graduation yesterday 🙏 May this be the beginning to a loving relationship. Through You, all things are possible.

  22. On the third day of saying this Novena, we had been blessed with one of our requests being answered. And we are eternally grateful for all the blessings we will continue to receive throughout our lives! Praise God!

  23. My daughter’s health crisis seems to have passed, and attention has been brought to things she can do to improve her general health. Thank you, Jesus!

  24. My son Isaiah has been placed upon a journey in his career that I believe to be blessed by the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I have prayed that the abundant mercies and blessings of His Sacred Heart would be his, and a significant development occurred on the last day of the Novena. Isaiah is being guided by Jesus and Mary, and this is my fervent prayer for him always. I thank God for this gift, and this Novena.



  26. The good Lord has blessed my son in finding a new job. I am grateful for this.
    Special thanks to all, Blessings in Jesus name

  27. I prayed for the healing of my sister and dad. My sister was released from hospital and her pain is basically gone! Thank you, God!! My dad seems to be doing better too!

  28. I began this novena in the hope that my sister would have a peaceful death as she was in the final stages of pancreatic cancer. She had a deep devotion to the sacred heart and when she was diagnosed 3 years ago she had 3 months to live. As she was lying in her hospital bed 3 years ago she had a vivid image of the sacred heart and saw the heart pumping with thorns around his heart. Throughout her treatment she fought and 3 years on I saw she was deteriorating and prayed she would not suffer and the lord to take her.
    Although the last 48hours were painful to watch it was a blessing when she finally passed. I thank this novena which has comforted me through this last days of my sisters life. My sister Pauline passed on Wednesday 14th June 🙏💔

  29. Thank you my Lord Jesus Christ for your love in my life. The Lord Jesus Christ has been close to me and I feel His assuring presence since I began this novena prayer to His Most Sacred Heart. I enjoy a lively faith in His true presence in the Most Holy Eucharist and I enjoy staying with Him all the more, loving Him for the sake of Him speaking with Him closely being assured that He listens. His peace calms me always. Be praised Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

  30. Dear Sacred Heart and all who prayed this novena I thank you my Precious Sacred Heart ♥️ and all, for the prayers answered – My Son has the job … praise Our Precious Lord 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
    And continue to pray for myself and the loneliness
    Amen 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  31. My prayer was for a safe delivery for my daughter in law and for their baby. She was a high risk pregnancy. The baby was due July 5th. She was born via emergency C- section on June 12th. Mom and baby are doing well and are already home from the hospital.

    The second half of my prayer is that my son will be a strong father and share the beauty of the Catholic Faith with his family.

    Thank you to all of the prayer warriors on this thread. God is good!!!

  32. My grandmother passed on two weeks ago, I loved her so much and she was very close to my heart.
    I asked God to give our family peace that surpasses human understanding and He has given me exactly that. I cant explain the peace am having during this difficult time.

    Thank you Jesus.

  33. I am feeling much calmer these days my anxiety has come down a few notches. I feel my Lord Jesus is with me and I’m putting my trust in Him to guide me

  34. Thank you so much for praying. My daughter gave birth last night to a healthy baby boy and without any complications. Praise God.

  35. I have had a huge challenge with my insurance company which was hardly oppose to pay for my car that was knock on by my neighbour’s car.
    But on the first day of this NOVENA.
    They phoned me to say , my application for my request to have my car fixed was successful and I had to pay even lesser excess.
    I’m truly grateful to these Novenas.
    May our prayers, intentions and goals be fulfilled and answered in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

  36. Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus my prayers where answered l feel peace in my heart like never before. I believe l have received.

  37. One of the people I have been praying who has been undergoing radical cancer treatment has had a nodulevon her lung disappear and 3 nodules on her knee begin to shrink. Thanks be to God and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
    Thank you to all who are praying this novena.

