Day 4 – Saint Therese of Lisieux Novena 2017

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Believe in yourself and all that you are. (3)Here’s Day 4 of the Saint Therese of Lisieux Novena!

We hope you will continue to enjoy this novena! Pray with Catholics around the world!

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  1. Dear st Therese of lisieux please pray for my nephew . He has HIV and he is suffering a lot. Pls help him find Jesus and in doing so be healed of his ailment and also pls pray for the complete recovery of Lolita Jumig. As for me pls intercede on my behalf for healing of my headache and aneurysm. Pls pray also for the wellness of my husband and son and guide my son in his studies. To God be the glory Almighty Father forever and ever Amen.

  2. Please help pray for me…that I will make the right decisions regarding my marriage and with my relationship with Alan. I am confused and scared. Please intercede dear Saint Therese, that God may hear my prayers and guide me. Please give me the strength I need to get through this confusing and difficult time. Thank you. Thy will be done. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  3. St Therese I pray for a worthy and fulfilling FT job as I’ve been searching for over a year please. Help me manifest and create a job so I can earn a living and provide for my loved ones. Amen.

  4. St Therese of Lisieux please pray for me for the father in law of my daughter , Carlos dela Cruz for his healing of prostate cancer. For a safe school trip of my grandchild tomorrow until thursday and mostly for a safe delivery of my daughter in law katrina llaban in january and I pray for a healthy normal and GODLY. child . Dear GOD I love you. Help us to love you more and trust YOU more. Amen.

  5. I am on day 2 of St Teresa Novena. Please pray for me to get a new job and more importantly keep it, do well at it and make my daughter proud of me again.


    Thank you St Teresa

  6. St.Therese help my son and daughter to concentration and focus in school…St..Therese help them to find good friends, and the peace in their heart.

  7. Please ignite the heart of my nephew, LD and his soon to be wife, CA, to return to the Catholic Church/Faith, with more fervor than ever before.
    To sell our house quickly and smoothly.
    For LD and CA to have a strong and holy relationship/marriage.

  8. Dear God,
    I’m a sinner. I wish for fleeting things of the world. Things that only bring fleeting joy but you O lord are eternal joy. You are goodness and mercy with bundless love and forgiveness. I humbly ask for finicially stably to pay the necessities of this world along with paying for editing for my book and printing. I know that you have greater power than me and I place my worries, doubts and impatience in your patient hands. I ask for a good week along with cold winter. I love you o lord. You are my father, brother and captian of my ship. Thank you for your patience.

  9. Please help my children an d grand children to stay safe. Protect them from violence and evil. Watch over the city of Chicago and their policemen.

  10. My prayers are for those who are suffering from any kind of illness, that they experience Gods healing power and God’s love. I also pray for our dog, Charlie, who has a sudden balance problem. Lord, please heal him also.

  11. Dear St. Therese,

    Please help me to know if becoming a better version of myself means having to separate and divorce my husband. It’s been almost 24 years and I don’t like myself when I’m around him. I become angry, frustrated, irritated and confused. I feel very sad around him like I don’t even know him. Please help me to know your will and God’s will for my life. I feel like I’m either drowning or treading water.

  12. Dear St.Therese
    St.Therese help me to have concentration and focus while im reviewing in preparation of my Nle board exam…St..Therese help me to top this exam…To fullfill my parents dream……..