Answered Prayers from The Christmas Novena, 2020

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Thank you for joining us in praying The Christmas Novena!

If you’ve had any prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below!

If your prayers have not seemingly been answered, don’t give up on hope. The Lord is near! He has you and we are praying for you every day. Hang in there.

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  1. I would appreciate any prayers for my surgery tomorrow. It’s a lumpectomy and pray my anxiety will be contained. Thank you all in advance for helping. God Bless you!

  2. I prayed for my job, because I was facing gross misconduct allegations and today at my discipline hearing I was able to continue with my job thanks be to God and our loving saviour Jesus Christ!

  3. Thanks JP & Annie, A blessed new year to you and the pray more novena family.
    I checked my results for the paper I did last semester, I passed highly, and also I have been able to pay off some debts during this Christmas season, I thank God so much.

  4. I have been praying for a pregnancy for two and a half years. On New Years Eve I found out I was pregnant. My prayers have been answered. Let it be a healthy pregnancy and baby

  5. I have been a resident in Dubai for 28 years and working here. When my employment visa came up for renewal in December 2020,
    my company gave me a letter that they will not renew it due to my age over 60yrs. I started the novenas which my daughter in California sent me. Meantime I did meet with my director on the 14th December and requested if he could renew my visa on compassionate grounds as I still have loans to pay up in Dubai, paid my rent for a year, and was not ready to go back home to India for good. He said he will have to look into this and come back to me. The Finance manager was not keen and happy to retain me and kept telling my director to terminate my services. I waited and waited and each time I followed up on this matter I was told, “I will let you know”. I thought I would get an answer before Christmas but that did not happen and I was on pins from 14th Dec to 30th Dec which was the last day for my visa and it would expire. I kept praying and praying the novena and the Divine Mercy as well, with sleepless nights and a quiet Christmas. Now I had just a few days to go and I have not have a visa and would have to leave to go back. I Praise and Thanks God on 31st December I was told by my Director that they will go ahead and renew my visa and I would continue with my employment. This was the greatest gift /news for a end of the year and beginning of the New Year 2021. All Glory to the Almighty God for this miracle . Now I can work for 3 more years.

  6. son is doing better, and I thank all who are associated and praying this Novena. Mostly I thank God for listening and granting my prayer request.

  7. May God’s Blessings be bestowed upon all in the New Year!

    Thank you Jesus and Mary for all your Mercy and Blessings.

  8. During this novena I was praying most importantly for the healing of my alcoholic son as I have been for the last few years.
    Secondly I also prayed for a good result of tests on my thyroid as I have had cancer previously.
    On Christmas Eve I received the news that my results indicated benign, and it did not register immediately that this was an answer to prayer, as I was mainly focusing on my son.

    I must remember that when I feel inclined to become disheartened that God will do things in His own time.
    As Annie advises, “Hang in there.”

  9. Thank you Lord, that you answers our novena.
    We know that You have Your own plan, and will always give us the best. We will keep on praying for our son, and we trust in our Lord, that He will bless him with more. Amen

  10. Merry Christmas!!!
    After many months and trouble conceiving as well as a miscarriage, our daughter and son in law, on Christmas Day, announced to my husband and I that they are going to have a baby!!! Thanks be to God. Thank you sweet Jesus and thanks be to the holy mother of God as well as the intervention of the Holy Spirit and all the saints who intervened.
    Please pray for them, Leslie and Federico and their unborn child.
    Holy Family thank you! Pray for us!

  11. In thanksgivings to God, my son had a wreck and God has blessed him. Things could have turned out different. I pray this is a lesson learned for my son and he quits drinking alcohol completely and dedicates his life to God and his family. Please God send the Holy Spirit to help him with this and everything. Praise our mighty God. In Jesus Christ I pray whom I love need and worship. Amen

  12. I’ve been praying through the Novenas and making a request that my son gets settled in one business. Through Our Good Lord’s devine intercession, my son was awarded a contract last week . May His Name be praised, adored and glorified now and forever. Amen.

  13. Thank you Father that you have found a Doctor who will see Mom and she may have her pace maker placed with good results. I trust You Lord with her life because it is You who gives life. I already give You thanks and praise!

  14. My brother was diagnosed with Stage IV Esophageal cancer, and his tumors have all disappeared. Glory to God in the Highest!

