Answered Prayers from the Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena, 2022

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Thank you so much for praying the Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena with us!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, please share those with us all below!

We will continue to pray for you every day.

Please do not give up hope if your prayers have not been seemingly answered yet. The Lord is with you, He is near, let’s continue to seek His guidance each day.

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  1. I’ve been praying in this novena and all the novenas over the past 9 months for my son to be offered a job. Last Sunday, basically from a 2 hour meeting with a CEO he was put in touch with from a connection with a fellow AA member, my son was a offered an incredible opportunity with a 2x pay raise. The beauty is he sees the “God moment” in the unlikely and out of the blue opportunity. He knows we have been praying to the Lord of the universe for this opportunity. This job prayer is coupled with my prayer for his return to our church. Patiently waiting for that one. Already so grateful!!

  2. Jesus, thank you for timely income to fulfill our responsibilities and needs. Help us to always be faithful to Your Sacred Heart. Amen!

  3. Thanks be to God! My cancer and symptoms are under control. Praise God!
    I give each day of my life to you dear God, I am yours completely. +

  4. I have at long last found employment that I can cope with after recovering from addiction. So many prayers are being heard for those whom I have prayed for but special prayers needed for a lovely woman who is coming to the end of her battle with cancer and her family her youngest child is in her teens , thankyou Lord Amen

  5. Hello! It seems this and the previous Novena has a glitch in that it keeps repeating within the same prayer:

    In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    O my Jesus, you have said: “Truly I say to you, ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you.”

    Behold I knock, I seek and ask for the grace of…

    (Mention your Intention Here)

    Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you.

    O my Jesus, you have said: “Truly I say to you, if you ask anything of the Father in my name, he will give it to you.” Behold, in your name, I ask the Father for the grace of…

    (Mention your Intention Here)

    Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you.

    O my Jesus, you have said: “Truly I say to you, heaven and earth will pass away but my words will not pass away.” Encouraged by your infallible words I now ask for the grace of…

    (Mention your Intention Here)

    Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you.

    O Sacred Heart of Jesus, for whom it is impossible not to have compassion on the afflicted, have pity on us miserable sinners and grant us the grace which we ask of you, through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, your tender Mother and ours.


    In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

  6. We have financial issues and I didn’t know where we were going to get money to even buy food. I asked for help and when I got home my insurance company sent a check for $205 they said I overpaid. so we were able to buy a few things. Praise the Lord

  7. Prayed for approval for a specific apartment to be approved for my girls to live in while in university in Canada. Received approval on Day 8. Thank you Sacred Heart.

  8. Prodigal grandson made brief contact with an aunt and uncle.
    Small steps in our prayers for his return to our whole family.

  9. The Sacred Heart guided Justin’s doctor to find the source of his seizures after years. Please continue to watch over him as they adjust his meds. Praise be.

  10. I lost my husband in May. The grief of loosing my best friend, sense of security, the person I turned to for everything and the fear of my income being cut in half have plagued me these past four weeks. I’m still not over the loose but in praying for a ‘joyful heart’, asking that I receive what I need not be a burden on my family now and in the future and gain the ability to find the positive in any trial I feel I CAN DO and I’m thankful for ALL I have been blessed. I found an old Irish saying ‘when you face rocky roads, God please give me a pair of study shoes.’ Amen

  11. Please pray for my daughters and husband that they have a conversion of heart and that R please recognize she needs help and that my husband sees it too. Please May E be safe and make good and virtuous friends and May all my daughters be protected from indoctrination from harmful leftist ideas.

  12. Prayers for Father McKenna were answered, our generous Lord healed him of covid and pneumonia!!! Father is elderly and loved by many. Praise be to God in the highest!

  13. My special prayer for this novena is to ask Sacred Heart of Jesus if He is willing to restore and heal my daughter’s stomach pain/reflux during this two weeks when she’s off her medicine as instructed by her doctor to prepare her stomach for a PH test on July 4. When her stomach pain is no more, she doesn’t need the PH test.
    Sacred Heart of Jesus I place all my trust in You.

  14. I have been suffering with tendinitis since October and hardly able to walk. I’ve been in therapy since March. I prayed for myself, selfishly, in the last novena and I am walking remarkably well right now.

