Answered Prayers from the Christ the King Novena, 2020

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Thank you for joining us in praying the Christ the King Novena!

If you’ve had any prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below.

We will continue to pray for you & your intentions!

God is not done with you — He has you!

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  1. In thanksgiving for becoming more disciplined and increased cognizance of being more disciplined.

    Thank You also Christ the King for intentions answered of those praying this Chaplet as well as the intentions of John-Paul & Annie. Amen.

  2. I prayed for the cure of the pandemic, and today we found out the vaccine is readily available to all of us. Thank you Lord ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  3. Lord, thank you for helping my husband to secure a job. We are so grateful to you and all that youโ€™ve given to us. Thank you for keeping us healthy. God is so good

  4. Just as you are Christ the King of heaven and earth, please give to the United States of
    America, a president and congress that will rule with holy fear of God and continue to keep this country one nation under God.! Amen

  5. My mother is getting stronger every day.
    My son’s are home safe and employed.
    My younger children are receiving an education.
    Our family and marriage continues to grow.
    Continued prayers for all of us! God is so good!

  6. I have to admit I was skeptical but I was willing to try anything…… but it spades !!! I had forgotten how mighty is our Lord !!!

    My mother’s house sold in 3 weeks at more than asking son got a job in a week !!!

    I give all glory and praise to the Lord almighty and will serve Him !

  7. I am here to testify that Jesus has given me the grace to be able to lay down my biggest fears and let Him reign over my life. When i would usually find refuge from the contacts with high status to help me in my life crisis now i have been able to be bold enough to let Jesus be the one to help me. Even if in the eyes of humans it looks foolish to take this step and not follow my usual tendencies that even others advice me to follow( which have proven to be failure anyway). I have made the decision and have decided to stick to it that I will follow what Jesus wants me to do and not otherwise.
    It is scary but i have to die to myself inorder to live. This was not possible before, but by the grace of God! It has become possible now.
    Glory to God in the Highest!!

  8. My mom who is 90 fell and broke her hip and she made it through surgery and is up and walking with a walker and her insurance covered her for 14 days of rehab!
    Thank you! Jesus!!!!

  9. Dear Jesus and Mary, thank you for my parathyroid Surgery to have been safely completed. Thank you for leading me to medical professionals who were able to help me.

    Please help my family and I, Spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

    Please help our son with his anxiety and please help him find employment with God ๐Ÿ™ loving people.

    Please help my wonderful husband, who is looking for employment in another department.

    Please help our family and friends who are recovering from the coronavirus.

    Please help to heal our Nation.

    Thank you Jesus and Mary.

  10. Thank you Christ our King for our 4 year old granddaughter’s MRI! She has been battling brain cancer and is currently taking daily chemo after a year of inpatient chemo and radiation. My prayer was that the chemo had stopped the growth of the aggressive tumor. There was no change in the MRI, which is another small miracle in this journey. Praise Our King!

  11. My son has been struggling financially and was owed unemployment money due to the pandemic. After many months and many appeals, causing him to lose hope, he received word that he will finally receive what he’s owed. A miracle! Praise Jesus our King!!!

  12. My brother in law was finally hired for a job. After many novenas and prayers, our prayers were answered with a yes! Christ the King knew which job opportunity would be best for him and his family! Christ also wanted us to learn to be persistent in our prayers. Christ the King, Your kingdom come! Your will be done! Thank you, Lord!!

  13. For my job l was sort of withdrawn from the area that l had a lways wanted to work in after just a week saying l was incompetant this saddened me alot but then handed it to Christ the King to deal with it and in two weeks l was reinstated thankyou. Lord continue to protect me, thankyou Paul & Anne.

  14. My prayers for the week was to make my brother comfortable and at Peace. He was have several strokes plus other health issues that was terminal. His only child saw that his
    Dad was taking care of with love around him.
    I prayed to God to just him Peace because not only was he suffering from illness but the love of his life (37 years) passed away last year. He never was the same. So sad everyday. God provide the best way for him on November 18. With his son, brother & sisters holding his hand to go met his True Love. God answers prayers ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
    Rest In Peace my Brother ๐Ÿ’”

  15. God answered my prayer and gave a job my first job after 7 years. Be highly exalted and glorified lord. Thank you Jesus

  16. Thank you christ the king for answered prayers. My grandma who has been in the hospital for 3months now if finally out of hospital and can walk with some support. I have missed my period also this month and I pray its what I have been asking God for. I continue to pray for my non verbal son and believe he will talk soon by His special Grace ๐Ÿ™ .