  15. One of the intentions I asked in this novena is for our beloved father to be healed, that he will not have a permanent kidney failure requiring dialysis. By the mercy of GOD, my father git healed and recovered his kidney function before CHRISTMAS, enabling him to enjoy JESUS’ birthday
    celebration togetger with my siblings and 2 of his grandchildren. We also thank GOD that some of our family members were able to go home from the city to celebrate with him despite the strict and somewhat unreasonable pandemic rules in our barangay/town.
    We also thank GOD for granting us protection from the corona virus and for helping me in my mission to transform lives to better health thru Yoli. We thank GOD that we had a meaningful CHRISTMAS celebration after a meaningful Advent season. Praise GOD!🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤

  16. Through this novenna, families of me and my partner came closer and they gave yes to our relation so openly.
    It was a big miracle that his whole family met me with so much love.
    Thankyou so much Jesus and Mama Mary for your continuous prayer with me.

  17. Giving thanks for my husband being forced, due to a new health diagnosis, to stop drinking. Lord please give him the strength and perseverance to abstain. Help me to help him find his way to lean more on you Lord. Amen.

  18. My husband of 56 years John who had Alzheimer’s, was paralyzed on the right side and could not speak and we could only see through the window of a skilled nursing facility passed away on December 22,2020 I have been praying for me to be with him and holding his hand and my prayer was granted even though he passed from COVID-19 they had us covered in PPE and let us in hospital room . Yes I am sad but I feel such peace knowing his suffering has ended.

  19. I prayed for unity in my family. Baby Jesus gave me this tangible gift on the Christmas day which is also my birthday. I thank God for such gift

  20. Dear Lord Jesus,
    Thank You for all Your blessings to my family and me! Please bless my elder daughter with a healthy baby and a smooth delivery! Please keep us all healthy and safe! Amen.

  21. I want to thank this Christmas Novena it help me so much me and Mother hade a good Christmas I Thank You For Everything Lord Jesus

  22. Thank you for all your prayers my pain and discomfort are gone, prayers answered! Hoping and praying that your petitions will also be answered even partially!

  23. I was “stuck” in an neglectful nursing facility and felt no way out. I prayed and begged Jesus for His help. Without any change in my condition, the Dr. suddenly announced I would be discharged that day. I thought he would change his mind as he had so many times leaving me despondent and desperate, however, the time came for the for the transport services to arrive, they did and I was free.

  24. I thank God for answering my prayers. My daughter in law is now pregnant without going for surgery for her fibroids. Thank you Lord. Amen

  25. We’ve had a very successful surgery that we were praying for.
    But. We also had a Christmas miracle. I was hospitalized 14 days in October and November with diverticulitis. I was on “at home” IV antibiotics every 8 hrs, for 5 weeks, for this infection that was in my body. I also had a drain tube as they found an abscess on the colon. I was told this drain will remain in until I have surgery, sometime in January. They did not believe this would heal because I also have Lupus. December 23rd, the tube was removed because the abscess healed and the hole in the colon healed. Praise Our God. Amen! Thank you for all of your prayers.

  26. My husband was in the hospital since December 5th, battling COVID19, pneumonia and blood clots in his lungs. On the 9th day of praying the Christmas novena, he was released on Christmas Eve, and was able to be home for the holidays.

    Giving Jesus all the praise and glory, and to the intercession of our Mother, the Virgin Mary, for hearing all our prayers and putting His healing hands on his lungs.
    We are not out of the woods yet, but he is on the path to recovery.
    This experience has humbled our whole family and as we celebrate Christmas the upcoming days, we are reminded of the true meaning of Christmas and how the birth of our Lord transformed the world.
    Merry Christmas!!

  27. I prayed that my niece and l who is my godchild make up from a horrible misunderstanding and I unfortunately contracted the Covid virus and she called me and we spoke and when I’m better we’re going to get together so I’m grateful and I believe this novena had a lot to do with it. Thank you mary G

  28. Thank you Jesus that my son’s contract at work has been renewed. Thank you for an answer to problems in a marriage. Thank you for the gift of your peace. All glory to baby Jesus, our king.

  29. Our daughter, Georgie who is a meth addict, came home for Christmas for the first time in 4 years. She has been sober for over 30 days. She wants to go to rehab but has no insurance. She hopes to find a facility that has a work to pay program.
    I wrote a prayer request a few months ago and soon after that she called to say she was ready to come back home and get sober. She has been homeless off and one for the last 4 years. We are so grateful to have her back. God has answered our prayers and hers.

  30. Dear Jesus & Mary,
    Please heal me of my health condition. Bless me mentally, physically & spiritually
    thank you so much God

  31. My mom has finally gotten some relief from the wound on her leg. She’s not 100% but she’s on the road to recovery. Also, the shot she got on her back definitely gave her some relief as well without any complications. Thanks for all the prayers.