  15. I have seen improvement with every person I prayed for personally During saying this novena. This is a very powerful prayer thank you for everyone who prayed for me I was praying for you and thank you dear Lord for answering prayers.!

  16. My husband has had a miraculous healing from his cluster headaches which had become chronic. He had been to many doctors who really had not been able to help much. But after saying this novena and many others, he is finally having relief. Thank you God

  17. A very precious personal prayer was answered. I am forever indebted to the Sacred Heart and his lovely mother, the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

  18. My prayers have been answered. I have been asking God to allow my child to get into catholic school if it was His will. On day 8 of this novena and the day after I prayed the miraculous novena to St. Martha my child was accepted into the catholic school for which she was on the waitlist. Thank you St. Martha thank you Jesus!

  19. I felt called to begin this novena, but did not know what to ask for. I simply told Jesus and Mary to do what they thought best or give me what I most needed. My husband and I desire to expand our family. We struggle with infertility and I had not ovulated in months. If I’m honest I was beginning to accept that maybe we would not be gifted with our own children in this life. Half way through the novena my cycle began and my husband and I are now filled with hope that maybe our time to be parents will come. We will continue to take this as a sign to prepare for our children, but also blessing the Lord for whatever He gives. Thank you for your ministry, Blessings to you.

  20. For 35 years I have been consumed by hatred of my ex daugherinlaw. She was a drug addict. She was a monster in my eyes. She caused us grief for the 21 years she was the Mother of my grandaughter. We spent years in court fighting her and trying to gain custody for my son for his daughter. We succeeded when she was 7, but much damage had been done, and a foolish judge awarded her uncontrolled partial custody when she was 13, and she was used by I assume men her mother was paid for. I just learned this recently from my granddaugher who is now 36. I have been consumed by this hate. It kept me sleepless for 36 years. This morning I said my rosary and at the last lord’s prayer , Jesus said the last “as we forgive our trespasses as we forgive others”…LOUD AND CLEAR. Thank you Jesus for lifting this burden from my heart. I will now say a Hail Mary for my exdaughter in law in purgatory and from now on I think I will sleep well.
    Say the patient. Jesus will hear you and care for you.

  21. Our son has been a tiny bit more grown up since the Novena began… His 47th birthday is nearing, and we are still hopeful that he will get a job and make some friends.

  22. I am going to be relocating to another state to be with family. I was so stressed and filled with fear of doing this. I have been praying over this and I know God is listening because today I woke up calm and a smile on my face and looking forward to the move

  23. Please continue to pray for financial freedom for my family. My husband is seeking employment and discouraged. He needs extra prayers to push him to search, seek, knock and not give up. Please pray for our strength as we face this trial. Please pray that we use this trial to proclaim the glory of God as we must trust that His will be done. Please pray for healing of relationships in our family. I will continue to pray for your intentions and ask you to please continue to pray for mine. 🙏🏻

  24. My prayer requests were health for my husband Dennis, our son-in-law Art, and friend Nancy.

    My husband’s symptoms have gotten better and Nancy has gotten initial treatment and awaiting surgery which will be July 7. This is much earlier than she was told it would be. Thanks be to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

  25. I prayed for my low mood to be lifted. TG since starting the novena to the sacred heart, I feel much brighter and hopeful.

  26. I don’t have the cure yet, but they did find a trial for my pancreatic cancer. So we are very hopeful a cure or remission is possible!

  27. I have prayed that all bitterness toward stepson Matt be removed from my heart after he falsely accusing me of abuse 6 years ago.

  28. Thanking God for ALL circumstances for He knows what’s best for us ! His way not my way, in His time not my time ! With greatest gratitude in the prayer request for the sale of our home, our purchase of new home and move to Texas. This prayer is answered , but not in my timing , in His! Thank you in advance !

  29. My daughter has suffered from intense migraines for the last year. Finally, after many medications, she is getting relief. She has engaged in PT and her depression is improved. Dear Jesus, please continue to heal and protect her.

  30. I have been praying this Novena for both of my kids. My daughter to get the job we applied for- and she did just a few days into this novena. She starts in a few weeks. So many prayers of thanksgiving.

    My son takes his med school exam in a few more weeks.
    Scared heat of Jesus, I place my trust in you.

  31. Carol started praying again
    Daughters are continuing to be healthy as are my husband and I!
    Thank you Dear Jesus!