  17. Lord Jesus, I thank you for answering my prayers and in getting my passport renewed especially when it was delayed without reason. I praise and thank you for watching over me and family each and every moment of our lives, protecting and keeping us safe from any danger and harm, considering the hard times we are going through. Amen.

  18. I’m her to Thank Christ the King for healing my friend Sarah from Covid 19 and a giving me a renewed prayer life. All Glory to God ๐Ÿ™

  19. Thanking God for our lives ,journey mercies favours good health and safety in the family and praying for God’s protection in our lives,journey mercies favours good health and safety in the family.
    Thank you Christ the King for my healing. I have been praying consistently for good health and other intentions and miraculously I have been off my medications for more than one month now. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus for my children’s happiness, they are relaxed and happy.
    Dear Christ the King I present my daughter’s choice of spouse in your hand so that her joy and general well being will be complete. I pray that her friend will propose to her soon Amen.
    Thank you for our finances and we pray for those who are owing us to pay soon Amen.
    For my son’s documents and job interviews he will be attending soon to be successful Amen. Thank you Christ the king for answering our prayers and God’s blessings on john Paul and Annie for praying for us Amen

  20. The LORD has brought to me the greatest, unexpected gift – a precious man to become my sacramental husband after nearly 2 years of prayer the Rosary in this intention. Together with two beautiful girls who are already my daughters in my heart, and my two sons already have a wonderful father in him. Amazingly, a widow from Europe (Poland) was attached to a widower in the USA by the Divine Powers. PERSERVERANCE and TRUST in Jesus Lord of Lords, King of Kings, the only RULER of the whole universe and every single detail of our lives on Earth brings the best fruits, creme-de-la-creme.
    Sursum corda! Ad majora! Dei gloriam! Ad infinitum!
    Thank You , my Lord! Thank You, my and Your Mum, Mother Mary.
    Thank you John and Ann for this ministry and all of you praying together. TOGETHER WE CAN DO MORE!

  21. Thanking God for the Transformation of my husband’s life, for my son’s Job and fruit of the womb for my daughter. I cannot thank God enough for all he has done for my Family.

  22. In thanksgiving to Christ the King, prayers are being answered for our adult daughter in the resolution of an employment issue that has created a very unhealthy workplace environment.

  23. I was praying for my son to get a suitable job and Lord heard my prayers, my son got a good job offer. Thank you Lord Jesus.

  24. Praise be Jesus Christ, our King. I prayed for faith and love of Jesus and I received them. I also prayed for healing and I am waiting on the Lord for his goodness. I continue to pray for his power of healing. I thank God for all the testimonies here. Praise be to our king forever.

  25. Wanted to share that while praying these novenas, my prayers have been answered as I am now pregnant with our second child! My husband and I were blessed with a strong, healthy, and absolutely beautiful baby with our first born. I pray that our second is just as healthy and fierce!

  26. This 9 days I have been praying for my mother and her new chemo. I have prayed for my father and all our family everywhere. Yesterday I have multiple underlying diseases and last night was bad. I told God I didnโ€™t believe he was there how could he allow so much suffering in the world . In me and ny family . Not only with this horrible pandemic but everything . I was very angry in the evening and said put load that I did not believe in HIM. But I was wrong and I did get on my knees asked for forgiveness and continued with my Novenas. Praise God is Good!!! Amen

  27. I want to thank this Novena it has help me everytime I pray it God has help me through the tough times I thank God for saving my Mothers life I thank you for everything Lord Jesus

  28. Thank you, my daughter has managed to get a job after being retrenched. May she has a happy and rewarding career with the new employer.

