Day 5 – Our Lady of Fatima Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 5 of the Our Lady of Fatima Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Our Lady of Fatima,

    Please pray for me and my family. I need prayer for family restoration. Prayer for my son, his trial is Friday. I’m standing in need of prayer for healing for my Mother’s leg and my back pain, wisdom, a home and financial help. In Our Loving Savior’s name Jesus. Amen

  2. Our Lady of Fatima,
    I pray for world peace. I ask to please help me get through all the obstacles I am encountering to secure my house loan so I can start fresh . And I ask to grant me peace within me.


  3. Our lady of Fatima.
    We pray for peace and Harmon y in all families. Help us to clear all our debts. May my son find satisfaction in his life. May his finance be approved so he can purchase a house for his family. Guide him to make the right decisions. Help me to recover my losses. Lead us and protect us at all time. Protect my grandchildren while i am away.

  4. Our Lady of Fatima
    Please pray for me and my husband (Damian) we both we receive our Canada Permanent Resident status by June 2017 and please pray for us the process of the application will smoothly go thru and approve.

  5. Lady of Fatima

    Please allow me to finish my MSW and graduate. I have had trouble with this program and rmrw go before the panel pls let me find the right words and for a positive outcome.

    I love you!

  6. My Mothers Fatima be with me someone name LKD.she put me everywhere changing my schedule put me the hard place please my mother Fatima tell her be good to me.

  7. Most Blessed Mother Mary & all the angles and Saints please hear my pleats for my brother Grant! May his upcoming surgery be successful as he was told about the severity of his operation. ????????????????My brother has a faithfulness in you blessed Mother and a devotion to you Our Lady of the Rosary.
    Please intercede for me who has a great love for you. Amen ???? ????????

  8. Pray for 40yr marriage in crisis, husband committed adultery for a long time now. He is emotionally ill always angry at me as I reptresent his lack of freedom, he is abusive, but has abandoned me in our home to seek gf. He is digging a deep sinful hole in his soul. Am passionately concerned for his soul, love it more than him at this point.
    He is always angry it’s his anger that keeps him sick. Satan is destroying him. Gf doesnt know God, just got 2nd divorce so she’s free to pursue him sge thinks.
    This is too big a problem for me but I know with God all things are possible!!!

    • I will pray a Rosary for you, Mary C., as soon as I finish typing this. God bless you; He is near to the brokenhearted.

  9. I am praying for my boyfriend and my bestfriend. Our Lady of Fatima, please graciously hear our prayers. Please help them find the jobs they are looking for and please help me at work, too.

  10. Heavenly and lovingly father through our Lady of Fatima we praised you and glorify you.Our Lady of Fatima help me in my financial difficulties,may this trials makes my faith stronger and im become for closer to you.Forgive my sins and grant me peace in everyday.
    Our Lady of Fatima,Pray for us Amen

  11. Please pray for me that God helps me financially that I will able to move away from this gossiping neighborhood . AMEN

  12. Thank you blessing Mother and thank you Lord for all the blessings.I pray Notre Dame of Fatima for my daughter and my son and for all the children to be successful in life.Blessing Mother I pray you for my financial situation I need a change in MI life.Thanks blessing mother.

  13. I pray that my husband will be able to come to an agreement with his potential employer. May he have a desire to work again and a passion for his work. May he have confidence to go forward.

  14. I pray that my husband will be able to come to an agreement with his potential employer. May he have a desire to work again and a passion for his work.

  15. Please Our Lady Of Fatima…Please Interceed…Give Me Strength Focus Energy…Help Me To Clean And Organize My Apartment…Need To Get This Done…Thank You Blessed Mother…I Love You I Adore You..I Thank You..Amen

  16. Jesus I place my financial needs into your hands.I place my children into your hands . I pray that they be successful in their exams. Give my daughter peace. So her thoughts would, flow freely during her exams. I pray blessed mother that you would sit besides her and guide her during her exams. Jesus my son school fees are due. Please help the money flow. Please jesus I am praying for a miracle.
    I pray for peace in my place of work. Thank you jesus.

  17. Thank you heavenly Father for all your many Blessings. Please Pray that my son will find work, he has been unemployed for months and is very discouraged. He has applied for many jobs and has not received any calls, please Blessed Virgin Mary, OUr Lady of Fatima, pray for my son to our Lord Jesus and Heavenly Father that he receive a call for an interview and get a job. He is trying so hard and I know the Lord is above the market values and can do miracles of all kinds. Thank you Jesus, Thank you Father, Thank your Blessed Virgin, Or Lady of Fatima and all the angels and saints for hearing and answering my prayer. Please forgive me and help me to do my part to bring peace and justice to the world. Amen.

  18. Dear Lady of Fatima,

    Please watch over me today at my meeting with my bosses. Please help me to speak professionally and calmly but please help Lisa, Andy and Iain to be open minded and judge me fairly, please I pray to you that the meeting will end in a positive note in my favour and that the wording if the review will be changed to reflect more of a positive note.

    I ask you also that after this meeting please guide me to a new job where I won’t be subjected to this unfairness but respected and supported. I ask this with all my heart for my sanity.

    Lastly, please help me find a man who will love me unconditionally and be supportive and present in my life.

    Please watch over Miele and Chanel today as I travel to my head offuce.

    Thank you

  19. For Nabeel, that cancer disappears from his body; for my friend’s in-law that mom & baby will do just fine in these coming weeks before delivery; for La France that they turn back to God!

  20. Pray that my son-in-law will see how wonderful marriage can be and he will not walk away from his marriage to my daughter.

    • I prayed the Novena today for your intention Jeanne Marie. May Our Lady of Fatima bring you peaceful moments throughout the day and restful sleep at night. Our Lord holds you tenderly within his Sacred Heart and infuses His Precious Blood whenever you call upon Him.

  21. I pray that my daughters will not drop out of school. Help them that the load will be too heavy that they cannot be able to pursue their goal.

  22. Praying for all youth teens preteens.
    For peace understanding patience comprehension respect for the elders.Amenā¤

  23. Our Lady of Fatima

    please intercede for me and my family that Lord Jesus bless us with a shelter. Im tired of renting and moving houses every now and then.
    Lord Jesus I pray that my husband gets a job and provide for his family.
    Holy Mary, I pray that you cover my kids under your wings. Protect them from evil spirits going around in schools.

    • Praying for all intentions of our Novena Family.???????? Please pray for my Daughter's interview at BGSU today. TY. JAM says:

      I am praying for all the intentions of our novena family. Please pray for my daughter’s interview at BGSU Today. God bless us all! As we bless him!