Answered Prayers from the Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena, 2022

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Thank you so much for praying the Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena with us!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, please share those with us all below!

We will continue to pray for you every day.

Please do not give up hope if your prayers have not been seemingly answered yet. The Lord is with you, He is near, let’s continue to seek His guidance each day.

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  1. I’ve said the Novena, and love saying it. My son took ill with Covid during the novena, he has two little boys. God answered my prayers for recovery and the little boys are safe. Thank you God. But in all honesty, God has been answering my prayers all my life. Maybe not in direct ways, but answering in His own way. Anytime I leave the things I can’t handle to Him, He relieves my burden. How fortunate we are to recognise Him in all aspects of our life. Thank you for the daily reminders, I appreciated it very much. God bless you all.

  2. I prayed for my husband’s recent scans to be okay and they pretty much were! Also his liver chemo pump might be replaceable if it is not working correctly. God is listening and has certainly been with us during this cancer journey 🥰

  3. Have been praying find a job and after I started praying this novena God answered my prayers and am still praying for God to continue stretching His blessings to me

  4. Sacred Heart of Jesus, thank you, thank you, thank you. I had my stem cell harvested in 2 days. Thank you Jesus. I didn’t need to go back for another day. Please be with me for me stem cell transplant. For all the intentions known in my heart. For all my family and friends suffering from cancer. Please bless my family. Thank you again Jesus for all you have given me.

  5. I’m a union member. The company and the union live and die by the contract. This week I got called in and told I would be getting a raise above what the contract calls for. This doesn’t happen! I am grateful to management and truly blessed!

  6. My company I have worked at for seventeen years will be closing at the end of the year I have been blessed with 2 job opportunities and interviews.

  7. Dear friends, I have had prayers answered while saying this novena. The prayers I have been praying involved peace of mind and some financial help with our new business and so far there is a peace of mind occuring and financial support through an unexpected extension of funding through a work program just happened. We are so happy and relieved that this support is allowing us more time to grow our home based business. God does hear us and he provides in different ways. I have learned that we need to heed the call, sometimes it is scary but if I trust in him and pray each day for his guidence that I can experience peace like never before. Let go and let God!!!!

  8. I have been praying for peace in my heart , mind and soul since the recent death of my daughter . I have received that peace after praying the novena and when I start feeling anxious I repeat, Jesus I trust in you, take care of everything. amen 🙏

  9. Our Granddaughter is on the road to recovery after many surgeries with a burst appendix and abscesses in her abdomen, Sacred Heart of Jesus thank you for being with our Granddaughter thought out this ordeal, hopefully are prayers have been answer, thank you for all the prayers.

  10. My novena petitions are almost always the same and loaded with needs. It was not different this time, but I had two critically ill babies that needed miracles and they and their families both got them. Praise God and the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Who has shown His Great Mercy. Both infants are recovering. They both have a ways to go but with His Love and Mercy they will continue to heal. Thank you Jesus!

  11. I have been praying for a more compassionate and loving heart. To see others through Christ’s eyes. The light went on this morning. I have to start at home, loving my husband and seeing the gift of having him in my life, not focusing on the small, annoying things I usually see. My husband shows me constant love. I need to be more grateful for that gift. Thank you Lord for opening my eyes.

  12. Please pray for my son in laws dad who has stage 4 prostate cancer that the Lord will put his cancer into remission or heal him completely. 🙏

  13. With my air not working in car I couldn’t use it. Weather too hot. My bill to get fixed was blessed with a small bill and a customer discount. I feel so blessed.

  14. I have 4 legal cases and one challenging ones. I now have a break through which I presented to the courts. The plaintiff have not responded. Are they running scared?? I am pursuing then with a counter claim for the exact amount that they tried to extort from me. The fifth is almost agent was too slow and I eventually broke with him and now have a new agent that has paid in advance. 💕THANK YOU JESUS💞💕THANK YOU JESUS💕THANK YOU JESUS💕THANK YOU JESUS💕THANK YOU JESUS💕THANK YOU JESUS💞

  15. I prayed that certain family members would be drawn back to Mass and their faith. This past Sunday, for the first time in a long while, we were ALL present at Mass together!

