Answered Prayers from The Christmas Novena, 2020

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Thank you for joining us in praying The Christmas Novena!

If you’ve had any prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below!

If your prayers have not seemingly been answered, don’t give up on hope. The Lord is near! He has you and we are praying for you every day. Hang in there.

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  1. Dear Lord Jesus,
    Please keep everybody in my family healthy and safe. Please help my elder daughter have a safe and smooth delivery of a healthy baby in a few days. Please heal my nephews completely physically and mentally and help them have a bright future. Please bless us all with peace and prosperity. Amen.

  2. My daughter got offered a job in her field of study at a hospital without even having to interview! She needed this positive event in her life right now! So grateful 🙌🏻

  3. My 47 year old son father of three and metro bus driver for LA county is now recovering from COVID-19 at home. He returned home on Wednesday after a very intense two weeks in the hospital. Christmas miracle! Truly believe in the power of prayer. Grateful for all those prayer warriors! 🙏

  4. My son Johnny came back to the Church after 13yrs of marrying into a different Christian religion. I have prayed every Novena for him for years. With the Blessing of his beautiful wife he went to reconciliation Monday and received Communion today. I am so Blessed 🎄🛐✝️🙏🏼

  5. Thank you Lord Jesus for blessing my husband with the miracle of getting his liver transplant. Although he was close to death and have a very difficult surgery, he pulled through only through you Lord. My prayers were answered that he will be here to help raise our son. I have prayed many novenas and will continue to pray and thank you always Lord Jesus for all the miracles I have been blessed with constantly. I love you Lord Jesus!
    Thank you ❤❤❤ Amen

  6. On 23rd evening God saved us, me with my colleague more so i was the accused i was to face a jail term for a crime i didn’t commit but deep down my heart i knew things will be ok but body was weak. My mind went blank but at the 11th hour God came through. Forever i will praise His name, my request may not been answered bt this rescue is worth a million times. His name be glorified forever.🙌🙌

  7. My daughters had a falling out and it seemed like we would not have any part of Christmas together. My husband and I have been so sad, and praying so hard, and our younger daughter said she could have breakfast together with her sister. It’s not perfect, I’m praying that they can repair their relationship as time goes by, and I’m happy not to be totally split apart this year.

  8. For My Sister Martha Llamas, Brother in Law Mike Llamas and their Son Mikey-that Jesus enlighten, Guard and Protect them from all illnesses! Amen!

  9. I was praying for myselfand my two children finicial problems my son is sèeing his way and is nearly finished paying off one of the people he owe thank god for that

  10. Thank you Lord that both my boys are back at work. Thank you Lord that a friend of the family (22 year old young man) is still hanging on and fighting covid in ICU. The ventilator is working 90% and him 10% but he is still fighting. They have him in an induced coma so he doesn’t try to pull the tube out so please pray for him. The Lord has just been continually blessing me and my family and we are forever grateful and thankful. Continued prayers for everyone saying this novena and needing prayers. Have a truly blessed and Merry CHRISTmas! Thank you Lord for accepting your purpose and loving us enough to endure the pain you did for us! My heart is so full for the love of our Lord!

  11. Thank You JESUS, My husband who is Baptist, has begun praying the daily rosary with me. That is a miracle in itself. I praise GOD for touching g his heart. Thank you. Have a very blessed CHRISTMAS.

  12. My sister in law is pregnant with her first, and each prenatal has brought more worry. She was told she had a fibroid, it was outside her uterus and eventually moved to where her placenta was, this led to concern that they would grow through her uterus and fuse, meaning, she would need a hysterectomy once the baby was born. She is almost in her third trimester, so she’s had many ultrasounds and different people look at this. During this novena she went to a specialist, and there was NO fibroid. He said she has a contracture of the uterine wall, it poses no risk to her, the baby, or her future fertility. Talk about prayers answered! This was better than what we were praying for.

  13. Dear Lord I want to thank you for healing. I have been ill and have been praying I will celebrate Christmas with my family in good health. I thank you God for hearing my prayers. I was able to attend your Holy midnight Mass with my family. Thank you Jesus

  14. The Christmas novena was answered for me on Christmas Eve- I was totally unable to meet my expenses, unable to buy food – today my prayers were answered and a means of generating just enough income has miraculously appeared. Praise the goodness of the Lord for His generous help. Our Christmas is blessed and joyful. Thank you, infant Jesus.

  15. COVID invaded our family. 2 sisters, their families and my mother (78 yr w/5 heart surgeries & 2 heart valves and my father 82 yr w/under 40% kidney function) This novena came just in time. Not only have my husband and I joined in the prayer to end abortion but our private intentions have been for the full recovery of all my family members. They are all either fully recovered or almost there without hospitalizations or major complications! All glory to God!!!!