  29. Thank you Christ our King, I see You working all this out(problems that I was fearing)! Thank you for helping us work this out as I can see some burdens I had being lifted! Thank you for answers to prayer I’ve had in my heart! Please continue to guide us (3) and show us what to do,what not to do,where to go,where not to go! Show us the way (us 4) and help us not argue and fight anymore! XO

  30. I pray that I am reunited with my wife and children and that I might get a well paying job that will enable to be with them permanently. I also for my marriage that the good Lord might keep that candle burning for eternity, Amen!

  31. We have been praying this novena for the past few days, and today, on day 9, our prayer was answered. Our prayer was for our son to pass his first certification exam needed for him to find a job using his degree.All glory to God, he passed his test today! Thank you Lord, our King of Kings. We continue to pray for the next certification exam.

  32. My daughter admitted to me that I may be right about putting our faith in God to help with our anxiety about how COVID affects us.

  33. I prayed that a good friend would not lose her job over a mistake she made at work. God was good! She did not lose her job and has even been offered a more convenient schedule.

  34. MY son, his wife and 3 children all contracted Covid-19 on the day I began this novena. I prayed for healing and only light symptoms for all of them. My prayers were answered and they come out of quarantine on Monday. Praise God! Thank you for sharing this novena.

  35. I prayed for a vaccine for this horrible pandemic . And joyfully it may be approved and distributed soon Thanks be to God. Amen

  36. My prayers for a friend to be called up for an operation were answered and it was very successful.
    My prayers to find a good job for my daughter in law was answered.

  37. We sold our house during the novena. The offer came out of the blue. We were fixing it up to put on the market next year-costly and time consuming. We received an AS IS offer for a very good price. Thank you God.

  38. Thanking Christ our King for His grace and Mercy and for the prayers and intercession of our Blessed Mother and angels and saints my daughter was able to read a few words without a magnifying glass a week after her second surgery. Thanking God for granting her and her sister who is caring for her and us strength through the past eight months. Please pray that her eyesight will be fully restored and that the surgery on the next eye will be successful so she will be able to function normally and use the many talents God has blessed her with.
    Thank you for your prayers.

  39. Thank God for me bcs there is this favour government use to give we try but couldn’t get it but during our group prayer that i receive a massages that says go to post and collect the card

  40. I offered several intentions through this novena. I asked that my family members would come back to the Church, etc. But I also (a bit ridiculously) prayed that my team would do well in a silly fitness competition. We had been training so hard for 6 weeks. I thought, “Oh Jesus, I’m so embarrassed to even ask, but it is consuming my thoughts, so I bring it to You.” This morning, on Day 8 of the novena, against the odds, we won 2nd place in the competition! It even comes with a cash prize!
    I don’t really think that God is into the business of contest winners, but I do think He walks with us in every single endeavor. May Christ the King be praised! Que viva Cristo Rey!

  41. Two of my children are searching for new jobs in new locations. My daughter found one this week and she is finally able to move with her new husband. God is good and knows what the plan is!

  42. My so was accepted to his #1 choice of Colleges. Gods will be done. And Iโ€™m confident that the good Lord will find a way for us to provide the tuition as I continue prayers to Christ the King. All glory and honor to you almighty God forever and ever

  43. When we started this Novena, I asked God to answer my prayer and grant me some funds needed to execute some projects . Few days ago God gave me the funds I asked for .. All
    glory to God as he never fails us. Amen

  44. God is so Good! As always, with great faith and trust in God with a lot of prayers (through the intercession of Holy Mother Mary and all Saints) and sacrifices, I, with my family, have received a lot of answered prayers and blessings even during this difficult time this 2020. has given me the right path and guide to continuously pray more novenas. Thanks be to God๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

  45. I just want to let everyone know , that God really does answer our prayers. Sometimes, the answer He gives us, may not be the answer that we want, buy He always answers our prayers. Earlier, this year, I prayed for a miracle for my daughter, and He answered, by taking her to her Eternal Home, while accompied by those who love her. Later this year, God sent a very kind and generous Doctor to give me a surgery that I needed for a long time, which has already improved my quality of life. Two Miracles, in the same year. I never know what God’s answer to my prayers will be, but I am grateful that He knows, what is best for all of His children. Thank you God for everything! God is Amazing and Awesome and I love Him! Thank you !!!

