Answered Prayers from the Christ the King Novena, 2022

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Thank you so much for joining us in prayer! If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below.

We’re praying for you!

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  1. Praise God! My husband is doing better in his dialysis. I am seeing some healing in his kidneys. Please keep praying that God will continue to heal his kidneys to better health and to a full restoration. Thank you so much in Jesus Christ name Amen!!!❤️😇🔥🙌🙏

  2. After saying various Novenas for the last 1-1/2 years, I have an answered prayer. I prayed for 2 family members to reconcile and it happened on day 5 of this Novena to Christ the King.
    I am so grateful for this.

  3. My nephew and niece are somehow managing so far with their mental illness. They are focused in school and their every day activities. I continue to pray that they may stay inspired and guided by the grace of our Lord. Amen.

  4. THANKYOU Jesus for helping me feel better and I believe You are still healing me! Also I believe that many more answered prayers are on their way! My daughter is moving out and I’m alittle sad but I believe that God is working it all out as we were having some disagreements about things and it was hard on us living together! I believe sweet Jesus is working out best peaceful homes for both of us where our hearts desires( warm state/nice homes near each other) JESUS I TRUST IN YOU and surrender all this and all on our hearts to YOU!! XO

  5. Prayers have been answered for my daughter. I’ve been praying Christ the King novena for my daughter to find a second job in order to make ends meet. I thank you for having mercy on her as a single Mom. Her new job pays as well as her current job and will allow her to find a two bedroom apartment to rent. Thank you Christ the King for the mercy you’ve shown to my daughter to help her ease her stress. I will continue to adore, worship and praise you for your great glory and for answering my prayers.

  6. Healing came before the end of the Novena. I was healed from a recurring Angiodema that was life- threatening. After three episodes, I prayed for healing and my prayer was answered. Thanking God for His mercy and His faithfulness.

  7. Thank you to be part of Christ the King, St. Jude and all the novenas. I am happy to share my wonderful blessings from heaven because our prayers. I had surgery during St. Jude’s novena and recuperating during Christ the Kings’s novena. I prayed for successful surgery and no infections/inflammations. My prayers have been heard. I am fully recovered with no infections/inflammations on my incisions.

    In addition to my answered requests, I’m praying for my only child/son and his wife that God, our Mother Mary, Holy Spirit, Lord Jesus and all the Saints that they will bless them with healthy babies. They’ve been trying to conceive for almost two years now.

    Thank you my Lord Christ the King and St. Jude for all the blessings.

    Thanks to John-Paul and Annie for including me in all the novenas. May God bless you always.

  8. Thank you Christ the King
    I prayed that my husband will get some work in as it’s been very quiet all year. He came in on Thursday to tell me that he had an order and has also been promised work for most of next year. Praise God, thank you Lord 🙏🙏🙏

  9. Thank you Jesus I would be moving into my house this week. There was delay on my apartment but God made away.
    Thank you Father for answered prayers and more blessings

  10. Thank you God for our little baby Hawa as she continue to heal in Jesus name it miracle may she recover fully 🙏 🙌 we still place her to your able hands

  11. My sister’s pathology report was negative.

    Thank you John-Paul and Annie for bringing us these Novenas.

    A Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to All in the Pray More Novenas Community.

  12. > am healing and out of pain. Thank you for answering my pray. Please pray that I get a good skill nursing 🙏facility to finish my recovery. Thank you and AMEN!

  13. This Novena has given me back both my close friend and my daughter who was going through tremendous ordeals health wise. I am greatly thankful to say my intentions has been answered and rewarded.

  14. In this novena, I had two intentions
    1. Lord, make my self confidence to shoot through the roofs.
    2. Lord, may I meet my man(life partner) today.

    I was just saying to myself, just before I said the Day 9 prayers, after reading the part that shares a link for answered prayers : “I wonder when I’ll share a testimony on this platform.” And I had an enlightenment.

    My self confidence was low because I am too slim for my liking, I have facial blemishes, and I am old enough and unmarried. It occurred to me that someone commented on my weight today, positively, I had stepped out today in a good outfit and I saw I looked really good in body figure and all. Also, I am currently talking to a new man. These feels like my prayers are answered. My prayers are answered!