  16. My wife’s arm is healing and doing a lot better Praise be to God🙏❤️🙏

    Brother in law prostate cancer is better Praise be to God🙏❤️🙏

    My friend is doing better after his loss of his wife Praise be to God🙏❤️🙏

    Thanks and Praise you dear Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus for listening our prayers and answering our prayers 🙏❤️🙏

  17. Yes my prayers are always answered
    In the Blessings I receive each day and I’m make a decision and it results in something good I know it was The Holy Spirit
    Thank all for All your Prayers

  18. God revealed the purpose of the journey for this past year, moving my husband and me into assisted living and now into a small ranch home for his long term post-stroke care. Praise God and blessings for all you do! You sustain me with all your novenas!

  19. My dear elderly friend was released from the hospital and in rehab now. He has healing nicely and in better spirits. I continue to pray for his physical, emotional and spiritual healing as he mourns the recent passing of his beloved wife and the reconciliation his daughters. All things are possible with God, Jesus I trust in you.

  20. In prayers with the Sacred Heart novena my health intentions were healed and my biopsies were negative. I have been sick for six months and my strength is back and my anxiety for my health is also healing. My prayers were answered in the middle of this novena and my devotion to the Sacred Heart has been strong but now the increased faith l have l am in awe of the power of this novena. Very humbled and grateful! Amen!

  21. I thank the Sacred Heart of Jesus for answering my prayer of improved sleep while living with my chronic illness.
    This is an enormous Grace.

  22. My friend Susan, who for many medical reasons has not been out of bed since last October, got up in the chair yesterday. Major victory!

  23. I pray for forgiveness for something I said that was unforgivable to my family. The pain it caused and the rupture are more than I am bear. I’m shaking with remorse regret and fear that I may not see them again.

  24. God is indeed a faithful God, He has been providing for my family in this critical time of financial difficulty, granting us divine protection and Blessing me with divine favour in everything I do. Praying that he will strengthen me with divine grace to be able to study hard and comprehend in my academics. Amen

  25. Lord I thank you that I can go to physical therapy for my ankle and that it will get better

    In Jesus name we pray Amen

  26. Every novena I have multiple intentions… I can’t say any was answered specifically but I have been seeing improvements in certain things and it makes me happy and hopefully, plus I’m feeling way better
    To God be the Glory

  27. I thank God and Jesus for starting my drug shredding business up for all the nursing homes again. This pandemic slowed so many things down. Things are taking off and I am so grateful!

  28. Hi everyone!
    I have been praying for my daughters life style and the challenges eitking 6am -6 pm
    Presents to a young 24 year old very sweet daughter
    We are talking more and I’m grateful
    She has joined a gym and I’m grateful
    I’m grateful I have not commented on her weight because we are more worthy in Gods eyes than how we look and what we do.
    I ask for continued. Prayers for the heath of Rachel and my 2 sons mark and Andrew.

    Thank you Jesus your heart is miraculous

  29. Thank you Jesus, for giving me the patience to wait for a family member to get help for an addiction. I love you Lord, please give her strength and courage to go though her treatment

  30. My daughter, Corey and her husband Brien and my granddaughter, Madeleine, arrive for a visit from America to see me and their English family next week. It will be the first time we have been together in nearly 3 years, my prayer is for a Happy and peaceful visit full of love, kindness, patience and compassion.

    I also pray for peace for this troubled world and a turning to our Lord Jesus Christ.


  31. I had a hearing scheduled with a government agency. I prayed to the Farther in Jesus’s Holy Name, that He send the Holy Spirit to be strong in Me and for the Holy Spirit to give me the words to say. I Feel that while I won’t have a decision for a couple of weeks that We Father The God answered my prayers.

  32. We have been blessed by the gift of Padfe Pios mitt in our home last night and those of us home prayed as a family. We made a de ision not to hang on waiting for the doctors to tell us what to do but to do what we know and fell to rely on God’s Word whispered in our hearts to determine our choices. We were given the mitt almost immediately after we made that choice. We still pray for the cancer to be healed despite being told its impossible we are now being told there’s a borderline chance of surgery. There’s fear in the family we so need unity andove expressed at this time so we hope but small inroads we were sent photos of our grandchildren and our youngest is starting to text but though the can er remains for now rhd path is clearing for it to go. Thank you all who pray these Novena with me. Today I will place me habd on the mitt and pray for the blessing of JP and Annie & all who pray here . Oh my husband was also given a first class relic of Padre Pio to keep with him. Thank you

  33. In the charity of your prayers, please remember my intentions, especially for a significant financial gain. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you!

