Answered Prayers from the Christ the King Novena, 2022

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Thank you so much for joining us in prayer! If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below.

We’re praying for you!

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  1. hallow dearests,peace be with you.
    I am expecting to go for my visa interview at the us embassy on 28th November,kindly include me in your prayers for i really need it.
    I believe prayers are answers especially when they are prayed by the majority.

  2. Thank you Lord Jesus.

    I had a prayer request for my daughter Serena Andrea Kironde W, for good health, illness recovery and good performance, I am so happy she is doing well health wise and pasted her end of year promotional exams with aggregate 8, distinction 1. Now promoted to primary 7. Glory be to God. The other petitions God is taking care of them beyond my understanding.

  3. I had four petitions during Christ the King novena. My eye problem disappeared on day two. My daughter’s contract was to expire in Dec it has been extended to June 2023. The rest I know God is taking care.

  4. Dear John Paul and Annie am extremely happy l was asking God to stop the bank from selling my house , the bank advertised and give out bid forms. But on day 7 of Christ the King novena l received a phone call from the bank to go for negotiation to reschedule my loan and on 22/11/2022 we agreed on extra months to pay my loan .It is normally impossible for this to happen in my country in regard to the level they had reached what a wonder,,,,,,God has done in my life. The God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac , miracle working God. Brothers and sisters let us persist in prayer,every prayer request we make God is recording if he doesn’t respond today tomorrow he will ,if he doesn’t the next day he will respond Amen ? Praise God, praise God, praise God Amen 4×

  5. I have been praying to find a home in town as my husband has passed away from cancer. Our home is on 5 acres in a rural area. To take care of it all is overwhelming and lonely. I actually had stopped looking as the market is low availability and high prices. Shopping with a friend, we stopped at an estate sale and I asked if the house would be for sale. They said yes and it was not even on the market yet. Everything was finalized yesterday. I know the Lord put this in my hands as it happened so unexpectedly and went so smoothly.
    Thank you Jesus. Our prayers do get answered in his time.

  6. I prayed the novena of Christ the King, I was praying for my UK travel document and today I received my reply and I am so happy. Praise the Lord!!
    Thank you 🙏🏾

  7. Been praying for my daughter to be able to be accepted for an apartment. She’s been waiting a couple of years.
    Praise God

  8. I was desperately looking for a job as my current workplace had a toxic culture. I have since found a new job and in the social sector which I was keen on joining.
    All praise and honour to Lord Jesus Christ. King of my life , my heart and my soul. Special thanks to St Jude also

  9. Christ the king novena have been a blessing to registration went through I thank God for the intervention…may those who are waiting approval get it in Jesus name!

  10. God is answering my prayers. He has shown me to be patient have grace and to trust in Him. I am still a work in progress. He has answered my prays by giving my son wisdom to do the right thing. Thank you Jesus.

  11. my family was badly affected by floods, there was a lot not of damage, God almighty has made it possible for us to repair it .

  12. I had several requests during this beautiful novena and one of them was answered. I prayed for help in a family matter and today my prayer was answered. Thank you 🙏🏼 I hope for my other request to be answered one of these days

  13. My sister’s cancer screening results came back negative yesterday and my husbands health is improving. Praise be to God!

  14. My daughter recovered from COVID and was able to travel home and go on our vacation together. My pain and health problems improved while we were on our trip.

  15. Please pray for the salvation of my 3 sons, Josie, Peter, and Jeremy, and my two friends, Miriam and Heather. Please pray for God to heal Heather completely of her cancer. Please comfort my friend, Kevin, as he just lost his wife, Annette to cancer.

  16. Thank you for Christ the King novena prayers that the gas line is dug and that the rest of the line will be put in safely to the house this weekend for my daughter and husband and family. Thank you also for my grandson to find a job and a generous contact who was recommeded him

  17. I had a rough time at a new job and meeting expectations. I was stressing over a document that was due late last week. I prayed this Novena and worked hard on that deliverable. God answered my prayers as my manager gave me praise and recognition for a job well done! Praise the Lord!

  18. I am very greatful for your prayers. The next day you had prayed for me I woke up in a good mood and the room was full of sunlight as a result of sun reflektion from the windows of the oposite building that had never happened before. I feel myself much better but still need your prayers. God bless you!

