Final Prayer – St. Jude Novena 2018

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s the Final Prayer of the St. Jude Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. For the wellbeing and happiness of me Pierre, my mom and dad Juan and Josefina. So that this painful experience we are going through my go way. Hopefully according to God’s will. My God bless you all and my Family.

  2. Prayers for Louis & Elizabeth Jarecke, Charles Jarecke, Charles & Eva Kmiecik, Janice Buettner, Walter & Frances Jarecke, May they rest in peace.

  3. Please pray for my dear parents Manuel n Marina Rodriguez
    Rafael Castro
    Nabory Ramira Mendez
    Juan Mendez
    Cristina Fernandez
    Mari Pili Costales
    Cucú y Roberto Perez
    Evelio Martinez

  4. Kindly mention a prayer for the following deceased person…

    Leonardo Puyunan Medina
    Inocenta Villarobin Veloso Medina

    Medina Family
    Lolo Bukid
    Lola Ading
    Lolo Jose Medina
    Tyang Poy Medina
    Tyong Byaning Medina
    Tyong Inong Medina
    Kuya Ting Medina
    Kuya Bot Medina
    Michael Medina Muego
    Kuya Jun
    Kuya Sonny
    Kuya Boy
    Tyang Viring
    Lola Medina asawa ni Lolo Jose
    and all the clans of Medina

    Veloso Family
    Lolo at Lola Pablo
    Mama Ayon
    Tiyo Titing
    Tiya Didang
    Tiya Lilie
    Tiya Asyang
    Papa Maoching
    Ate Syobi
    Kuya Berlie
    at lahat ng nag-alaga at nagmahal sa akin ina

    Tita Bessy
    at lahat ng pamilya ng aking asawa

    Mga kaibigan
    Leandro Meneses
    Doy Osorio
    kaibigan sa JB Roxas
    kaibigan sa Filsyn

    Mga batang di na naisilang, anak ni Ate, kung may anak man kami ni Menchuy na di nasilang…

    all friends and relatives
    and all those in need in purgatory.

  5. Thank you, St. Jude, for working in my life during this novena. I feel you will continue to do so as I continue to pray to you for help and guidance along the way. I will be asking you to send help to all family members who have fallen away from Holy Mother Church. I cannot seem to reach them by myself. Again, thank you, St. Jude.

  6. Please help my daughter to realize with what she is doing now with her private life is not right , and that she will stop as soon as possible.

  7. Please pray for peace and reconciliation comes back to my family, My D-I-L have a safe Delivery of a healthy and happy baby. And for all my deceased relatives especially my mom who passed on Nov 1st.

  8. This is added to my prayer which I was too shy to add
    Please pray for my family to be restored and become closer and happy again thank you thank you thank you

  9. prayer intention for my son Alexander who took important med school exam today he felt he did poorly on. Thank you for prayers! Kristina

  10. St. Jude ,
    thank you for opening my eyes and seeing myself as I truly am. Help me along my way in this pilgrimage as I pray for my husband. May we become Prayer Worriers together and be completely blessed with “Sanctifying Grace.”

    Praying for my God-daughter, Heather in her pregnancy. May she and her husband have a strong desire to seek God. I pray that this child will lead them to God and they will have a deep hunger for the word of God.

    I pray also for H. D. and M.M in their pregnancies and may they both seek and find God in the Catholic teachings. Praying for my God-daughter, Theresa to seek God in her life. Praying for all Theresa’s siblings to be seek the truth and come back to the Catholic Church. Especially Mary and Josh to have success time with their studies.

    I pray for Wally and his father to have a better understanding of each other and that relationship be healed in Jesus’s name.

    I pray for all fathers to become strong spiritual leaders in the home. Guide and protect the family, the domestic church in Jesus name.

    I pray that I get some resolution from my accident and the lost of income will be taken care of in a positive manner. St. Jude please intercede for me as you take care of all hopeless situations.

    Praying the Rosary daily for my family, friends and acquaintances who may be going through tough times.

    Praying for our Priest, who are in the FRONT LINE of defense, protect them always from the enemy. Praying for my church leaders in the prayer group. May all the members be blessed with good health and God’s peace.

    Praying for the NONES who are lost and restless.
    Jesus, Mary and Joseph, save souls… Amen

  11. THANK YOU St.Jude for hearing us with our prayers and concerns during this Novena.
    Where would we be without you in our hearts. Your AMAZING !
    We are lost at times St.Jude and always in need of prayers for everything and everyone. These are troubling times. Without prayer, we are lost.
    So please everyone please, PRAY YOUR ROSARY EVERY NIGHT!!
    If anyone needs prayers Please, contact me in private.
    I PROMISE i will pray for you in my Devine Mercy chaplet prayer.
    Prayers for each other is a great sign of love.
    I love this prayer, its Comforting.
    Try it, you will fall in love with that prayer and you won’t stop praying it, .
    I GARRANTY IT !! 😍
    First of all,..
    Would like to take the opportunity to Thank John-Paul and Anne for this Novena. THANK YOU GUYS !!
    Would like to also Thank Alan Ames for coming to San Antonio, TX this weekend for Spiritual healing.
    He is totally AWESOME !
    Thank you Alan.
    May God continue to look over you.
    See you next year.
    And i look forward to our next Novena.
    May God bless each and everyone of us…
    And May God Bless AMERICA !!

  12. Dear st Jude I humbly ask for your intercession to pray for my family to heal us mentally and physically. Those of us who have left the church please bring them back. Protect my children and grandchildren from all the evil ways of the world. In Jesus name. AMEN

    • My husband and I made a Retrouvaille weekend that helped tremendously. I’ll pray that your husband will be willing to make one with you. God bless you!

  13. Thank You St Jude for the continued support and favor that you grant upon my son Michael. As I pray to you and our Dear God our Father that he grants that special favor upon him and opens the door that only he can make possible for him to achieve his ultimate goal. Thank you for his latest success. I know you guide him with your right hand please continue to look over him. Amen

  14. Blessed St Jude please give a good diagnosis for David tomorrow. Help him and give him and his family strength and courage. Bless all my family and friends that there problems may be solved. In the name of the father. Amen.