Answered Prayers from the Christ the King Novena, 2020

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Thank you for joining us in praying the Christ the King Novena!

If you’ve had any prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below.

We will continue to pray for you & your intentions!

God is not done with you — He has you!

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  1. Thank you Christ the King for prayers answered for my nephew he came of the ventilator and he is doing well
    Thank you for answering my prayers

  2. Christ the universal King has done it for me and my family. For about a year we have being in the pool for express entry to Canada. One of my intention for the novena was for God to grant us divine favor and speed in the process. To the glory of God, today we have been granted invitation to apply. I can’t but testify to this divine intervention by Christ the King of the universe. He who has started the good work will bring it to perfection. Christ the King, Thy kingdom come. Amen 🙏🏾

  3. Am praying for Ryan, Stef , to return to our Catholic Faith…. their newborn baby boy be baptized …. as well as daughter Colleen to also return to the Catholic Church !

    Thank you .

  4. Christ the King Novena has blessed myself and family. He has healed us from disease worry and fair. Thank you for all our Blessings so Grateful. Amen 🙏🏼

  5. As a family we have been hoping for God to favor us in our migration process. All of a sudden, my spouse lost faith and stopped praying, that God doesn’t exist and He can’t help us. I committed the situation to Christ the universal King, and He intervened in the unbelief and faithfulness of my spouse. Today we are praying together as a family with faith that God will answer us. Truly He is the King that answers pray.

  6. Dear Lord Jesus,
    Thank You for everything! Please continue to bless everybody in my family with good health and financial stability. Please help my son-in-law find a job. Please answer the prayers of all praying this novena. Amen.

  7. My wife filed for divorce.
    I love her with all of my heart but she does not love me. Please God , heal my marriage , half of me is gone and I wish for her to love me back. I offer my suffering to my Savior the Lord Jesus Christ in sympathy for his Passion.
    Mary, Most Holy Mother of God , pray for us.
    All the Angels and Saints, pray for us.

  8. I prayed for Joe Biden, confident that christ will transform and rene.w in him a changed leadership.from what he was a part of.
    for this nation.

  9. I prayed for the health of a dying 16 year old cat, who is a pet and well loved. He is eating again and gaining strength. God loves all his creatures. Praise and Glory.

  10. I asked God to grant my grandson safe brain surgery through this Christ the King Novena and God did it for me. My grandson was treated without undergoing surgery again. May the name of the Lord be praised, Amen. Thank you for the Novena prayers.

  11. Christ The King thank you from the bottom of my heart for answering my prayers.
    Continue to guide me and Bless my children and grandchildren.
    And I pray for the poor, sick, hungry and the homeless throughout the world. Please keep us close to your heart.

  12. On 8th November 2020, Severe Viral Pneumonia attacked me. This was coupled with rigorous hiccups that constantly led to my series of short breath. Over 12 times I desperately needed a ventilator or even a mobile oxygen supply system but FOUND NONE. My doctor, Dr Evans Aloo frantically called his colleagues in other hospitals to get me a space with oxygen but FOUND NONE!

    I told the Doctor, remember I am a servant of God. God elevated me to the Parish Council as a Vice-Chairman and unto my Local Church as Executive Committee Chairman. God knows what I am doing for His Kingdom. He will not let me die.

    Immediately I made this statement, my former catechist appeared from nowhere and reminded me of my footprints in God’s Kingdom.

    The following day, I went for a chest X-ray in another hospital in a neighbouring County (Kisii Galaxy Hospital). Hiccups were still throbbing my chest… I was still gasping for breath… No help was in the offing to access oxygen…

    But God gave me a connection of another Doctor, Dr Peter Ogola. He read my X-ray Report and diagnosed my accurate illness. He prescribed treatment for me that within 3 days made me to get discharged from Hospital!

    As all these were happening, I kept listening to news about people dying in very supreme health facilities while I got my help from a local hospital with local Doctors.

    I thank God I am alive to serve him again.

  13. Gerald overcame a miraculous diagnosis, he is not out of the woods yet but he is home now instead of in the hospital. Thank you for your prayers.