  34. I have prayed many novenas, but none as illuminating as this one-it drew me closer and back to the Father and Son with the Immaculate Heart of Mary…I was always close, but the prayers spoke to me leading me to extra Masses and prevented me from making excuses for missing Mass.

  35. Thanksgiving to God for proving us with help since my husband left us, praying God to touch my husband wherever he is to call us. Amen.

  36. With a grateful heart I thank Almighty God, Jesus Christ the only begotten son of God and the Holy Spirit for making me pass the 1st phase and 2nd phase of the exams i wrote. I beg God to please see me through the remaining phases so I’ll be selected on merit. With God all things are possible. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I put all my truth in you!

  37. I really want to thank God and you my newly found family.
    I was invited for a temporary job interview last Sunday and I am trusting God for that job.
    Be blessed family. Let’s continue praying for one another.

  38. All praise and glory be to our Almighty Father. My grandson Isaac is showing tremendous progress with his speech and hearing thankd be to God. And may ghe Holy Spirit continue with healing power in healing Isaac completely .🙏🙏🤎

  39. Greetings!
    Glory be to God.
    I am requesting everyone to keep me in prayers as I continue with my job search and I pray that God may answer everyone’s intentions too.

  40. I prayed for a job and I have done an interview waiting for positive results. I also prayed for peace as I have had many troubling moments and He truly did it for me as I have been more at peace with each waking moment.

  41. i started praying this novena when i was the last at my workplace but on the fifth day i went up but am still praying that i become one of the best as i pray that God answers the other intentions i was praying for in the novena

  42. Praise the Almighty God for prayers answered. My ankle was inflamed and very painful. Was sent to a doctor who placed needles into ankle. Ankle. Pain gone. Alleluia I can walk properly again. Thanks for all people who prayed. GOD ALMIGHTY HEARS OUR PRAYERS

  43. Thank you Jesus.
    I prayed for my sons to get jobs. One of them has got an offer to start on July 1st.,
    I prayed for a life partner for my daughter and a few days ago she mentioned a young man who had been interested in her in the past month and has mentioned marriage.
    Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place my trust in you.
    May your will be done on earth exactly as it is in heaven. Amen,

  44. One of my prayers during this novena was for the conversion of my boyfriend who has been away from the Church and God. Out of the blues yesterday he asked that we went for Mass together. I didn’t push or make a request, he just asked!
    I am still amazed, I know this is the first step and God will keep calling him till he returns to the sacrament.

  45. Glory to Jesus! Honour to Mary and Joseph….. It’s my first time sharing my testimony here.
    My father has been had a surgery in February to remove a large tumour in his colon, and since then he’s been using a colostomy bag. He was supposed to get a second surgery to put back his intestine and stop him from using the colostomy bag so I prayed for the success of the surgery because I was scared and to the glory of God it went well and he left the hospital 2days ago🙏🏽 God is good.
    I also prayed that my relationship with my now boyfriend would progress to a defined relationship since you’ve been together for a while without defining our relationship. And to the glory of God, I got what I wanted and I continue to pray we grow in love, peace, understanding and contentment through Christ our Lord Amen!

    PS: keep praying, have faith and don’t give up!
    Remember Isaiah 60:22 “when the time is right, I, the Lord will make it happen.”
    God bless you all. Glory to Jesus, Honour to Mary and Joseph 🙏🏽

  46. I prayed for my daughter’s health and God answered me through this novena. I iaskes God for another job and alot is happening currently and am so greatful to God.

  47. Answered Prayers:

    1. My Aunt healed and got out of oxygen concentrator
    2. My consultancy contract that was cancelled on Holy Thursday was reinstated on 14th June 2022.
    3. in the past almost two years have been applying for jobs and getting regrets, and fortunately on 20th June , i received an invite for an interview for 1st July 2022. an application i did 0n 4th November, 2021. i kindly request you continue praying for me to go through it and get a stable job.