  46. Dear Christ our King,
    Thank you for watching over my son,please keep a watchful eye out over him.
    I pray for my son, my sisters, all those praying this novena, and thank you and prayers to Annie and John-Paul.

  47. Our military son has gotten a job following his leaving active duty for 12 years. He is so happy and so are WE!! Thank you my KING!

  48. I have just returned from the hospital for a radical prostate cancer removal surgery. I prayed during this Novena that Godโ€™s will be done.

    The surgery turned out better than expected and appears cancer has not spread.

    My prayers were answered. God must have more for me to do now.

    Thank you for these online Novenas.

    God Bless you all.

  49. Continuing to find more and more voter fraud that hopefully the people of America can not turn a blind eye too.

  50. My prayers and intentions for this Novena included relief from financial burdens of my taxes. This gas been abundantly granted.
    Thank you Lord.

  51. A friend of mine was in a freak accident that gave him a Traumatic brain injury. That night and the first two days was about worrying if he was even going to live. A week and a half later he was discharged to rehab. One week later a CAT scan revealed no further damage and he was able to go home and do outpatient rehab. It truly is a miracle!

  52. My husband has been jobless for 3 years and he has attended several interviews but he has never gotten a job but only regrets. Finally he got a call on Friday that he has been selected and he is suppose to start work on 1st of Dec all Glory to God

  53. On Day 2 of this beautiful novena my prayer was answered. My daughter decided to move to Arizona to live with her grandparents instead of checking into an inpatient facility for mental health. I have slowly been able to accept this as God’s will and am working on letting go and entrusting her fully into our Lord’s hands. Thanks be to God for allowing my daughter the ability to make this decision on her own and to try to regain some of her independence again.

  54. This Novena was intended for my Mother who was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in her colon. Her surgery was successful and is now is recovery. I continue to pray for her speedy recovery and pray for all those who prayed this Novena, that their intentions be granted. God is good. May he bless us all.

  55. I prayed for success in my nursing board exam and received a pass result today. Thankful to all that prayed with me and for me during this novena. God bless you all

  56. Thank-you God for several prayers answered; to guide me to loose weight cause I got started and I feel confident I will. Also, for my friend going back into his music career finally after 5 yrs. of setbacks. He said he didn’t understand it but that he had a dream of what to do and had the words for his one new song. He also discovered that he was taking the wrong medicine for 5 weeks-he had it confused with a very similar little pill. I also prayed for Godโ€™s grace for the truth to be revealed about our country’s election system and I see they are uncovering fraud/deception but I’m still praying that if this did occur, then for the evidence to be revealed.

  57. I have been in the hospita for a week with respatory failure.
    I have had 3 negative covid test.The pnumonia seems to be getting better
    My wifes biopsy was benign.
    Two of my children have tested negative for covid .
    Thsnks be to god

  58. I want to thank the Lord for empowering me during the past week to speak from my heart to some family and friends about the duplicity and intimidation at play in our culture today. The fact that those to whom I spoke (none of whom are actively Christian) did not affirm my views was distressing, but revealed to me the very deep forces Christians are contending with. Praise Christ Jesus for overcoming all evil and inviting all persons to accept his Kingship.

  59. My Covid test was negative. Thank you God for this blessing .

    My elderly mother continues to grow stronger everyday after having massive blood clots in her lungs removed.

  60. My Brother in Law’s cancer mass in his small intestine has completely disappeared. Doctors have no explanation however we all know if was a great miracle from our Lord. Thank you so much for your prayers! They are greatly appreciated. God is great all the time and all the time, God is great!

  61. Praise God….my prayer has been answered…my mom is almost recovering and again I have been paid a half of the unpaid salary. Thank you.

  62. My husband Bernie cat scan came out showing no cancer. Thank you for your prayers. He does have gallstones and kidney stones. Pray they can take care of this by diet or whatever. He is 85. I love you Jesus.

  63. I’ve been praying for healing in my family – especially relationships with kids and grandkids. Reached out and got a text back from
    my granddaughter. Thank you, Lord!

    Gives me hope for more in the future.

  64. My son got into the Physician Assistant program at the school he wanted to go to! A prayer answered! Thank you for your prayers!