Day 8 – Our Lady of Lourdes Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 8 of the Our Lady of Lourdes Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. I pray and ask God for forgiveness of sins , to be closer to him especially during this lenten period. Ask God to make it possible for me to join my husband after graduation from school and build a good Christian home. May God bless and heal my families from any form of illness, restore peace , give us prosperity,long life with good health and to always remember the needy around us.

  2. Has a sore on the right side of my face for 1.5 yrs. had it removed and told it was a cancer and needed to take med that cost $33000. Prayed to our lady and it went away and did not return to the dermatologist. I am a retired MD. Was told I need cataract surgery and have floaters that cause really bad vision. I am asking our lady that I have successful surgery.

  3. Not sure if this is Day 8 or 9– find this site very confusing, thought grateful for the intent. I had to start this novena late… if I click on regular text prayers, it takes me to S. Peregrine’s novena! So, had to do the podcast. Just did one after the other… easiest way, when one starts on the 9th day! I hope that is OK? I would never be able to find the text prayers, the other way. Yes, they are sent to my inbox, but I get about 300 msg. a day, so difficult to find, at this point!

    Now that I’ve prefaced this, I would like prayers for my health (very, very poor… multiple conditions; for my ability to function, according to God’s will). Also, for those who are sick, in my prayers… esp. for my SIL’s health and a new job for him (that doesn’t work him to death). Also, for some friends who are sick and who have dying parents, too. Healings, or peaceful deaths.

    Healing also for our country, and for our world. Thanks!

  4. Our Lady of Lourdes, please pray that my children will have success today, and everyday. Please pray that my child will do well on his test today. Please bring peace and comfort to all. Amen

  5. My Lady and my Mother, please pray for me that i would wisely use my time to accomplish thy will rather then wasting them. Especially during weekend please help me to keep my eyes on our Lord and prayer just as regularly as on weekdays. Amen

  6. Lady of Lourdes forgive me of my sins and have mercy on us all. Loving God and Blessed Mother Mary I pray to sin no more with the help of your grace. Hear my prayers…

    Lord God, Heavenly King I pray for peace in my family without sin. Help my family to confess their sins. Help them to look to You and have mercy, and show mercy to others they have sinned against. Hear my prayers.

    Lady of Lourdes with Your intercession I pray that my sons seek God and his holy church to confess their sins. My sons who have stayed away from their faith and church, help them to get back on course with Our Loving God, and the Blessed Mother. For this, I pray, Amen

  7. Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, when you appeared in Lourdes, you made it a holy sanctuary where many have obtained the cure of their infirmities, both spiritual and corporal. We pray with confidence for your holy intercession.

  8. Ron has a successful hip surgery and a quick recovery

    Kyle good interview and if God’s will for him to get a job.
    Brett an internship.
    Our car repair will not be to expensive.
    Great party for Mom’s 100th birthday.
    No clausopedia feelings, especially on the plane and in the airport.

  9. I pray for my son and daughter who are both studying for import exams. I pray for money to meet my financial needs. I pray that my sister get a job. I pray for healing in my family. Blessed mother I lift up my marriage to you.

  10. Praying to our Lord for healing,financial blessings,good health,safety and protection,good relationship in our family,good job with a good paying salary for my husband.all this i pray in Jesus Powerful Name through the intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary. Amen

  11. St Monica help me with my sons that are addicted to drugs. Help them see how they are hurting their bodies & hurting family members with their addictions. Blessed mother continue to wrap your mantle around them I pray in Jesus sweet name! Amen

  12. Thank you St Bernadette for answering one of my prayers exactly. Please keep my family safe and well. Help with baby issue.ln the name of the father.

  13. Out lady of Lourdes,please pray for healing of my body. I pray for my health and that i get positive news from my tests results and that tumour is benign. I pray for the fruit ofbthe womb. I pray for the blessings of a family with my busband and that God blesses my body with a pregnancy and that i may be a mother. We pray for that we may be able to purchase a house and start our own family there. I pray for the blesing of marriage and of my marriage. I pray we love one another and respect one another amd are livibg and honest. I pray that we are closer than ever. In jesus name. Amen. Please protect and bless me and all doing this novena and pray for their petotions that they may be brought to you jesus to be heard. Amen our lady of lourdes pray for us and st bernadette pray for us. Amen

  14. St Lourdes,please pray taht i may pass all my subjects and graduate in april 2017. Please also pray for the healing of mommy, nanay and daddy. Pray for peace in our family especially in our relationship towards one another. Thank you Lord God for always blessing me despite my mistakes.