  32. Thank you Jesus and Mary for all of the Blessings 🙏 you have bestowed upon my family and I this year.

    Please Bless our Nation and help heal all who suffer in the New Year.

    Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus!

  33. Has the year is closing to a new year bless my two sons glen and trevin ,and daughter priyanka, and myself ,heal my family and grant trevin to get his visa to australia ,may the new year bring us peace and prosperity to our family inthe new comming year 2021.gbu all

  34. My son and his partner are finally pregnant. They thought it was impossible but after praying the St Jude’s novena she conceived. She’s 8 weeks now !! Thank you Lord to help open their eyes to your miraculous ways and please thank St Jude ! Thanks for your novenas 🙏🏻

  35. Thank you dear prayer community to.praying for me. May God bless you all. And to continue to pray and serve others. Merry Christmas! =)

  36. Thank you dear Mother for answering my prayer that John recover from the virus, at least attaining the health he had before he became ill. He is better, getting stronger everyday, I am very grateful to you.

  37. I thank God for the gift he just gave me this month. He approved me to have a new job overseas :) I’m beyond happy and would love to do more kindness with my new income. I’m so blessed!

  38. I want to thank God for answered prayers. My son Stanley abandoned me n his siblings but I handed him to God in prayer. Throughout this novena I’ve been asking God to change his life n bring him back to us. Yesterday he wrote a message to me apologizing for all he has done to me. We have been apart for one whole year n he has realized himself n come back like the prodigal son. There’s nothing impossible with our God, if only we go to Him. Glory be to his name, Alleluia.

  39. Thank you for all prayers answered. My son and his wife gave birth early at 35 weeks. The baby and family are doing well and was discharged from hospital on Christmas Eve. Mother not breastfeeding yet but able to pump breast milk to give the baby. Baby has two heart murmurs but it’s in the muscle and currently showing no issues and doctors believe they will close on their own. I feel very blessed. Thank you Jesus. Thank you to the Pray more Novena community.

  40. Prayers answered that our grandson Anniston’s digestive system is beginning to tolerate an increase in baby formula. Praise the Lord and Mother Mary!

  41. On the 5th day, the Lord bless my auxiliary sister and her husband with twins, 2 continue to help me pray and commit. the other children for the blessings of the fruit of the womb.God never comes late, He comes at the right time. I’m so excited, humbled and thankful, because my daughter had a baby boy 7wks ago. Jesus is HERE, Alleluia. Thank you Lord for these gifts. AMEN

  42. I just want to thank God for all the blessings He has bestowed on me and my family. He has done great things for me and I just want to proclaim His glory forever and ever Amen.

  43. There was a conflict between my daughter and my wife whether we could get together for Christmas or not due to the Covit-19.
    My daughter has 2 small children and I was afraid my wife was going to be real hurt.
    My wife wanted an answer and my daughter was reluctant about given her an answer. things got heated.
    I was caught in the middle of the whole thing. I prayed to the Blessed Mother in this novena to help us all get a solution.
    The all came finally and we all had a blessed night.
    I know this seems small next to the needs of other people but to me it was real important.
    I am really grateful and thank you for the Novena.

  44. My prayers about divorce has been answered. My divorce including the financial dispute resolution have gone through. Even though the justice system worked unfairly against me, I am getting the peace that I prayed for. He has also agreed that I can buy him out of the property. My prayers now is for God to bless me with the funds to be able to do that. Please continue to pray for me that my bank lends me the money or that I win the lottery. 🙏🏽

  45. Thank You Sweet Jesus for continuing yo heal me & my family & my employees & clients & families from the Covid Virus. May we continue to serve you in Your Name… Jesus, Prince of Peace. May I do Your will Lord. I also ask blessings & your will for President Trump & All our leaders. May we turn our hearts & wills to You Lied God. You are our Lird & King. We praise You Lord!

  46. Thank You, Baby Jesus Christ, for letting President Donald J. Trump be our President for four more years! We Love Thee Baby Jesus with all our hearts and souls! Thank You Baby Jesus Christ for all our blessings that Thou gives us every day!!! Sd

  47. My daughter who suddenly got sick with mental health challenges and was admitted in hospital three weeks ago was discharged two days ago and is doing fine at home

  48. God has performed many miracles in my life and my family members lives through many Novena’s from “pray more Novena’s”. From securing a much needed job, financial breakthroughs, family well-being, good health and many more favors. I am eternally grateful to “pray more Novena’s”. I will continue to pray for them and support in any way I can. Thank you so much. Merry Christmas and best wishes for a more Blessed/Prosperous New Year.