    I say “THANK YOU, ABBA FATHER” for willing my intentions too.

    Thank you to the Pray More Novena team and family. God hears us, always.

  15. I have been praying my settlement in this country.i applied last year in September and I have been. waiting. I started the Christ the King Novena and on 14th Novmber I received a call from the Home office advising me to expect a decision in 14 days…I am still praying this Novena that the decision will be positive but I have all the faith and hope that the decision will be in my favour..May the God’s name be grolified

  16. Two things happened that completely amazed me. I have been praying that my 4 year old granddaughter would be baptised into the Catholic Church. She has never been baptised. Then two days after I began the Christ the King Novena my son called me to tell me that the mother of my granddaughter had called him in the morning saying she wants Alice baptised and could I send her information. Which I did.

    Then later that day I called at my daughters house. She has lost her way somewhat after divorce and finding another man in her life who is not Catholic. She has turned away from the church. She is more like a pagan. She won’t call God God, but the universe. She consults runes and is obsessed with harry potter and spells and wizards etc even has a tattoo of the sign in the film. So I walked in the house and for the first time it was immaculately tidy. Then she led me to her little coffee table and showed me an ornament that was gifted to her son for his confirmation of the white Holy Spirit in Perspex and a little icon of Jesus as an adult and Mary with the child Jesus.

    I was bowled over by both events. I knew it was Jesus. I kept smiling and thanking Him because there is no other way these two events could have happened except by his grace and will.

  17. To God be the glory through this novena my sister’s son was healed from his sickness.thank you Jesus the Saviour.

  18. Before this novena I prayed to God for financial aid for my brother and for all his travelling documents to go well.
    I am here to say Thank you lord for making it work . Thank you Lord Jesus .And thank you Ann and Paul for praying with us.May God continue to bless your family 🙏

  19. One of my intentions was to be a channel of peace within my own family ….. to be a buffer when needed & to be able to defuse angry flare-ups that may occur. Trying to set a family Christmas get-together for 8 working people is always a vicious challenge. A peaceful solution came to me through praying this novena this year & from now on New Year’s Day (The Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God), we will celebrate our family Christmas. It’s still within the Christmas season which is a bonus & the BUSY December is free of one less commitment!

  20. Our organization to help the homeless has had several prayers answered. We thank you Lord for hearing and answering our prayers. Please help us to find a new place for them as our options are running out for a place for them early next year.
    Thank you for all You have done for us! Amen

  21. Dear Christ our King,
    Thank you for all of your many blessings.
    Please watch over and protect and bless my son. Please watch over him during holiday travels.
    Please watch over and bless my sisters, family.
    Please watch over those in my healing prayer. Please watch over Annie and John-Paul. And please watch over all the intentions of this novena.
    Thank you dear Lord and Savior.

  22. I was praying for my grandfather to have a successful hernia surgery, and it was successful.

    I prayed also for my older sister whose life seemed to be reaching a crossroads because she couldn’t find a place to live, but on Friday she found at least a temporary apartment for the foreseeable future.

    I also prayed for a classmate who is discerning what she will do after graduation, and although she has not definitively decided, she told me on the last day of the novena that she had found some helpful insight in determining her path forward.

  23. Pray for my daughter to pass her Matric and for God to open good doors for her as she prepares for her varsity and choose good vasily for that will take her career to new highs, God we trust in you, Amen

  24. During the Novena, on Tuesday the 15th of November, my brother went missing and could not be reach via his phone or social media. No one knew where he was. Specially started praying for him during the Novena and on Friday the 18th of November he called. He was being detained wrongly at the police station and he was refused access to make a call. My father got him out same day.
    Christ the king came through me my family and we are indeed grateful.
    Our God reigns.
    Thank you for this platform, it is a blessing.

  25. Just thanking for the gift of conception, that was my private intention, but my prayers was answered before the novena ends. Thank YOU JESUD

  26. Just thanking for the gift of conception, that was my private intention, but my prayers was answered before the novena ends. Thank God Jesus

  27. In this Christ The King novena I prayed that my CV be accepted in one of the applications I have posted or will post. I have just received an invitation to an interview. I’m thankful for the opportunity and pray that I pass the interview.