  38. Thanksgiving for positive Cardiovascular Doctor visits for my brother Bob and myself! Bob’s is truly serious (10% flow), too risky for any surgeries at this time. Continuing prayers for his healing!! Thank you Jesus and Mary! 🙏😇🇺🇸

  39. The last three Novenas have been answered with several miracles: I prayed for my son to find a suitable job after his search for almost a year. He found the perfect job in his field within weeks of my last novena to Mary! Furthermore, my daughter also received news of receiving an internship that will greatly help launch future career. I also received an unexpected opportunity that I never dreamed of or even asked for. I felt it was gift from the Blessed Mother Undoer of Knots. I am , more than ever, fueled and sustained by the Novenas and works of the Holy Spirit in my life! It is undeniable!

  40. Please pray for my daughter that she’ll get her work permit and other documents soon. I decree and declare success and victory upon her. I pray for my friend who is doing a major eye surgery tomorrow. I pray a safe surgery upon her and a speedy recovery. Amen

  41. I want to thank the Holy of all Holiest who gave me victory over all my challenges by blessing me with ten years green card in May 20th 2023 and successful fibroids surgery in April to the glory of his name and in honor of our blessed Virgin Mary.
    All thanks to all the Angels and saints and everyone who journeyed with me in prayers.
    Thank you King of glory for prayers answered.

  42. The Lord has healed my knees, please continue to pray for my continued healing. Praise God. Thak you for your prayers.

  43. What a wonderful blessing this novena has brought to my niece. I was praying for her healing because she had recently noticed some lumps in her breasts. She is in her first year as a teacher and absolutely loves her job. I prayed that the results of her scans would be treatable and free of complications. She informed me today that she was all clear. The doctor found nothing serious this morning during the ultrasound. Only cysts that will be treated. God is so good! I give Him all the praise and glory. Thank you for all the prayers during this Novena!🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  44. What a wonderful blessing this novena has brought to my niece. I was praying for her healing because she had noticed some lumps in her breasts. She is in her first year as a teacher and absolutely loves her job. I prayed that the results of her scans would be treatable and free of complications. She informed me today that she was all clear. The doctor found nothing serious this morning during the ultrasound. Only cysts that will be treated. God is so good! I give Him all the praise and glory. Thank you for all the prayers during this Novena!🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  45. The anticipated problems of our travel home did not happen. All went smoothly without any challenges. Thank you Jesus – FOR EVERYTHING!

  46. Praise God! Thank you Jesus for watching over my son’s eyesight recovery. The 7th surgery to clean the imbedded lens in his left eye last month gave him a dim hope of loosing his sight because of bleeding after the surgery. His surgeon told him to return in a week so they can schedule another surgery. After a week the bleeding inside stopped and there was an improvement but not sure, they will wait & see.. and I started the novena . Got the good news today that my son’s vision is very much improved and it’s clear! And that he has his surgeon’s approval to go back to work on three weeks!
    Thank you Lord!…ddp

  47. I received tolerance in the requests I’ve made during this Novena.
    I need a lot more and I know a lot more and in Jesus’ Almighty Name I know a lot more will come.
    I have placed myself in certain circumstances which did not happen overnight, but over a period of time. It’s been a harrowing experience for me over the last 7 years. Yes I would like things to get good for me overnight, but over 7 years is a long time.
    Sacred Heart of Jesus and My Virgin Mother – the Undoer of Knots please help me to re-become a much better me. I’m sorry, please forgive me. 🙏💯♥️🌈🤲🤗

  48. Family member’s cancer was all removed, no need for chemo or radiation at this time. Another family member is holding her own through her sickness. A friend’s grand baby born with a heart defect is on the mend. Thank you, Father God, Jesus our savior, Holy Spirit and Blessed mother. ❤❤❤❤

  49. I asked the scared heart of Jesus for healing for my vertigo and dizziness. The Sacred Heart answered my prayers by sending me the medicine I need. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus I trust in you ♥️

  50. After refusing to so (for a long time), my grandson took a shot to help with his mental well-being. Thank God for answered prayers. I pray that he will continue to do this at regular intervals. God is good!