    4. My house was being auctioned but they didn’t get someone to buy it on March 30th 2022.
    continue helping me in prayer to get finances to clear the loan and stop them from thinking of selling it.

    5. there is also a slight change in one of my brothers alcoholism habit. Kindly continue praying for them to change


  48. Thank you Jesus for hearing my cry. I passed my placement with a good grade. Thank you for all answered prayers and for the hope you bring. Amen

  49. On Tuesday after our Novena prayers in the Church, I left and boarded a bus.
    The driver dropped us and we all left.
    I crossed to the other side of the road.
    By now it was getting dark. It was then I realised the bag I was carrying was now very light in weight.
    When I checked my bag, behold my purse containing my phone, some money, my ATM card and my house key was missing.
    I crossed to the other side again, but the driver had left.
    I went to their Park and explained my predicament, they requested for my phone number and asked me to pray that a passenger did not see and pick the purse because his is Nigeria.
    They dialed my phone and said it was still ringing, but no one has picked it.
    I was told to go back to the place I boarded the first bus, while they kept dialing my number by now it was getting to 9.00pm
    I got to that Park and behold the driver waited and gave back the purse to me intact. I thank the Sacred Heart of Jesus/Immaculate Heart of Mary for returning my bag.

  50. I had a major surgery( myomectomy) on Monday the 20th of June, I came out successful and I’m recuperating fast. I give glory to God.

  51. My husband recover healthy and fully from stroke,good health,understand me at work,financial blessings oh God

  52. My first son has not been able to get into university since he finished high school due to lack of funds as I am a struggling widow with 4 children.
    I had been talking to God about his situation and on Tuesday I got a call from a family friend saying he would sponsor him in the uni. A private uni at that.
    I want to thank God and our Mother Mary for their intervention. My heart is full of gratitude.🙏🙏🙏🙏

  53. Hi to everyone, join me in thanking the good Lord for the blessings of a government job I got recently with the Ministry of Education and sports!

  54. Pray for me and my children plus all candidste as we do our exams to succeed in Jesus Christ Mighty Name. Amen

  55. We thank God that 4 days ago my son Philip got a part time job, my son Meltus has been invited for an interview tomorrow and my daughter in law Jackie got a job 2 days ago.
    Praise and glory to God Almighty.

  56. Whilst I still need more help to do the Lord’s will no matter what, on Friday night when I was asleep my friend replied to my emails as his life is hectic at the moment. Great to know that he’s still alive.

  57. Dear all,
    I thank you all for praying together this novena, and especilly John Paul and Annie!
    I have been praying for unity in my family as one of my intentions. On fathers day, all my children turned up to celebrate their Father and even took him out for a drink. and they started discussing family development issues together!
    Ooh Sacred Heart of Jesus! I thank you for your Love and mercy! May you grant the intentions of all those praying this novena!

  58. Have been looking for a job for years been praying no answers but yesterday I got a call from one place I applied for a job like 3 months a go, I was told to go for training today so as to start the job by next month

  59. I was praying for a new employment opportunity, and i have been invited for an interview on 24th June. I pray to God to grant me the position. Pray for me too. Amen!

  60. I have been cured of depression. I was in serious depression b4 this novena and I also believe that I have been healed of my health challenges. Thank you Jesus for healing me.

  61. I deeply feel I should write here about the massive grace that my whole family has received. Yesterday we have rid ourselves from a fraud after about 1 1/2 years battling after prayers to Our Lady undoer of knots and daily prayers of the today and continuous novena and Chaplet of Divine mercy the Lord God wanted to give us a good news during the novena of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
    I ask Our Lord to keep his hands on us to help us with health issues as a result from all that has happened and let us out into his light for we have truly been in a very dark place indeed.
    Jesus we place our trust in tee amen.

  62. My husband & I have been going through troubles in our marriage for about 7 months; we were practically separated.
    During this novena, God gave me the grace to truly forgive my husband.
    The transformation between us is unbelievable!

  63. To God be the glory !
    At the start of this Novena, I and my son were down with flu and cough, I testify that we prayed for healing through this novena and we are all okay praising and thanking the Lord.