  19. I would try to give up but something continued pushing me to finish I feel more Gods providence , more happier and relaxed

  20. I had academic struggles and thesis delay during my 2020/2021 masters, as my set graduated in December last year. As at November 2022 this year I still had no clue of the institutions plans for me. I kept submitting my intentions to the pray more novenas. On 3rd Nov I received mail with clue that my prayers have been answered. On 9th Nov I received another mail bearing the scanned copy of my masters certificate with an assurance of sending the hard copy and transcript ASAP. The date of graduation on my certificate was 31st August 2022 God showed me mercy after traumatic study extension. What God cannot do does not exist!

  21. I am grateful to the Lord for leading me through the mission. Today is our second last day, and all the signs of a good conclusion are evident. Thank you our Lord and King Jesus

  22. My family and I have been playing to God for speedy progress of our Canada immigration process, on Wednesday 16 November we received an update to our application signifying a great progress of the process. We want to thank God for making this possible and pray for perfection.

  23. Thanksgiving to the Lord our Saviour and our redeemer for granting a job to my son who starts work on 21 November 2022 and also for helping him complete his graduation.

    Mother Mary and guardian angel, please guide him as he starts his job.

  24. Praise God!
    One day after I began this novena, the unemployed single mother got a job!
    I also got some much needed funds within a few days into the novena!
    God is great!

  25. Hi I needed to get some work done in my house. Some new rugs, movers for furniture from my parents house to mine and some big bills. I started getting anxious that I wouldn’t be able to afford it all and didn’t want material things to have too much importance. I feel God answered my prayers by my husband’s paycheck being more than expected. And that everything went smoothly. Thank you

  26. Thank you Christ the King! Thank you that my Cousin Maggie had a safe pregnancy and Labor. Thank you that my Godson was born healthy . Thank you for helping me have not as bad side effects after treatment this week. Yours be the glory forever! Amen!

  27. I was praying for financial breakthrough for myself and my entire family. On the Feast day, I got a job that pays my current net salary in a day. Am super grateful to our Lord Jesus Christ for his intercession. Biggest miracle in my life. Glory be to God.

  28. Our daughter’s living arrangement in the dorm has greatly improved! Thank you! Also, my husband received a wonderful letter of recomedation for a job that he is applying for.

  29. I prayed for my 20 yr old daughter. She’s still got a ways to go but at least she has admitted to her part and apologized for her actions in disrespecting me. I am grateful God is beginning the process toward her conversion. God is Good!

  30. Dear Christ our King,
    Please watch over and protect my son during holiday travel.
    Please protect my family and all traveling this holiday season.
    Thank you dear Savior.

  31. Thank you Christ for hearing my prayers, we won the court cases against my mentally unstable abusive brother-in-law. Keep protecting us against him, now that he has retaliated against us. I trust in you. Amen

  32. I have been long praying for a satisfying job opportunity and a good environment to work in because my manager had been giving me a hard time, using too much control on me, bullying, using intimidating techniques and I ended up hating my job every morning I’d wake up for work. A few weeks ago before the novena, I applied for a job with one other big organisation. My interview was booked right in the same time as we started the novena. I did my interview, the panel was impressed. Within 5 days I received a call from the hiring manager telling me that they were delighted to offer me the job. I was so excited and I thank God for doing this for me. Normally these big organisations don’t work on a Sunday but yesterday the same hiring manager called me only to ask of my start dates and was finalising everything. How good is that. The Lord is good.

  33. Glory to Lord
    My son was doing his 2’nd year medicine, he was worried about his practical exam, he was very upset I never seen him that stressed.
    I surrender him to our Christ the King during the novena.
    Saturday I was informed that he passed his practical exam
    Thank you Jesus

  34. I had ask for healing from Coughing and sinus it had been going on after I had Covid back in September, prayers were granted and finally I’m feeling good again. Praise God. ❤️🙏😇

  35. Thank-you Christ, my King, who answered a half a dozen of my prayers. I was praying for myself hurt by divorce years ago from my ex-husband but he reached out to me at the beginning of this novena and we reconciled. Trying to be saint like I told him I forgive him after he apologized cause in the past when he tried to come back, I was stubborn and refused to listen to him. Second, thank-you for getting me and a friend healthy again after getting a flu bug. Third, thank-you for getting me my HOP permit so I can get water and sewage finally after years. Fourth, thank-you for a super successful dance that I was asked to do for a local non profit business. Fifth, a friend finally said they are going to go to church for this Christmas cause of being mostly healed of IBS. Sixth, Jesus interceded answering my prayers by helping some with the election so our country got some of the other party into the house to save our country.