  16. Both of my daughters told me they are expecting children in August 2021 during the praying of this novena! Praise be to God!

  17. God blessed my husband with a successful surgery and quick recovery. God continues to bless and heal me physically mentally and emotionally. God blessed our family with an opportunity for our family to celebrate Christmas safely. All praise and glory to God 🙌🙌🙌

  18. Praise the Lord alleluia. Our Mother Mary we thank you for interceding for us. My people, I prayed and beg God to help me get a job which l’ve been applying for over a year.
    I was called on the 9th of December 2020 and asked if l will accept to be interviewed on the 12th. I agreed and was called on the 12th. I was surprised that the l was explained how the job goes and was asked if l was intersted. No interview questions were asked. I accepted and was told to start the job on Dec 28th. On the 15th, l was called and asked if l will want to start on the 21st. I got so happy and accepted. I am working. God is good. I thank this forum for praying for each other.

  19. I prayed this Novena and got my request to be a registered nurse by the 7th day, and started working on the 8th day. God is so great and mighty.

  20. My sister who is 71 and her heart functions around 50% due to 2 heart attacks was hospitalized with covid. She is now home. Thank you, Jesus!

  21. Thank you Jesus,Blessed Mother Mary,St. Joseph for bringing my daughter to Christmas Eve Mass with me today! And for safe travels for my son&wife to their destination,bless them home safely as well,and all me&my loved ones safe holiday travels&all future travels! Thank You(s) also for blessing me with peace this night and helping me put up my BOUNDERIES to get this peace! Pray that for my 2 adult kids always! Help me with Christmas too,I need your strength to do this! I give You ALL my prayers,spoken,unspoken and intentions&my kids prayers too! XO

  22. I left working March this year, to study with the pension fund monies I received and my husband would provide for our family while I finish my degree. My studies went well but we had a lot of financial pressure when my husband wasn’t getting paid or been paid less at times due to covid19. I had been praying to find a job that will not inconvenience my studies so I could help bring my son from a previous to live with us and provide for a good school for him. Was taking part in Novenas until just before the Christmas one, I saw a vacancy advert on the paper and I applied. I was called for an interview a week later and got that job on the 22 December. We serve a living God. I pray that all of your prayers are answered too.

  23. Thank you Jesus,Blessed Mother Mary,St. Micheal for leading my daughter to go to Mass with earlier on this blessed Christmas eve! Thank you for safe travels for my son &wife to their destination,please continue to get them back home safe(&all us safe travels,protection from covid 29,sickness,danger,all evil)! Thank you for giving me the courage,strength to fight for my much needed peace! I pray that always for me&my 2 adult children! Jesus I trust in You! XO

  24. Thank you Holy Family for your prayers.
    Please pray and watch over my son.
    Please pray for my sisters.
    Blessings to Annie and John-Paul.
    Blessings to all praying this novena.
    Merry Christmas.

  25. I thank God for healing for my brother who has been ill for more than 2 months. He was dicharged from hospital today. To God be the glory. I pray that his healing will remain permanent in Jesus Mighty Name Amen

  26. Good evening Brothers and Sisters.

    I have been joining the Novena Prayers for quite some time now. With this Christmas Novena, my prayers where answered even by the 6th day. I prayed for financial blessings before Christmas and it was answered even more than I prayed for.

    Join me in thanking God.

    Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Prayer for all the babies whose little lives were taken from an abortion.
    Peayer for an end to abortion.
    For all pregnant women.
    For all couples wanting the gift of a childm

  28. Pray for Paz in the world, end of the pandemic, health and Paz in my family for all my friend, manny blessings for all you .
    Merry Christmas and happy new year.
    Thanks for your prayers.

  29. Thank you Lord the Sacred Heart of Jesus uou have answered all my prayers.
    I give you thanks Praise and Glory to you LORD
    Thank you my Saviour. You have never failed me LORD and I am evet so grateful to you.

  30. On the 6th day of the novena the Dr called to tell me that he would like me to do a CT scan of my front chest to pelvic and I was a bit nervous and prayed during the few days of the novena and also asked friends to pray. Thank you Jesus, Mary and Joseph the report showed all vital organs fine. I still have more tests to be done and I believe that the Lord is in control and that He is healing me of whatever the doctor found wrong in my brain scan.

