Day 9 – St. Jude Novena 2016

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 9 of the St. Jude Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Dear St. Jude, Happy Feast Day!!! Thank you very much for praying this novena and for the final prayer. Please pray that all my intentions from the first day until final day will be granted/answered. Pray for me the victory of my case on medical condition as well the victory of my husband case also on his previous job for the support of their union. Pray me also the Disability Tax Credit that I applied will be approve so that my problem on financial will be solve. Pray my family for financial crisis we have to pay our mortgages this coming Monday, debts, loans, bills and utilities. Pray my son and daughter to be generous for helping us in our financial situation. St. Jude please always guide my daughter everytime she’s on her duty at NICU and also my husband guide him always on his new job because he’s on probationary period. Please continue heal my husband on gambling addiction. Pray my family, peace, love, respect, always in good health and protect from danger. Pray my son to stop dating to different guys and I want him to return back to S. Pray him also to forgive his Dad about his mistakes before. Pray my family back home help them to heal for their diabetic as well my brother in law A. heal him on his chest and lungs. Pkease pray for them for owace and love also my sisters and sisters in law and brother in laws.Please pray for me always to become strong and firm for all the trials that I have been encountered as of this time. I know my intentions will give it to us in the right time and I have faith. Thank you very much????

  2. O loving St Jude friend of Jesus please pray that my insurance approve my weight reduction surgery so I could have a life without be in pain.Pray that my and Donald become a couple and then become my husband. Holy St Jude please pray for son and his wife that they go back to church and family in the church please.St Jude please pray that Jesus will continue helping me pay my bills and my rent,lights bills. St Jude please pray for all mental ill people that you heal them from there illness and condition. Pray for my jobs also that you can help me keep them please. St Jude please pray for our young people according to Jesus will.

    In Jesus name amen

  3. St Jude apostles martyr, thanks for all that you have blessed me with, please continue to intercede in my life, I prayed for healing, peace, abundance, love , and for you to resolve my complicated relationship with John, please open better ways of communication for myself and John , I also pray that you please let John have a better communication with Precious, in Jesus name amen

  4. please pray that my son is blessed with all that is needed for him to apply to med schools and be blessed with a good med school to attend. I promise to come back here with my testimony and to make you known St Jude and the miracles from our Father God, Jesus Christ, Holy Mother Mary today! Amen And for all that I have been praying for the past 8 days for my son. Amen.

  5. In the name of the Father Son and the Holy Spirit. St. Jude pray for the safety of my sons while we are apart. Pray that they are in loving hands of our God in their travels. Loving God, please hear my prayer for more work that will help increase my income. You blessed me back with good health to work, for this I’m grateful. Amen.

    Loving God friend of St. Jude, forgive me of my sins and help me to sin know more. Increase my faith. Worry less and pray more, about my income to provide for myself and my sons. Hear my prayers. It’s a struggle on my own most times to make ends meet. I know with your intersession St. Jude things are possible.

    Pray for peace, love and faith in our family. That we build each other up. Loving God and your will for us, please pray that my relationship with all my sons grow with the Holy Spirit. Pray for loving communication and understanding. For this I pray along with St. Jude for all things to be possible in our family unit. Pray for us as one family, two homes. Amen

  6. St Jude, please pray that I will get my job back, please pray for the forgiveness of my sins and the healing of my broken spirit and depression.

  7. Lord jesus please give me favour with my boss. I pray for money to finance my son through medical school. I pray for healing of my mother.I pray for success of my son with his exams.

  8. Feel closer to our family, especially daughter in law.
    Relax, relax
    Good and good selling holiday bazaar. Profitable.

  9. I am thankful to God for all he has given me. My marriage has reconcilled. I continue to pray daily ???? that we find our way back to each other’s heart ❤️becoming best friends and companions for life so we may live out the rest of our days as a happy family in love. ???????????? ty