Day 7 – Novena for Marriage & Family 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 7 of the Novena for Marriage & Family!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Please bless my son EJL, with divine health, in Gods name. I pray mother to mother. I love you with all that I am, and I thank you for loving us❤️

  2. Most blessed mother Mary, thank you for your protective mantel. Jesus , Mary and Joseph save souls.
    Watch over my husband please intercede for us and may we remain steadfast in our faith…be less reactive and trust more in God’s will, not our will.,,
    All things, work with patience and TRUST in the Lord…be still and know that God is in control…
    Thank you Lord for dying for the human race and becoming our Blessed Savior, the sacraments of our faith.
    Thank you for Holy priest, and special prayers for more men to become devout leaders in Mother Church.
    Mother of Perpetual Help watch over my family, Wendy , our sister in law , suffering from diabetes, and needs to solution her health problems. May all members in our Presidium, including our priest, Fr. B be committed in attending our meetings at least once a month…
    Praying for all families meeting in Apostolic works, to become more knowledgeable in the faith. That Br. Jeff’s discerning God’s will for him…and may his health become healthier in Jesus holy name.
    My, friend Rose suffering from an earache and ill health.

  3. I love all of these novenas. Especially this one and Annie’ Catholic life Catholic wife . It moved to write most similar thoughts to my husband thanks for the thoughts, words wisdom

  4. Dearest Mother,

    Please pray for Me as the Mother of my son Sean. It has been very difficult for us to communicate with respectful and kind manner. Please help us both, have Mercy on us. I pray for hope in him coming back to live with me for the last year before college. Please hear my prayer, Lord Jesus You know the desires of my heart.

    I will continue to keep in my prayers the families of Hurricane Harvey! Bless them and give them hope for their future. Amen

    I will keep in my prayers all who are Married, Newlyweds, Engaged, and long time marriages. I pray these couples look to God for the hope and Blessings in their journey!

  5. Dear lord Jesus I pray that hurricane Irma doesn’t hit my town or my state I pray nobody gets hurt I pray in Jesus name amen

  6. Dear Blessed Mother,
    I pray for our marriage, our son’s marriage, a deaf couple’s marriage, and a couple’s, who’s PK son has cancer, marriage. Please defend us against the enemy and bring us closer to Jesus and the Catholic church. Especially, the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist. I also pray that our son will be healed from alcoholism and drug addiction and that the little PK boy will be healed of cancer. I pray for my son’s, in-laws marriage. That his mother in-law will be healed of alcoholism, heart disease and cigarette smoking. Also, that our son will be healed of cigarette smoking. In Jesus’ Name. Thank you!! Amen!!!

  7. Holy Mother Mary, you commanded your son our Lord Jesus Christ to arrange for wine and Jesus turned water into wine. Thank you for this miracle! I believe that the same miracle is in store for my son with his applications. Jesus knows that he has met all the requirements and whether he has or not, I lift my son to you Jesus, asking for a miracle for my son today, that he will be blessed miraculously with scholarship to do medicine in a medical school which you have reserved for him to attend to and become a medical doctor. Holy Mother please request Jesus the same way as wine to provide a seat for my son today! Amen.

  8. Please pray for all who are suffering, pray for my estranged daughter, and granddaughter that they will come to know that we love them, help them to know God, and please pray for gain full employment for us, and our return to good health and financial security. In Jesus name, Amen. Jesus, I trust in you.

  9. Pray for 31/2 year Weston that good report from eye specialist. Also pray for his parents.
    Need to relax and get things done instead of worrying
    About it
    All people to find happiness.
    Parents that are praying for their children to come back to church, that prayers will be answered.

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