  32. Praise God. I have had large floaters in my eyes. Through the Mercy of Jesus these floaters are going away each and every day. Thank you dear Jesus.

  33. Thank you for prayers for my brother. He has been fighting severe COVID symptoms for 3 weeks. His health is improving. Praise God for answered prayers.

  34. I have been praying very intently about my job & where does God need me… at the very start this Novena I received news about a position, that is very close to my heart, become available.. Praise be to God!!!

  35. A few months ago, my husband was forced to take a job with a huge pay cut because he wouldn’t do things that he felt were unethical. Since then, he’s been working two jobs to make up for the lost income. He’s so stressed and exhausted, and this was not going to be sustainable.

    He’s been looking for another job for several weeks and had been talking with a company about an opportunity to work with them. I started the novena, and within 4 days, he had an offer letter! He will be making all the money necessary to allow him to quit his second job, with the possibility to even increase his income beyond what he was originally making. God is good!

  36. Please pray for me and my husband who is in the early stages of dementia. He accuses me of being unfaithful to him and is suspicious of any male that I talk to. For my 80th birthday I am going with my two daughters and sister and two nieces for a weekend away and he is angry that he wasn’t invited. I need prayers to keep the faith and be able to enjoy my time away and that my husband will be ok. Thank you for this novena and your prayers.

  37. After finishing this novena of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus,I know that all my prayers will be answered soon.I have the confidence in the Lord and He will not let me down.Please continue to pray for me.May my blood test result is good with no graves of cancer.Amen and thank you.

  38. Thank you Lord for helping us recover from Covid. Thank you for keeping us safe and come home safe and sound. Thank you for all the blessings received.

  39. This is more than an answer to my prayers, for the first time in my 77 years, I truly felt Christ’s love for me. It was overwhelming and emotional. Thanks be to God and thank you for having me pray with you.

  40. My problem hasn’t been resolved but I have reached a point where I am not worrying as much as I surrender more and more to God’s love and mercy .

  41. I have been saying this novena for my son & daughter in law that they will be blessed with a baby. They just called me this week & My daughter in law is 11 weeks pregnant. I trust & believe in God! God is so good!🙏

  42. Please pray for my daughter, who struggles with a mental disorder. It has wreaked havoc with her life and ours for many years.
    Please pray for my family’s return to their Catholic faith.

  43. Prayers were answered for my granddaughter who was hired
    For job she applied for. Thank you Sacred Heart

  44. My son got a job.

    Last novena, I prayed for a healing and I believe that prayer was answered as well.

  45. My Novena pray has been helpful to me from Day one thing has began to change in my life moving forward changes has been made money problems also Marriage problems and relationship and health.

  46. Thank you Jesus for removing the pain in the back of my left leg. The first day of the novena it began to fade. It was gone by the third day.

  47. My son finally now is wearing his continuous glucose monitor. It came, he learned it and my prayers have been answered. This will give me a little more peace and not worry so much if his blood sugar is going low because he can see it on his phone 24:7. Thank you Holy Spirit.

  48. Thankful that my mother in law who was ill for a year passed away peacefully this week and not in pain. Please pray for repose of her soul.

  49. My prayer was that my children would become closer and talk and appreciate each other more. Out of nowhere it has happened. I see no other reason other than the answer to my prayer. God is good! I’m so thankful.

  50. I prayed that my daughter in laws cancer had not returned and that the indication that it had would be a false negative indication. It was a false indication and not cancer. Thank you Lord.

  51. Lili Vasquez was healed of cancer but not how we expected. She was taken to heaven yesterday where she is now healed of cancer. Please, pray for our community as she was our school’s backbone for 32 years. She was a big sister and mother figure and friend to many. Her prayers healed and helped the community. Her love for the kids showed as she was their constant cheerleader. She helped the youth in our church. She is gone too soon and will be greatly missed. Irreplaceable. We are heart broken. She always wanted a big retirement party. Pray her funeral, mass, rosary and celebration of life will prove worthy of her idea of that big party. We love you Lili!

