Day 7 – The Christmas Novena 2016

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 7 of the Christmas Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Heavenly Mother, we pray that our Children will go back to church too learn more about your Son.
    We ask this in your name, Mother Mary, Amen

  2. Dear Lord, Word of God, I ask/plead for the salvation of all our family members, good paying jobs for K & J, myself & my husband, for KY to make high scores on MCat & be accepted to med school in our state, for a big financial blessing & be debt free, souls in purgatory & for all intentions we have in a our hearts at this time. We ask in Jesus’ Holy & precious Name. Amen.

  3. Lord & Savior please hear my prayers for my husband and I to have a desire to want your wisdom. Quite our minds from districtions and place harmony in our home, putting Jesus in the center of all things. Please send your Holy Spirit into our hearts to be generous & mostly to have a hunger to spread your gospel into the world. Thank you Lord for potecting my husband and myself with good health. Give us a hunger to attend bible study. Give us a sense of purpose for our lives 2017… I ask this in Jesus Holy name. ????????Amen

  4. Most Blessed Mother Mary, Jesus, Joseph and all the Angles and Saints please hear my prayers for my sister, MD, her husband, J.D and their children to make it right with God this Christmas. Purifiy the love between this couple who have given life to four wonderful children. My sweet niece H. D. gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. A first grand-child bringing much love and joy to the family. Heal everyone in the family especially those individuals who have been away from the church for some time.
    I pray especially that H.D will come back to the Catholic Church & that her child will be baptized. Please touch the hearts of each member in the family to a strong conversion, a healing on Christmas Day and become children of God again. ???????????????? Amen ????

  5. Lord Jesus please open my womb for healthy pregnancy. Also praying for excellent health, love and peace for all my loved ones. All glory are Yours now and forever. Amen.

  6. My Holy Mothers please help me praying for my friend come back to me because Christmas & New Years coming I’m till alone waiting for him. Amen my Lords open the door for me praying for me please Amen Amen Amen thank you

  7. Thanksgiving for all the answered prayer especially for the good result of blood test of norihiro mori.
    Praying for the complete development of kimarhi llaban . and healing of melquides acosta.
    Mother Mary thank you for always praying for us. In Jesus name . Amen.

  8. Please pray for my daughter in law for conversion to Christ and for my two grandchildren also for my brother Raymond who is suffers with anxiety. Amen

  9. I pray that I may always be a source of strength and guidance for my only godson. In his teenage years, he has many others pulling at his sleeves and they may not always help him with the best choices. Dear Infant Jesus and Mother Mary, help him to become a strong and worthy leader and remain close to you. Amen

  10. Prince of Peace, I pray that my son Daniel comes to our family gathering at Christmas. I pray that forgiveness is within both our hearts. Please Lord, hear my prayers. I pray for Peace, and Your will tbe done here on earth, as Your will in heaven. Give us the words, to be with each other peacefully and without anger, hurt, or blame! Have Mercy on US forgive us of ours sins. I pray to move forward, the past cannot be changed. I pray for my whole family, siblings, sons, extended family for a joyful celebration for your coming Christmas Day. Remembering our sacraments through Birth and Baptism.
    Lord I also pray for Bob, that he finds peace within himself, I pray he stops his abusive behavior and demonic hold on me. I pray for a Bob, that he helps himself and finds sobriety, job and health.
    I’m grateful for all that I have been blessed with from you Lord, I see all the signs, Your crosses along my path! I’m blessed, I’m want to be a disciple and follow Your ways and Your most holy will! Glory be to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Amen
    Loving God, lift up my son Daniel to me, I love him, bring him to me with Your mercy and peace, love and joy! For all mothers of children, come together as You have chosen us to be their Mothers. My desires of my heart❤️????????

  11. Lord help us to pass the Architecture Licensure Examination on January 27 and 29, 2017. May we recall all things that we studied before during our review preparation and may we be more active, physically mentally and emotionally healthy and to choose the best answer for each questions.

  12. Lord, i pray for the success of my first semester subjects, that i will pass and graduate this april 2017 for my family. Please also heal my parents relationship especially between daddy, mommy and nanay. Please protect kuya ian and ate bevon. Keep us all safe amd sound.

  13. Good day to all, I am here to testify and give thanks. I have recently joined this group, the peace in my heart has been restored, the confidence in enjoying life and more importantly my eyes have opened to a world of possibilities. I fear not continuing the life of a single mom alone, since praying the novevas I am seeing the blessings accomplished along these eleven years of being widowed, I repented for desiring what others have because i was blinded by grief to see that the Lord has been carrying me and my children all along, to recognize that he has been with me, before I was formed he loved me.
    Thank you.