  31. My sister in law has recovered from covid and a perforated bowel due to complications. Surgeries were completed successfully. Praying for continued healing. Her husband my brother also survived a month of covid symptoms. Thank you Jesus

  32. I was praying for my parents to get a good house help. I couldn’t see myself having a good Christmas when I knew they were not. My sister who lives close to my parents told me they got a help, a day or 2 ago, and that he is good. It looks like they will enjoy Christmas after all ! As I thank God for the favour I am praying now that he stays.

    Thanks for praying with me!

  33. My youngest nephew did say a few words. It isn’t much, but it is something!! Thank you for everyone who prayed for my family and joined me in praying this novena with me.
    Merry Christmas Eve!! You are all in my prayers.

  34. My prayers for my friend and Goddaughter Samantha were answered. She is working in a very negative and hostile environment and she was offered a position in a new place where the staff are respectful and positive.
    I am still praying for the blessing of a child for me and my husband. It is hard to keep hope but being reminded of Elizabeth’s blessing of pregnancy at an older age keeps my faith up.

  35. My friend is home from the hospital for Christmas! She’s very sick with cancer but she’s home with her family for Christmas!!!

  36. Dear Lord, Mother Mary, Jesus,
    I thank you Lord for bring your son to this world. He died for all of us. I would like to bless all of those that are hurting during this time. I pray that you bring clients to our business so we can pay our debts. It’s been a stressing time for my finances. Relive our burdens with a miracle, Bring the blessings to our family emotional, and financial. Give us hope for you are the hope in our lives. Amen

  37. Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit…

    I asked God for stability,a home for me and my daughter and He has provided it even before the end of the novena. Thank you brethren’s for all your prayers…I praise the three persons in one God….Amen

  38. Thanks be to God our prayer was answered as the doctors performed another procedure of radiation surgery for a 3mm brain tumor deep in Denny’s brain. He is a survivor of lung cancer and that cancer metastasized to his brain two years ago January, 2019. He is a miracle as he was healed and cancer free in eight (8) months from his diagnosis!!
    Thank you God for this wonderful miracle, and that we can continue to worship and pray to You, plus express how grateful we are that You are in our lives daily. We pray for those who are less fortunate, and also for those who have passed this year into Your heavenly Kingdom. What a Merry Christmas this is for us!!! Amen

  39. I have prayed for our non-prift Arts Council. I realize there are other things much more important. Art reaches out to so many. It can be such a wonderful outlet and inlet…
    We had a successful online auction. Raised almost 3 months rent. And gained volunteers and a big supporter asked us for a project they could help with. They said “Don’t think the amount of money will surprise me. Just name it” THANK YOU, JESUS.

  40. Our cousin’s health improved. She was diagnosed with COVID, and was recently was taken of the ventilator. Thank you Lord!

  41. Yes thank you all for your prays and I beg that you continue I was tested positive for the COVID-19 and I’m beginning to feel better again thank you and God Bless all

  42. The Lord has granted me another day to love and serve him. This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad!

  43. Mother Mary please send your peace to the women that have had abortions. Send them godly council and relationships as well as support to help them make better decisions. Help them become advocates for the blessings that Christ bestows upon us. Let them know and experience the mercy that Christ brings.


  44. So many blessings I’m grateful for. Thank You Jesus for healing my marriage, making my husband be nicer me more loving to me.
    Thank You for getting me out of horrible debt and blessing me with financial security and freedom.
    Thank You Jesus. Thank You St. Jude.

  45. My wife and I have been praying for a good friend of ours, Lorraine, and her business which has suffered greatly during Covid.
    Lorraine just found out that the PPP loan that was grated to her this year, has just been forgiven. This will allow her business to continue.

  46. Our friend has been on a ventilator and in a medically induced coma for two weeks due to COVID. He had a 20% chance of survival when this happened. He is now breathing on his own, off the ventilator, and communicating with his doctors and nurses. Praise Jesus!!!!

  47. I was diagnosed with possible early glaucoma. In praying this Novena, I asked for a good outcome and restored vision. Yesterday, at my follow-up appointment, the doctor informed me there are no signs of glaucoma all test results are negative.
    Praise God for my Christmas Miracle!
    ~Lisa Merlo, Finance/Admin

  48. I have been blessed by a miracle. I have prayed for my son-in-law to have his blot clot in his leg disappear and after praying the Novena it has dissolved. Also about a year a go I prayed that I would find a publisher to publish my book and it was accepted by a faith based publisher. After many rejections and disappointments it happened and I have sold over 200 books so far,and it all happened praying the Novena’s. Thank you Jean-Paul and Annie for all these Novenas. May God Bless you for it, and may you both have a Blessed Christmas.