  36. two of my requests were fulfilled so that is a great relief for me.
    However, there are more obstacles to overcome in this case but I am maintaining a positive attitude and hope to come out successfully with
    the help of the Holy Trinity.

  37. A young woman with stage 4 colon cancer is confounding her medical team…her incredible progress is inexplainable to them…Our God is an Awesome God Who Reins From Heaven Above🙏🙏🙏

  38. My son was suddenly placed in a position where he had to find housing before yesterday. He works in another state and is not yet able to afford his own place so it was a very stressful time. I encouraged him to pray as God has always seen him through all of his previous trials. I’ve been praying this novena for his intention and by God’s grace, he’s found a home in which to rent a suite and he’s thrilled. Thank you Jesus and John-Paul and Annie for all you do to help us pray more novenas and may God bless you.

  39. Jesus thank you for this opportunity. Please go with me. The king of kings show yourself and may I have many more of such opportunities like this in Jesus name. Amen. I pray that nothing will embarrass me all tro my stay. I pray and thank you for this step u have started with me, lead and direct me untill the day I die in Jesus name. Thank you to the king of kings for answered prayers in this novena cos the heavens have really favoured me. Jesus thank you and do more for me in Jesus name. Jesus I love you. Thank you the king of kings.

  40. Thank Jesus for answered prayers with my occupation. I pray I keep accelerating in Jesus name. Thank you to the king of kings. Thank u Lord for this favour. Lemme go and come back and nothing shall happen to embarrass me and may I have many more opportunities like this in Jesus name. Amen.

  41. Thank you to Christ our King. During this week, two prayers were answered – I got a promotion.. and also a Christian music concert that we performed went very well and was a big success. All glory to God. Thank you Jesus

  42. Thank you for your intercession Jesus🙏🏼👑 I’ve been praying his novena and in this time my son A moved out and you have given me the grace to make it easier on me. I then you for helping him in his move.
    My son J is in better spirits because of you helping him be valued by others. He may also be valuing himself more. I thank you with all my heart.
    My daughter has been making progress in her career and has been able to do it at the same time taking care of her family. Thank you for her big heart . She invited her father in law who is sick to stay with them for days. This is YOU Jesus acting through her.
    My other son and daughter in law are content within their means and I see you hand thanks so much!!
    I thank you for your help in helping us siblings moving in a good direction, beginning with my repentance of what I’ve done that did not help.
    Thank you so very much in helping my husband solve his property taxes matters.
    Thanks for being with me in my work and friends’ matters. It’s been hard but I trust you. ❤️🙏🏼 Amen

  43. There were more than one request that I was praying for. However, I’ve been praying for my friend for over a year, she lost her adult son and has been struggling with his loss. On Day eight of the novena she called me and said she’s started counseling and although she knows things won’t ever be the same she wants to find peace with his loss. She’s also started praying daily again! Praise God! He’s given me my friends back. (another blessing for me also)
    God bless you for your devotion to God’s work!

  44. My granddaughter had to have emergency surgery for a ruptured appendix and she is recovering now!! My husband had to have a heart pacemaker and he is doing very well. God bless !

  45. I prayed that Jesus our King would bring the right house into our lives at the right time. After the vigil Mass of Christ the King, we received word that our offer on our dream home was accepted, despite many seeming obstacles in the process! Thank you, Jesus!!!

  46. I have been praying for the conversion of heart for Nancy Pelosi by the first Friday in May 2023. I believe that the announcements she made this week are significant steps toward that conversion. Praise Cristo Rey!

  47. I’ve been praying with John Paul and Anne for years with all of you. They always come through for me. For as God said in the Holy Bible where two or more are gatherd in prayer I am among them. Meaning He is listening and answers us, Amen!

  48. I had an extremely stressful situation at work, that I inadvertently caused. Christ our King heard my cry and answered my, and my boss’, prayers. Thank you Jesus! And thank you all for praying along with me.