  14. I have prayed for my daughter’s future with her boyfriend of 2 years throughout this Novena. On Sunday, Christ the King answered my prayers and her boyfriend proposed!
    (I also became a Catholic during this feast day 11 years ago)

  15. Safe and smooth travel journey going home, fast and easy processing. Thank you, Christ the King for the answered prayer.🙏❤️

  16. For almost 2 months there has been feud in my family and I kept asking for peace through the divine intercession of St. John Paul de 11 and when the Novena to Christ the King started, I start asking Him to be the King of my family and reign over my family. On the feast day of the celebration of Christ the King, peace totally returned to my family and we became bonded again. Praise God. Christ the King, ruler of my family.

  17. Thank you Lord for allowing my son to keep his job dispite his disability. I am thankful for the safety of my son in law and the health of the rest of the family. Amen

  18. Thank you Lord Jesus for answering my prayer for my daughter to get the job she wanted. You have the power to make all things right and in truth. You have the authority to all. You govern the universe. May all see your light and follow your path. You are my all.

  19. I had prayed to the LORD to help me be Truthful in all aspects of my life especially at my work place. This week i have been extremely restless with many moments where i was completely overtaken by fear. With such circumstances I continued to pray to God for Courage. As I type this message I have no fear and i have made a resolution to act in accordance with the Will of God in every situation as per HIS WORDS in the HOLY BIBLE

  20. I thank Jesus Our Saviour and King for during the course of this Novena we received some welcome news that we’ve got a buyer for our parents’ house which was put on sale.

    My sister who was to come down from Spain to settle the deal for the house was to leave Spain for India on 21st Nov. However during the course of the week she fell ill and we were afraid that it was covid and the ticket would be cancelled. On testing she was found to be negative and that it was infection of the liver because of the gall bladder stones. However she is going to be operated upon today and has enough time to recoup and recover as her ticket has been re-booked for 16th Jan. The buyer is prepared to wait till then. That is good news. Jesus made it possible.

  21. I THANK God through this novena,
    my dad was able to get financial breakthrough and start up a business even during these had time.
    Father lord,
    i thank you so so much for this miracle that i have prayed for.
    and i know that all my other intentions will be answered.
    Thank you Lord JESUS.

  22. Dear Christ the King,
    Thank you for always watching over my family and me, protecting us and keeping us healthy and safe.
    I continue to pray for good health and financial stability for everybody in my family. Amen.

  23. Praise and thank you Lord Jesus. You are the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Thank you Jesus for the answered prayers. My son got the job and will be starting this December. Praying for his safety and protection always as he will be away from us again. Thank you Jesus Christ and for the intercession of Mother Mary🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️

  24. Peace of Christ be with you all my Brothers and Sisters,
    Through Praymorenovenas, I have seen tremendous improvement in my Spiritual growth and have pulled more people to Christ through prayer. I used to question God why would people just pick me to pray for them and with them when I also have my own challenges. I now have accepted God’s grace with humility and a prayer of thankgivings.It
    an absolute joy when they share with me their breakthroughs!

  25. Christ the King our King I thank you for You answered prayers for my husbands health for He is now under fully recovery for Low Potassium and hypertension.I pray not only Him but to all people suffers from any form of sickness espsecially for Covid19.I praise and glory you for your goodness,faithfulness and love.Be with us Lord …Thank Father GOD for everything.To God be all the glory Amen

  26. Thank you for this ministry. I am grateful for all the blessings of my life. Thank you Christ the King. You are the King of my life. You are the King of my heart. I am grateful for all the sacraments. I am so blessed to attend daily mass, adoration, confession and for the priests who listen to me and for like minded friends who pray the rosary with me. I am grateful for the health of our family, for my husbands work, for my great children. I am so blessed. Still praying with all my heart for my husband to pray with me to be equally yoked spiritually. The desire of my heart still praying for this. On my knees at the cross waiting for him to join me in 🙏🏻