    During this Novena, I was also blessed to receive a delayed payment from one of my clients

    I bless the Lord for his mercy and love for us.

    I thank pray more Novena for maintaing and increasing our faith in the Lord. Amen

  64. I asked Jesus to strengthen my faith in him and give me courage to be more Holy and he did I also asked him to send his Holy Spirit on my family and I await his response
    Viva Christo Ray

  65. I’m very grateful. I asked prayers that I will receive more Mercy and more love for God and I am continuously experiencing these graces.

    My mother who is unwell was seen at hospital by Doctor and is peacefully receiving her treatment. I am grateful for that.

    Thank you for your prayers.

  66. I thank God that there is now hope for my two sons who have been struggling without a job.Now they have successfully applied for a tender to start a new business. May the Lord be praised.

  67. Hi.
    God has opened a door for me by getting me a tenant for my house. It had stayed for a year without one.

    I am still trusting Him for a new job opportunity and my prayer is that He opens that door for me. Please join me in prayer for this. I have patiently been waiting and trusting. I get called for interviews but no offer is extended even when I believe I did well.

  68. Thankyou Lord Jesus for always answering our prayers.Our daughter is doing well in her pregnancy.They have found a home.

  69. I was always quick to anger. And I prayed to God that I can be able to manage the same. I can say that it’s going well. I feel like a new person on a new journey. Slow to anger.
    My business is also doing well.

  70. My friend was operated and is healing very well.
    We have continued getting money for our building project.
    Our children are studying well

  71. Thanks be to God, I greatly thank God for I have been praying for my brother who is a priest and has been involving himself with women without fear of scandalising the Roman Catholic Church and our family as well.I can say am seeing a positive change to being a good priest and a role model.

  72. Thank you Jesus I am now more hopeful and confident than before when I pray.
    Glory be to GOD.

  73. Heard on my second day of this novena that my daughter in law has been blessed with the gift of the woumb after years of praying for the same.

  74. Jesus please help my family.. My daughter Nivetha wants to marry muslim boy. Jesus help us to change her mind and make her to marry Christian boy and live in christanity.. Help me Jesus… Hear my familys prayer… Help me.. Help me jesus

  75. I havr many debts, dont know where to get money, but God answered me. He guide me where to God, He really not forsaken me. I praise and glorify your name Lord

  76. My prayers on my friend Maggie was ansswered and she was vindicated
    My prayers for increased sales was answered we had improved sales this week and trust more improvement in future
    My enemies pretending to be friends are being exposed and am trusting they will confess all their evil plans.
    Thank you for your prayers

  77. Please pray for me and my family, to saves us from the burden of court cases, and to have peace in our family and the whole world.

  78. Praise the lord. I Elroy Dsouza had given IMU CET EXAM and have have passed it.thank u jesus,mother mary,Abba Father,Angels Saints and each and everyone.I request you to pray for me. I have given my interview for Maersk company for sponsorship. The interview went well. And the results are coming out in next month that is July,2nd week. Pray that I should get selected. Thank you.

  79. I was praying for a green card. On the 8th day of this novena I received it. “ ask and you shall receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be open”

  80. Hi there, I was actually praying that my daugthers Irish Passport arrives… which it did on day 3 I think! We thought that it was lost in the post. So praise God we can now send it to her and she can look for work. She shifted from New Zealand to Wales. Thanks, God bless you all, Philly

  81. My daughter succeeded in an extremely difficult exam and found peace of mind, thanks I believe, to prayer.

  82. A few marriages we have been improving more work to do but progress thank you God

    A friends daughter came back into his life he was very happy

    Another family saw alot of healing
    Thank you everyone

  83. So thank full and blessed with my family and support we received from our community
    All my prayers been answered perfectly and couldn’t have ask for more. Most amazing l have been completely healed physical and spiritual

  84. My husband was able to walk on the beach today without even a stick. He has not been able to do this on decades.

  85. My son has stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma. After two rounds of chemo we have seen a hug reduction in the size and amounts of infected lymph nodes. 4 more rounds and we reassess. Thank you Lord.

  86. Our son has reached out to us after a disagreement which he chose to have nothing to do with us . Thank you for this first step of healing in our relationship.