  28. Thank you Lord. My son is slowly and surely overcoming the challenges and struggles at his workplace. He is praying to be able to make a decision on whether to stay or leave the job. We trust you Jesus with the right decision.
    Mt daughter is hoping to find a job opportunity. Thank you Jesus.

  29. Praise God. The lord gave me the holy word in john 14:27. And i really feel peace in my health my children and home. The lord brought my children’s father back. He is more emotionally controlled and alert to his children’s. The lord sent me help of angels. I felt delivered in dream from demonic afflictions. I woke up with a clear head more focus calmness. I overcame procrastination. The backbone pain is gone.Thank you Lord. Locate us in your mercy and favour.

  30. Nov 12 2022
    Thank you Heavenly Father for granting a graces of healing and forgiveness .My sister and I have a a falling over 20 years we have not talk to each other There are occasion that we seen. She ended up throwing her anger to me . I only says a word I have forgive her and pray for her . Since then I did not seen her we have grown apart our children grow up not knowing each other .
    November 12 2022 She came to attend our family gathering bringing her children with her and meeting me with tears in her eyes and at that moment I felt the graces of God covering both of us with the full forgiveness love and unity . Thank you Father in heaven Thank you Mother Mary Thank you Jesus Thank you God the Holy Spirit Thank you St Michael St Rafael and St Gabriel and all the heavenly court of Angels and all the Saints . Everything is come from the mercy and graces from heaven above .This is my living testimony that God is real and he good and merciful:
    Give thanks praises and glory to our highest infinite God.
    By Alice

  31. I prayed for a successful parent teacher conferences and all went well. Even the ones I was most worried about went better than expected. Thank you God! Thank you Holy Spirit for giving me the wisdom and the right words to say. Amen!

  32. I want to testify that through christ the King Novena, that my aching back has miraculously been healed.
    I also know that will also answer my prayer of doing a holy matrimony to be partaking his body and blood in the Blessed sacrament.

  33. was able to communicate to the mother of my daughter.
    leadership change at my place of work.
    life is still continuing.

  34. My bro was waiting for his work permit so that he can book a flight to his new job.flight getting was an issue but after praying for him he got a flight and he will make his journey to work.

  35. My husbands cancer did not spread to other organs or bones. Thank you Heavenly Father!
    We are eternally grateful! ❤️

  36. My prayer for an examination date for my partner was answered. A friend also chipped in to complete the flight fare (we were running low on funds and I’d prayed for financial help).

  37. Lord hear my prayer I thank you for finally answering my prayers and me going to have surgery after Thanksgiving. I hope I feel better mentally. Please help me and answer my prayers because I need to feel better.


  38. I thank God for granting my sister inlaw what her heart desired. May the Lord give her strength and keep her in good health

  39. GLORY BE TO GOD!!!! Alleluia.
    I have a son who has this on and off relationship with the family. We are a family of six and he is the youngest of the three boys. Thank God the only member of the family he is in contact with is his only sister who is the youngest. My husband and I pay some of his bills yet he is not happy but I pray for him constantly that the Lord will enter his heart so that he will realize that family is important. He does not call me on mother’s day or my birthday but this week my daughter called to say that he got a job offer for a position that he applied for more than a year ago on my birthday!!
    I praise Almighty God for that while thanking Blessed Virgin Mary for being my mother I run to whenever I am challenged with the rigors of raising children to help me. PRAISE BE TO GOD ALMIGHTY!!!

  40. Part of my petition in this Christ the King novena was for much better relationship with members of my family. I’ve been praying to God for
    better understanding and harmony.
    On the 3rd day of my novena, my sister who’s always been difficult and resentful because of family misunderstandings in the past, sent me an email asking for forgiveness and talking about renewal and restoration.
    Praise God for all His mercy!

  41. Thanking God for bringing my niece back home in good health on the 7th day of this Novena. Praying that he guides the family as they make the needed decisions Amen

  42. please help me to pray. for my family now more than ever, and pray for the souls in purgatory. i pray too everyday . im in the worst time in my life please pray forme.