  27. Dear family of pray more novenas, I just wanted to find the opportunity to inform you that I did a series of novenas from June this year, and was praying for a number of miracles. I needed a stable job, stable finances, stable relationship, healing of a chronic stomach ailment and peace and joy in my life all around. I posted my prayers religiously in every novena from June for either one or all of the above. During the St Anne novena, I was lead to a natural healer for my digestive and respiratory issues and she helped heal my respiratory issues that I had suffered for more than a decade. Meanwhile, I still have my digestive ailment. During the St Therese novena, I got a series of job interviews, and was waiting for my results. After bad news for 2 interviews, I was losing hope but started the St Jude’s novena. And finally, a few days after we finished this novena, I finally got a great job offer – After 5 years in stable employment, and unsteady income, my breakthrough is here. This is unimaginable. Thanks to Annie and John-Paul and to everyone who is part of this praying community. I look forward to more novenas to bring more blessings and my medical miracle. Alleluia

  28. I am thankful that Christ the King reigns over our nation and our politics. This Novena has helped me to keep a more prayerful perspective about the turmoil and strife that plays out on a daily basis in our current climate. I also experienced Jesus’ and Mary’s protection during this past week when my car broke down at night on a dark highway but I managed to get to a safe place where I could wait for a tow despite my radiator being empty, which they told me could have ruined my engine had I driven much further. I do believe the prayers of my parents and my grandparents help me so much and my Guardian Angel is always with me to watch over, which is a Gift from Christ the King. Amen.

  29. Jesus, thank you for Your presence in everyday of my life. Thank you for Your protection especially against CoVid 19. I know that You answers all my prayers and petition in Your chosen time. Thank you for giving me the heart to understand and patience to wait. Reign over our life. Thank you Jesus! Amen.

  30. Dear brothers and sisters in jesus christ, i will like to share with you that i applied for a grant that our goverment is giving to small buisness people who was forsed to closed down because of the lock down months ago on the fifth day of the novena i receive papers telling me what i have to send them and my bank account no. I will be sending the papers on wednesday and i ask you all to pray for me to get the grant this happen just when i was giving up and said they will not respond to me god is good all the time will let you all know in the name of jesus when i get through thank you and god bless. Alana

  31. Thank you Christ the King, Prince of Peace for answering my prayers. My husband who was admitted in hospital with covid19 infection is now out of danger, the infection has been cleared and he is now back home and my son and the wife are all cleared and as a family we are all now feeling much better all free and cleared of the covid19. The healing hand of our Christ the King and Prince of Peace has healed us all. We went through a difficult time for two weeks, but God is good and we have all bounced back in good health… Thank you Jesus

  32. Im a teenager and as a teen, we face many challenges.
    But put that a side. This novena really helped me. My mom was admitted for almost a month in the hospital. She was on her death bed. It was too much for me to handle thats when you guys sent the notification email for next novenas. I was pretty excited and i knew this was my way out. On the 3rd day of the novena i asked the lord to bring my mom home i could not handle the pressure any more.
    I told the lord please may she come home tomorrow. Only to hear the great news she was discharged. Right now shes improving and i know she will do better. Amen
    God bless you all

  33. Thank you Jesus for forfeiting the sum of $1500 demanded by my younger brother’s school to get his transcript. But he got the transcript without paying that amount. This will result in removal of more than half of the total no of courses he would have taken for a new IT course, in this new semester.

  34. God gave me the spiritual strength to overcome and do something really difficult. Praise be to God, The King and Guardian of my soul. He has work d little miracles all the way through my difficult situation and been MY ROCK. I am amazed at his mercy and love.

  35. Thank you Lord for answering our prayer for the health restoration of JY., A W, YZ, and GT. We prayer that our Lord will continue to have mercy on them keeping them healthy. And also thanks to those who pray the Novena with us. God bless

  36. Through Christ the King Novena, I have been drawn clse to God and have desired to know Him more.
    I have been at peace and His grace have been sufficient.
    The situation am in have not accelerated to worse but rather things are working out in my favor as I wait patiently unto God’s holy will.

  37. I thank Christ the King 4 divine healing from epileptic attack,convulsion,seizure etc and pray for an answer to all my request in Jesus name. Amen.