  49. I am a single mum. I was wondering how to collect a gift for my 11 year old, without leaving her on her own and without taking her with me.
    My next door neighbour can round in the morning to discuss a letter from Santa we are organising. He then also offered to go into town …. finishing work early to do so …. to secretly collect Santa’s Christmas stocking wish gift.
    The little-uns were watching a Christmas film when I went to collect it …. so it is still a surprise.
    Thank you,

  50. Offered this novena for 2 nieces who are expectant and for an infant born with difficulties. One niece delivered a healthy baby and the other is having a healthy pregnancy. The other newborn has been released from the hospital and is doing well with no sign of deficit! Praise God for his goodness and mercy.

  51. My daughter got a job after being laid off in April. She will start early Jan.

    Thanks to all of you who prayed for all our intentions. Keep praying that she can move out of our home soon. Thank you.

  52. My daughter Joleen Marie is the most, and loving person she has many health issues. She has a job and works very hard is spite of her disabilities and constant pain. She must use her voice in her job a recent surgery on her upper spine has put pressure on her voice box and has difficulty speaking and looses her voice very quickly. Please pray for her healing and she can return to work. Thank you and God bless.

  53. Thank you Lord Jesus for answering my prayers. I asked that my heart and the hearts of my family would be opened to you and even though there is little peace in the world right now, there has been peace in my heart. Thank you for coming into the world to save all of humanity. Amen

  54. My sister and brother in law continue to heal after a car accident that left them with broken bones, head trauma and a steel plate in one knee. Their positive attitudes, sense of humor and lots of prayers continue to lift them up. Thank you Virgin Mary for your love and support.

  55. Been praying for my daughter to be accepted in a good university with a good financial aid. She was accepted in the best Ivy League university and with a good financial aid. Our God is a promise keeper! Blessed Virgin Mary, thank you for being a faithful intercessor.
    Been praying for you all who are trusting God for different things.

  56. My mother was experiencing some odd health issues throughout Lent. Her improved health was my intention. In the last 5 days, her energy and appetite has returned and she is feeling better.

  57. I pray daily, and ask at every novena, that my children return to the church. My son has agreed to come to mass with us tomorrow, along with our daughter in law and 2 grandchildren. It’s been many years since he’s been in church! I thank and praise God

  58. My request was to have other options to unethical covid-19 vaccines. So far, I’ve learned that vaccination is not being made mandatory for health care workers (at least in Canada), which is a sign that the rest of us will have a choice hopefully to not face penalties if refusing vaccines developed, containing or being tested on aborted fetal cells (original or replicated). Thank you Lord, for hearing my prayer!

  59. Thanking The Lord for a successful medical examination in preparation for my immigration interview.

    May the spirit of the New Born Christ tomorrow, bring us all joy and goodwill in abundance.


    Merry Christmas to all of us at praymorenovenas

  60. My daughter and her husband were heading for a separation. God answered my prayer that they would find a better path. They are on good terms again and have remembered that they love each other. God is always good!

  61. I prayed for my friend S who was having a mastectomy on Monday because of a very aggressive form of breast cancer. She is 75. She came through surgery and they didn’t find any cancer in the lymph glands. She will need chemo because the cancer is so aggressive but so far so good. Thank you all for praying and please keep her in your prayers if you can.

  62. My husband has been very stressed with work and I have suspected that he has been drinking during the day to try to cope. My suspicions were correct and I confronted him about it. After including the intention of him finding help, he told me he called the Employee Assistance Program and is starting to come to terms with this new problem! Thank you, Lord!

  63. I prayed for consolation for my sister as she undergoes treatment for cancer. She is doing better than expected. Praise God.

  64. In Thanksgiving to God for answering my prayers through the Novena. I had a serious challenge with my client but today we spoke and it all ended in praise. Thanking God for several business opportunities brought to my husband and praying for perfection and completeness. Amen. Thank you my infant Jesus. May our joy be complete wt ure birth

  65. My daughter passed her exams for graduate school. Amen. Thank you.
    My niece has less pain in her knee. She has knock knees, surgery painful, multiple plates and screws in her knee. She is 22.

  66. Our Christmas miracle happened early this morning. A liver donor was found for our son who desperately needed a liver transplant. He is in ICU recovery today and with God’s continuing graces will recover fully. We are blessed and so very thankful to the donor and their family. As we rejoice they are grieving.

  67. Please pray for my cousin in oklahoma. She is covid positive and due for c-section today she is nor sure to do it today or postpon it for next week and she is worried for her baby and also she had a miscarriage before this pregnancy and she almost died. She has a 6 year old son. And her husbabnd is the only help she has. She is worried. May God intervene. Her name is Saba.