  43. Praise the Lord! He has given me strength and perseverance in physical therapy for my arthritic knee. Every day it’s getting better and stronger. Put your trust and faith in our Lord and He still can move mountains in your life. Blessings 🙏❤️

  44. Good Morning and thank you for your novenas that are always available to some of us who cannot get to public services. I want to share a prayer that got answered – during this novena but not specifically mentioned at the start as one of my intentions.
    My six-year old cat that I rescued from the street got very sick the other night. I have no money for a vet and no car to get her anywhere that could help so I prayed for her to God and St Francis and by the next morning when I thought I would wake up to find a dead cat – she was fine. She is all I have and I cried and thanked God and St Francis for saving her little life. I can’t help but feel that because this occurred during this novena that I was so glad to be able to pray that it made all the difference. Thank you for offering these opportunities to us and God bless You!! Sorry I can’t donate – I am barely surviving on social security but I would if I could and if my circumstances change you will be first on my list!
    Lucia Milella

  45. Jesus, Our King, thank you for your love and mercy, thank you for our daily victories. Thank you Jesus, that my mom has gain some mobility (continue to heal her, specially spiritually). Thank you for the daily progress in my younger son’s life (help him to “see” You in all aspects of his life). Thank you for my older son’s new job (please, continue to heal his personal life). And Jesus, please help a young family my daughter knows who has loss job and are being evicted from their home. Show them your love and care through the charity of others and help them find You and a solution in the midst of their trials. 🙏🏼

    Jesus, Our King! Honor and Glory be given You forever and ever.

  46. Please pray for me that I may have successful surgery on Monday. Please let my symptoms be gone afterwards. I am asking this in Jesus’ name, Amen. I am so scared!

  47. Thank you for those who participated in the recent St Jude novena. I recently underwent a serious spinal fusion which was very successful thanks to your prayers. Thank you.

  48. I prayed for negative results for my husband’s stress test & echocardiogram which was done last November 15 & got good results from his cardiologist on November 17. I also have been praying for a friend who is a parishioner from our church , he had a cardiac stent placed a couple of weeks ago & unfortunately the doctor had punctured the artery they used on his arm & so he started bleeding & had to receive multiple blood transfusions & had to go back to surgery to repair the bleeding & ended up with an open wound that the doctor eventually closed last week. & with the grace of God , he’s finally home! Also prayed for his wife who had a pacemaker inserted on November 17 for a safe & successful procedure & she’s home too. So , I am grateful for answered prayers, praise & thanks be to God, our Christ , our King for his divine mercy & grace🙏🏼

  49. Glory and Praise, Almighty God!
    My godson’s cancer tumors have not grown. One has even disappeared!
    Thank you, Christ the King!🙏🙏🙏

  50. I was praying our daughter would get the Promotion she was interviewing for….. Thursday she got the call that she got the new position. Thank you so much for your Prayers for her & I pray everyone who was praying this Christ The King Novena will have answered prayers. Amen! God is Great

  51. My family was unstable with a lot of quarrels one after the other in the past two weeks but Christ the King in these last days of this novena is restoring his peace

  52. 2 pressing necessities were answered for me during the course of this novena I am truly humbled and grateful to you lord Jesus Christ amen

  53. I was recently betrayed by some of my friends and ended up quitting my job where I’d worked for 21 years due to it. I’ve really struggled for the past five and a half months. Just this past week I’ve noticed that I’m not dwelling constantly on the pain they caused me.

  54. My prayer to know God’s will for a special relationship and to have the strength patience and trust to accept and follow His will knowing his love for me has been answered snd continues to be answered more clearly every day.

  55. Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ has answered my prayers and your prayers for me and allowed me to find a home. After 11 months living with a relative and being homeless, I have an apartment. I am so filled with gratitude. Thank you to all who prayed for me and my intentions. May the Lord answer your prayers. I will be praying for you.

  56. I am so grateful 🙏 that the Lord answered my prayers. I had a financial issue that really had me worried!!! I prayed to the Lord for help, and I got the financial blessing that was pending!!! PRAISE TO THE ALMIGHTY LORD KING OF ALL KINGS!!! JESUS THE CHRIST AND SAVIOR!!!!!

  57. Prayers have blessed us, as tests showed that my husband’s cancer has not spread, as feared it would from previous exams. Thank you, Jesus.