  49. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit – thank you for your novenas, I have been praying for an increase in my income, as my wife and I are having a baby. I asked Jesus fervently and my prayers have been answered. My manager not only agreed for a raise but the increment was beyond what I thought was possible. Again, how foolish of me to forget that with Jesus – all things are possible!
    Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ!

  50. Praise God. Ever since I started praying with pray more novenas my faith in prayer has grown stronger . I can now go through some trials with a faithful heart that God is aware of everything. Though I have many pending requests not yet answered but I have faith that it’s not yet time for me to get there . I believe God is still working on my problems ( obstacles) which I can’t see until it’s done.

  51. Understand that prayers are not answered on our timelines and have been doing several novena’s with the same prayer intentions. On day 9 of this novena one of the prayers were answered as it was God’s will. Even though that suffering has ended the healing begins. Thanking God for the grace of a happy death for this woman, I continually pray for the family and friends who no longer helplessly watch her suffer but are now having to process grief.

    Thank you to all who pray these novena’s as our prayers do matter. Seeing results of them you know that others prayers were answered and I pray with all of our continual prayers that your prayers will be answered as well.

  52. Thank you for answered prayers on finances and continued prayer request for complete permanent resolution of a house problem & for the protection of my whole family and friends
    Jesus I trust in you. You are Christ the King of all

  53. I am thanking God for the job opportunities coming my way. After a long time of looking for better jobs, i was finally able to do interviews with three organizations within the same period. I thank God that there is hope for finally getting a satisfying job.
    Thank you Jesus for always looking out for me and my family.

  54. I want to thank God for keeping my sister and brother in law safe from car accident yesterday. They both walk away with no injuries and no injuries to anyone else or damage property, only a little damage to my sister’s car. We are all so grateful and give all glory and praise to God for their shield of protection.
    My upcoming surgery is December 2nd, please keep me in prayer for successful surgery and healthy recovery. Thank God he Bless me to have a dear friend to tell me she would spend Christmas with me and help me with my healing. In Jesus name I pray and I believe, Amen.

  55. Tank you Christ the king for hearing my prayer intention. My daughter text me. She will meet with us during the holidays.

  56. Thank you God for answering my prayers about Aunty Didi. Thank you for taking away her constant cough and replacing it with strength. Please let her continue to gain, weight, gain strength and get better. I ask you this through Christ Our Lord! Amen

    Also thank you for sending us an unexpected offer on the house we have on the market. I pray we’ll receive more to sell off all those properties and come out of our debt. Thank you!

  57. When Praying the Mary Undoer of Knots Novena we received a grace for my daughter.
    Thank You so much Virgin Mary, Mother of God 🧡🧡🧡 and thank you John Paul and Annie 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  58. When we started praying this Novena, I dedicated it to my nuclear family that Christ may reign in every aspect of our lives.

    One of my brothers had an alcolism problem and am pleased to say that he has started to show signs of reforms by keeping off alcohol and becoming abit responsible than before.

    May Christ the King continue reigning in our lives.

  59. My daughter in law had 3 miscarriages. She was scanned at 6 weeks and told that although she had a positive test there was nothing showing on the scan. Day 8 of the novena she had a 8 week scan and an image and heartbeat was present.
    Thank you Lord

  60. I thank God for His .mercy and love so far.
    I ask the Lord Almighty to help my applications to be successful and also help me to raise fund for repatriation and for the funeral of my beloved husband.
    I also ask for God’s protection on my family during and after the funeral in Jesus mighty name. Amen

  61. I have been praying for my sister who had gone through cesarian section on
    the eight month of her pregnancy because she had a complication.I prayed that Christ the king may grant them good health and open ways to pay the hospital bills and on the last day of the Novena my sister and the baby left the hospital healthy,the bills settled.I owe these to Christ The King.

  62. God has showered us with blessings during this novena… Firstly I felt a real need to change my prayers not for specific things, but just a total reliance on God… Since then I’ve had a promotion at work with a large pay rise and our housing situation looks in teasingly secure…. But most of all to feel humbled in His flood of love and grace!

  63. My sister was delivered of a baby girl

    I have been saying the prayer of this novena with my siblings, about a job and a wife.

