Day 9 – Pentecost Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 9 of the Pentecost Novena to the Holy Spirit!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. I have not had any answered prayers during this Novena but I have had prayers answered from past Novenas. Answered prayers as follows; Jim had a successful surgery and is recovering slowly and George has responded to the Chemotherapy and is now doing better. Thank the Lord in all His infinite wisdom. Thank the Lord for all of my many blessings!

  2. Holy Spirit I ask you to flood my husband. Set his heart on fire with love for the Lord and his family and me his wife. Bring him back home. We will give the glory to God and let us worship our Lord together as one. Amen.

  3. John Paul and Annie, wonderful thing you are doing with this site. Been using it now for a couple of months and already experiencing the graces from this. If only more people knew about the power of prayer.

    God bless to you and all on this community,


  4. Praise and Glory to God for answered prayers. My daughter passed her test that I lifted her up for in prayer. Amen.

  5. God is good! After an abusive marriage and continued harassment for the last 12 years, my ex and I had our first cordial meeting for the sake of our teenage sons. I have been praying the Pentecost Novena for my family, specifically for healing. I have been afraid of this man 16 years and my ex contacted me today to meet him & my sons for coffee to discuss healing for my sons and I went despite my fears. I made it thru the whole meeting without a panic attack. This is nothing short of a miracle! Please pray for continued peace between us for the sake of my sons

  6. My prayer, O’ Lord, is for land and a 2 bedroom, 2 bath home. Your glory and favor over my children, Todd, Cari, Paul, and Joshua. For healing of my body, my teeth and gums, my feet, ankles, legs, hips, back… that I can walk again. Mercy… mercy… mercy… In the name of Jesus.

  7. Dear God my Lord and my Savior, I pray to you and Mother Mary, All the Saints and All the Angels to please Heal my daughter Jennifer’s left knee. She has been in pain since May 1st and is limping due to a tear in that knee. She is having a Bone Scan on Monday. I know they are looking for Bone Cancer since she just had Breast Cancer and had a double Mastectomy in December. Her MRI looked a little suspicious that’s why they are now doing a Bone Scan on Monday. Please have the Bone Scan come back showing No Cancer in her Knee. She’s so younger mentally and doesn’t realize what is happening to her. . Thank you Dear God, in Jesus name please Heal Jennifer’s left knee Now on the Earth Now with love and gratitude. Amen

  8. Please again pray for healing for my young cousin with cancer and her family. I pray for all my friends or family suffering with cancer in the hope for cures.

  9. Just heard that my granddaughter is coming to help me get my home ready to sell. For the first time in a long time , I am seeing some hope for a the future.
    Thank you, Holy Spirit!

  10. Please pray for healing of knee pain, that swelling will go away. Pray for Erin, Ryan, Mom, Dad & David, for those I promised to pray for, for souls & sinners, for family and friends. For my own future and finances. For total healing of mind, body, soul and spirit.

    I love you and worship you Holy Spirit…my Lord and my God in Jesus and our Father. Amen.

  11. Please lord I pray that you intervene with my three sons and put them on a holy and ritious path to you. That they beat their addictions and problems with addictive people and be free to live better lives. In Jesus of Nazareths name I pray for these things. Amen

  12. Dear Holy Spirit
    Guide buyers to Matt today so he can sell homes.

    Thank you dear God and Son and holy Spirit.

    Amen, Amen

  13. ????????I pray that Alan loves me enough to contact me. Thy will be done. Please give me the strength to know and accept God’s will. In Jesus’ name. Amen. ????

  14. I prayed the Novena to the Holy Spirit that my Daughter would find employment that she desperately needed. Yesterday she started at her new job and thanked the Lord.

  15. Lord Jesus, Guide me in the goodness of the earth that You have created. Help me Oh Lord, that my sons see the goodness that I want for all of us. I pray that they seek the peace, love and goodness in each other to serve You. I pray for the Holy Spirit to shine within them, protect them from harm in their daily lives. I pray we come together, there is a disconnect with some of my sons. I pray strongly the desires of my heart, that they see the goodness in me. That I love them unconditionally, accept me as I am like You Lord…I look to You to do the good, I pray that they seek the same and know I love them. Bring us unity in our family with my sons. These are the desires of my heart, I miss their presence in my home. For this I pray, Hear my prays and desires. Increase my faith, increase my love. Amen

  16. Most Holy Spirit and the blessed Trinity all the angles and Saints please hear my pleats for peace for F. C in his life. Appears to be full of anger and vent his wrath upon me. This anger and anxiety cause a lot of problems within our relationship.
    I offer this prayer and all my sufferings for all the souls in purgatory.
    Amen ???? ???? ????

  17. Lord jesus I pray for money to finance my son throughout medical school. Lord I pray my daughter be successful with her exams. Be guide my son while he persue his career. Be his counsellor and comforter dear holy spirit. . I pray for financial delivefance today.

  18. Thank you Holy Spirit for all of my blessings and my crosses (I’m learning they are the same). Guide me to the next thing and open my heart to follow. Watch over my daughters when they are together and apart. Comfort those who pray this novena.

  19. I thank God for starting this Novena and ending it with the grace of God
    Holy Spirit answer all of us who believe in you in Jesus name
    I seek your intercession for the approval of my Indefinite Leave to Remain in UK miraculously before the end of this month in Jesus mighty name . Amen