  52. I have been praying this novena, along with the Corpus Christi novena. In addition, I participate in a rosary cenacle almost daily. There are many sufferings in families today. In our family one of our hardships is with our daughter, Kelsey. She is twenty-two and has mental illness and substance abuse problems. She also has a one year old daughter with an abusive man who also has mental illness and substance abuse problems. The good news is she chose life and she and our granddaughter live with us. Last night when I was praying with the group I became filled with such hope! Our daughter finally began counseling and texted me to say that she likes her counselor. This is a big deal. There is an awakening happening in her. Thank you Jesus for the great gift of hope!

  53. Please pray for a nice man to enter the life of my 39 year old daughter; a man to love her and become her husband.

  54. I thank Jesus because I completed data collection for my masters degree thesis this week and that’s exactly what I was praying for. It’s midweek and I am already done. I am so grateful sweet Jesus.😄

  55. Many prayers have been answered
    I thank Jesus everyday for his grace and blessings
    I’m temporarily disabled out of work for 6-8 weeks I have been waiting to be approved and receive state disability check and God has blessed me ty Jesus

  56. Prayed for increased income for my needy granddaughter. Jesus responded by opening the way for her and her husband and family to receive and get a backlog of money for food! Praise and thanks to you, Lord Jesus Christ!!! And thank you for this novena, Annie and John Paul! I will be mailing you a check today for your wonderful ministry!

  57. I prayed for my brother-in-law who had a health scare and was waiting for a follow up with his neurologist. He met yesterday and got the all clear from the doctor. God is so good!

  58. My sister, Sharon, who has been diagnosed with Leukemia and has Sweets Disease, is getting stronger and is healing!!!

  59. These novenas are miraculous. Thank you Lord for a healed relationship, and a parental reconciliation with children. Please continue prayers for a family healing, with grace, mercy, repentance, forgiveness, and love. Thank you!

  60. My sister had been diagnosed with dementia, as my wife and I had been praying this novena for her, another Dr. Thinks it’s not dementia and will verify on Monday!

  61. Dear Jesus,

    Thank you for the gift of Patient Hopefulness that I have been praying for during this Novena. I now see with the help of Your Wisdom that the courage and strength You grant to face the smaller daily trials, puts into perspective the greater struggles are whittled down to a more manageable size.

  62. As part of my intention, I also prayed that my son who was seriously ill would recover and it appears that he is doing just that. God is good.

  63. My sons surgery for thyroid cancer removed all cancer so thanks be to God that this prayer was answered. I want him to live a long healthy life. Now I need him to answer a prayer for me. A small lesion was found on my pancreas and I need prayers to know that it is non cancerous. Im so scared. Please pray for me.

  64. That I may get a perfectly blessed job-career in all ways immediately and in abundance & That every area of my life will perfectly blessed in all ways immediately and in abundance.

  65. Our youngest daughter seems to be slowly finding her way in this crazy world. Thank you for your prayers. Also our son and DIL, who are expecting their second child, got good news from the specialist that she can safely carry to full term rather than being induced early ~ all glory to God!

  66. I have been praying for years for the conversion of 2 of my children back to the Catholic faith. While my oldest has recently been ordained a priest, he will be in town offering Mass at my parish. Both of my wayward children have told me that they want to attend one of his Masses. Praise be to God. One Mass at a time

  67. help me Jesus focus on you yu Jesus are enough fill my void not food you Jesus all i need I am fighting codependency and insecurity Jealousy over my husnabd and daughtet Fill me Lord Jesus with you NOT food I beg I want to change thank you 101.5 today will be another Great day with you jesus to shine you and Glorify you Jesus in all I do ! thank you i trust i believe

  68. My brother survived brain surgery this past Tuesday. 5 surgeons and an anesthesiologist performing the surgery, and he’s fine. Thank you Lord Jesus for answering my prayers.

  69. Sacred Heart of Jesus and my Immaculate Mother Mary, please I beg you to please find buyers for our condo. Please, please

  70. I am giving thanks, I always felt close to The Sacred Heart Of Jesus , I did have prayers answered, I got a good medical report, my son had a beautiful graduation, I am giving thanks , there is always something I feel I have to pray for but I am ever so grateful for prayers answered and thank you to everyone who prayed with me and for me, Sacred Heart Of Jesus I place all my trust in You. Amen

  71. Thank you for your prayers! My daughters grades came in and she got an A average! And more importantly, my family and I have been healthy and happy and safe!

    Gos bless you all!