    Oneday while I was driving, I got a call that I was shortlisted for a job abroad I’m working on the final interview.

    Thank you Jesus, king of kings.

  64. My son’s job was in the balance , I dedicated this novena to it. an unexpected intervention by a senior member of staff this week means his job is secure
    Thank you Lord for answered prayers

  65. I was laid off more than a couple of years back during an oil and gas downturn and disheartened that I couldn’t find a job. Finally, just this week, 4th day of this novena, I got a call for an interview and on the 7th day I was formally offered a good job. Praise be to Christ the King. My sincere gratitude to you both, John-Paul & Annie.

  66. Dear Lord, thank you for answering the below prayers
    1: I had no hope of getting money to contribute to my young sister’s giveaway party but I received the full amount thank you Lord.

    2: our planned event has FINALLY been approved and it has happened. thank you Lord


  67. Our house has been on the market since May . We had one prospective buyer but because of the economy and the rising interest rate , the buyer backed out .
    Last month , there was another interested person but we were not sure how serious he is bc there was no steady communication with his realtor . I prayed to Christ the King to please let this be person that He is sending to us through the intercession of our Mother Mary and St Joseph . On Monday , we will be closing on our house .
    All praise and glory to Christ our Savior and our King !. Thank you very much , Christ the King.

  68. I started the novena 6 days ago and one the first day, i experienced God favour as i made a great sale in my business. I also have been struggling with my faith for a long long time now, but today i feel the closest to God that i have been in a long while.
    Thank you Jesus

  69. My nephew was fell sick during the period of the novena. I committed him into the hands of Christ the King anytime i prayed the novena and by the grace of God he is healed now. Thank you Christ the King for your healing graces.

  70. Thank you Jesus, while praying your Christ The King Novena for peace in my family I was gifted with an early birthday party with most of my families present and it was wonderful.
    Thank you Jesus, while praying for my daughter and her family to purchase a suitable home their offer was accepted on the home of their needs.
    Further their present home is now being shown by realtors for sale. May Christ The King be praised and honoured forever.

  71. I want to say thank you, I have had my prayers answered. My brother was falsely accused and is now home and my grandson d3 for short is also home and is trying his best too turn his life back to the Almighty God and the creator of all things. I am thankful to all you holy men and women. I have had my prayers answered. God bless you all and Happy Thanksgiving..L.D

  72. I want to say thank you, I have had my prayers answered. My brother was falsely accused and is now home and my grandson d3 for short is also home and is trying his best too turn his life back to the almighty and the creator of all things. I am thankful to all you holy men and women. I have had my prayers answered. God bless you all and Happy Thanksgiving..L.D

  73. Thank you, Jesus my Lord.

    When we started the novena, i mentioned of a breakthrough that that was knocking, but the evil one seemed to be sabotaging. Pleased to share that the Lord undid the devil’s works, and there is good progress. I was called for discussions, and now awaiting the final step. God is in full control.

    Thank you all for praying with me.

  74. Praise the Lord I had a health issue that looked suspicious but during this novena my test came out quickly and with a good report.
    I thank you Jesus.

  75. Reached my memorable Birth day when i am strong.
    People supportimg me to have a memorable function
    Getting paid some money to help me celebrate
    Journey mercies for us

  76. I have been praying for many novenas for my sister to return to the church and for our relationship to grow stronger. During this novena she called me for the first time ever (just to talk!) and told me how she is going to start reading the Bible! God hears our prayers and God is good!

  77. I prayed this novena for my sister and she went to confession for the first time in about 20 years! Praise be to Christ the King!

  78. Prayers for a speedy recovery for my sister-in-law who suffered a very bad fall have been answered. I’ve also prayed to please keep my family close and loving during the holidays and wonderful plans have been made that have made me so happy

  79. Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers and help me find a good job.
    I continue to pray for my son and I know that God will answer my prayers and lead him to the right path.

  80. Thank you for allowing me to share my petitions and for the graces that your prayers have bestowed. My petition for a relief from illness during my daughters pregnancy has been answered. She has had a week of limited nausea and can now enjoy and look forward to the coming months and prepare for her baby.

  81. My son Andrew’s nosebleeds have stopped and is getting a unique chance to “reset” and start fresh in a new high school. Praise the Lord!