  58. Praise Jesus I was praying God to reign in my father’s sickness,,,the doctors had suspect that he was suffering from cancer but the result came out negative no Cancer in his body…..I thank you Jesus,, praise you Jesus Amen.

  59. My son needed a work change. Thank the Lord and all of your prayers he has a new job assignment. Please pray for his new work to reflect God’s glory.

  60. Lord, lead and encourage all the assign officer to find all of the scammers that ruins the life and finances of their victims. I pray Lord for the loyalty and dedications of all the authorities. May we obtain the justice for all the victims. Lord, I ask and knock that you willed to return the land that belongs to our parents that was taken away from them. Touch the heart of those people involved and give the land back to our family. In Jesus name and through the Intercession of the Blessed Mother and all the Angels & Saints, I ask, Amen

  61. I asked for a new doctor that would be kind, caring and understanding. My doctor left his practice and I was assigned to a new doctor who is all of the above. I am so very grateful to Our Lord.

  62. My friend found a much better place to live. Her landlady is a devout Roman Catholic. She also prays that my friend return to her faith and the RC church.

    My other friend was able to help her estranged son find a good loving home for his pit bull. The son is a tiny bit nicer to my friend.

  63. In my heart – God has been with me in so many ways; spiritually, physically, & mentally. I believe I am more compassionate; however, I Know there is room for improvement.
    Physically, my Prostrate cancer does seem to be at least level if not improving, from soooo many Prayers being offered especially by Prayer chain(s).
    My family & I have so much to be thankful for, Not only this Thanksgiving and Christmas Season, however, All of our lives.
    Thanks for the opportunities for your Novenas.

  64. Dear Lord,
    Through this site I have a chance to connect with you every day and learn and understand the power of prayer
    Thank you for listening and granting some of my wishes. As God is good and right. Amen!

  65. 3 years ago I was diagnosed pre-diabetic and my A1C score was 6.7. Since then I have not been monitoring it and often wondered how I was doing. . I had been praying and worrying about it and thinking it had gotten worse. Recently, I went to my doctor and got it checked and it’s even better than I expected at 6.0! Thank you God!

  66. The Lord is helping me to settle down; focus more on him and be quiet with my thoughts for ‘knowledge of self’ and listening to HIM. I still need desperate help with my husband’s conversion to Our Roman Catholic Faith as soon as possible. My son did say he is going to confession before his trip (please help that he come back to Our Roman Catholic Faith). Need desperate help for my daughter’s anxiety, over drinking of alcohol and return to Our Faith; baptism of granddaughter (Sylvia) & raise her in Our Faith.

  67. The doctors thought my husband’s lung cancer had recurred, had scheduled surgery to remove a lobe. A biopsy wqs done last week. When we met with the surgeon on Wed, she told us that all five biopsies were negative. She doesn’t think there is any cancer. She’s doing a broncoscopy instead to see if my husband has an imfection. Very grateful for all of,your prayers

  68. Delivery of my great great niece which was quick and easy for her first time mom. Thank you Jesus for a little Magdalina Lucille❤️🙏🏻❤️

  69. I am thankful that I seem to be staying much calmer with less anxiety. We have some very loving and supportive people in our lives right now and the ones that have not been supportive are being kept at bay (thank God!). I feel like I am relinquishing more control to God in the area of how I will give birth to our beautiful blessed baby in 2 weeks and I thank God that our rainbow baby is getting perfect reports at every checkup! Thank you God and Jesus! <3

  70. I want to ask god to help me with my finances and releave me from my debts drowung me also pray for my seniors who are dying and very sick

  71. My son was sick with diarrhea for a week and I prayed that he get better and this morning he is his normal vibrant self! THANK YOU JESUS, PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️☮️☮️☮️.

  72. I have been praying for protocol to be broken. I am from Uganda and currently living in the US. I wanted some documents out of Uganda and policy is that they cannot be issued without one’s physical presence. I prayed for protocol to be broken for me over the last novena and this one. On Tuesday I got a breakthrough. Our Lord the protocol breaker answered my prayers and a friend picked the documents for me and is delivering them to me this week. I thank God for answered prayers.

  73. Becca and Sarah have begun to reconcile their relationship and talk with each other. Praise and thanks be to God, all for His glory.