  51. Jesus blessed me with a very nice birthday today! He gave me gorgeous weather today as always on my birthday! And private prayers were answered regarding today as well. I’m glad my birthday is in the special month of June; the Sacred Heart of Jesus’ month! JESUS I TRUST IN YOU!💜🙏

  52. Thank you Lord Jesus for answering my prayers for my daughter to find a job that has a schedule more suitable for a young family like she has.

  53. For 4 years I have been failing one paper which has been keeping me from getting admitted to the bar. I just got my results and I passed. Go’s is merciful

  54. Grateful during this novena our son made the right decision.
    Thankful that so far a health issue seems ok.
    Continued prayers for further good testing results at the end of the month.
    Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus for all you do.
    Prayers that all who are praying have their prayers answered.

  55. My wife had surgery this week and came through it succcessfuly. Praised be the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

  56. I had lost my wedding ring 2 weeks ago and they was one of my petitions. On day 5 my prayers were answered and my ring found!! I’ve never had a novena answered while I was still praying it. Thank you Jesus!!!

  57. My friend, April, is dealing with a very ill husband. I texted her on June 8 telling her that I was praying for peace in her heart and for hope.
    Later that day she responded that my prayer “may have been just the ‘ticket’.” Her husband is seeing two new doctors who have put him on heavy medication. One of the doctors is considering additional treatments. Praise the Sacred Heart of Jesus for all the good things now happening to her husband!

  58. In praise to God my brother got good news at his oncologist appointment today please continue to pray for him while he is taking chemo treatments. In Jesus name I pray 🙏.

  59. My prayers were answered very specifically!! God is so good to us!! He is really our best friend and confidant!!! Glory be to God❤️#NovenaLife!!

  60. My father Jinu Varghese should stop smoking cigarettes, stop drinking alcohol, stop eating tobacco, and stop playing and buying lottery tickets. Mohan Varghese a businessman in Dubai our cousin should take my father to Dubai for work. Fill my father with the holy spirit and he should also remove the rudraksha mala from his neck and instead wear a rosary. His faith in Jesus Christ and Mother Mary should increase. R.G Venkat the abroad consultant should give back 2.5 lakhs as early as possible.
    I should get my passport tomorrow by 11 am. I should get a new room with a contract and rent for 200 to 250£ including bills with good people in the house. the 2 exams I missed I don’t want to give instead when the results will be declared on 26th June pls bless me with good marks and also for the one assignment failed. Jerin my brother should get admission to top colleges in admission for engineering with low fees and scholarships. Jerin should get back his stolen phone by this week. I should get a sponsorship job in a top company with a high salary package. So that I don’t have to apply for PSW and the company should pay for my sponsorship. My brother Jerin should get more attached to God his faith and beliefs should increase. I am in need of 4181£ pls help me somehow to get this money as soon as possible.

  61. The Sacred Heart of Jesus is popping in many areas of our lives this week. Thank you for helping my son!

  62. I want to thank God for showing my younger sister mercy and granted her safe delivery, thank God for protection upon the family Amen🙏

  63. I was praying for my prescription, which I had misplaced, to turn up. While it did not turn up, I was able to have the pharmacy refill the prescription without a problem. Thank you, Jane W.

  64. My husband made it thru a dangerous
    Surgery and rehab. Our granddaughter
    Made it thru her first year of college thank You Lord

  65. My 6 month old Granddaughter is doing well after her open heart surgery yesterday. Thank you so much for your powerful prayers. Continuing prayers for miracle healing.

  66. I knocked and Jesus answered! Thank you Lord for the guidance with my daughter’s broken heart and confusion. During this novena, she has found peace within herself and has met a respectful young man that claims she is the soulmate he has been waiting for. An abundance of grace He provides for us! Love you Jesus!

  67. God has heard my prayer regarding my middle son. He has had a very bad year, has many anger issues, grieving loss of his father…somewhat lost, on a hamster spinning wheel, stuck. He is in a better place now, restoring his God connection. thank you all for your prayers…Thank you God for hearing my prayer, for answering my prayer.

  68. I joined the novena to the sacred heart of Jesus when it started, praying to God for a new job, after several rejection mails, in the intention section, my only intention was for God to grant me a good job, and to the glory of God, my prayer has been answered.

  69. Prayed to God to restore me to good and sound health and He did. Being in good health is really underrated. Thank you Jesus and May this be permanent.

  70. I’ve been worried about where my career is headed and if I’ll find a stable job – today I got an invite for my dream job and today’s theme of having ‘ a hopeful heart’ was so befitting. I pray and hope Gods grace shine upon me in the interview and that I’m able to get the job.

    In Jesus Almighty and Powerful name

    Amen 🙏🏾✨

  71. My daughter had been struggling to have a baby for a few years with 4 heartbreaking miscarriages. One she was in her second trimester and was especially hard for them. I had just started this Novena and that evening we met to see the movie The Little Mermaid. She informed me after that she is pregnant with a baby boy due December 29th! Thank you prayers were immediately said and will continue prayers for a healthy pregnancy and delivery of a healthy baby boy. Please add them in your prayers please. Alicia and Dustin. Thank you!

  72. I have had several of my prayers answered in the last couple of weeks. I am so humbled and grateful, and I give all my gratitude to God the Creator, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. Merci!

  73. One of my intentions for this novena and that I’ve been praying for for a few weeks now is that I would be able to continue healing from my eating disorder and junctional bradycardia at home rather than being sent to an eating-disorder center in Colorado because the Lord has already helped me make the mental switch and is helping me make the changes I need to make here. I’ve been praying to Sister Wilhelmina and the Sacred Heart, and on the 8th day of this novena my parents told me that they are not sending me to Colorado because they truly have seen my effort and know that I have made the mental change to truly and fully healing. Doors are opening and I believe it is God’s reward for me/reminder to keep on the path of healing.

  74. Thank you, Mary and Jesus
    My son got a job three years after graduating. I pray for your guidance that he guards the job jealously.

    We give glory to God

  75. I want to thank God for this far, was able to pay some of the school fees for my daughter, hostel fee ,house rent and peace of mind
    May God Name be praised now and forever.
    Trusting God for the remain part .

  76. My prayers are answered in Jesus name
    ThankGod for the answered prayers of everyone who prayed this novena.

  77. Thank you Jesus and Mother Mary for all the answered prayers and also for all my prayers that will be answered. In Jesus Holy Name. Amen.

  78. I had to have surgery twice now, and I prayed both times that all would go well. Also that Jesus would guide me through it and make sure the Dr. would be swift and steady hands.

    God has blessed me to be able to walk better without severe foot pain any more.

    I thank God our Heavenly Father, and give praise to Lord Jesus Christ, and honor to the Holy Spirit for all the blessings in my life.

    I know my prayers have been answered in this.

  79. My son argued with me about him giving me my grandson diploma… he swore that he did- couldn’t find it anywhere .. I know for a fact that he didn’t hand it to me as I was busy and when I’m busy, I tend to set things down and forget where I put them however, he was so sure that he gave it to me and he looked -I locked. It was nowhere to be found. I went into a quiet room and said a novena. I came out in five minutes – and my grandson came out of his room , as he heard us arguing- then my grandson said “dad I have my diploma and my talus “ my son looked at me and said I’m sorry mom, so yes I had a prayer answered. I was so glad that I did. I pray novenas quite often every day and I truly believe in the power of prayer. Thank you. Amen there have been other times too that my prayers were answered… I always thank the good Lord for all he does for me and my family. 🙏

  80. I had some chest pains out of nowhere and it really scared me. I had a few tests done and they all came clear by Gods grace.
    I prayed during this novena for myself and I am so thankful to the Sacred Heart of Jesus for healing me completely.
    During this novena I also offered prayers for my sisters recovery. She is on the mend. Praise God.
    God bless you all